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  1. This is a lovely build and well done. I know what you mean about getting another one as soon as you have built this one. The first WNW kit I made the Pfalz D.XII # 32019. I made a bit of a mess of that one due all the reason you stated. Trying to put fully painted sub assemblies together did not work too well. It is good to know how much you can paint and glue as you go but you need to do it to know it. Catch 22 right there. It does get better as you carry knowledge on from one build to the next. Andrew.
  2. Bear Paw

    Colour of Rigging Wires

    I have a similar experience gardening Melvin.
  3. Ha! I glad to see that I am not the only one that keeps making this resolution.
  4. I have tried enamels and acrylics. Enamels of various kinds are good but smell and cleaning is messy with spirit. They take an age to dry. I have not been able to get on with vellejo acrylics as they dry at the tip of my air brush. I am not sure that Tamiya acrylics are real acrylics but I use nothing else as I can get excellent results every time. They dry well and produce an excellent finish. I thin with Mr Color levelling thinners, usually 50/50 with the paint and use the least number of layers I can get away with.
  5. I bought this from a stall holder at Telford for £75 in the last hour of the show on the Sunday. It came with a set of fabric style seat belts too.
  6. Yes Mike, I did look into the various corrections for this little one but decided to go for an OB build. I get bogged down with corrections and the result is the build grinds to a halt. The aircraft I am building from the Vietnam war are all oob builds in between more complicated longer build. Light relief as it were. Andrew.
  7. I have started making the less obvious aircraft that were used by the USAF in the Vietnam conflict. The Trojan is the third aircraft so far, the others art the T37 and the A26. I like doing the SEA camouflage and have used the original Tamiya paints or acrylics as they are called. It is an aircraft flown by a SOS over Laos and only carried tail markings
  8. Thanks Smithy, it is my fourth WNW kit and I really enjoy them. They take me a long time to complete and I never want them to end.
  9. This is the MRP Richthofen red. I painted it directly onto the pale grey plastic and put masking tape over it. Now I come to post these photos I realise they are not that good so please excuse. I took them whilst constructing and I think it is not natural light? The MRP paint is so thin that it can be modulated as you spray it on. I hope this helps? Andrew.
  10. I would second that, I have just used their Richthofen red to paint my WNW DVa. Lovely finish that is best used with a primer undercoat. It is like a coloured alclad and so shows every imperfection underneath it.
  11. I have a few on the list but dare not speak their name in case they dissolve into the fog of indecision..... I have a resolution for the year (same as last year) and that is to not add to the stash. My builds must be more than my purchases. I failed miserably last year.
  12. Bear Paw

    WNW Albatros D.V

    That would be ideal! You should use all your sway and influence with the WNW boys Duncan and suggest it.
  13. Bear Paw

    WNW Albatros D.V

    It is a never ending roller coaster of trying to catch your tail by trying to use all your decals.
  14. I am building the WNW Sopwith Snipe at the moment and above is a photo from the construction booklet that has been used to show the oil staining on an aircraft on active service. The bottom of the wings are CDL and so the castor oil made very dark and an interesting pattern as it bleeds through the fabric.
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