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  1. Bear Paw

    Another Wingnut Wings kit sold out

    The Roland was the last WNW I ordered and received last month coincidentally. A rare moment of synchronicity on my part there. I agree that I can’t see this aircraft being on the top of a to do list by any other manufacturer. I too wonder how many of these kits are produced in a production run? Then of those produced how many are actually built as opposed to stashed? We will never know.
  2. Bear Paw

    Get your Wingnuts Brisfits while you can!

    Yes Beardie tempted but I have just received the Roland D.VIb this very morning from BlackMike so I need to save again.
  3. Bear Paw

    Get your Wingnuts Brisfits while you can!

    Thanks Beardie and as tempting as that is I am not going for one. I am not the biggest fan of the aircraft but more importantly I am never inspired by the PC10 colour of British aircraft. I realise that sounds a bit arbitrary but coloured fuselage and two types of lozenges are hard to beat. I have the F1 Camel and the big old useless AMC DH9 the FE 2b and the lovely Pup, but when it comes to starting my next WNW kit it is always the flashy looking German types. We all have our preferences.
  4. Bear Paw

    Hitting the Wall.

    I don’t display any of my models they are all in plastic storage boxes. All kept beautifully but never seen. I have a 1/48 scale Tamiya tank destroyer on my desk at the moment. It is looking very er..... tank like, and I fancy making a model and then painting the whole thing. Very straight forward.
  5. Bear Paw

    Hitting the Wall.

    Marstons Pedigree is an excellent pint and one of my very favourites. I am not sure I could model on it though
  6. Bear Paw

    Hitting the Wall.

    Ok I am going into the stash for something unlikely!
  7. Bear Paw

    Hitting the Wall.

    Thanks for sharing it is some how reassuring to know it is not just me. The problem I am left with now is a complete loss of mojo? I have an Airfix HP 400 and Be2 backed up gathering dust and not touched for a couple of weeks. I will do what I normally do when hit with this - tidy and reorganise my work space replace and replenish tools paint etc. and make a model from the stash OOB quickly. How do people overcome the mojo thing?
  8. Bear Paw

    Hitting the Wall.

    Hello All, bit of a different post today. I have recently completed Revell’s 1/48 scale Fokker Dr1 and it has been a struggle. I used Aviatic brush decals which were fine, I then used Montex masks in stead of decals on top of the decals - tricky and had to use a lot of gloss sealant. Eventually all done and placed the model on a base on the book shelf. I adjusted its position knocked a row of books over and they smashed my model. All the Undercarriage struts were broken in half and the cross brace rigging snapped. I have carefully packed it away in a box on a top shelf until the urge to throw it out of the window has gone away. Has anyone else got to the last stage only to drop, melt or stand on their model? I nearly burst a blood vessel!
  9. Bear Paw

    My first biplane build help needed

    Hello Martin, you will get a lot of different pieces of advice for this. I don’t use a jig and do it differently for every model I do - not ideal and probably not that sensible. I do have a wooden laser cut stand but I don’t find that useful I always resort to paint pots blue tac and thin strips of foam board as supports on a wooden board. The wooden board is so you can hold it up to your eye to adjust it. The second important bit is to get the right glue, I prefer the slow setting glue to get it in position and then leave it for 12 hours.
  10. That is a beautiful model of a aircraft that is functional looking. ( I am trying to be kind to it).
  11. Bear Paw

    1/32 Wingnut wings Junkers DI

    That is an interesting colour when you are used to seeing it done in brown. It is very difficult if not impossible to discern what the colours of these aircraft where if there is no surviving examples. No colour photos and no one left alive and the written reports of crashed aircraft that were inspected where open to interpretation and subjectivity. Excellent looking build of a aircraft I like a lot. Well done Dave.
  12. Excellent model Phil, I can almost hear and smell it as it cools down.
  13. Bear Paw

    How many kits of one subject equals an obsession?

    This thread is scaring me to death! I have just had a long hard look at my stash and I am in the middle of a big clear out. So far I have sold 33 and I have 11 more to go. I have bought themes and good kits cheap where I could and so far excluding postage and selling charges I have made £443! I have lost money on some but some have sold for double what I bought them for. Guess what I have used the money for? Andrew.
  14. Bear Paw

    Rigging material

    I use the Uschi line for 1/72 scale aircraft rigging it is very thin, and I agree it is too fine for the rigging of 1/32 aircraft. The ezee line is controllable with regard to thickness through stretching although it can get a bit tense hoping the super glue holds.
  15. Bear Paw

    Oil paint for wood effect.

    Practice practice and practice is what I found was the key to this. I looked at as much as I could find on you tube and internet at large and tried it out on sheets of plastic card. Technique is very important and it is not so much the visibility of the grain but the effect of the direction of the brush strokes on the eye that gives the impression of wood.