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  1. Thanks for the kind words and likes over the past few day regarding this kit. Glad you approve. Cheers and gone, the Woo.
  2. Here's my Phantom build via the Carrier Group Build,
  3. MOD's can you move to the Gallery? Hi, This is me done with this kit. I managed to get a spare decal or two and so after a few tense hours have this to show for it. Thanks for looking. FLY NAVY..FEAR the BONES.
  4. VF-84, F-4J

    Hey Dennis, I had a tip-off that the Tamiya decals for this kit were trouble, a thread on ARC had said that 'the decals splinter' when put into warm water to move them from the carrier paper. Sure enough from the off my set of decals splintered on decals from both sheets in the kit. I suppose they could have been stored incorrectly, I do remove my decals and instruction sheets from all my kits, to store them in plastic sleeves in my house. I don't normally have a problem with decals, years of making models has brought me to a process of different materials. After the demise of Johnsons Klear, I've gone through a lot of base and top coats of finishing products, the cheaper ones and the expensive. I think I'm happy with the products I use, indeed the Prowler has been done using exactly the same process and products. I can only concur with the modeller on ARC, but I'm always open to thoughts and views.
  5. Hi all, To far gone for the Carrier Group build but not to be given up on, here at last is my Kinetic EA-6B Prowler with Avionix Cockpit and TwoBobs Decals. This kit gets a hard time from the internet reviewers, don't know why because I had no dramas from it apart from looking at how to tint the canopies a slight yellow colour. In the end I stood back from this idea as I found reference pictures of these aircraft with standard clear screens, happy days. I've not gone to town with weathering as its a CAG aircraft displaying all thats good about the squadron, even the Plane Captain gets a sizeable tag on a visible side of the airframe. Anyway, its yours to view.. FLY NAVY.
  6. VF-84, F-4J

    Hi all, After nearly a full week has gone by and I'm still fighting this build or I should say its fighting me. In a nutshell its the decals, Tamiya has a stunning kit that I'm really looking forward to duplicating in my build list, HOWEVER, I will throw the decals in the bin. Yes Tamiya decals that just splintered and cracked when I tried to apply them, now the ones that went down with Micro sol and set have decided, after two coats of Alclad Aqua Gloss and a light weathering with Humbrol Dark grey wash, have started to crack, not all of them but four of the main title decals. I have the Tamiya Tomcat in 1/32 to build, hopefully sooner than later, I'm now concerned that the same will happen with those decal. Has anyone out there had this happen to their Tomcat? Anyway, tomorrow is D-Day, I have a few replacement decals and so after cutting back the old, I've sealed the area's required ready for the new tomorrow morning. This could be make or break for this kit, its either on the shelf with my ever growing collection OR it flies out of the shed as an expensive lawn dart. Here's my other diversion, I've had this Kinetic Prowler on the simmer for about a year now, to far gone to claim a place in the Group build I'm afraid but a sneaky peak of how my Prowler has evolved.. I'l pop a few in the Aircraft Ready for Inspection section. Here is my Phantom so far.. Decal hell.
  7. I think you've nailed the frontline look, both Mk8's look really good, well done. The Woo.
  8. 1/48 C-2A Greyhound

    I was on the Lusty when Yen's Anderson jumped over the side, mid Atlantic' for the black maskers puck. On Commanders table, he said the PTI ordered him to 'not stand there, go and get it'. On a serious side, the two carriers must be a good thing for the RN. Enjoying your build, I have a soft spot for the less glam carrier birds, must be cos I'm an ex Pinger eng?
  9. 1/48 C-2A Greyhound

    What size Screwtops decal do you need? The Bingo decals has a few smaller ones on it. The COD is coming on now, looks stunning in the high viz markings. Liking the Hornet as well, busy times eh? Chockheads on a Yank carrier, a bit of a step up from the dummy deck at Culd'y. Still the size of the QE and PofW flight deck, you'll be able to have a full flying program and a banyan at the other end. Hands to flying stations.
  10. Looks really good so far Dave, nice to see one going so well. I see see your using the Aries pit set and Pavla seats, any reason why the additional seats? I have a couple of Hasegawa Hornets and a Revell pair too, have you built both of these? Good luck with the rest of your build, I'll be taking a keen interest. The Woo.
  11. Sea King questions

    Hi Dave, Welcome back to the dark art. You may want to re-post this in Aircraft section under the Cold War? the Moderaters may move it. 1. Not sure but can check tonight. 2. In answer to your request, 97 was a part of 706 Naval Air Squadron based at Culdrose. 3. Not sure about this, maybe in the Revell 1/72 Sea King kit? Cheers the Woo.
  12. VF-84, F-4J

    This will be the last from me until the final post. All ready for a spot of washing and final assembly, yeah. and below..... She's a beast.
  13. Academy FA-18D 1/32

    And so the hunt begins for a Academy FA-18D. Off to the wanted section I go🤔
  14. VF-84, F-4J

    Thanks for the kind words. Fightson, don't throw away those decals, you should put them to good use and get on with a Tamiya F-4. On the whole I've loved building it, so easy and quick to throw together. Mixed results with Alclads Aqua varnish, I think it's me though, I like to get a good coat on and always think 'just one more pass with the airbrush' lol. I see you live in Lee on Solent, great old stomping ground. I was at Deadloss for basic and years later Leading hands courses, then ended up covering Lee SAR. Used to like going to the Swordfish for a few beers. I bought my first large scale plane whilst there in 1980, Tamiya Tomcat in 1/32, a great distraction from classes but a pig to move when I was drafted to RNAS Portland. Im on the hunt for a FA-18D by Academy to add to my US Navy collection. Good luck with the 18E build. I'll post some post Alclad pics tonight after I return to the shed.
  15. Academy FA-18D 1/32

    Hi all, Just thought before I put a wanted add in the relevant place, has anyone built this kit? I'd like to do the D but could be pushed into the C in 1/32. The internet throws it usual reviewer who I have to say doesn't inspire me personally, but thats just my opinion. I would much prefer a fellow member telling me the warts 'n' all version. Even if you have one gathering dust, please give me your thoughts on the general look of the kit. Cheers Woo.