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  1. That's great news to hear, except for me having to renew my driving licence in 2035? Bugger!
  2. F.A.B James, with a wow and humble blimey from over here, I'm eight again, brilliant, right up there with Kallisti's T1's landing at LHR. I fear many of my valuable beer tokens may be well spent very soon on Thunderbird kits now I'm 56, he,he. Great stuff, looking forward to the next episode as always. Cheers
  3. U-Boat destruction - 1:350 scale

    And may I add a Blimey to that one, blinking incredible!
  4. Look's bang on to me as well James, Nice one Sir! Cheers.
  5. Blimey Kallisti, toy periscopes? Iv'e not heard that one before. I know those brilliant chaps raided toy, model and hardware shops all over the place when given a brief, I guess the famous lemon squeezer stole the head lines on that brilliant fact. Nice one as always sir. Cheers.
  6. Purchased from a local Woollies with a load of Airfix stock back in the day, according to legend and the brilliant Gerry Anderson TV 21 documentary. And yes indeed, good to see it back in place in the awful CGI redo, in my humble opinion only of course folks.
  7. The Carpet Monster AAAAAARGH

    If only carpet monsters where always that gorgeous, you could almost forgive them. Mine is just a carpet consuming loads of small photo etch currently. Quite right Ian, that could well be a quick lick and a swallow, although retrieving said nacelle, is a another type of garden monster altogether I don't envy. A very lovely young lady by the way and best of luck with the gardening activities very soon.
  8. F.A.B! Now that's what I call "shopping". Nice one.
  9. "Ah...She's a beauty Captain, to be sure, but I knew how fast my Enterprise was going just though the deck plates. " Fabulous work Steve, and I know this is considered 1701 heresy by some, but I actually prefer the 1701 saucer with panel lines, gives added scale to her imho. Lovely job. Cheers
  10. BA World Blue

    Also recommended from our fabulous wise friends after I asked the same question here many moons ago is Halfords Fiat Capri Blue. Fabulous stuff to spray on and looks bang on in scale as well imho. cheers.
  11. Red Dwarf XII - The Return of Holly

    I thought exactly the same after seeing the trailer's Max, I always loved his deadpan delivery and hearing Holly say to Rimmer. " It's the morning, and your in a corridor" after asking certainly made me smile again.
  12. Halcyon days indeed. A fantastic build of a wonderful speed bird, and brings back a lot of childhood fabulous memories travelling with Court Line way back in the day. My first visit to a flight deck in flight, and the kid's gift pack were brilliant as well I seem to remember, I wonder how much those would be now pristine and sealed on evilbay? Nice one. Cheers
  13. Aoshima Gigant

    Looking forward to your latest painting masterclass yet again Andy, and definitely wheels up imho on this strange beast. The burning question of the day is though, how's Nigel these days and will he be helping out at all? He,he. Cheers
  14. Sorry for the very late reply Tango, as no kind words are needed or made up at all on your fantastic Viper sir. The chassis parts as a scratch build ladder base is a terrific idea, did you ever find your WIP on that one btw? As I'm quite sure a many of us would like to see that one, or just start producing them in kit form? Ha,ha. Cheers