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  1. Beautifully built and finished Falco! Love the scheme and the extra work that you have done has paid off. These Italian fighters may not have been the best but they were certainly attractive! Cheers Malcolm
  2. Really nice result Deano! Shows that you don't really have to spend a small fortune on aftermarket! Cheers Malcolm
  3. Beautifully done 190 Jorge - lovely build and exquisitely finished detailing. Great scheme too! Despite his huge victory tally and the units which he led, Rudorffer is often forgotten as one of the leading Expeten - this is a fitting tribute to a formidable fighter pilot! Cheers Malcolm
  4. Super job Mark - really does look the part and love the history side of it too. I'm the same - I get hung up on finding out about the subject - buy books and hunt for hours for information and eventually - build fewer models! Cheers Malcolm
  5. Sadly I can never see any pictures in your posts - I'm sure they are very nice! Cheers Malcolm
  6. Beautifully built, detailed and finished. Super weathering. Cheers Malcolm
  7. Absolutely fantastic result for a first model! Cheers Malcolm
  8. Absolutely superb modelling Roger and a great story. Cheers Malcolm
  9. Wonderful work Russ - great build and finish and interesting version. Super photography as usual too! Cheers Malcolm
  10. What a stunning scheme and nicely built and finished Model - very very impressive! Cheers Malcolm
  11. Lovely build of a beautiful aircraft Jean - I am warming to the Reggiane fighters! Can you tell me what paints you used please. Cheers Malcolm
  12. Well you have made a very good job of making a very nice model from and old, not very good kit. Very nice! Cheers Malcolm
  13. Beautiful Scooter Calum - superb detailing and finish. Cheers Malcolm
  14. That is lovely! Very nicely done. Just one tiny thing which would make it look a lot better - Flatten the bottom of the tyres slightly. Cheers Malcolm
  15. Beautifully modelled - lovely weathering! Hope it's the first of many posts! Cheers Malcolm
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