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  1. Have you got the Neil McCart book on the Fearless and Intrepid? Picked up a copy from EBay. I'd recommend it, it has a good tour by tour bio. Looking forward to this build.
  2. Chinook HC1.....

    Yep I agree, but it's only worth how much someone is prepared to pay..
  3. Hi all. Please find my 1/35 Dragon MD500 from the Italian Forestale Corpo, this Government organisation has now been incorporated into the Police and so it seemed fitting for me to model a group of aircraft I used to see on a daily basis when I was working in Italy. The kits is fairly straight forward but I did get the Eduard set for the OH-6 just to jolly it up a little. The decals are from a great guy in Germany, Heli Scale Quality's Bernd is a guy who produces markings for flying models, just so happens his stuff is in 1/35 and even if you can't see what you want, he'll try to help. Bernd's high skids are a real treat as well. Anyway, hope you like my latest model of the Forestale. Hope you like? The Woo.
  4. Chinook HC1.....

    You could try to get hold of a copy of the Chinook book by WWP, failing that as it is a tad rare to find, have a look at the Haynes Manual for the Chinook. Both of these had good points whilst I built my two Chinooks. Just looked on eBay and found this, https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F302612696487 Seems well over priced to me. Good luck.
  5. 1/48 MH-47 - options?

    They do pop up now and again on eBay. I contacted Floyd direct via his website for Werner Wings, after a few months or more he located one for me. Not cheap and I struggled with the cockpit glazing but I love the end result. See last years builds The Trumpy 1/35 D model is a hell'er of a build, no one I've seen on the internet has had a good fitting kit. The lower halfs are a pig.
  6. 1/48 MH-47 - options?

    Hi Dave, Italeri are due to release the D model, however no one to my knowledge does the MH- 47's, great shame. This is partly why I ended up modelling the Werner Wings conversion for the MH-47G in 1/35. Maybe with the D model coming out, a aftermarket company might do the sponsons, nose etc to convert to a F model or a MH? However no one seems that bothered about producing the sand filters again so let's not hold our breath. Good luck though.
  7. Sorry Anthony, I didn't do a build thread, couple of reason. Firstly Istarted this project not really knowing if I'd get it finished as a 412. Truth be told it's been in my shed on the shelf of doom for a while, sitting next to a Bell 206 I'm also working on. Secondly, I tend to like building and not writing/typing about it. Thanks, the Woo.
  8. First of all, thank to all that have commented and liked my AB412. Anthony, most of the guys offering 3d stuff via Shapeways can tweek to the scale you need/want. Two things to consider though. 1. Always check the measurements you require before getting them to commit the design to Shapeways. My experience has shown that what they think is the correct scale you need isn’t always the case. Measure against your model to ensure they and you are in the same place. 2. The devil is in the detail. My experience has taught me that fine detail isn’t alway the best against strength. Cine Scale do a perfect Main Rotor Head, however when it’s in 1/35 Scale the weight of the rotorblades can’t be held by the rotorhead. I also ordered a few sets of 1/35 scale David Clarke headsets, these arrived to me smashed into very small parts. I possibly wouldn’t order these again. As I said in my text for the build, before ordering the 412 conversion, check he has made the alterations to the upper cowling, swashplate and rotorhead. Thanks again, the Woo.
  9. Thanks AD. The Forestale are a government department that, as the name relates to, are responsible for all Italys beautiful countryside, they mainly fight forest fires in the summer months though, and in style I might add. They currently operate MD500's, AW109's, AB412 and CH-64 Skycranes with water tanks. PLEASE CAN WE HAVE A AW109E/S IN 1/48 ITALERI ????? As I said in my text with the photos, I love the Italian helicopters schemes, there are so many civil government departments operating helicopters with Italy, Police, Fire, Forestry, EMS and even the taxman has his own helicopters, you've got to hand it to the Italians, they do it in style.
  10. AgustaBell 412EP, Italian Forestale Corpo. Dragon UH-1N, 1/35, gets an update to its big brother. For a while now I’ve wanted to build a AB412, after working on the RAF Griffon’s at RAF Shawbury then meeting up with various AB412’s whilst working in Italy, I’ve held a soft spot for this old timer that’s shown how to adapt without losing its basic appeal. We all know the Dragon UH-1N, don’t we?? Well for those that don’t it’s a heavy weight in rivets and panel lines, mind you so is the real thing. After digging out my notes I set about looking at what was needed to make the leap from Bell 212 to Bell 412. I did make my first school boy error here. I used the Italeri 412 as my base and went from there, mistake. After the first knock back I moved on and decided that 3D printing would help me, and so it did. So here is my 412 after the basic 412 conversion and a few extras via different Shapeways vendors, one for the conversion https://www.shapeways.com/product/YRXEFGG24/bell-412-conversion-kit-1-35?optionId=59328741 one for the upturned exhausts https://www.shapeways.com/product/K899H3669/bell-212-412-1-35-bended-exhausts?optionId=64464624&li=marketplace The decals and High skids came from Heli-scale and without these the whole Forestale project wouldn’t have got off the ground, so many thanks to Bernd for those. One more aircraft of the Forestale is on the workbench, the MD500. Anyway, here are my usual poor photographs Thanks for looking.
  11. A2 size plasticard?

    Hi all, Can anyone point me in the right direction to buy A2 size plasticard? Only seem to be able to buy A4 or similar. Cheers the Woo.
  12. Hi all, Continuing my Italian Forestale theme (I'm stalled on my AB 412 due to postage issues, grrrr), here is my first fully completed bird. I used the Italeri OH6 kit with a kind donation of the clear parts for the doors. The kit build was basic but with the Eduard OH6 parts that I thought applicable. The Decals are from a really helpful gentleman in Germany, Heli Scale provide a neat service for the RC guys but you can also get 3d printed parts in 1/35 and the decals for a whole host of special schemes, check him out. I've enjoyed the simplistic approach to this build but I've really enjoyed it being a great helicopter that looks good out of the restraints of military colours. Sorry about the poor picture quality.
  13. Thanks for the kind words and the heads up re my Landing craft, just stopped off at Smiths on the way home from work but couldn't find a copy. I take it its this months copy?


    Cheers Ian.

    1. Whofan




      Yes it is. It's the one with a picture of a built Tamiyas 1/48 Me 109 on the cover, if that's any help.


      I could scan the page for you, or if you want, I can pick up a copy from our local Smith's - there are two here, and I can easily get one (if in stock of course!)

    2. Wafu


      Hi, managed to get a copy in Smiths but thanks for the kind offer.


      Cheers Ian.

    3. Whofan


      Glad to hear you got a copy!





  14. R.N. Wessex interior colours?

    Hi Dermot, My advice is pop on to Hendie's build and you'll find some great photos of Wessex 2's and 5's, especially around page 6. The main differance for a Mk5 is the Portside fwd three seats are in fact an Avionics cover, know as the coffin to the maintainers.
  15. DHFS EC135

    Just thought you may wish to know that this guy is producing DHFS decals for the new Airbus contract helicopters at RAF Shawbury in 1/32. DF-Helostuff.de, go to decals on the left of his home page, in decals select International, then scroll down. Happy Weekend😀 The Woo.