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  1. Beautiful Spitfire Jim. Lovely finish and sensible and convincing weathering. Cheers Malcolm
  2. Superb as usual John. Absolutely beautiful colours. Cheers Malcolm
  3. Excellent build, finish and weathering. Really does look like a busy, well used workhorse! Cheers Malcolm
  4. Very nice looking Kfir Mark. Interesting pod on the starboard missile rail - is it a range pod? Is that in the kit? Cheers Malcolm
  5. Yes - I see what you mean but it doesn't make a huge difference. Still doesn't look anything like FS36375 to me. Cheers Malcolm
  6. I am building a backdated F-5E from the KittyHawk 1/32 kit using the Furball 32-002 Decal sheet. I decided on 15881/43 - not least because of the pictures on our own site by Keith Svendsen of this jet. According to Furball, the paler colour is FS36375 Light Ghost Grey but looking at all of the pictures I can find, the colour is a lot bluer and lighter - surely not FS36375. Anyone any ideas what the colour may be or is it possible/probable that this was a locally mixed colour? and thus one https://www.cloud9photography.us/Military-Aviation-10/Northrop-F-5E-Freedom-Fighter/i-rsKLvrS/A Would be very grateful for any suggestions/help. Will have an ask at Hyperscale too - lots of Americans on there. Cheers Malcolm
  7. Stunning build Mathy - lovely fading and weathering. Looks like it has been a long war! Cheers Malcolm
  8. No Idea who Margot Robbie is but if she has skin like that she needs to change her soap! LOL Cheers Malcolm
  9. Guy - it looks pretty darned good to me too! Love it. Nice build and finish - and convincing amount of weathering. Nice figure too. Cheers Malcolm
  10. Absolutely superb Rhino Barzin - beautifully built and finished. You look to have got the colours spot on with the ones air to air shot. The only minor criticism I would make is the there could be slightly more flat on the tyres - it just looks a little tip-toe on the first picture. Lovely collection coming along there too! And some nice reference shots - not seen too many Iranian Air to Air pictures. I guess an F-4D and F-14A are not too far off? Planning a 1/32 Iranian F-4D myself in the not too far distant future so if you have any reference pictures I would love to see them. I would be interested in knowing what colours you used? Cheers Malcolm
  11. Nicely done - looks very convincing. I have seen a couple of similar attempts but not as good as this by far! Cheers Malcolm
  12. Very nice indeed - goes to show that an oldie can still look good when well built and painted - and we don't HAVE to spend a fortune on airbrushes, scribers, resin cockpits and the like. Well done indeed. Cheers Malcolm
  13. Bill that is beautiful! I doubt that any new Airfix kit would look any better! Cheers Malcolm
  14. Lovely build and finish. I really like the mottling and weathering. Cheers Malcolm
  15. Beautifully built and finished P-40 Lothar. I have a couple of these to build and you have inspired me to start one soon! Cheers Malcolm
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