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  1. Hi guys I don't know if this is the place to ask about this, but I was wondering if anyone would know where I might get a replacement sprue for the above mentioned model? It was bought off Amazon and sent from Hong Kong and when it arrived the box was crushed with parts off the parts tree and the windscreen broken in two places. The cost to return to sender is as much as the cost of the kit and as angry as I am with the state of it upon arrival it can still be built if I can get the parts replaced. There's no way the crooks who sold it on Amazon are going to replace the sprue so does anyone know where I would be able to get the spares? There is a form on the instructions however I was looking for somewhere online where I could contact and do it that way. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks very much man the canopy has been glued on and it's not 100% tight so I'm doing a bit if sanding and possibly filling but the gap to be filled is minimal. The windshield is a good fit.
  3. Well for my next update here I've the canopy done I'd love to work quicker but it's been on the shelf most of my days off any way so here it is so far. Now I put the decals on the canopy which were good but far too neat for my liking as in most photos I've seen of Migs and actual close up experience in Eastern Europe the pink sealant is slapped on by tge looks of it it's not even close to being as neat as the decals, so I have used Tamiya x-17 pink to add thickness to the sealant especially around the edges of the frames. It's not an exact match in the colour but it's close enough for me. Also I have gotten a wrapper from a roses sweet and I'm painting the foil so I can make the shroud that you sometimes see in the rear seat on the Mig 31 I'm not sure of it's for helping the back seater read the instruments easier from the glare although I think that's what it's for unless someone can shed light on that. Anyway here's where I am so far! And one other thing I forgot to mention here is the front part of the windshield appears to my eye to be slightly tinted blue even on the tinted glass with the brown tint, initially I realised on the box photograph but I looked online and it looks as though not just the clear canopy has the bluish tint but the Brown tint does as well so as I had no clear blue I took standard blue acrylic and put a drop inside a paint tin lid and few drops of thinner to make a clear blue and I'm happy with the result I painted it on the inside of the part so the outer sheen wasn't lost. It's not obvious as the tint is slight but you notice it against the other canopy colour.
  4. It is yes it's the Aussie version of the F111 pretty big in 48th scale almost as big as the Mig 31. The car was a bit of fun I was thinking how ridiculous can I make the car lol. Hahahaha yes!
  5. This is the 1/24 Lamborghini Countach from Tamiya it's an old kit from the 80s I think and still fits well. The kit is more of a toy to be honest as the car is designed to be converted to radio control as well by the look of it. I painted this to look as o it there as I could think of as it's the most outrageous car from the 80s I'm aware of and I did the masks so it has logos from the game GTA Vice City some of you may know this game it's set in 1980s Miami. Anyway it's a bit of fun this one and I wanted it to be as colourful as possible. My girlfriend build it but I painted it, she made the masks by finding the vice city logos on Google and then putting wide masking tape on the screen and tracing the writing and then putting the tape onto white sheet and then cutting the mask out, there's no way of have the skill to cut around those without making a mess! Anyway it's a bit different and I hope you guys like it!
  6. Here is the engines attached I accidentally cut into the centre section between the exhausts and this looked like it could be problematic to fix as all of the surfaces back here are metal. The instructions tell you it should be the same colour as the body but in photos and a documentary I saw it appeared to be dark metal like steel so that's what I used so it's a lot less obvious but it's there. Anyway I'm pleased with the progress so far. The finish line is still away from.now but overall I'm happy, dewpite sticking the left and right engines in back to front.
  7. So the new landing gear arrived and in had to twist it back into the right shape but overall the parts are stronger than the kit supplied gear there was a lot of flexion onthe nose gear in plastic and I didn't trust it. I ordered resin pilots from Airesas well the detail on them isn't dead I haven't finished them yet but so far In have used a magnifying glass to pain them I'm new to painting figures so they're not great but I think they will add a nice touch of colour to the cockpit. I also ordered resin wheels from Eduard I don't usually buy aftermarket stuff so this is a first to be honest. I had to get mynfirstnrazor saw just to do the resin. But finally here it is with the intended layout of this Mig as I will do the canopy closed on this one. I'm happy that everything fits and I've got the initial paint job on the kit. I've had a week off work so I was able to get more work done on this. All.I can say is so far so good. It's been a fun build so far.
  8. Haha well I think I've identified a fix as I can I think.i would write the model off if I tried to break.it apart at this stage. So this is what the fit is like for the engine because of my mistake not the kit. So I have found if I were to place the exhaust in line with the body of the fuselage it doesn't look too far off I'm not sure if this photo shows it well. It's slightly off centre by a few millimetres but given how deep they are I hope this could help hide the mistake. As if I remove the inner part the outer sits perfectly. So I have to remove this part. If I cut this off which would normally position the part in place and remove location tabs from the body of the engine it should sit as though it's on correctly. I've the Hobbyboss Mig 31 to build in 48th scale as well so I'll see how that build goes but I'm thinking I'll get another AMK Mig as well as I want 3 in a diorama, no idea where I'll put that but that's tomorrow's problem. But I think this fix should work it's annoying but hey these things happen. It's also Friday so I'll have a beer while I start surgery haha!
  9. I have just tried to dry fit the engines and I have royally screwed up, I think I can fix it but I will have to cut about 8mm of plastic from the section of the engine which slots into the exhaust of the engine and they should sit fine, I have no idea how I missed that I will remember this for the next Mig-31 I make from AMK. I can't believe I did that as I was hoping for a trouble free build which is has been to date, lol thank you for pointing it out though before I got to painting it. I think it should hopefully not be too noticeable when it is done as you will have to stare down the exhaust in order to notice though, or at least that's what I am hoping.
  10. You're right I glued the engines in on the wrong side ffs! I can't do anything about it at the moment so I will have to cross that bridge when I come to it but I'm hoping if I just swap the sides it should be ok. Fingers crossed lol.
  11. So another update, very slow progress like I said as I'm surprised by the sheer size of the plane, the Harrier next to it is the same scale! I have removed the plastic nose strut and bought scale aircraft conversions landing gear along with Eduard resin wheels and some seated modern Russian pilots specifically for the kit, I want to do a diorama with it at some point so I wanted crew for this aircraft. I should hopefully make a bit more progress soon enough with a few more updates. This is the horizontal stabilizer of the Mig next to the main wing of the Harrier.
  12. I see well I have seen there's metal gear available for this kit and I'm thinking I might just buy it, I'll have to check Hannants out for it as the plastic on the nose gear is quite flexible so I'm worried it's not going to hold up but I'm also aware that as it's installed prior to being inserted into the fuselage it might be a bit of a pain to replace but probably better to replace it before it's finished I suppose.
  13. It's great, I'm curious I've heard the landing gear is weak, how is yours holding up? The nose strut does seem flimsy to be fair but I'm hoping the main gear legs will take the weight ok. There's no metal inserts on this one.
  14. Hey it's the B/BS as well the kit is awesome I've not had much time on the bench so progress is slow, which is why I rarely do in build posts. I'm seriously considering buying another as well. I have the Hobbyboss one in 48th scale as well but I'll see how it builds compares to this one. I think Hobbyboss has released the Mig 31 with the Kinzhal missile which would be pretty good. I've the cockpit mostly completed and so far so good the join between the forward fuselage and the rear is fiddly to connect but once fitted it goes on just fine.
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