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  1. Cheers Mike - me too. Ta very much D! Thanks B. Much appreciated.
  2. Hi Don. Once mine was complete I did give that a go. The flank panels fit over the engine mounting frames fine. There's only 'interference fit' to hold them in place, so a variation on the magnets theme would help I guess. The lower cowl slips over the air intake trunking too. The upper cowl didn't 'sit down' fully at the rear, as the air box is quite prominent. It may be that ruthless thinning of the inner cowl around that area makes it just possible - I haven't spent time trying as it was a pretty frenetic 11 weeks to complete as it was (there's a lot of modelling in the box) and I'm straight back on a project I broke off in order to go Spitfiring. Wish you well with yours if you get one Don. TTFN Steve
  3. Hi K. That was 3D printed mate, an early trial - the conventional test shot IXc I completed recently for the November issue of Airfix Model World, due Oct 6, is crystal clear. An epic kit. TTFN Steve
  4. Never seen inside a Vb box (need to get out more). I'm guessing you'll plough into your IXc first - have fun with it! Cheers Dave. This one's set to be very low key but after the 'full fat' IXc the 1a is a pleasant change of pace. There don't seem to be many around as build threads - some but not much. It's funny having the whole 1a kit out on the bench when the bunker was festooned with IXc runners hung up in every available scrap of space not so long ago - it graphically illustrates the enormous strides taken in the intervening 50 odd years...
  5. Hi J. I saw one build where a spar was made up and fitted. It introduces a small dilemma here though, as I've set myself the objective of taking the same route as I did when I was 12. I guess I'll cross that bridge when it rolls around. TTFN Steve
  6. Hi folks. I was 12 when the 1/24 Spitfire MK.1a launched the new range in 1970. I built it with all the innocence and enthusiasm a pre-teen model nut could muster and it was a production that fairly stunned the hobby back in the day and made quite an impression on me as well. Now, some 50 odd years later, I've felt a growing wish to re-visit the kit and build another one in the same vein - simple, straightforward and with no additions. A 1993 boxing was snagged a couple of years ago and immediately took root in the loft, where it's stayed until yesterday. The catalyst for starting it was a certain other 1/24 Airfix Spitfire; a pre-production sample of the forthcoming IXc I completed on Sunday just gone for Airfix Model World (November issue, out Thursday 6 October). You'd maybe think that 200+ build stages of that brand new and epic kit would leave me 'all Spitfired out' but instead, it's prompted a soirée back into the grandaddy of the line. A Montex Mask set is the only concession to modernity as the 1993 decal sheet was water damaged when I received it. So it begins... The clear lenses of the IP were added in anticipation of finishing paint. The pilot was ruthlessly Berna Clamped and left overnight to contemplate his appalling lack of co-operation... At first I thought 'leave out the engine and just close it all up', until I remembered that the exhausts need something more tangible than air to cling too...doh! It's a shame to take the money... That big 'ole seat is...big! A session of clean up awaits before the lab grade isopropyl comes out to clean it all down prior to paint. That's it for the minute - time for some nosebag before heading back to the modelling bunker. TTFN Steve
  7. Thanks for that Gordon. Yes, he's made up indeed. Sadly, he hasn't room for the 1/72 Revell Razorcrest I finished and need taking off my hands. TTFN Steve
  8. Thanks for that folks. Have a great weekend! TTFN Steve
  9. Hi folks. This one was finished towards the end of 2021 and of course, watching The Mandalorian from start to finish for research purposes was utterly Mandotory... TTFN Steve
  10. Thanks for that. As I mentioned above, it's the direct result of Dana Bell's research referencing an original medium format Kodachrome transparency, that revealed the blue areas in the scheme. TTFN Steve Thanks for that! Cheers!
  11. Thanks for that. The colour question on the spine is a given now, after research by Dana Bell. If you check his article on Hyperscale you'll see the detail. As an ex-professional photographer and long term user of Kodachrome, Dana's analysis of an original Kodachrome image is the clincher. The colour science and archival stability of Kodachrome puts it beyond doubt that the spine on Lou IV was blue. I used MRP Marking Blue (MRP-124) on this occasion. Dana's article is a 'must read'. TTFN Steve
  12. Hi folks. Revell's 1/32 P-51D, in 'Bottisham four' guise. TTFN Steve
  13. Hi folks. Had a go at Bandai's 1/12 Boba Fett 'action figure' recently. I guess my preference is for conventional static kits but it's a fun soirée into sci-fi nonetheless and now a desk guardian to my youngest boy's laptop. The supplied base was gently adapted to provide a small patch of Tatooine for Boba to perch on. TTFN Steve
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