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  1. 1/72 M4 Sherman

    Welcome to the Sherman party Graeme. Another 72nd Heller Sherman? Bring it on! Sgt Squarehead will be happy 1. yes you can use D3 instead of D9, that's what i did, see my WIP 2. We'll both be doing option A but I won't be using the kit decals, stick with the kit decals and yours will look different to mine 3. Be careful about the bogie assemblies as they aren't handed (see my WIP). And my WIP also covers the large pin that shouldn't be there on the inside of the bogie assembly that can cause problems if it has flash. Neil
  2. Heller 72nd Sherman M4

    Thanx I use Tamiya OD for base rather than black but I'll bear the 6/40 ratio in mind for the future. The current paint finish is lighter IRL than in the pic, due to using my phone as a camera. And the turret bears no resemblance to real life at all, I think it was the angle and the lighting at the time that made it look so dark, even the tint is wrong, it's more OD thatn the pic But in the future I really need to push the lighten overspray limit, I always err on the side of caution and not go too dark. Which is a bit silly as you can always make it darker with filters etc. ATM my plan is to lighten with oil paints, not oil dotting but actually painting with oils. Could be interesting.
  3. Heller 72nd Sherman M4

    Not much to be seen since last time but the tank had a coat Tamiya khaki drab and it didn't make a huge difference to the olive drab first coat. It was also a bit too brown in tint so then I sprayed Tamiya Dark Green 2 (RAF) and that didn't make it light enough. After that I added some Tamiya buff to the RAF green and sprayed that. Not sure it's light enough for my needs but it'll do. This time i've included a right hand side pic of the turret showing where the cheek armour sits. Also started painting up the tools. I gave the sprue a spray can of black and started painting the handles. This reminds me why I don't do 72nd anymore, these things are tiny little boggers! Next step will be a gloss coat and then I've got to decide how to break up the monotony of the finish. As I've said before, this is where I come unstuck wth green armour so I'll leave it alone for a few days to hatch a plan.
  4. Sgt.Squarehead's 'Shermanicus Genericus'

    Man, that's brutal Thought about the surplus sprockets in the Heller kit? Not sure if they're the right pattern though
  5. 1:76 Alvis Stalwart S & M Models

    The ACE kit seems to be the better choice but, considering what i've seen on the interweb, the tyres look wrong in size and pattern. And tyres are a major part of the 'look' of the Stolly.
  6. TeeELL's RWY Sherman III

    Fair point. I shall remove it
  7. H builds the Sherman VC Firefly, with front doo-dads!

    Thank god for that, he's an obnoxious little ... Anyway back to Shermans, if you build, we will come ... and watch
  8. Notifications - topics, PMs, etc.

    Notfication of PMs now arriving but so far no notifications of threads etc. May need to have a look at my settings, could that be down to user error
  9. Heller 72nd Sherman M4

    Here she is with most of the bits added, and a lot of them were tiny fiddly bits. The lifting eyes are superb, very fine moulding and you get 2 spares which is a nice touch. Either that or other versions of this kit have more lifting eyes. The bolt detail on the nose is lovely and the turret antenna is incredibly small and even has 'coil' detail. The add-on armour could do with weld detail but it would slow the build down. Previously I moaned about the cheek armour not having locating points , I didn't need to worry as it'll only sit in one position, though it looks a tad too close to the mantlet. Closeups like this also show you stuff you miss in the real world, that flash around the mantlet needs to be trimmed Note the barrel, I eliminated the join at the tip but it's ended up a bit tapered but I can live with it I stuck on some sprues (for handles) then sprayed Hycote Primer and Tamiya OD for the base coat.
  10. H builds the Sherman VC Firefly, with front doo-dads!

    Jeez, that gave me a shock, someone calling themselves H and from Wales, you're not that pop bloke from Steps are you?
  11. TeeELL's RWY Sherman III

    Deleted, not really the right area to post
  12. Sgt.Squarehead's 'Shermanicus Genericus'

    ... but impressive. Makes me feel guilty about not putting weld beads on mine but I haven't got the patience (or motivation) to do it
  13. Notifications - topics, PMs, etc.

    No notifications for me. My email address on BM is email at neilscrim dot co dot uk but that gets forwarded to my real email address which is neilscrim1 at gmail dot com. The domain shouldn't make any difference, hasn't done before. Checked my spam box on gmail just now and nothing from BM has ended up there Neil
  14. M31 Recovery Vehicle

    Death ray sounds better though. Actualy, concerning that pic, interesting layout of boxes on the top of the hull. With those (and the the death ray) it looks like the turret couldn't rotate.
  15. M31 Recovery Vehicle

    Either that, or the grunt on top is well endowed ...