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  1. IBG 1/35 Bedford QLR

    Constructive criticism welcome! Well, having built the kit a while back all I can say is ...
  2. 1:76 Alvis Stalwart S & M Models

    I caught a review somewhere on the web saying that the S&M kit was also too short, (that last phrase sounds very dodgy) so I'm holding out the for Ace kit
  3. Hasegawa MFG1 F-104G, 1/48

    mirage iv ... possibly the record holder of "most quoted replies in a reply post". Unless someone else knows better Holy moly, it's a amazing the BM message board software didn't crash when you edited that lot!
  4. 1/144 737-800 Zvezda Released

    Airliners aren't my thing but I've got a burning desire to have one in 'the collection'. The 737 is 'the iconic airliner' so it's on the shopping list. Just need to get a kit with colourful markings, rather than add to the cost by getting an aftermaket sheet. But as you know Dave ... the greatest plans...
  5. 1/144 737-800 Zvezda Released

    I'm loving the kit but with the vast range of operators out there it's a bit of a bland scheme for a first release .... I can understand to a degree, UTair is Russian, so ...
  6. No probs, I wouldn't expect that you'd know the finer points of the UK customs ... some Brits don't either The Hasegawa UK phantom (FGR.2 or FG.1) is £70 (RRP), don't know what you'd pay for it on your side of the pond. A UK F-4 is rare (only just been re-released) and so is the A-4 so prices can get inflated. There's no way around customs charge and it's a random thing, some never get the charge, others do. And a mass order can have the opposite effect, the package will attract more interest and it'll be 99% certain to get the surcharge. HB kits tend to be cheaper than Hasegawa but we won't know until they hit the shores here. However, I'm hijacking the A-4 thread so I'll ..
  7. Prices here in the UK (and probably the rest of the EU) are higher. And if we import from the far east we sometimes get nailed with Customs/ Royal Mail charges, which adds 17.5% to the price and another £8 for Royal Mail 'handling'.
  8. French Charge at Borodino 1812

    (the diorama that is, not the oven pic)
  9. Cheap storage boxes.

    Radical! A modeller uses something for its original intended use...
  10. 1:35 Scammell Pioneer and Explorer

    For completeness more than anything else (and for those who only inhabit BM) ... as posted on Armorama, 1/35 Scammell kits, 2 kits on their way from Thunder models (Pioneer and Explorer) and IBG (Pioneer). And Thunder are not happy as you can read on their website and to be fair, they have a point: http://www.thundermodel.com/ However at least we're getting the kit, which is great news
  11. Cheap storage boxes.

    I've been looking for cheap storage units that will stack. I eventually came across this on ebay. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/5-Stackable-Home-Storage-Boxes-Clear-Plastic-Shoe-Box-Office-Organiser-Drawer-UK-/172419319856?var=471251782640&hash=item2824fe0830:g:vogAAOSw5cNYKU7P Put "Stackable Clear Plastic Shoe Box" into ebay for other sellers. They're also available in different colours Depending on how many you order they'll work out about £1.00 - £1.30 each. The drawers are about 31x21x12cm . They come flat packed but are easy to assemble. The design is genius and you can stack and lock them together. In fact whoever designed these should go and work for model companies ... or maybe they already do They're made out of a tough flexible plastic and the box frames (see pics) are a very hard (possibly brittle after some UV) plastic. They also have the benefit of being designed as shoe boxes, helpful for those who encounter SWMBO problems when buy ancillaries for modelling. If SWMBO has a shoe collection, buy her some boxes as well and then you can also show her the advantages of being a modeller by showing off your assembly skills. The only drawback I've come across is they will start to deform with heavy weight in them, but then again they weren't really designed for that purpose.
  12. Cats, they're taking over. Part 2(?)

    You got that bit right. He's not your cat ... you and Mrs Tentacles are his slaves/servants. And he will take every opportunity to remind you of that fact.
  13. Fokker RNoAF F-16, 1980

  14. 1:76 Alvis Stalwart S & M Models

    Amazing, you wait years for an injection moulded Stolly and 2 come along at the same time. I bet S&M aren't too chuffed ... you would have thought a small scale Stolly would have been a niche subject. But at least they're (just about) different scales. 35th is my preferred scale (injection moulded 35th to be more precise) but I'll happily downscale for this subject.