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  1. Might have to try and get across for that Regards, Steve
  2. Superb job and even more so as it's 1/48th scale! Regards, Steve
  3. Another example of cats being better heat seekers than a Sidewinder air to air missile! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-10368469/SpaceXs-Starlink-dish-attracting-CATS-crawl-warm-up.html Regards, Steve
  4. What a nice clean build and as said above the figures are incredible! Very nice, very nice indeed Regards, Steve
  5. Same here and am ashamed to say i've never visited the site! It's only about 30 to 40 mins from me so i've no excuse really. Regards, Steve
  6. @Beermonster1958 He's a handsome brute Was in carpark at work this morning having some 'fresh air' and this chap came out of the bushes, sat down and started meowing for some grub! I work very close to home and Squeak (as i call him) comes round our place for a feed rather often. He must have thought his luck was in when he saw me, except i don't carry cat food in me pockets! Regards, Steve
  7. Been listening to a few of those on the tube recently. Some of them really make my ribs ache! Regards, Steve
  8. fatfingers


    After all these years Mr T i think tha' can consider thee sen adopted! A'll sithee Steve
  9. They certainly are. Not a plane builder myself but i could be tempted by that new 24th scale Spit and 72nd Meteor! Regards, Steve
  10. Thanks Orso, Was tempted by the Academy J but DAK schemes don't really do it for me so the Airfix re box with a nice panzer grey is right up my street! Regards, Steve
  11. How do chaps, Just had a look at the Airfix 2022 releases and see that they have announced a Brumbar, Stug IV and PzIII J. I noticed that the part counts are in the 450+ range so i'm guessing indie tracks links. I imagine these are Academy re boxes, but i thought Academy did link & length tracks and not indies? Not too bothered about the Brumbar or Stug but the PzIII deffo tweaks my interest Regards, Steve
  12. Great little diorama. Built one myself a few years ago and its a smashing kit Regards, Steve
  13. That looks like it could be the ugly older sister of my Hyundai Kona! Im happy to admit that my Kona is rather plug ugly but i quite like it Regards, Steve
  14. Just finished watching No Time To Die. Found it dull and boring. Was never a fan of the Daniel Craig Bonds but in my view this is the worst one. Be interesting to see who gets the job next and which way the they go with it. Theme song is also dire! Nice bit of Louis Armstrong at the end though Regards, Steve
  15. Its ok John as i can still manage ladders Regards, Steve
  16. Funnily enough i was thinking the same! Mighty fine stash you have there mate Great work on the Shot too. Regards, Steve
  17. Excellent job on a tiny kit. The splinter camo is brilliant. I've got the 35th scale version and to be honest its the camo thats put me off building it all these years! Regards, Steve
  18. I bet moggie is thinking 'as soon as that box is open i'm in it' Regards, Steve
  19. Nice job I had that kit in a Dragon box many years ago and can recall it was a bit rough to say the least! Regards, Steve
  20. My father in law trained for the gun run for the 1963 Royal Tournament. Never got to take part though as he injured his knee playing footie a couple of days before hand. He said it was one if the hardest things he did in the Navy! Regards, Steve
  21. Another great figure. The white inner of the cloak is really well done Regards, Steve
  22. Aye up John, That really is a fantastic build and finish. As Darryl @Jasper dog asks... what is next? Regards, Steve
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