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  1. TME3

    Super, Super Etendard

    Heck yeah... pinch that idea... It would be great to see some imaginative markings...!
  2. TME3

    WHIF WIP... F-20 plus the parts box...

    More to come soon....
  3. TME3

    Super, Super Etendard

    I thought of that too... Also a possibility..!
  4. TME3

    Super, Super Etendard

    Thanks Andre...! This is only my second crack at a WHIF design, and I kind of made a set of rules for myself. I can only use paints I've already opened, unused spare weapons, and only decals that are leftover or spare. I dont have the colors you mentioned, Iraqi decals or an Exocet missile. I'm leaning toward a multi-color camouflage, and markings from a country that didn't operate the Etendard. (The Netherlands is a possibility by the way!) But thanks for your input.... it's helpful and motivating to have the encouragement!
  5. TME3

    Super, Super Etendard

    Working on a set of wings now.... These are re-worked Hasegawa F-18A wings... reduced the chord, removed the wingtip missile rails (for now anyway), removed and shortened the flaps, and sanded away the wingfold and flap hinges. Also working to add just a bit more sweep to them....
  6. TME3

    Super, Super Etendard

    Blended in....
  7. TME3

    Super, Super Etendard

    Slow progress, but finally managed to squeak out a little work on this one... Got the tail attached, along with some card filler to start shaping and blending in the parabrake housing and the small ram air vent I'm putting on the front edge of the tail....
  8. TME3

    Super, Super Etendard

    The interior of the Academy kit is sparse, and the color of the real cockpit is black. I added some generic detailing just for interest... the only thing that will draw any attention anyway will be the still TBD ejection seat...
  9. TME3

    Super, Super Etendard

    Not sure yet exactly where this is going... just having fun with it. Academy 1/72 Super Etendard, aftermarket Harrier FA.2 Blue Vixen radar, Hobbyboss Rafale tail, Revell F-16 parabrake, Revell Typhoon nozzle....
  10. TME3

    Roden VC10 tanker conversion?

    Can the 1/144 Roden VC10K.3/4 kit be used as the basis for conversion to the shorter VC10 tanker variants (K.2 and C.K1)? If so, where would the fuselage be cut and shortened?
  11. Beautiful build...! Not too many of the GR.7s wore the "green" scheme... It looks really good in those colors...!
  12. TME3

    F-101, 41 Squadron RAF, 1965

    Nice... Voodoo looks good in those RAF colors...! (Those markings are 41 Sqn by the way)!
  13. TME3

    Swiss Surprises

    Really nice builds...! If you haven't seen it, look up "Swiss Air Force Push the Limit" on You Tube... and turn it up...!
  14. Wow.... Just WOW... Absolutely stunning...!
  15. Nice B-52.... I love those early natural metal SAC schemes... Well done..!