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  1. ok so lurching back onto the Airfix track....... I have been digging through the instructions that I have saved over the years of making kits. Unfortunately most of my very old ones got lost and thrown away but I do have a few of the Airfix bagged red stripe instructions left. I think I must have made most of this range from the late 60’s through to the mid 70’s. Below are some of the kits I made as a child using my 2s 6d pocket money.
  2. I agree and I need to try that too. I bought the Avitattic decals two years ago at Telford as I have always wanted to try them. I think in future I will use the pale blue as the base on which to put the streaking camouflage. The un doped linen is ok but I will try the alternative.
  3. Hello Duncan, I have just completed the old Revell 1/48 scale Dr1 I used the Avitattic streaked camo decals for the Dr1 and they were excellent. I can wholeheartedly recommend them. Otto Esswein aircraft - May 1918.
  4. That is good to hear Duncan, get stuck in and see what happens, that is my approach to kits. I have mine to start and will use the decals provided for the aircraft that are included in the Richthofen Wingnut kit of the Albatros DVa. Andrew.
  5. I have heard there is an interesting red one that you may have seen?
  6. Two more points - the important point about the paint is that it must be gloss the colour doesn’t matter. I used white so I could see the gaps, which was a bit silly but for the best in the end. If you you look carefully at the decals Wingnuts have supplied you will see spare patches of he lozenge colours. I have used these to patch any small gaps that are left, using the idea that real aircraft would have had patches too You would have to look very carefully to spot the patches.
  7. Hello the white I have painted as a base is for the decals to adhere to as no setting solutions can be used. I painted the fuselage Tamiya white X-2 and applied the lozenge decals with water only. When in position then I used a hairdryer very carefully to fix the decals in place and it worked very well. The decals are completely opaque and so there is no problem with the white showing through. I started on the 3D jigsaw on the fuselage Here is the fuselage side with decals applied. You have to be careful with the hairdryer but it is the only way. Here you
  8. Bear Paw

    Bob's Buckles

    Bob’s eyelets are very good and a lot less faffing than try to make them believe me. I personally do not use turnbuckles as I think they are not realistic and not to scale. PVA glue or even thick paint on the correct end are better in my opinion. Andrew.
  9. Chauncey, I hope you have enough to last out that wait, as I think it will be a long time before those kits appear again. Andrew.
  10. Hello Duncan, and I can see what you mean about the packing. My kit from you was fine but a friend who got one direct from China had the broken cockpit coming. The seat sprue was packed directly under the wing sprue and so had pushed up and snapped if the centre wing section. It is a very easy fix but is interesting to see the difference of level of detail between the Meng and WNW production. Andrew.
  11. My Meng Dr.1 arrived yesterday from BlackMike models, thank you Duncan. It is a Wingnut kit with out the extras ie lovely instructions with research photos, and high quality decals. At least it has been produced! Andrew.
  12. Very late to this and for what it is worth agree with the majority here. I have tried Vallejo model air, Hakata, Revell acrylic, and Lifecolor acrylic paint and succeed to block my airbrush with all of them. On the other hand I have used Tamiya acrylics, Mr Hobby Color, and MRP paint and have had excellent results. My conclusion is I can not use acrylic paint.
  13. Hello Stuart, that is a really lovely model and the base is excellent. My only thought is about the addition of weathering? Personally I love to mess up my models but I know this is personal taste. Andrew.
  14. Ok so these are digital photos of prints so the quality is not too good I have never posted these before so if a moderator is around would it be a good idea to put them somewhere else on the forum? As I said before the photos are from 1990 and taken by me on a visit to RAF Bentwaters. I am sure someone can tell me what unit it is? Andrew
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