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  1. Either that or the Aussies have been caught ball tampering again ... I'll err ...
  2. M3/M4 Medium Tank STGB Chat

    Yeah, I'd go for that. It does seem strange to post your finished GB and not vote, but each to their own I suppose BTW, thanks to you, Ozzy and Sgt Squarehead for running the GB
  3. Sgt.Squarehead's 'Shermanicus Genericus'

    Yeah, it's a shame that you never made the deadline but you have to remember that modelling is supposed to be enjoyable and, fundamentally, you do it to please yourself (unless your a pot hunter of course), not for others. So take your time and finish is the way you want, otherwise it'll always nag you in the back of your mind.
  4. Heller 72nd Sherman M4 * Finished *

    Yeah, it may or may not have been down to temp, at the time it was the only explanation I could come up with. Even then it wasn't that cold as I spray indoors too. I've thinned with water before and it was fine. Maybe it was just a modelling gremlin day but as the UMP worked with it I'll probably stick with it for now Thanks for the kind comments Badder... and to everyone else

    What a brilliant idea for doing the eyes. I think I've still got my rotring set from many moons ago. I'll have to dig it out... Otherwise, looking cracking as per usual
  6. M3/ M4 medium tank gallery

    Heller 72nd M4 Sherman
  7. Heller 72nd Sherman M4 * Finished *

    When I was painting the dio, I also gave the Sherman a very light dust coat of khaki (I dont normally weather with an airbrush), more to tone down the yellow decal at the front than anything else. After that, I felt the tank needed another coat of W&N matt varnish. I'd had 'paint flow' problems with the previous coat (I thinned it with water, which is what i normally use) so this time I used UMP thinners and it sprayed on much better. I have a feeling that part of the previous problem was down to temperature as we were in the middle of the cold snap. I'd planned to go to town on the weathering (using pastels and pigments) but because it would disappear under varnish, I decided to stick the tank to the base (so I wouldn't have to touch the model again) and then add the weathering, thus avoiding the need to seal it. I was going to paint the edge of the base black but I quite liked the texture of the balsa (a kind of cracked earth effect) so I painted it khaki and gave it a Mig dark wash. I added the towing pintle, hull MG and 50cal (fitting the 50cal ammo box was fiddly) but left off the extra track links for the hull, then glued the tank to the base. At this point my master plan changed because I was relatively happy with the finish. I wanted to tweak it but I've been there before and stuffed it up by tinkering too much, so I added some dust pigment to the bottom of the tank and left it alone. I'm a perfectionist (not a good thing for a modeller) but I've found a partial cure, I now add a deliberate mistake to my models. The theory is: because I've added mistakes, I can never get it perfect, no matter how much I tinker with it, it sounds odd, but it works for me. This time it's the aerial and its mount, it pinged off during construction and it'll be an awkard little bogger to replace. So I wont bother. The Heller kit is a little gem, in fact it's the most detailed 72 armour kit I've ever come across. Yep, it's fiddly and the instructions aren't the best but it's 'almost' converted me to 72nd armour. As others have said, I really wish Heller had expanded their Sherman range to more than just the M4A2. Many thanks for the comments guys and gals and special thanks @SleeperService (who recommended the kit) and to @Sgt.Squarehead (for his sterling mod work in this GB). (Edited 21/03/18. Moved to new image hoster as my original image hoster has gone down)
  8. Heller 72nd Sherman M4 * Finished *

    Yep, dead simple... spot on. The simpler and quicker, the better AFAIC Confession. I kind of screwed up a bit. The dark brown wash is normally is oil paint based (made up to be a thin wash) but I decided to use Mig Dark Wash (as it was to hand) and I thinned it down by about 30%. Mistake. Whatever's in the Mig wash doesn't react the same as an oil wash and it didn't flow that well. Also don't dry brush the grass with lighter shades of greens, take a green and then mix in more and more yellow until you end up with pure yellow. One of these days I'll find something that gives me convinging long grass, in 72nd I can get away with scatter but not in 35th. I've tried various solutions but all I get in unnatural rigid tufts, I suppose 'real' looking long grass is (generally speaking) a bit of a nirvana for a lot of us. Thanks for the comments guys
  9. Sgt.Squarehead's 'Shermanicus Genericus'

    Maybe a stockpile of cheap heller kits (creative sell them cheap every now and then) used as donors with UM is the way to go. That etch bolt plate is b****y stupid though And as for that behemoth, what's wrong with you man? EVERYONE wants german 1946 kits, they keep making them so it MUST be the case. In fact we're probably breaking the law by not making german stuff in this GB Looking great otherwise ...
  10. Heller 72nd Sherman M4 * Finished *

    Gardening time "We plough the fields and scatter the good seeds on the land..." Sprayed with khaki Sprayed with greens Drybrushed Dark brown wash Drybrushed again I shall now spend a few days trying to suss out the new car (Civic). There used to be a time when you bought a car and drove it. Simple. Now I've got a 500 page manual to wade through. And you need to be Stephen Hawking just to understand the windscreen wipers and headlight options. And they call it progress...
  11. 1/72 M4 Sherman

    She's looking good I love that caliper stretcher! You might want to copyright it before someone makes a specific tool and charges £40 for it
  12. Heller 72nd Sherman M4 * Finished *

    Wow, brave man! I'll never use a can of varnish again, tried it once with a Humbrol mini spraycan and ... it didn't end well. Tasty 110 too
  13. Another stonking WIP to follow!
  14. Heller 72nd Sherman M4 * Finished *

    Did you spray W&N straight from the bottle? I thin mine about 30-50%. But it's the mattest matt I've come across, almost too matt,so I have some W&N gloss to un-matt it when needed. I've tried the clingfilm thing before but it didn't really work for me. I have a different approach to dio bases than most so all the grass etc (which will be round the edge of the tank tracks) needs to be there when it gets sprayed so it gets a unified appearance. But (for various reasons) I need to weather the tank separately and add it on at the end. Mind you, this is 72nd we're talking about so maybe it doesn't matter as much, I could be overthinking it. Should be ok for tank track impressions, thanx