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  1. Lovely build and great scheme! Cheers Malcolm
  2. Super work - fantastic detail and weathering. Very convincing! Cheers Malcolm
  3. Beautifully built and finished SHAR René - love the weathering and overall look. Thank you for the advice on the resin pit too - I have come to the conclusion that it is rarely worth the effort involved, certainly with my skills! Cheers Malcolm
  4. Very nice Meatbox Paul - Impressed with the "High Speed Silver" finish and will give that a try sometime. Nice pictures too but you really do need to clean that lens! () Cheers Malcolm
  5. Another very convincing build Russ - super build quality and finish. Superb photography too! Cheers Malcolm
  6. Very nicely done Flanker - lovely detail and weathering. How was the GWH kit to build? Cheers Malcolm
  7. Very impressive Hornet René - lovely build and attention to detail. Cheers Malcolm
  8. I'm not generally an airliner builder Martijn but this is really very nice. Cheers Malcolm
  9. Cool! Beautifully restored and presented plastic history. Cheers Malcolm
  10. Roger - that is utterly exquisite! Stunning detail, build and finish! 1/72 scale?!! - utterly exquisite! Cheers Malcolm
  11. Beautifully built and finished Mossie - that really is very convincing! Cheers Malcolm
  12. Superb Rino Thant - vey convincing "end of cruise" worn look. Super finish and weathering. Very well done! Cheers Malcolm
  13. Beautiful work Nicolae - superb finish, weathering and detailing. In a word - Superb! Cheers Malcolm
  14. A lovely set of models Dunny - love your work! Cheers Malcolm
  15. Hello Mikhail - This is not a type I have even heard of before but that is a very impressive piece of modelling indeed. Superb detailing and nicely finished and weathered. Really very lovely - though she is a little ugly - Bison is an apt name!. Cheers Malcolm
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