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  1. What scale is that? Looks pretty big.
  2. Nice looking model, the colours are much darker then I would have thought for a middle eastern country. Looks great, was it a good kit to build?
  3. I've never seen those colours before on a Mig, looks fantastic.
  4. That is the best model ship I have seen made by anyone.
  5. Really nice models, love the Flanker family of aircraft. One question, on the right wing of 701 what is the paint marking on the upper surface?
  6. Cheers guys. I'll be doing a Royal Navy one next.
  7. So here it is my RAF Phantom. I used the F4B kit and therefore it's definately not accurate I'd say however I personally can't tell so it's good enough to me. I wanted it on a stand as it appears now as I just think it looks better in flight. Anyway I hope ypu guys like it and all constructive criticism is welcome.
  8. Yeah definately. The F15 is another great looking bird.
  9. Best looking combat aircraft in my opinion. It's aggressive ans sleek. Nice photo. I know the F35 is the future at the moment, until Tempest I suppose but the Tornado just looks awesome. Always gonna be my favourite with the Phantom.
  10. No it's the Revell GR4 a really good kit. I like the contrast of modern and old well despite the Gr4 being retired aswell.
  11. I can't call it finished yet as it's not but I don't have the time at the moment to continue so for now it's looking good enough in my mind as it's about 95% finished.
  12. If this is your first model, or not you've clearly got a talent for it. Really nice work.
  13. So many stencils on this thing! I've got the top and sides finished and it's just the bottom to go now.
  14. Awesome, I tell you what though, I don't envy masking those windows, I spent enough time with 48th scale Phantom windows.
  15. Really nice man, I've an F111 myself but it is Hobbyboss in the stash, it's an RAAF version I hope it turns out nearly as well as this!
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