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  1. No man it's stands but thanks for that I'll check that out more. I just assumed there might be a company out there that might make them and sell online.
  2. I could do that but I did see some online but cannot remember where and the stand was a star for the Aggressor Sqn out in the states and had insignia etc on it, at least I think it did, something I don't think I could make from scratch currently.
  3. A question for anyone out there who knows, where can I buy stands? I haven't seen much on Hannants or emodels besides the ICM box which has three for different scales. My preference is modern/cold war jets in 48th scale so if there's anywhere I can get these I'd love to know. Thanks in advance for any info!
  4. Thanks, yeah it needs a bit of colour Haha, I've the Kitty Hawk 1/48 SU-35 so I might build that next.
  5. Too late for this man it's already finished but next time I'll get it right.
  6. No question there it's awesome. The Sukhoi is from a photo if I recall correctly which is why I was wondering if other militaries used the scheme. That Phantom though looks Great, the scheme is brilliant, I might use it on a model myself.
  7. That's my fault I think, because I had to cut the plastic in order to have the wings swept, really don't know why it's not an option in the kit for something that's definitely not on the cheap end of the scale. If you see the wings on mine they actually droop lower than the horizontal stabilizers. I never realised this until I have secured the wings damn it.
  8. That looks Great, I have a question, the Ferris paint scheme, was it used for real? I've only seen it on USN aircraft models but nowhere else so thought I'd ask as I didn't see much on Google other than paintings and models.
  9. here's a photo from the build thread best one I have of the pilots. It really is, the F111 makes everything around it look very small indeed.
  10. Well its finished, it took two month's to build and paint. It was good fun to make as the fit was generally very good all round. The kit is inaccurate in the shape of the canopy and a few other parts which were pointed out to me. I would build another as it's a good kit to build but I would get corrections. There were no decals for the harpoon which was strange so I have attached them with no markings I'm personally happy with it, I think this is my best effort on a kit yet, I think I may have over done the panel lines but I like it. Anyway the base needs to be painted to look like an airfield but for now it will sit alongside my small but growing collection. Hope you guys enjoy the pics. The paints used were mr hobby and Tamiya, I mixed my own colours and used a mixture of Flory Models dark dirt wash and Vallejo pigments to highlight the detail. The pilots are PJ Productions 1/48th scale NATO pilots other then those the rest is OOB.
  11. Cheers for that I didn't know this. That'll be an easy enough fix.
  12. It actually is there, it's supplied as a clear part, should it be painted the same colour as the fuselage? I assumed it was a light.
  13. Well if you decide to do another count me in! I wouldn't mind doing a corrected one.
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