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  1. Very sweet aeroplane and model. Cheers Malcolm
  2. Beautifully done Russ and lovely presentation too! Cheers malcolm
  3. Outstanding as usual Mathy. Love the colours, finish and weathering - and of course the photography. Cheers Malcolm
  4. Nice neat and tidy build - wish they would do a 1/48 version but alas I fear not. Cheers Malcolm
  5. Just read the WIP - You deserve a medal for coming up with this out of that - er - kit! Probably would have been better off scratchbuilding the whole thing. It is a lovely looking aeroplane and your model looks nice but the clunky tail surfaces spoil the effect somewhat. Hopefully the Planet models version is a little more subtle? Cheers Malcolm
  6. Another lovely model Zhou - beautifully built and finished. I have the earlier B/D incarnation of this kit, with it's attendant correction package. I am not sure how much of the kit is the same as the C MSIP II boxing but it is approaching the top of my to do list. Are the exhaust nozzles those supplied in the kit? They look pretty good to a non-expert like me. Cheers Malcolm
  7. Not so esoteric as most of your collection Moa but you have achieved a stunning finish on this beautiful model. I echo your words about do and do again - there are so many products, books and advisors saying do this and don't do that - buy this and use that. And then there are the armchair accuracy gurus. LOL! it is little wonder we ever build anything. Like in my other passion, fishing - try things, experiment and find a method that suits YOU. If you never settle on a method and practice it, you will not improve and gain confidence. Once you gain confidence, the world is your oyster. Cheers Malcolm
  8. Really beautiful Dakota, particularly bearing in mind the scale. Nice presentation too. Love it! Cheers Malcolm
  9. Very very nice superbug! Cheers Malcolm
  10. Another superb little model Moa. Love it - looks like a latter day microlight. Love the way that the occupants sit with their heads actually in the wing. Cheers Malcolm
  11. Baldy

    OK or BAD?

    Beautiful models - both of them. Superb build and finish! Cheers Malcolm
  12. Well the result is very very nice. Love the surface detail and and your subtle weathering. Cheers Malcolm
  13. Thank you. The painting was done partly using masks and partly freehand. The pictures which I looked at suggested that this was how the original was painted because some of the demarkations were hard and some soft. The masks were made by combination of post it notes cut to shape and blue tac rolls. Simple curved shapes cut from post it notes, which were held in place by hand, were used to tidy areas up. Cheers Malcolm
  14. Beautiful. It has the air of an antique about it. Cheers Malcolm
  15. Very sweet looking Rhino Tez - beautiful scheme. Cheers Malcolm