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  1. Thanks Dennis, I'll leave it alone until next week when the GB actually starts! I am using one piece tracks but i need to do a fair bit on the turret and as you say the running gear alone is a fair stack of bits (about 80 i think) If anyone objects i'm happy to get it shifted though Thanks again, Steve
  2. @Corsairfoxfouruncle Dennis, I've just realised that I've started this a week too early! My sincere apologies and I'll ask the mods to move the thread to the Armour section and will continue it in there. I'm sure I can find something to replace it with to start on the CORRECT date of 23rd Jan! That'll teach me to jump the gun!! Regards, Steve
  3. Aye up Steve, You have far shapelier legs than I thought you would!
  4. How do chaps, Made a start on the build today. As mentioned above the kit I was going to use has the cast hoods and the tank I'm wanting to depict has the welded type. As it happens I have this kit which has the correct type of hoods. Also got some reference material to keep me on track. One of the problems with this particular kit is Dragon moulded the front armour of the hoods too thin. I could add some plastic card to thicken them up a bit, but to be honest I don't think I have th
  5. Aye up Pete, Thats just brilliant! Great use of bits from the spares box and some very clever use of biro's! Regards, Steve
  6. Excellent job! Like everthing about it especially the stowage, base and the tree Regards, Steve
  7. Funnily enough mrs fatfingers just had a text from 'Royal Mail' saying she owed £2.99 for a parcel and action 'will' be taken if this is not paid. The only thing that will be taken are the contents of her bank account if she had followed the supplied link! Insidious whatnots! Regards, Steve
  8. fatfingers

    The Weather,

    Currently have about 6 inch of snow up my way (South Leeds) Its still coming down and no sign of it letting up any time soon! Regards, Steve
  9. Lovely job so far. I use Stylinrez primer by Badger (also bottled by UMP) Sprays nicely, self levels and It also sands back quite nicely in my experience. As for the SCC2 it looks ok to my wonky eyes, maybe a touch too chocolate brown? I used Mig Ammo SCC2 & SCC1A on my recent Tilly. Might not be 100% accurate but i quite like it and it saves on mixing stuff! Regards, Steve
  10. Just scored a Dragon 1/35th M4A1 Early Production on ebay for a decent price Regards, Steve
  11. The chavs of the bird world! Had to rescue a neighbours cat from a pair of them the other week. The hooligans were having a right go at poor old Charley as he was enjoying a few cat treats that i'd given him in our garden. He was proper freaked by them and ran into the house when i opened the door to scare them off. Regards, Steve
  12. Im good thanks and hope you are too. Many thanks for your kind comments. I think the driver figure fits really well with the Tilly. The lady was added due to a fair bit of 'dead space' on the base. Was a toss up between her and a spiv looking bloke in a suit! Went with her to add a splash of colour Regards, Steve
  13. Thanks John and much appreciated. That's a great idea in regards to the louvres! It really is a lovely little kit and i can see me doing another one at some point, especially as i've got the 48th scale one in the stash Have to say i'm rather enjoying this figure painting malarkey too! Regards Steve
  14. Aye up Dennis, Your right, but it would appear that I've gone wrong with this one! The tank I'm planning to build can't be done from the Dragon kit I have. Just been doing some research (always a dangerous thing!) and it would appear that the actual tank had a single piece transmission and welded hoods and not the three piece and cast hoods as depicted in the kit I was planning to use. All is not lost however as I happen to have the Dragon M4A2 Tarawa kit in the stash which has the correct transmission and hoods. I'll just need to bulk the fronts out with plastic card as Dragon mou
  15. Thanks Ian - funnily enough I only noticed the 'lumps' down his front after I took to pictures! Regards, Steve
  16. Thanks Don, Apparently the first issue patch is quite rare and worth a small fortune! Thanks Steve. Nice to see you again! Regards, Steve
  17. How do chaps or should that be G'day?? This will be my contribution to the proceedings. The Dragon Sherman III marked up as a Sherman of the NZ 18th Arm Reg of the 4th Arm Brigade - Po River April 1945. According to the decals this tank should have steel chevron track with duck bills. I know that I have some of these but they are the old Tamiya ones from their M4A3 kit of many years ago. Will have a look and see if they are any good and if not will use the kit tracks as I'm sure the duck bills were taken off at some point (either that or fell
  18. Nice! I've have this is the stash and it was a possibility for the GB. I got the set of 3 at Halifax show last year. Look forward to seeing this come together and nice to see a fellow Loiner on here! Regards, Steve
  19. How do chaps, Knocked this together over the Christmas period to help get me in the building mood for the GB's I've signed up for this year. Tamiya's lovely Tilly painted in MIG Ammo SCC2 and SCC1A. The masking for the camo was cut from masking tape with a 'Gyro Cut' pen type thingy and the pattern is probably not accurate but I like it. The markings came from the spares box and are 49th West Riding Div with Royal Sig flash. Again probably not accurate but it works for me. The driver is an SKP resin figure that I've had for a while and he was painted in Games Workshop paints and wa
  20. Aye up @Adam Poultney I'm up for this one with either a Churchill, Centurion or a Conqueror (will give me an excuse to buy the Amusing Hobby kit) I see that Amusing Hobby have also announced a Caernarvon so that may also be an option Regards, Steve
  21. Aye up @trickyrich I'm up for this one. Got a couple of items in the 'deep stash' that are suitable Regards, Steve
  22. Look forward to seeing this one come together. Regards, Steve
  23. Really like that. Is it the ICM kit? Regards, Steve
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