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  1. In the carpark of a local nursing home i visited on Monday was of all things... a black MG Maestro! With some rather poor looking modifications on the front end. Regards, Steve
  2. Well in that case it would be rude not to!
  3. Aye up Steve. Great job on the Blitz. I reakon the tank crew are robbing the stowage and the bloke with the bino's is on the lookout for the Quatermaster Sergeant! Regards, Steve
  4. Trip to Halifax today found me in Modellers World of all places! Came away with a Dragon M4A2 'Tarawa' for 20 quid. 2nd hand but all there and a set of Bronco T49 indie tracks.... bibble! And from The Works i got the Haynes PzIII book for 4 English pounds. Regards, Steve
  5. Aye up Glynn, Fantastic pair of models. Could easily be mistaken for 35th scale. Regards, Steve
  6. Agreed. This is a great channel. A few weeks ago they showed 'The Foreman Went To France' Which is a great piece of British wartime film making. Regards, Steve
  7. Aye up John. Fantastic as always. Its years since i did a Sherman from the Italian front, so this just might give me the inspiration to have another crack at one! Regards, Steve
  8. Not half as surprised as i was when i saw it! Think it may have been beige at some point. Was pretty shabby and well used. Probably a farmers 'mule' for shifting stuff about i shouldn't wonder. Regards, Steve
  9. On the A168 near Ripon a well used and knocked about Austin Maestro van! Not seen one for many a year. Regards, Steve
  10. Anyone else watching this? Me and Mrs fatfingers are rather enjoying it. Some good twists and turns and a refreshing take on the original story. Beeb have certainly made a better job of it than they did with War Of The Worlds! Regards Steve
  11. Great pics @Mozzy19 With my chrimbo money I got myself an LED lamp to go over my spray booth as the previous fluorescent one wasn't much good and a Mini Vortex Mixer. It's actually lab equipment for mixing stuff in test tubes but it's great for mixing paint in 17ml dropper bottles! Also waiting for some 20ml dropper bottles to arrive so I can decant my GW Paints into them. Unfortunately they be on a slow boat from China Regards Steve
  12. My 'plan' for this year is to actually build summat! Regards Steve
  13. Well said that man! Regards, Scrooge McSteve
  14. Aye up John. Looking forward to another of your Sherman 'master class' builds. Regards, Steve
  15. Nice pair of subjects and some great info. Will be following along. Fowler's works were in Hunslet, Leeds which is about a couple of miles down the hill from where i live. Its now the site of a Costco! Regards, Steve
  16. Aye up Andy. Great job. Looks like its just come off a road march. Not too mucky but not too clean either. Well done for sticking with it. Regards, Steve
  17. Aye up Andy, Nice save on the track. I always have trouble with one side of indy links then the other side goes on easier. The law of sod no doubt! Look forward to seeing more progress. Regards, Steve
  18. Aye up Darryl. Nice going so far. I would imagine white for the cab interior etc. As for the turret, i reakon the interior of it would be the original colour of the exterior eg Olive Drab or SCC2. The light mud colour may have been applied in theatre and would be on the outside only. I'm sure someone with greater knowledge than me will be along with better and more accurate info! Regards, Steve
  19. Aye up Andy. No WIP unfortunately. As regards the painting - I completed the build then primed and painted the kit complete with tracks on. I really do need to finish it! Nice work with the funning gear. Be wary when fitting the drive sprokets as i found them VERY fiddly and six pairs of hands are needed! If i recall it was quite a fragile sub assembly too unless it was due to my ham fists and fatfingers! Regards, Steve
  20. Aye up Andy, I built the MkII* version last year. Nice kit. The running gear is very fiddly but looks good when done. The indie tracks were proper scary so i used the rubber tracks from the Tamiya Matilda kit. If i recall they fitted without having to nip any links off and they look ok. Really need to finish it off as its currently in weathering limbo.... Look forward to seeing what you do with yours. Regards, Steve
  21. Built by The Hunslet Engine Company about 2 miles from where i live no less. The company originally built steam engines then designed and built diesel and electric engines for mines and quarries etc. Still in business too. They built many steam engines that went the world over and many are still running, including one on the Middleton Railway in Leeds which is the worlds oldest railway still in operation. Regards, Steve
  22. On A64 on way back from Scarborough this afty.... a Chevrolet Bel Air in a strange pearly, grey pink colour. Was all shiny with lots of chrome. Mrs fatfingers thought i said it was a Chevy bell end! Regards, Steve
  23. Aye up Roger, Great job. Really like the two tone paint scheme. Regards, Steve
  24. Aye up Darryl. Brilliant job on the Cromwell and i really like the finish on the Sherman. Regards, Steve
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