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  1. Aye up Bertie, This is a real stunner of a build with a great attention to detail Really enjoying watching this come together. Regards, Steve
  2. How do chaps, I got some cheap plastic dropper bottles off Amazon to decant some Games Workshop paints into. I decided to use one to hold some Self Leveling Thinner in so i wasn't fighting with the big bottle when thinning Tamiya. Been over a year now and no problems despite regular top ups. After reading this thread i'm now thinking of putting some pre-thinned Tamiya in one or two as well Regards, Steve
  3. Mrs fatfingers likes Brokenwood and from the one or two i've seen i thought it both amusing and entertaining. Mrs f says it's a Kiwi Midsomer Murders! Regards, Steve
  4. Same room? You actually get to sit in the same room as them? What is this trickery you speak of? Round may way the other week people were offering to swap a tank of petrol for a GP appointment! Regards, Steve
  5. How do chaps, In no particular order here's a small selection of some of my favourites Edge of Darkness - got this on dvd and generally watch it every year. Day Of The Triffids - classic 1980's BBC Sci-fi complete with dodgy monsters! Band Of Brothers. Walking Dead - watched it from start but now missing final series as i refuse to shell out another 8 quid a month for Disney + The Mad Death - anyone else remember this? Can be found on youtube Survivors - original series - also on the tube. World At War. Spearhead. Strange that most are from the 70's! Regards, Steve
  6. Will post a pic of the one i've recently built Regards, Steve
  7. Thats a superb model with a great finish. In regards to the brass extinguishers. You could try a wash of Games Workshop Agrax Earthshade. Its really good at ageing and taking the shine out of brass without matting it down too much. Regards, Steve
  8. Visited a new (to me anyways) model shop of sorts. It only sells Games Workshop and gaming supplies. Very well stocked and came away with a GW Bloat Drone, a Blight Hauler and a Space Marines Tactical War Suit. All for less than the MRP which is always good for GW products Also got some Army Painter grass tufts in varying types and a couple of pots of GW 'Technical Paints' Best of all its only a 20 min drive from me and a 3 min drive from my parents house so its easy to get to from either end Regards, Steve
  9. Very nicely done. Wasn't aware Dragon had kitted this. Surprised likes of Hobby Boss have not done one in 35th scale! Regards, Steve
  10. I tend refer to that lot as 'Human Remains' due to most being about as much use as a corpse! Regards, Steve
  11. Aye up John, This is brilliant. I can only marvel at the way you take a piece of white plastic sheet and create what you do! Regards, Steve
  12. Saw a very nice Ford Zephyr 6 Mk3 in brown today. Regards, Steve
  13. I always though the NYPD blue and white suits the Caprice very nicely Regards, Steve
  14. When i built one a while back i nabbed the flexi band tracks from a Tamiya Matilda, as i was using the link and length ones that came in that particular kit. They fit really well and look the part, though i think i had to nip a few links off Regards, Steve
  15. Mine's got a turbo charged 1ltr 3 pot with 120hp. It goes rather well thanks to the turbo, though it can lag on the odd occasion. When mine went in for a service recently i got a small go cart with 64hp and no turbo. Had to rev the nuts off it to get going from a stop! Regards, Steve
  16. Would that be Dave's Dangerous Modelling Emporium per chance? Regards, Steve
  17. Coming along nicely and the red looks good. Shame about those pin marks on the rad, but i'm sure you'll get it sorted. Am also curious about them 3 tin lids! Regards, Steve
  18. fatfingers

    LSP hacked

    Cheers for that Devo. Not a site i visit but was curious in case it was
  19. fatfingers

    LSP hacked

    Probably been a bit thick here but.... LSP? Thanks, Steve
  20. From Going Loco in Lofthouse 2 packs of them nifty small cotton buds by Tamiya for cleaning out the airbrush. Also a pot of XF84 Dark Iron which has been added to the 2 I already had! Note to self.... check paint stash before buying! Regards, Steve
  21. Taxi drivers in Hybrids doing 20 or less in a 30 zone. Now im all for doing my bit to reduce emissions and all that.... but these clowns are only doing this to save fuel not the planet because at 20mph or less they are running on battery. Most are far from being considerate drivers as they tend to stop, turn and pull out without any signals or warning! Regards, Steve
  22. Your doing a brilliant job here Bertie and i'm really enjoying your entertaining build Regards, Steve
  23. Your off to a flying start with this. Looking good thus far ans will look forward to updates. Will you be going for the plain green finish or splinter cam? Regards, Steve
  24. Camden Market is always worth a visit, especially for the variety of food stalls Regards, Steve
  25. Oooo that looks nice! Will be getting one of those! Thanks for the heads up @Longbow Regards, Steve
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