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  1. That is an impressive collection Tony. I admire your patience tenacity , and commitment. I often wonder how many kits I have made in my time? I have a very bad habit of throwing them away. I have tried to stop that now and box them up and put them away. Out of sight stops me destroying them up to now. I wonder what the term is for that?
  2. Crikey that will be small. I have got the Fokker DVII done and ready to decal only to be let down by the kit lozenge decals. 1/144 is too small for me. Good luck! Andrew.
  3. None of us have ever done that before Melvyn.
  4. Hello it looks good Melvyn, was this meant to be in completed work? Andrew.
  5. Hopefully you will get both.
  6. Bear Paw

    AEG G.IV. (Early)

    I will move it over to the work in progress when I get going.
  7. Bear Paw

    AEG G.IV. (Early)

    Next up For me is the AEG. I have taped it together to test fit and all is good except for the left fuselage side that has been damaged in the box. I bought it half price at Telford as Warehouse Damaged kit the first time Wingnuts appeared at Telford. 2018(?) not sure. This may take a while.
  8. I am not buying any original WNW kits after the closure of the company as they are too expensive. I have 42 unmade kit sets with some duplicates so I am fine. I have a pe-order in for the Meng Dr 1 and so it will interesting to see what that is like. Andrew.
  9. I have been looking at the sold prices for the kits I have and the price has doubled and in a few cases trebled. The prices are only going to go up I presume?
  10. That is disturbing but I suppose it is inevitable? I have the WNW HB W29 in my stash and the price tag on it says £119.99 and my local model shop gave me 10% off as a regular customer. It is going to be a dilemma that everyone with these kits is now going to face. As soon as you start a kit it is only natural that you think about the money side of things. I bought my collection with the idea of providing me with plenty to do in my up and coming retirement. I now find my self sitting on some kind of investment stock! Not what I wanted at all. I will make mine but I must be honest and say the money is a bit distracting. ls anyone else in this situation and if so how many WNW kits do do you have in your stash and are you tempted by the filthy lucre? Andrew.
  11. It must be expensive to buy any Wingnut kits now from anywhere I presume?
  12. Yes the Junkers J1 is not a small plane in 1/32 50cm x 21cm but the D1 is 28cm x 21cm.
  13. The WINGNUT WINGS 1/32 Sopwith Pup RNAS (32016) is not very big? 25cm x 18cm.
  14. Kurshan_Farsight I like the fact that there has not been any ‘cross communication’ and the man that started this has done exactly what he wanted however meandering and eccentric the choices of subject choice has been. I have greatly enjoyed building these kits. Andrew.
  15. Bear Paw

    WW1 paints

    Thank you for the information Bob. I have looked this range of paints before but resisted. Mainly because I don’t know what type they are? Buying more specific thinners and cleaners brings on a feeling of CBA and the old adage of it is not broken don’t fix it. What type of paint is it btw? Andrew. ps just looked and it is a lacquer type acrylic with a fine pigment and a translucent.
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