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  1. It'll be ok for my shelf I've an F4J with RAF markings. It'll not be accurate but I think sitting neutral it'll not be so obvious.
  2. Nice one thanks. I just might be making another Phantom then hahaha.
  3. I'm not into WW2 aircraft but this looks amazing and that's the best box art I have seen in a very long time. I'll be watching this. I'm assuming the fit is good as it's HobbyBoss?
  4. Nice Phantom. I have to ask I have this kit in the stash and want to know how does it go together? I have Royal Navy decals for mine and I'm deciding what to make next.
  5. Cheers @swralph I'll be doing the final bits and pieces today. The weapons and giving it a final once over to check if I've missed any parts which I almost certainly have somewhere lol.
  6. Yeah I liked the SU-27 markings as they look better and also I couldn't get any SU-35 decals so I went with the 27 the, planes look very similar so I knew the dimensions would pretty close. The blue is way too bright but I figured as the decals made the plane fictional I might as well leave the blue as is. It's different but I like it.
  7. Awesome looking model. Issues aside that's brilliant, you'd never know there were any fit issues.
  8. Thank you very much the metal was what concerned me the most with this as I studied photos and then thought how the will I replicate this? So for the tail-waings I thought the panels looked like the effect you get when oil is on water the random rainbow effect in some light and in others it looks black and the engines I took a similar approach I'm really glad that it's well received as I thought this was going to be the downfall of the model.
  9. Outstanding finish makes mine look like garbage lol. My favourite aircraft and you've done a fantastic job!
  10. It is lol it's probably the same length or close to a 1/32 F-16.
  11. I'm.in awe I struggle to keep focus with 1/48 jets which are pretty big models. I don't know how you do it. Spectacular detail!
  12. That's a really nice model. I remember wrap around camo Jaguars and Tornadoes as a kid. I lived in Germany in the 1980s as my dad was Army Royal Engineers and worked with the RAF, I saw a lot of Harrier GR3s and Jaguars and F3 Tornados and Phantoms. I should get into building this era of models the RAF looked it's best with these schemes in my opinion.
  13. Thanks I had to play it by ear I looked at photos I missed lots of detail on the engines but I'm.happy with them.
  14. Hi giys i posted this late in the build wirh WIP but i have pretty much only the weapoms left to make so the Flanker itself is finished. It's been tedious but definitely worth it. I just didn't enjoy the build much but that's irrelevant so here it is. I used Begemot 1/48 SU-27 decals and this is markings for either a Soviet era Flanker or a Flanker from the 1990s I forgot which. The infared sensor which is moved to the side on the SU-35 was a hollow piece of clear plastic and in photos you can see the sensor inside so I used white plastic card and super glued tinfoil to it and painted clear gr
  15. So far so good the almost entire plane is finished all that's left now is the weapons which are still on the Sprue. I happy with the result of this and I think it's a great looking plane it's turned out as well as I'd hoped so I'm very happy. I still have a few decals to apply but otherwise the weapons are all that remains. Ill post it with weapons on thr completed builds oncr tgeure done. If you're wondering why I've repeated the photos it's because under the brighter light the plane looks cleaner than when it's under a darker light
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