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  1. Many thanks indeed sir, You have more or less confirmed what I have been able to find out there as well, and have ordered the part two sheet which at least has a shark mouth with the yellow along with some other nice schemes as well, so thank's again for the linky's kind sir. Cheers Dennis
  2. Hi folks, happy Christmas everyone and lets all have a fabulous New year for flipping blinking sake. Any, hoo, any help or advice would be very gratefully received kind folks, as Santa got me Airfix's very lovely F-51 for xmas. Highly delighted with the kit but not the Korean War scheme I wanted and naively thought I just could find a 1/48 scale of the legendary "Was that too fast" decal sheet out there along with some photo added extra's, But nope. I can't find a stand alone or war bird type decal sheet anywhere with this lovely legendary bird listed at all which did surprise me
  3. Ditto and ditto, a fabulous job and majestic big bird sir. Cheers.
  4. A very humble Wow and Blimey from The Malvern Hills. Brilliant concept, stunning model, and love back story, Nice one Kallisti. S.I.G
  5. Now ,that's the brand new fully detailed and cloaked Klingon Bird Of Prey from Polar Lights if I'm not mistaken, great job, very nice indeedy . Cheers
  6. Happy New Year everyone! Hi Bear, I have used "Coastalkits" for a few of SF projects in the past and found them to be very good indeed, great prices along with brilliant customer service and delivery time if this helps. Cheers. (Disclaimer of course folks: I am a customer only, with above purely based on my purchasing experience with them so far ) http://www.coastalkits.co.uk/newstore/carrier-decks.html?page=all
  7. Well, now then kind sir, one can't simply rock up at the local museum, take brilliant photo's of the real thing and make the bold statement of a ready for inspection model now, can one my friend? Ha,ha. A absolutely stunning piece of work and art sir, utterly brilliant, A humble wow blimey from the Malvern Hills. Nice one sir, cheers. Brilliant stuff !
  8. Very nice indeedy. Cheers on a great build sir.
  9. I couldn't agree more with the above, fabulous builds of two of my favourite big glamorous birds to fly on, as well as in the livery of the best airline, I have ever been lucky enough to fly with regularly. Absolutely stunning, both of them. Nice one sir. Cheers
  10. I may well have to pull up a chair to follow this one sir, along with a cold ones. Nice one. S.I.G. Cheers
  11. A very humble Wow and Blimey from over here in the Malvern Hills Sir. Really enjoyed the build thread, and the end result is quite something, I'm a sucker for natural metal finishes anyway, but she's a very big and beautiful shiny lady indeedy. Nice one. Cheers
  12. Cult Man TV have the Enterprise still on their pre-order list with no definite post full production release date as yet. Of course hopefully they may have released they need to change the box art to show Captain Christopher Pike in the top right insert? Ha,ha. I'm still baffled why this great new kits are in this scale though, and not all consistent with the Trek scales of the past, IMHO, although the decals are just something else now. Cheers. https://www.culttvmanshop.com/USS-Enterprise-from-STDiscovery-12500-scale-from-Round-2Polar-Lights--PREORDER-RESERVATION-_p_471
  13. Good to know Trevor, as I probably responsible for another 35% on that hit list as well. One the classic rifts. Cheers
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