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  1. Hahaha I realised after lol I'll save it and maybe get some aftermarket for it I sure there's loads.
  2. Just a quick question I have the 1/32 Revell F-18E you still.got space for more to join in?
  3. So finally I have some updates that are a bit better and few things to point out for anyone who wants to build this. So I now have the fuselage halves fitted together which go together no problem. With this the cannons up front have to be installed the four ones in the nose. Apologies for the sideways photo there but as you can see all the parts and detail that goes into the nose section which once done will look like this. So I have left off all of the internal detail and only fitted the two protruding barrels. However this would be good detail if you wanted to open up the nose and show it off but personally I like a sleek looking aircraft I almost never have open nose sections etc so for me I could skip a lot here. So I painted the inside of the nose as I don't want grey plastic visible from the cockpit which it will be if you don't I test fitted the nose and spotted this so that's something to look out for. So the model is coming along nicely now I want to point out something here when the cockpit is being sandwiched between the fuselage halves there's a step close to the front of each half which is for the cockpit floor to attach to. It's the slightly downwards angled part at the bottom of each side. If you glue the cockpit floor to either side of the fuselage on this step the fuselage will be too narrow and you'll have a big step to sand away on the outside of the fuselage so only attach it to one side and the nose will fit properly I test fitted the nose and noticed the big step and the cause behind it before the glue dried so I was lucky so just be aware of this, it's the Dragon kit so whether you have the £110 boxing or Revells £50 boxing it's probably going to be the same unless I have some shrinkage from the mould on my kit and it's a one off either way that's a tip for anyone making this. Anyway guys this is where I'm at so I'm happy with the progress so far. I may have an update later on today but if not.probably tomorrow I have to clean up the seams etc and ensure a good shape before moving on so enjoy and any questions ask away if I spot any more issues later in the build I'll be sure to.let you know what they might be. The issue so far wasn't exactly a fit issue but it could have been. Yeah this is the first time I have used it so I'll be using it from now on for sure.it looks the part.
  4. Just on the other side of the fence there was a backfire bomber as well looked like it was on the airport concrete it was quite something to see in person man I hope it all doesnt go to scrap that would be a shame.
  5. Wow that's a shame I was there about 8 years ago or so and there was such a big collection hadn't seen a Mig 21 I person before and there was about 6 or 7 and a Mig 25 and a ton more too many to remember. Lucky I saw it when I did I guess.
  6. So not much of an update basically waiting on drying time. So I have put a wash and weathering coat on and have applied the few final decals two to be precise one on the side of the fwd fuselage and one on the rear. Once these are dried I'll be able to close up the cockpit and fuselage and get some real updates as I'm aware these aren't much to look at. Anyway tomorrow I should have better progress to show. If you're wondering why there's about 2 litres of decal soft on the decal it's because it's Revells decals and it's like applying wallpaper, however their own brand decal softner works pretty well.
  7. One that's not mentioned I would recommend as you say you need a challenge it's Revells 1/144 Space Shuttle with Boosters. If ever there was a kit that did not want to go together it's that lol. I made it and pretty sure about 60% of the weight is filler but it's totally worth the effort it's a really good looking model once finished I used Warbird decals for the tiles on mine I'd recommend those for the kit of you're inclined to do a shuttle. The kitchen roll gives you an idea of the size.
  8. I've managed to get a bit more done on this not moving as a fast as I hoped nothing to do with the kit just available time for it. So I've painted the other bulkhead of the fuselage which will complete the interior of the aircflraft I have some decals to apply and a wash and some weathering. I've the basic moulded on detail painted now and a coat of Klear drying and once done I'll decal and post again. So far this is where I'm at.
  9. Brilliant advice thanks as I've just about run out of Flory wash.
  10. Great job on the intakes curved intakes are always tricky. What do you think about the kit overall fit? Looks pretty good to me from what I've seen I hope to get one at some point in the future.
  11. 4X4 ft wow still though better to ask forgiveness than permission
  12. Very impressive model probably one of the largest I've seen! That would look great in a base with resin water in my opinion.
  13. Looking good so far and that's a good tip about water colours I've never thought about using them before.
  14. My vote is the 72nd scale Concorde it will be a challenge if you're looking one from a fit point of view and it'll be an Impressive model if you put time into it, I say as I've seen a few made up and often they look like toys but some look the part you could probably go to town with detail as if my memory serves me right I think there's an interior. I tried and failed with it and mine ended up in the bin!
  15. Ah I made this kit about 10 or more years ago the engine nacelle's aren't a good fit I had the exact same problem and used fiiller myself bit else where was just fine I saw a review as well around the time I made it stating the same exact thing. You got them to look just fine though nice model.
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