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  1. I decided to re-spray around the windows as the grey was too light. Also around tge windows the filler was visible from the inside where it had come through which I thought was quite apparent. So I masked just slightly inside the lines of the windows but not too much and tried again and I believe it is significantly better. The back was touched up around the white stripe and I masked off the black aft of the engines. I have to be honest I am really liking this model now. It's been quite a lot of work with sanding especially around the windows but it's really looking the part. One thing I wasn't prepared for was the sheer amount of masking required with this model. Next up will be a clear coat over the model to really give a shine to the paint as these are really glossy in real life. I will be adding the landing gear before doing that so it's resting on its wheels instead of a sponge.
  2. That's an interesting subject. Cold war Soviet aircraft are my favourites as when I was a kid I always wondered what the russian planes looked like as it was always artists impressions or grainy black and white photos at least in my books. I must have a look at getting one of these as well as the bear! Also great build by the way forgot that first!
  3. Thank you! I'm happy with the outcome of the colour.
  4. The sun came out so I got a few more photos of it the paint really pops in the sunlight. The windows need cleaned and there's some over spray in the cabin etc but that can wait for another day as I'm off for a Guinness.
  5. Well I'm pleased with this so far. I have to touch up the paint here and there. The black around the exhaust needs to be painted and the white stripe across the bottom needs to be fixed I knew this while painting. I did have Vallejo Air orange which looked spot on but no amount of thinning stopped it from cloggingup my airbrush so I mixed Tamiya red and orange together instead as the Vallejo was absolutely horrible to spray I have had this same problem with that paint before I have no idea what the problem is but if anyone can offer advice I'm listening as I don't see anyone else complain about those paints so I assume it's my doing causing the problem. Anyway Here's the progress I am very happy mostly because the windows fit after all the filling and sanding as if this was going to go south it was going to be the windows that caused it. Enjoy the pics and let me know your thoughts. Especially on the paint topic. My girlfriend said my collection is too grey and needs a bit of colour. I think this will certainly brighten it up!
  6. Fantastic Phantom there nothing to say that has not already been said. Out of curiosity did you mix those colours or did you use paint straight from the jar?
  7. That's incredible. As a guy who builds aircraft mostly you ship modelers make some inspiring models. How much of this is paper? Also how strong is it? It looks absolutely solid.
  8. Outstanding. I really like the worn camouflage effect it's really good.
  9. That's awesome! I think you did a great job and I can't fault your efforts. I would say one thing though usually on the ground when stationary the tips of the laser guided bombs droop downwards some more obvious than others. I know a lot of weapons in kits are an after thought for a manufacturer so they may just stick on straight.
  10. Eduard 1/48 Mig 21 weekend editions. Superb fit and detail. I find if it's a Hobbyboss kit usually they go together without fuss. Revells 1/48th Rafale is a solid kit as well. Personally I find the best way is to check reviews on googleof potential kits to buy before getting them. If you like 1/48 Tomcats you also have Hobbyboss which I have myself as the reviews were great and AMK as well which get good reviews and Tamiya as mentioned above. If you want to keep it simple Italeri do a Tomcat with recessed lines at a cheaper price than most 72nd kits so it's perfect if you want to experiment with new techniques.
  11. Very good looking plane and model. Are the wings bigger on this version than the standard version? They look awfully big.
  12. That's just brilliant. I think that is probably the biggest scale model outside of RC planes I have seen.
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