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  1. That's a really nice Tiffy.
  2. Chinook rotor dimensions

    I don't know the definitive answer but if the rotor blades did become longer with the newer blades, wouldn't the airframe have to have a plug put in it to seperate the rotor masts? I would agree with Scimitar and Dave, the blade cord increased with alterations at the root of the blade. Probably no help at all, sorry.
  3. Just pop this here....😬 https://aviation-safety.net/wikibase/wiki.php?id=201671
  4. Yes shipmate you're spot on, the only differance is the Sea King has it upside down, GRENADE💣 Of course Hendie was going to do that, weren't you Hendie😉.???
  5. Wow, it's really coming on now. I love the amount of scratch built kit. Amazing, Shark.
  6. Lost contact

    Hi, sent you a PM re a bespoke set of 1/48 decals, nothing heard back though. Regards Ian.
  7. Aft Quadrant, Tension Regulator but I know what you mean. You're spot on, as a young, thin plane captain I used to be involved in the tail rotor tension adjustment, the pointer was visible through the square hole in the tail boom, just above the step. The bellcrank below the step is the fold mechanism. the fork end painted yellow depicts a disconnect when the Pylon is removed from the airframe, nothing more embarrassing than popping the pylon bolts only to find something still attached. On the picture above of the Mk2, XR525, the 'TAIL FOLD' flag is down due to the ratchet pins being in the spread configuration (fully extended) Again Pete your spot on, the Main Gearbox and a load of other components are painted in interior green, RAF light grey or RAF Sea Blue, depends on the paint post overhaul.
  8. Hendie and Perdu, when I get home from work I’ll send you the drawings from the AP.
  9. Thanks for the reply Keith. I think you'll agree that we'll agree to disagree? You and I don't want to detract from Hendie's great build so this will be the last from me on this subject. Regards the Woo.
  10. Hendie, I hope you don't mind if I reply to Keith via your build thread, apologies if you do. Keith, I was merely pointing out, to Hendie, that a competing entry in the International Scale Modelling UK show had such glaring mistakes, the fact that the builder of this helicopter negated to realise the mistakes or fail to read the instructions of the aftermarket parts he/she is using was a let down. The owner of the model need only pop onto the Internet and type in Wessex 5, the kit he's building, and go to images, a plethora of images is set before him, both models and the real thing. If he is a member of this web forum he could have seen the excellent builds that have gone before, with handy comments to avoid the kit manufactures gottcha's. I'm not saying the kit wasn't finished on a par with its fellow competition entries, although I did feel it lacked a suitable panel shading etc akin to the real Wessex in either service or as a museum exhibit, so I guess I am. With regards to the judging, the model you judged and awarded, was in my mind ahead of the Wessex V I'm talking about, the blade fold saddles were in the correct place, unlike the Wessex V, the overall build and finish was in my opinion on par if not slightly ahead of the Wessex V, it also demonstrated a further skill in weathering to depict a scene. As I understand it you were part of the judging team on the day? If so I can't get my head around your statement saying "My fellow judge & I are certainly in no way helicopter, and definitely not Wessex 'experts" if this is true then why are you judging this class? I was fortunate to have won a gold medal at this years comp, I'd like to think the person/s who judged the class I entered had a modelling knowledge of the subject I and my fellow entries submitted our work to? I'd also like to hope that the IPMS annual comp was not only drawing all walks of modellers to its tables but that the judges were selected by their knowledge of the subject, even if it was just one judge in the panel of judges who could be confired with, obviously not by your text. On a subject that is 'non fiction' real life with a well documented library of referance, I'm astounded that this model can be seen by the judges to be correct, it's just my opinion though, or is it? Putting my money where my mouth is:- I will approach Tony Horton and volenteer myself to be a judge of the helicopter classes next year, if as you say there are no helicopter enthusiasts on the judging panel then maybe Tony would consider adding one? I'm no expert, I loath the word and its meaning, I am though an enthusiastic lover of helicopters with 37 years of working on and around a good many military and civil helicopters and a weakness for modelling helicopters that I have a deep knowledge of and modelling ones I have a passing interest in. Thank you Hendie for allowing me to reply to Keith via your build thread. Regards the Woo.
  11. For you guys to ponder.... http://imodeler.com/2017/11/another-imodeler-mamber-smw-gold/
  12. Nice addition to the build thread, I feel your pain with the tail pylon brake, with my build I just modelled it spread so happy days, but you were never going to do that😂😂😂 Don't fear the grille, I found just the right size mesh at scale model world this month, I'll email you a pic. Just for giggles, did you see the gold medal winner in the helicopter class 1/48 and above this year? Not sure I'd agree with the judge/s on that one, if you find a picture you'll see what I mean, supprisingly from a top class modeller who I hold in regard, just goes to show we all make referance mistakes. Back in the room now. Looking good though, keep going. The Woo.
  13. CH-46 / KV-107 STGB

    Add me please, I have a Academy 1/48th US Navy one in the stash. Cheers
  14. Boeing Vertol CH-46 / KV-107 family

    One in the stash so would be rude not to, I'm in.