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  1. Red Dwarf XII - The Return of Holly

    I thought exactly the same after seeing the trailer's Max, I always loved his deadpan delivery and hearing Holly say to Rimmer. " It's the morning, and your in a corridor" after asking certainly made me smile again.
  2. Halcyon days indeed. A fantastic build of a wonderful speed bird, and brings back a lot of childhood fabulous memories travelling with Court Line way back in the day. My first visit to a flight deck in flight, and the kid's gift pack were brilliant as well I seem to remember, I wonder how much those would be now pristine and sealed on evilbay? Nice one. Cheers
  3. Aoshima Gigant

    Looking forward to your latest painting masterclass yet again Andy, and definitely wheels up imho on this strange beast. The burning question of the day is though, how's Nigel these days and will he be helping out at all? He,he. Cheers
  4. Sorry for the very late reply Tango, as no kind words are needed or made up at all on your fantastic Viper sir. The chassis parts as a scratch build ladder base is a terrific idea, did you ever find your WIP on that one btw? As I'm quite sure a many of us would like to see that one, or just start producing them in kit form? Ha,ha. Cheers
  5. Very cool indeedy, along with some terrific photography as well, nice one, cheers.
  6. Captain Scarlet

    The esteemed South African actor Donald Gray, was the voice of Colnel White, the Mysterions and Captain Black, way back when, a real multi tasker and all round good chap for the vaguely interested. Many thanks for turning me into a big kid again Hutch, for starting this wonderful thread, and spending most of my afternoon searching Amazon and Evilbay for Gerry Anderson kits, to spend my valuable beer tokens on, with, the cricket, tennis, and F1 going on in the back ground. And last but not least I forgot to say, Happy Birthday Colnel White. SIG. Cheers
  7. Captain Scarlet

    "So Say WE All" (opps!?)
  8. Captain Scarlet

    "It's amazing what crap useful info you can find out when you go looking........" More like utterly brilliant useless but very valuable information imho! A terrific thread indeed with fabulous detective work. Nice one. I'm currently 56 going 14 again reading this again after many decades, so this is certainly need to know stuff for us chaps of a certain age out there. Cheers
  9. Frack Tango! She's an absolute beauty in the Pegasus colours, and the engine upgrades really lift her out of the ordinary. Great build and website btw. Nice one. I would also liked to have seen a WIP on the access ladder alone, to honest, as Viper MK 2 and 7 ladders are as rare as hen's teeth in kit form, so I do could with four of your wonderful boarding ladders right now. A brilliant addition indeed. "So, say, we all." Cheers
  10. My town from the air.

    Nice one Rick, and a terrific pic, of one of favourite towns with some of my favourite pubs in the area, when back when in the early to mid eighties. The Upton Point to Point meet day, (never ever saw a horse from the beer tents) and the Upton Folk Festival, where all legendary days and weekend's away, during my Kieth Richards style sabbatical days with good friends many years ago now. And now based just up the road in Great Malvern, it's now my quick cross country route to access the M5. Have a great rest of your weekend just down the road. Cheers
  11. Fantastic, a wonderful new look chaps! Nice one. Cheers.
  12. BC-44 Protocol Droid

    Your tonal variations, and wonderful weathering, chips and bumps are just fantastic sir. Yet another very humble wow and blimey from over here again. Another brilliant master class Andy, and a fabulous final group picture for the album. Nice one. Btw, does Nigel get any R&R time off at all? He seems to be a very busy chap indeed?He,he, Cheers
  13. Bandai AT-AT

    I totally agree with The Chief Smeg, with an additional very humble Wow and Blimey from over here as well Andy. Yet another wonderful modelling master class sir. Brilliant taking into account the scale, and always nice to see Nigel make his appearance as of course. Fantastic stuff. Cheers Andy.
  14. "And please don't hold back with the RFI," That's a big ditto from over here as well, Skodadriver. We can never have enough big beautiful birds from the wonderful world of civil aviation. A stunning livery on a fantastic looking 737-800. She looks fabulous. Cheers.
  15. Airfix 1/48 EE Lightning

    Blimey Cybershed. I love the Lightning, making models, and also have loved making movie edits on various subjects over the years, and now with my new Movai edit suite for clients and folks out there. A very humble blinking flip! What a great idea and movie you have put together on a fabulous subject, a great story along with a fabulous piece of modeling WIP to boot. Great stuff, I even had a wobbly bottom lip during the very sad ending. A brilliant new take on a modeling blog. And the way forward me thinks. Nice one Sir. Cheers.