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  1. picard

    Minion pilots

    "They are brilliant, I love them! " Ditto, great stuff!
  2. Splendid Iron Maiden speed birds my friend and a very cool man cave to boot sir. Nice one and keep rocking. Cheers.
  3. picard


    I'm pulling up my chair for this one, if you don't mind with a beer or two now I'm 56, going on 14 again. Brilliant stuff, Ah, happy days indeed. I fear many of my beer tokens may be spent with these guys in the future, I had no idea these chaps were out there. Cheers.
  4. picard

    Pan Am Boeing 747

    A very point, the Braz engines are terrific and easy to use, at least my RB 1-11's were, and "metal details" are now doing a fabulous photoetch 747 set with brakes lines, grills, pitot's etc, and the "Authentic Airliners", "photo real" decal windows sets and lights are just on another level completely. Cheers.
  5. picard

    Boeing 747-400F 1/72

    Ditto, fantastic skills and brilliant stuff from your small team of engineers as well.
  6. picard

    Avro Lancaster at Defford

    Hi Courageous, quite incredible what secretly went on there actually, especially having lived so near for many years now, sorry I have no specific answer for you right but thought these links may be of use, they were putting lots of different stuff on various air-frames from what I can gather, well worth a visit if your in area as well, Cheers https://mraths.org.uk/?page_id=540 https://deffordairfieldheritagegroup.wordpress.com/museum/
  7. Now that would be a whole load of safety harnesses's indeed and would keep Eduard in business for years at !/350 scale, he,he.
  8. picard

    Moebius BSG Raptor 1/32

    Frack, Fabulous job on a great looking slightly well worn Raptor, and the whole office just comes alive those seat belts additions, very nicely done sir. "So Say We All" Cheers.
  9. picard

    My Telford sin... Supermarine Walrus

    Brilliant, is that a Zvezda, Moebius or Airfix new kit for 2018, and where can we find the kit review? He,he.
  10. Pulling up a chair as well for this one as well if you don't mind. But could we please address the elephant in the room first, and back the truck up slightly though my friend. You forgotten you had purchased a 1/32 scale HK kit ??? Nice one, now that's the headline right there. he,he Great pic's so far btw cheers.
  11. picard

    Aoshima Gigant 1/700

    Yet another humbling wow and blimey from here in Malvern, Amazing art work given the scale, brilliant detail and thanks for a great master class yet again Sir. The only very sad let down for me, is that, we didn't see Nigel helping out with the scale and hanging around generally, He,he. Have a Christmas out there Andy. Nice one. Cheers
  12. picard

    Beavers galore!!!!

    Ah, those ones! A fabulous collection of Beavers indeed sir, I thought I was on correct website. He,he.
  13. Blimey Kallisti , now that's a very rare vintage beasty indeed sir. Kudos and nice one, can we all look forward to your usual brilliant WIP on this chap?
  14. "Some more mysteries for you all." Blimey, maybe you should have said, "Some more Mysterions for you all", he,he. As nope. I don't recognise any of those machines either James. Even the helijet looks more Spectrum than TB. Staying tuned for the next exciting episode as always. Cheers
  15. That's great news to hear, except for me having to renew my driving licence in 2035? Bugger!