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  1. https://flic.kr/p/2hAR6ys checking if it still works the same way. No it doesn’t.
  2. I can not see any of the photographs - just grey flickering squares?
  3. Hello Marklo, and I would to give you my condolences for the loss of your old cat Pip. I have a middle aged cat called Pip and I would be very upset to loose him. I am glad to say he doesn’t destroy my models..
  4. There are a few more now with a variety of others types.
  5. Yes they hold up it is only when you pick them up and put the down again that is the worry. it is that slight wobble that gets me. Thank you, and yes I always go for the most colourful one if possible. Thank you. Thank you AD, I really enjoy making the engines, so much so that I bought separate ones if the Wingnut site. Thank you Phoenix, and yes I agree not the obvious Red Baron aircraft. Always good to not be too obvious.
  6. Here is the latest build and it was very enjoyable. The colours were very interesting as it was all conjecture from black and white photographs. The undercarriage on the Wingnut kits still continues to worry me as they are very fragile. Here is the colour scheme I chose with the alternate red rudder.
  7. Very good with an excellent finish. The Italeri kit does fit where it touches and you have wrestled it to a great looking model. I have just finished the Italeri A26 Counter Invader using slightly different Tamiya colours. I had to mask mine though
  8. That is a lovely build and a great finish. It looks brilliant. The weathering is best left at the level you have done yours. Andrew.
  9. Excellent build the colour scheme is an excellent choice.
  10. Thank you, RMCS Thank you Phoenix. Thanks, Rob. Thank you, Russ I am into the WNW Richthofen Albatros DV at the moment. Thanks Russ. I must say that it does take a bit of something to post models up for display on here but it is very rewarding and encouraging to get positive responses. thanks for taking the time to do just that. A.
  11. Thank you Smithy Thank you John, I work away with my head magnifier on faffing about painting little bits and bobs and it is good that you noticed. Andrew.
  12. A very enjoyable build only made tricky by me making a bit of a mistake under the front panels. This lead in turn to some difficulty in fitting them.
  13. Bear Paw

    WNW Albatros D.V

    32095 is the my favourite but the wooden wonders looks good too.
  14. Bear Paw

    Resin turnbuckles ?

    I have been tempted by these items but think it is difficult to make 1/32 turnbuckles that don’t look over scale? I personally never use them but add paint to the rigging thread at the end. Andrew
  15. Bear Paw

    WNW Albatros D.V

    I like the look of these, you get a free DVa kit with these expensive decal sets. There are two sets I like here.
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