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  1. I found the weapons ‘soft’ in detail compared with the rest of the kit. In addition the seats suffers the same conclusion in my humble opinion. The wheels were a luxury and although I didn’t change them on this kit, I will on my next Tornado. At the end of the day, it’s personal and financial choices.
  2. I’d been inspired by Spencer Pollards book and a friend posting the markings of 617 on his fb page. The extras did make up for the short comings of this kit and I’d advise anyone to go the extra mile to add them. Glad you like.
  3. The kit went together fairly well, I used Spencer Pollards book as a build guild as well as the instructions. I would advise filling the nose with fishing weights and resin glue though, she’s a big lump to tail sit. I used the Master Casters seats, Master pitot set is also a given. The intakes are a fiddle to sit right and need injector pin marks filling and painting before assembling. The weapons are a bit crude in detail, hence why I opted for Eduard Brassin GBU (need slight modifications to make US bombs to ones used by the U.K.) Boz pod and AIM’s. The FLIR pod is from Tim Perry, i
  4. Hi, Please find my Italeri 1/32 Tonka in 617 Squadron 70th markings. A massive thank you to Jack Ruskin, without him and his Fuel tanks, I would have had to fitted the larger Italeri tanks, Thanks JR.. Thanks for looking.
  5. Hi Pappy35, I’ve built three of these, two J’s and a B converted with GT resin conversion. I would add a set of seats at least, maybe then Aires cockpit set and if you want a set of exhaust cans. The perfect cherry on the cake is the Master pitot probes. I would also ditch the decals, use Cam decals for basic stencils and the squadron of your choice. At the end of the day, it’s primarily down to budget for me but I wish you well in your build.
  6. Thanks for the information. I didn’t know that there was a difference in naming the aft section of a USN ship to a RN ship, everyday is a school day.
  7. Hi all, General question, what USN ship has the Phalanx installed on the quarter deck OR on the aft of the ship. Oh by the way, the ship needs to have a flightdeck Cheers...
  8. Alex, congratulations on your stunning build, I never served on Shar’s but worked very close to them during my time on the RN carriers. In my humble opinion you have been able to get the best from the kit. I’m interested in your comments about the kit, I have one of these and the FR2 I hope to build. Thank you for sharing your experiences with the kits. Wafu.
  9. Well what a year, with a global pandemic and the massive change in life as we've all become accustomed too. I count myself lucky to have been in work for the whole year and being able to continue modelling. My year kicked off with a step away from the normal, a impulse buy from SMW 2019, 1/56 Rubicon Firefly and Bedford. I enjoyed the builds, small scale figures and ground works. Trumpeter 1/32 Intruder converted to the KA-6D with Steel Beach conversion, AOA decals used. Two Royal Navy Lynx from the Revell range in 1/32. Mk3 and M
  10. Wafu

    P-47, 1944.

    Guys, this is all starting to slot into place. There is a photo of Quentin Aanenson in a painting stood in from of an all metal bubble top P-47, maybe just maybe a replacement Rebel Jack? I’ll also throw this out for educational thought, was Topsy and Turvey in the same font do you think? With regards to Rebel Jack, I’m just now missing the nose art for the starboard side, Orphan Annie, any takers for solving that? Thanks again for all the input and help, I do plan to collate this and present a case to decal manufacturers for a sheet with both aircraft in, a c
  11. Wafu

    P-47, 1944.

    Thanks for all the positive responses, the only other photos I could find were from the Ken Burns DVD ‘War”. I might have to do more scratching around and then get some pictures together. My plan would be to approach decal manufacturers to see if they would extend their range to include this subject. Seeing as it’s featured in a DVD they might be more willing? Thanks for all your input.
  12. Wafu

    P-47, 1944.

    Hi all, A quick question for all the P-47 experts out there, I’d like to build either a 1/48 or 1/32 P-47 flown by Cptn Quentin Aanenson, USAF in Northern France, 1944. Does or did any of the decal manufacturers print the decals for his machine, I think it’s Topsy, or at least this one was the one he crashed. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hello Bob, the etch fret for the CH-47 is 49mm wide and 12mm high. Hope this helps?
  14. Cheers Mark and CT, I’ve looked for the Eagle Strike decals over the weekend, no joy. Even the two bobs ones are out of stock at that Hannants place. I can get them direct but I’ll have to keep looking for C decals.
  15. Hi all. A question for the Eagle guys on here. I’d like to model my Tamiya 1/32 F-15’s in markings of the Lakenheath based squadrons. That’s all well and good but I can’t seem to find any decal options to allow this, can anyone help me with advice on achieving this? I’ve asked Daco to reprint the 1/32 decal sheet but I can’t see this happening this side of my lifetime, so it’s down to you eagle experts to advise me. Thanks in advance.
  16. Yes, earlier Jet Boxes had a flatter profile at the window centre seem, however Bell, AgustaBell and third party manufacturers like Aeronautical Accessories, all started putting a bulge in the screens. You can also get clear, blue tint and a smoke tinted screens. When I worked on the Jet Box, getting the right part number screen was a nightmare, hence why we tended to change in pairs.
  17. Depends what Sqdn you’re doing? 771 and 772 had SAR blades fitted to their Mk 5 and Mk4 respectively. The Pingers of 706, 810, 814, 820, 824 and 826 all had standard green upper and black lower metal blades, changing to composite blades in the late 80’s to 90’s. The Junglies had standard colour blades fitted to 707, 845 and 846 Mk4 Sea Kings. No use being ‘tactical’ with a gurt big yellow blade wizzing round
  18. I’d concur with the reflection of the airframe colour. The SAR blade was fitted to any of the five hub attachments, the key for blade fold used to be a white PCR (Pitch Change Rod) that aligned with the black or white vertical stripe on the starboard side gearbox fairing.. Also, the blade with no Hyd pipes on the hub was the number one blade that went over the spine for folding. I loved working on the Sea King but I now work on the S92 SAR aircraft, far better a helicopter than the King but you’ll always have a soft spot for the aircraft you used to work on.
  19. Hi, I’ve tried contacting you via your webpage with no luck. Can I ask if you plan another run of these decals? Cheers the Woo
  20. Phil Flory has a novel way of displaying his large scale and large 72nd models he builds of his website, he hangs them on his wall via their tails. This may sound odd but I do admit he’s right in saying they are like pieces of art hanging on the wall. I build helicopters with their rotors folded where permissible and Naval jets with their wings etc folded.
  21. I use the 48ers site to find the best available aftermarket for a specific aircraft I’m going to build.
  22. I’d agree with Parabat, neither is a good option, in fact the Academy kit of the Tomcat is the only kit I’ve binned halfway though building, literally threw it away. Parabat is right, look for the Hobbyboss offerings, maybe even a Hasegawa one, or save and get either the Tamiya or AMK version. It’s only my opinion but the Tamiya Tomcat is the best by a long way. Just found this on eBay, not mine by the way...https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/193484338773
  23. Wafu

    What is it?

    I’d say Firefly because of the radome on the wing.
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