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  1. Yes well said Duncan. Yes Simon this thread on this subject does illustrate well just why the Australian call us ‘ whinging poms’
  2. There are some colour schemes that have painted over the printed lozenge pattern.
  3. Thank you all for the feed back and I have learnt a lot from this kit - have a more modern Dragon kit of the same vehicle so I will have a go at this when I have completed my Tamiya sdkfz 223. I am not too happy with the spare wheel on this as it too large. The stores and sandbags look a bit large too, so I may have a go at making my own. The tracks on this old kit are awful but I didn’t want to splash out on the metal set. I have now glued the tracks down on to the top of the road wheels to try and represent the characteristic sag.
  4. Thank you John, it was a good opportunity to load up the vehicle with everything! Photos that I have seen show them with so much stuff on them. Here is a colour photo from the time with the crew giving their vehicle a posed wash down.
  5. Thank you Swralph and Pete, I will make sure to post the 223 on here when built. Tbh there are a lot of these old Tamiya kits to go at!
  6. Thank you Bush and Homer, I am new to building armoured vehicles but not modelling and so I have seen these kits around since I too was young. I bought this mail order for £20 including postage and so decided to have a go. It is a very simple kit and exactly what I was looking for to develop skills. It has been very enjoyable using all the weathering mate and techniques. I have enjoyed it so much I now have the Tamiya 1/35 Sdk.fz 223 armoured car to build.
  7. It was the Tamiya Hanomag Sdkfz 251/1 1/35 item 35020*2200.
  8. This is the third AFV model I have made. I have got to a sticky patch with the kit I am building at the moment and so have been distracted by this half track. As far as I can see this kit is a 45 year old kit and it is very simple. I have made it straight out of the box with stores. very enjoyable build
  9. I have found that micro set is good to use by adding it to the water for the decals. The lozenge decals only need to be immersed for a couple of minutes in this water. I then slide them off into the gloss painted wing with plenty of water on it. I have found that Micro sol does not help or work with the application of Wingnut decals. It reacts very quickly and makes the decals very soft straight away, this makes them impossible to position. When the lozenge decals are in place I then roll the water out of them with cotton wool buds. This gets rid of the air bubbles I then continue with this with a hairdryer. The heat helps stretch the decals in position. I have found if you don’t use the heat the decals do not bed into position and don’t stick.
  10. Have you started decaling the fuselage with the lozenge decals yet Sanfran?
  11. ok so lurching back onto the Airfix track....... I have been digging through the instructions that I have saved over the years of making kits. Unfortunately most of my very old ones got lost and thrown away but I do have a few of the Airfix bagged red stripe instructions left. I think I must have made most of this range from the late 60’s through to the mid 70’s. Below are some of the kits I made as a child using my 2s 6d pocket money.
  12. I agree and I need to try that too. I bought the Avitattic decals two years ago at Telford as I have always wanted to try them. I think in future I will use the pale blue as the base on which to put the streaking camouflage. The un doped linen is ok but I will try the alternative.
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