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  1. So a quick pic of what's in the box.. Made a start on the cockpit.. And with some paint. I also added some boxes to the sidewalls to make them a bit more interesting. Cheers, Dermot
  2. Great build and terrific finish. Bravo! Dermot
  3. Hi all, My latest finish, the lovely wee Skyhawk in 1/72 from Airfix using decals (more about that later) from their much older Skyhawk kit in the Falklands War multi-kit gift boxing. This is 100% OOB (so some aerials will be missing) and the only extra was masking tape belts in the cockpit. If you're interested, the full WIP is here. Using the old Airfix decals seemed like a great idea but the carrier film was thick enough to land a plane on hence the really bad bumps/silvering on the final finish. Oh well, you live and learn. I handpainted the tail colours as the decals wouldn't stick with a gallon of setting solution and a brick on top. I kept the final finish grubby, to try to lessen the decals but also because I imagined these had a rough life in the South Atlantic in 1982... Kit: Airfix A03029 - a little gem and loved building it. Scale: 1/72 Build: Out of box Paint: White from a Halfords rattle can, all others Revell Acrylics with a brush. Klear, Flory Models Wash, W&N Flat Coat. Decals: A-4Q Skyhawk S/n 3-A-304 from No. 3 Attack Squadron, Argentine Navy. Operated from Bahia Blanca, 1982 and survived the conflict. Extras: Masking tape seat belts. Thanks for looking and comments/criticisms accepted! Dermo And with an Italeri Sea Harrier from the same time...
  4. Wowsers, This is modelling. I just glue bits of plastic together... Awesome stuff Tony. All the best, Dermot
  5. Bandai "Box Scale" Dioramas

    Genius stuff. Love it.
  6. RAF 100th

    I think all of the above is entirely reasonable. What do you think Paul? I'm up for it if you are?! (and anyone else who wants to volunteer) Cheers, Dermot
  7. Italeri CH-129 Cormorant

    Liking that a lot Ray Dermot
  8. Cracking build.......love it and a different level entirely from the Revell teeny tiny kit. The technique for the sidewalls turned out great too..might have to copy that! Dermot
  9. 1/72 - Su 34 - Italeri

    Wow....very very impressive.
  10. Think the Poll is a bit skew-wiff? Keep getting an error message...
  11. Photobucket Picture Removal

    Me too, on both counts
  12. Too many Hobbyboss 1/72 F-14 Tomcats!

    Absolutely agree 100%. I thought I was doing well building 4 x Tomcats in 2014......who was I kidding....THIS thread is awesome. Dermot
  13. Great progress James Am building a 1/72 version myself and following this with interest. And popcorn! Cheers, Dermot
  14. Hey everyone, Well the Group Builds seem to be coming thick and fast these days! I've always wanted to do a B-25, probably since first seeing the Airfix kit back in the day - remember that? 3 kit options in 1 box! Fantastic stuff. With it being the 75th Anniversary of the Doolittle Raid this year, I thought it was appropriate to do something marking one of the most amazing feats in aviation...flying a big twin medium bomber off an aircraft carrier. This kit, bought many years ago online from a hobby shop in Italy And this scheme... Probably mostly OOB all the way and will have some fun. Good luck with your builds! Cheers, Dermot
  15. 1/72 Douglas Skyraider A-1J - Build No.2

    Great choice...a classic if there ever was one! Extra popcorn ordered.. Dermot