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  1. Well cheers guys that's more info than I knew also you're not teaching me to suck eggs I genuinely don't know
  2. Thanks, I didn't know where to look for the information online as there's so many sources and you can't really take what's online at face value. So with what you've said there this image below is what I'll stick under the wings. I'm posting this to double check that this is not somehow mislabeled. I don't know where I came up with those bombs from as they're not even in the instructions to build, I think I just built them without thinking so my fault entirely.
  3. Fixed the tape, I noticed it wasn't quite long enough, the paint doesn't look great bit I am going to paint the black anti slip on there as well.I notice more errors on these photos than in real life as they're much larger than the parts, the lighting is better by my books at the moment so I must get back to that but I wanted to get an update as I haven't done many lately. I'm gonna finish this one day I swear lol.
  4. I think you're right, screwed up on the armament again, Wikipedia just mentioned the hard points in the armament section. I will have to check this out, the GBU 28 is listen as US, Israel and somewhere else I forget but not Australia. Will have to go back to the drawing board, I'll use these on any 48th scale F15E I happen to get such as the Revell one if it gets re released. I have however gotten the landing gear door painted correctly now and the hydraulic arm was coated with this Christmas tape it's meant for making wrapping paper look better or to make it look like you made a bow something like That, either way it's perfect for chrome parts.
  5. The inside should be red then? Yeah been taking a while haha the homework after work is never ending lol but yeah I need to add chrome as well around the speed break which I assumed was the landing gear door, or does it have 2 uses?
  6. Lol that's part of why I don't get much time at the bench lol had books all over the place hahahaha
  7. Hey guys sorry for the absence I was away for a bit. I saw the Apollo 10 re-entry capsule it was pretty cool and a Soyuz capsule too. Anyway I haven't had much time at the bench with other things in the way. I have started to paint the smaller.details and I have assembled the bombs, and painted them. So not long until decalling. I assumed the build would be finished by now but it's almost there.
  8. Wow this looks incredible, I will be buying one, one question what did you use for the screens in the cockpit? Are those kit supplied decals or did you paint it and if so what paint did you use?
  9. I have to say you guys have been great help with facts I did not know and pointing me in the right direction with the build. I have not really posted many builds before only two I think. But I will be posting more builds definitely as this has been a wealth of knowledge as you guys know the real deal so can't get better reference than that. So guys here's one for you before I get to decalling it's not finished yet but neither is the week but I'm making these instead!
  10. I did read about the low vislights actually but I am beginning to think with this kit with what's been pointed out that they made the kit for the US version and threw in extras for the C variant and changed the box picture. If not for everyone on here I'd be none the wiser lol. I won't remove the strip lights at this stage, had I have realised earlier I would have definitely but I'm gonna have to settle for an inaccurate but hopefully nice looking F111 C ish hahaha.
  11. I must point out the subtle variations in colour on the engines are not really visible in this image but it's there, if we ever get sun in Ireland I'll get a better photo.
  12. Got the engines painted as close as I could, I used alclad2 steel, exhaust pale and burnt iron all layered to give as good a heated metal effect as I could. I have also lightly listed flat black to remove any sheen from the area. I have also got the Pavetack pod painted, pretty sure I have seen these in grey however correct me if I'm mistaken. Finally I have the Revell GR4 I made a year or two ago next to it to show the size as it's really quite impressive. I have the AMK Mig 31 to build and that's huge, but I'm gonna do a diorama with two Migs and ground crew etc where I'll put that God knows hahahaha but space is a secondary thought.
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