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  1. Gecko models kit has the Ice Cold in Alex decals.
  2. Prowler 1/48


    Im sure I have one, I’ll check in the morning.

    Not sure what they go for now?

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    2. 100SQN


      Hi Ian,


      Are you looking to sell it, and if so how much ?




    3. Wafu


      Hi Simon,


      You can have it for what I paid for it, if that’s ok? I’m heading out the door to go to WME in Holland tonight and won’t be back until Monday night.

      If you want to have a think and let me know then I can post it next Tuesday. The kit is sat in my model room and not going anywhere, you could ask on BM again.

      I’d say £6 would cover postage as well.

      Have a good think about it and let me know in your own time.


      Cheers Ian.

    4. 100SQN


      Hi Ian,


      Would you consider selling the Prowler for £45 ?




  3. If you want to know more about what your building, follow this page and scroll down..
  4. The Royal Navy Wessex Search and Rescue fleet did have Dayglo Orange (the name used by the engineers on the SAR squadrons) applied to the SAR fleet. Oh and as an aside, the SAR Whirlwind and the Whirlwind on the Antarctic ships HMS Endurance, had the same high visibility Dayglow paint. 771 Sqdn at RNAS Culdrose changed to the more red based colour when they lost their Wessex 1's and started getting the twin engined Wessex 5's. I remember and have modelled the Wessex 5's at Lee-on-Solent had the last of the more orange Dayglow cabs, I remember this because when the Falklands war started I was part of the team who stripped the paint from these aircraft so they could be painted green, three Wessex 5's were stripped by teams of engineers around the clock. If I remember correctly only two Wessex were left for SAR duties in the solent. These can be seen in some photos of the Fleet sailing south in April 1982. Anyway, the colour. I used MRP Luminous Red, code MRP 193, colour for the Dayglo, this must be undercoated with white to get the correct depth of colour. Build it up with light coats over a period of time. You do have to be alert to your references with this colour, it did fade drastically with age and museum aircraft can be misleading, unless you want to model the aircraft at this time of its life. It is/was a very intense colour, often causing eye strain when stood outside of the rotor disc during a rotor start especially on sunny days. Hope this helps.
  5. Hi Istvan, You are correct, the two colours represent a training/display missiles (these are red with a blue rocket base) and the white that are the real live missiles. When the ship visits a port of another country the sea dart missile launcher had the red missiles fitted. When live firing, then the whites are used. The best paint for the launcher is from https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/colourcoats-sea/products/colourcoats-narn52-m01-rn-light-weatherwork-grey-bs-381c-676 I used this on mine along with a dark sea grey base for the deck, with this I mixed very fine sand/chinchilla dust from my local pet supplies. Hope this helps.
  6. Apart from the four attachment cables that allow the SACRU to hang under the rotor mast, it has an electrical cable for operation and a Bowden cable for emergency release, these were P Clipped to each other and came from the starboard side upper and lower sponson. The stowage cable routes from the port side and is a nylon lanyard that the aircrew pulls to stow the SACRU off centre towards the port side. If you’re making the 1/48 the rendition the Hendie does a brilliant 3D printed one from his ‘shop’ on Shapeways, I can’t recommend these enough, Hendie’s excellent work in miniature. https://www.shapeways.com/product/AZ7XZE3JJ/westland-wessex-sacru-cargo-hook-1-48?optionId=64938881&li=shops
  7. These links might help…. Tow bar to Nose U/C…. https://www.apres.org.uk/feature/the-story-of-the-shar/ Nose U/C close up…. https://www.key.aero/forum/historic-aviation/133159-harrier-front-undercarriage-leg
  8. Pop into the Rotary section of the walkrounds, Mike, AKA Bootneck has done a great job of capturing the Wessex 3 at WSM Helicopter museum,
  9. Wafu


    The top 10 aircraft that won the Falklands war, who on earth sat down and composed that? An email to the editor is being typed. Everyone will have an opinion on their top ten and even as an exWafu, to miss out BN and show a Wessex 2 in the description and not the Wessex 3 or 5 is lazy or ignorant journalism. Types that I feel were overlooked include Sea King 4 for medium lift of the Royal Artillery 105’s, VC 10 for transportation to Ascension of so many things, Gazelle and Scout for battlefield scout and casualty evacuation and I’m not sure if this was included in the article but the Victor tankers. Rant over, returning to station.
  10. Oh no, this means I’ll have to look at getting one of those over priced Airfix kits on evil bay
  11. Hi all. Carrying on from my Royal Navy theme in 2022 here's my take on the Silent Services two current boats, HMS Ambush is an Astute Class hunter killer submarine and HMS Victorious is a Vanguard class of bomber, the UK's current nuclear strike capability. Both kits are in 1/350 and in keeping with my current builds of the Type 23 and Type 45 surface ships. Starting the the Astute class, this kit was a great little chunk of a kit, nothing fancy and everything available to enable realistic representation of the class of boat. the only thing that I was unsure of was the decals and the strength of the white markings, however when checked online these markings standout on the real thing, so that's good for me. Once competed the base was made from balsa base with a builders insulation core that the boat was sculpted into. when i was happy with that a plaster layer was added for the wave affect. when all that was dry acrylic painted were used for the sea colour. The waves were added with Delux materials waves and highlighted with white acrylic paint. all the was allowed to dry the coated with acrylic gloss varnish. I scoured the internet and eBay for an Ambush cap tally but had to settle for the Submarine Service and HMS Ambush crest badges. Here she is in a heavy swell.. Next comes the Bronco 1/350 Vanguard class of SSBN. This was a quick and easy build as well, having the extra bonus of being able to build it waterline. Again it went together as easy as pie and once sprayed in satin black, coated in sating varnish, the decals (what there is of them) were applied. A coat of Matt Tamiya varnish followed and was left to dry. Like the SSN, I added an Eduard White Ensign for effect and then moved to the base. This was achieved the same way as the HMS Ambush kit but a smoother sea state was replicated. All the same steps and materials were used as I'm more than happy with the way my sea scraping is working out. Finally the model and base were PVA'ed to a Trumpeter display case base, I'm really seeing the benefit of keeping my flotilla on these, for storage and display. I was able to get a HMS Victorious cap tally and so it was duly mounted. The shear size of the Vic was to be hold, she's some size when put up against my 1/350 HMS Invincible from Airfix.
  12. Hi Guy, No worries at all. The infini set is awesome but virtually impossible to get over this side of the equator It would give you great detail with the metal Harpoon missiles and a mass of brass. https://www.bnamodelworld.com/aftermarket-parts-for-ship-1:350-infini-model-inf-im535020r1 It would seem that Wonderland/Trumpeter have the wrong description on the site. The Mk3 had a smooth radome nose and the Mk8 had the PID and Radome under the nose of the helicopter. The picture shown on your link is a Mk8 not a 3, so you should be ok might be easier to get from here as you’re in Oz? https://www.bnamodelworld.com/index.php?route=product/search&search=1%2F350 lynx True dit (safeguard eight clips) I was on AMG at Portland when Monmouth ‘lost’ her Lynx over the side in a storm in Lyme Bay. the aircraft was recovered back to Portland on the 25/02/97. Lots of red faces on 815
  13. Hi Guy, I’ve just built a Type 23 and have another to build. I’d question the HAS Mk3 Lynx as these started to come out of frontline service even when I was leaving the RN in 1989. I’d stick my neck out and say that by the time you were on the Monmouth that the ships flight would have had a Mk8 Lynx. You can go three ways to achieve this, you can buy a separate Mk8 Lynx from Trumpeter, you can buy the HMS Kent that has a Lynx in the Kit instead of a Merlin or you could buy Peter Halls excellent Sea Ceptor upgrade set from Atlantic models, https://www.scalemates.com/kits/atlantic-models-atac35022-type-23-frigate-sea-ceptor-upgrade-set--1336547 All of these depend on if you already have your kit and how much you want to spend on the project. Other considerations are, what refit did the Monmouth get her replacement 4.5, was it a Mk1 or the new Kryton gun? Again I’d recommend visiting Peters website https://atlanticmodels.net/accessories-2/1-350 scale.html to see what you can get. I would recommend his etch set for the Type 23, it far outstrips the kit offering. Being that you’re down under, you could go the whole nine yards and get the Infini set for the Kent, this will super detail you model https://www.scalemates.com/kits/infini-model-im-535020r1-type-23-frigate-hms-kent-f78--1329888 Final thoughts, decals, again Peter can help with these, he does a Type 23 set with all the ships crests, pennant numbers etc but he also does a set of deck markings for the gun damaged areas, worth a look if nothing else. https://atlanticmodels.net/decals.html This sounds like a sales pitch for Peters stuff, I suppose it is, but the ex RN Chief knows his ships and his products are a go to for modellers, I’ve personally found them to be excellent and easy to use. I’m no ship modeller but I’m always happy with the results of his products. My bottom line is buy once, buy right. Hope this has helped and happy modelling. This is my Type 23 build, Cheers the Woo.
  14. Happy to answer any questions. I can only give you what I was aiming for for each model and my experience of being at sea in all sizes of craft. The Type 23, I aimed for a Summer Mid Atlantic look, with a rolling swell. I’ve gone for three bow waves coming away from the hull and the stern wake of a ship cruising. If I was honest, I would of maybe stuck to one bow wave and left it at that but I had committed with the Polyfilla so was stuck with what I had. I would say that the hull of the Type 23 reminds me of the Flower class in WWII, very bowl type hull as Appleseed to the usual Type 21/22 hulls. Type 45, this was different and on the back of my Type 23 I decided for a flat calm see and a ship at speed, this was why the bow wave are close to the hull and the stern is more agitated. The sea colour was more darker sky, South Western Approaches. I’ve used Dulux Making Waves and Gloss varnish to lift the flatness of the sea to show a slight ripple of a gentle breeze. I would really recommend The YouTube channel of Blue Studio Modelling, I learnt a lot even if I didn’t use exactly the same materials.
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