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  1. Opp's sorry, my bag in that case sir. Although your kitchen table is also very nice as well, I was indeed referring to the stunning job on your Viper cockpit or Viper office. Lol.
  2. "Frack"! One of the best MK VII's I have seen sir. A fabulous Viper, looking just right,, and your office is just stunning my friend. Nice one Mr Modelerdave. Cheers. "So say we all"
  3. picard

    Revell 1/72 Concorde

    Your very welcome, and I forgot to mention your terrific work on the the office so far, and the "trowel" symbol on the instruction sheet made me fall off my chair laughing, as that'a a fist for me, and I will be taking a seat with few cold ones for this one. And hope you have fun with the build out there. Cheers
  4. picard

    Revell 1/72 Concorde

    He does indeed sir, also available though Hannants as well and brilliant sets there are too in my humble experience so far. here we go. Cheers http://www.brazmodels.com.
  5. picard

    Klear replacement - suggestions

    Ah, I see, I have never used decal setting solutions as yet, I usually dilute PVA into my warm decal water, and then the same wash after, on tricky surfaces, with no issues at at so far. Then once left to set and dry, I have found no problems at all applying the said product yet I must admit. Cheers
  6. picard

    Klear replacement - suggestions

    Hi Mike, As a hairy stick and spray can only painter myself, in my very humble opinion and limited experience so far, it's fantastic stuff. Much like yourself I too fell into the klear replacement trap debacle and took the plunge after reading a few view reviews on "Amazon" and the tinternet nearly all by our fellow modellers surprisingly. dipping a lovely clear canopy into "milky coloured liquid then brushing over a careful paint job to seal is slightly off putting at first, but as the product dries it becomes crystal clear with a tough finish. Cheers.
  7. picard

    Airfix 1/72 Mustang control stick.

    He,he, mine came attached on the sprue moulded in two broken unusable parts in the first place, although I was quite pleased with my fix of a quick measure, then stretched sprue and Tamiya masking tape, at time I must admit, my column leather shroud even has folds in it. The only very minor flaw on a utterly brilliant kit for the money which turns into a fabulous looking classic bird in my very humble. Very good advice if the stick's in one piece, nice one. Cheers.
  8. Fabulous thread and a brilliant master class on how to this ancient kit justice sir. She looks the business, Nice one. S.I.G
  9. picard


    Opp's my apologies sir, as I'm clearly not up with the latest Revell news in that case, I wonder if that's a new tool, or the original ERTL re-release, as that wasn't a bad kit either? Hmmm? I'm looking forward next to the !/100 Oberth Class and BOP set personally, as just like you my friend planning permission is much more expensive that the kit stash. and normally takes a lot to complete as well. He,he. Cheers
  10. picard


    I think you maybe thinking of the new !/350 scale Round2 future release, plus a rumoured lighting kit to follow to boot. She should be quite a bird, as well as a few beer tokens to boot. Cheers. http://culttvman.com/main/round-2s-klingon-ktinga-at-wonderfest/
  11. picard

    Best Intro's (tv and film)

    "Along with previously mentioned Thunderbirds, UFO and Stingray there is of course....." Of course! S.I.G. 
  12. picard

    Best Intro's (tv and film)

    Band Of Brothers, excellent call sir, a truly incredible series and experience to watch. Cheers
  13. picard

    Best Intro's (tv and film)

    Great to see Where Eagles Dare here, brilliant, as well as Thnuderbirds, UFO, Space 1999, Fabulous stuff folks.
  14. picard

    LED lighting for airliners anyone?

    That's a terrific idea sir. As a lump of stuff only just crawling out of the swamp when comes down to lighting up small stuff, I have several projects on hold waiting for my tiny brain to catch up with various stuff and things. SF plug and play kits can get quite pricey indeed which completely understandable, but have always wished to do fully active and lit airliners, I must admit. So any sources and blatant caveman advice is always gratefully received. I saw a Utube video with this excellent chap a few months ago from the Telford show I think? And although quite a few beer tokens per kit they do seem all dancing and singing. Cheers. https://www.magicscalemodeling.com/shop/Civilian-airliners-c22677068
  15. picard

    Pegasus Nautilus 1/144

    A very humble wow and blimey from Sunny the Malvern Hills, A stunning thread and fabulous Nautilus so far, the lighting is a superb masterclass. Cheers sir. Nice one