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  1. Really nice model. I'm making Kitty Hawks 1/48 scale SU-35 and it's an odd kit, the complex parts fit well and at the basic shapes need filling and sanding. I hear the GWH Flanker is superior so I was wondering if you had any fit issues as I want another SU-35 but I'd be hesitant to get another Kitty Hawk kit.
  2. To be fair a model like this would usually take a few months for me I just ended up with an unexpected deadline and being his 40th I had to get it done, surprising what you can do under pressure lol also the Tamiya kit is pretty old with raised lines if I'm not mistaken? Uphill battle from the start that one lol this kit was about as good as fit as you'd want there was no real issue with construction.
  3. Haha yes he said that they were common sight and basically said they're a beast which is a pretty good description I'd say.
  4. I made this exact kit and scheme IIAF as well. Mine is wheels up. You did a very nice job, and for the price you can't beat it considering it's recessed lines and can turn out nicely like this one. Great job!
  5. Ok man cool that was helpful. Not too different but as mentioned above has to be on a white background.
  6. Hahaha nice one guys thanks for that. Well luckily for me the whole fuselage is white.
  7. Well the kit and decals have arrived so it'll be good to get this made and posted. I'll probably not do a wip but I'll definitely post the finished model on the aircraft forum for sure. It comes with a poster of the box art as well which I did not expect from Revell and a stand is included with the kit, which saves me making one! The decals look incredibly thin I've not seen any like it before they're laser printed I was told? No idea how to use these I'm assuming they're applied like any other waterside decal? If I'm wrong about this please let me know as I dont want to
  8. Looks great, I've made two of these in the past and have their Bronze Tiger Luftwaffe one in the stash. I think it's a pretty good kit with the exception of the intake engineering.
  9. Ok well you've got a sale then lol. I'll check it out next week and place an order.
  10. Thanks for the link, I could probably do it myself by tracing and making a mask, decals would make life easier just lol. I was inspired to make it after watching Invictus which then brought back a memory of the news reporting the incident when it happened.
  11. You're doing the specific aircraft that flew over Ellis Park on the finals with good luck Bokke underneath? If so do you have a website where I can buy them?
  12. Flip me that was fast haha yes those are the right decals @Pin I'm gonna have to mask and spray Good Luck Bokke on the bottom I think but good to know the 747 100 will do @Turbofan thanks!
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