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  1. A pair of Red Kites. Always an impressive sight to see and we're now exporting them to Spain! Regards, Steve
  2. Saw a Chrysler Crossfire today in a silver/grey colour. Not seen one for years and a quick google said there are just over 2700 in UK. Odd looking thing! Regards, Steve
  3. Don't need any more kits but that probably won't stop me getting one.... or two! Regards, Steve
  4. Tabby and Patch doing a pretty good job of ignoring eachother! Regards, Steve
  5. Got a petrol version and i rather like it. If ever i ditch the dino juice and go all leccy the Kona EV would be the one i'd go for. Possibly going for a PHEV for my next motor to ease myself into this electric car malarky. Either way it's an auto next for me as im starting to have problems with my left knee and being on and off the clutch doesn't help! Is it the 39 or 64kw battery? Regards, Steve
  6. Ta John and tha's doin reet well wi t'old Yorkshire for an Essex lad! Al si thee, Steve
  7. A Tiger Moth pootled over a little while back. Did a couple of circuits and off it went so no chance to get a pic. Sounded like it was powered by a 2 stroke petrol mower engine! Regards, Steve
  8. Was very impressive to see and much better than recent ones Regards, Steve
  9. From Boyes in Bridlington today. The drills were a quid a pack so nothing lost if they turn out to be naff, and the files were just under 4 quid for the set. Regards, Steve
  10. How do chaps, Birthday money has precured me a new Samsung S6 Lite Tablet, a case with keyboard for it, and a new fleece and waterproof jacket... which will come in very handy today! Regards, Steve
  11. How do chaps. Well i've hit the big 50 today! Despite this mrs fatfingers says i still behave like a 10 year old most of the time Regards, Steve
  12. Afternoon Bertie, Got one of these i'nt stash so very interested to see how you go with it. Nice work on the tyres. I think it was built on the AEC Matador truck chassis Regards, Steve
  13. Aye up John, Had been wondering where you'd got to so it's grand to see back again. Always enjoy following your builds and knowledge of all things Shermany Regards, Steve
  14. Aye up Chris @spruecutter96 Got that on my to watchist but will wait until a few more episodes are available first. Just finished binging on The Mandalorian and Boba Fett. Really enjoyed both but i think Mandalorian was the better of the 2. Had a real hard time of it trying to explain to mrs fatfingers the time line of both and where they sit in the Star Wars universe! Regards, Steve
  15. I like that and nicely done sea scape .... BUT... I think it really needs a scale Raquel Welch in a fur bikini Regards Steve
  16. A Disney+ subscription. Rather impressed with the content so far. Currently making my way through The Mandalorian season 1 and i rather like it! Ive told mrs fatfingers that if she even so much as mentions watching the Kardashians i'm cancelling! Regards, Steve
  17. Looks like the bin has now been added to the cat mafia's fiefdom! Regards, Steve
  18. Not far from me is the site of a WW1 airfield that operated from 1916 to 1918. Never knew about it until a memorial stone appeared a few years back! https://www.abct.org.uk/airfields/airfield-finder/middleton-west-yorkshire/ And a couple of miles away is the site of the old Leeds Council War Room from the cold war. It was built in the early 1950's to withstand a Hiroshima sized bomb. By the time it opened the Soviets had developed the hydrogen bomb so they had to build a new one further out from the city centre! The site has now been cleared and filled in with a house on it! Next door is an old Post Office protected exchange that was built at the same time and is now privately owned. There was also a CEGB control bunker and a Ministry Of Food buffer depot in the same area. South Leeds is a real hot bed of history! Regards, Steve
  19. Fancied Fish & Chips today so took a run over to Filey and spotted this! It's been there all weekend doing 'tank rides' on the beach. Tide was well and truly in when we got there so no ride for me! ☹ Regards, Steve
  20. Back in the early 90's i was a barman in a small back street boozer in Leeds and he was filming close by. At lunchtime the pub was full of the crew and in walks a very scruffy fella. Billy the landlord was a real no nonsense type of bloke. He saw him and said in a loud voice 'don't serve that tramp' (he added a choice word before tramp) I looked and thought i know him from somewhere and it was Dennis in costume for the shoot. Suffice to say he got served and was a real nice guy. Regards Steve
  21. I think they are rubber Regards, Steve
  22. I use Vallejo 'wood' followed by several coats of Games Workshop Agrax Earthshade. Regards, Steve
  23. Charlie the neighbours cat enjoying a good 'sweep' today. Regards, Steve
  24. Just scored a Tasca Firefly Vc on t'interweb for a decent price. Been fancying one for a while so thought why not. Think i've now managed to aquire most of the British variants Now i just need to get some built! Regards, Steve
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