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  1. Stunning results for 1/72 scale! I would be hard pushed to get anywhere near that in 1/32! Cheers Malcolm
  2. Lovely Tiffie! Might be making a muppet of myself here but I thought that the hairspray technique was an acrylic technique relying on the top coat being water pervious enough to allow the water to dissolve or partly dissolve the hairspray below. MRP paints are not acrylic and will not dissolve or allow water to pass. I have only used the technique a couple of times myself but my top colour has always been thinly applied acrylic paint. Cheers Malcolm
  3. I believe Chris is correct - it is a camera housing. Nice looking Beau! Cheers Malcolm
  4. Another lovely looking build Russ - always enjoy seeing your models Cheers Malcolm
  5. Beautifully built and finished! I like the realistic dull natural metal effect you have achieved. Congratulations on your Gold Medal! Cheers Malcolm
  6. Well despite your travails - it looks really good! Nice build finish and photography. Cheers Malcolm
  7. Beautiful work as usual Mathy - lovely build and finish. Good to hear that KH have made something reasonably easy to build! Cheers Malcolm
  8. Nice! Good innovation and some useful tips - thank you! Cheers Malcolm
  9. Well it might be out of your comfort zone but the result is quite stunning! Lovely build quality and superb weathering/fading. Absolutely beautiful! Superb photography too I might add. Cheers Malcolm
  10. That is a very impressive looking Thunderjet! Really nice smooth looking NMF. Cheers Malcolm
  11. Beautiful model Pete and a beautiful aircraft. Excellent work on the extra bumps and bulges. Cheers Malcolm
  12. Lovely job on that old kit - looks really nice. Very well done! Cheers Malcolm
  13. Absolutely beautiful Tiggie Andrew - wonderful build and superb colour/finish. Wish these paints were available here in the UK - the ones I have seen look superb! Cheers Malcolm
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