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  1. Great model of a ship of memories, you’ve done a nice job of the old Airfix pot mess. Brought back thoughts of my young Tiff SMR puking in a bucket in the ACR, sitting down in the JR’s galley and watching the sea rise and fall out of the port and starboard windows (now that wrong on Her Magisties war canoe) and sharing a mess with a bunch of Royal Marines who cleaned and qued for a pastime. Thanks for for starting my day thinking of these things
  2. I would highly recommend putting metal tracks on your AVRE, when I built my SGB I found the weight of the bridge was enough to pull over the Churchill. I fully appreciate the extra cost, however I think this is outweighed by the kit sitting correctly and the bonus of having gears looking tracks. It’s just a suggestion though. Great subject and I’ll watch with interest.
  3. Nice photo indeed, good of the Heli museum to show the Saltwater Actuator (grey box strapped to the oleo) this would be positioned further down near the gas generator, the white ball, and inboard. Stopped the drive kicking it as he stands on the wheel to enter and exit the cockpit. Oh and its on upside down
  4. Hi Hendie, Still waiting for you to market the ‘must have accessory’ the Hendie helicopter helper. A must for messy modellers like me, who’s work bench resembles the local council tip. Great at work and great to see you back on the big brother Wessex. Mine keep staring at me from the shelf of dispair. Cold shivers went down my spine when Pete talked about the ‘Yankee (pump action) screwdriver’ Cheers the Woo.
  5. Thanks Chally, saved me a job. You’re correct in the description as well. All RN Wessex had them and whilst I was at Shawbury, only the Crab Rescue seemed to have them, having said that you now and again would see them pop through the supply chain for us to fit to the 2 FTS cabs. Nice pics Chally.
  6. Nice to see the exhaust cans getting the Hendie treatment, could I ask that the flot bag brackets and bar be added to the exhaust? Ive also found warped items from Shapeways, I did think it was heat related during printing. I could be well wide of the mark on that though? As always a sterling job H.
  7. Wafu

    AV-8B Harrier II 1/32 Trumpeter

    Really nice Mark, excellent choice of scheme and subject.
  8. Wafu

    SEA KING ALERT! Did you work on them?

    This is from the WAFU Facebook page. It was only a matter of time before money grabbing legal teams jumped on the band wagon. When you have enjoyed polycast with your egg banjos, washed your hands in trich, got a buzz from MEK and licked your finger to smooth out PRC, asbestos is the last of your worries. Sounds like this guy was on 845 with me, lol.
  9. I received a copy of this today https://haynes.com/en-gb/falklands-war-manual I found it littered in errors, far from being a ‘one stop shop’ for reference the book has post 82 photos and text, it’s a let down. Amazon UK reviewers seem to agree with me. The author Chris Mcnab has numerous books to his name, I’ve never read any of his previous titles and after this, I never will. I have numerous Haynes books, not for fixing cars but as reference about aircraft I like, this has to be the worst. Just my opinion. The Woo.
  10. Wafu

    SEA KING ALERT! Did you work on them?

    Having worked on both Sea Kings and Wessex and seeing the article on the WAFU FB page, the press and now here, I am still failing to get so worked up about it. Having been a grubber on these aircraft I'm sure I've been exposed to my fair share of asbestos via the exhaust jackets, brakes, fire proof panels etc. I feel relatively fit and well, I don't smoke and so have a good lung function. Maybe as a precaution I'll chat to my GP via a phone call and take his recommendation? I cant get worked up about it, I won't loose sleep. It's good to know for future referance but that's all. Just my thoughts on the mad panic that seems to be being whipped up. The Woo
  11. Wafu

    Civililan Helicopter decals

    Try this guy, his range of civvy decals is good and he can re-scale to order. His decals are good, I’ve had no problems with Micro Sol and Set. http://www.heli-scale-quality.com/
  12. Hi Julien.


    Found a Tamiya M16, let me know your thoughts?


    Regards Ian.

  13. Wafu

    1980s Lynx Has.2 and 3 Cabin Seating

    Just to throw another thought in Andy, I remember Pussers Mk2 and 3’s having an inflatable 6 man seat in the middle of the cab. Two reasons, aid comfort from the aircraft shaking you to death and for extra floatation ‘if’ you ditched i see Chew has said the inflatable seat was from the 90’s. I left the FAA in 89 and remember my mates flight having one fitted to their cab.
  14. It's a slow Saturday afternoon, I've just come accross this on ARC https://www.scalemates.com/kits/1134050-hk-models-01e11-phantom-fg-1 Start saving, me thinks? I'm clearing my work bench NOW.
  15. Wafu

    1:48 Chinook HC2 aftermarket

    No you're correct, the main console should have large MFD's on and not analog gauges, if the kit has this as part of its plastic I'd use these. As I said, you'll have to mix and match some of the eduard sets to make your model. Unless you wish to wait and hope that eduard bring out a seperate set, you could email them I suppose? The 'F' model (and I'm no 47 expert, just built a few) has the buldge side tanks and pointed nose. Italieri has managed to mix and match its old kit with new decals, parts from its detail set. Please look at this thread on ARC written by guys who actually work on these things, far better than the kit review people who know jack about the subject and just like to crow on about flash, loose bits and thin decals, then it goes in their stash or on eBay. http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/302574-new-in-2018-from-italeri-new-148-helicopters/&tab=comments#comment-2909177 Regards The Woo.