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  1. Wafu

    Eduard 1/48 F-14A Tomcat

    My Academy Tomcat went in the bin and I haven't done that in years. Such a bad kit from a company I usually respect.
  2. Wafu

    Spains New Submarine Woes

    MOD buys two carriers that aren't fitted with catapults and so limits aircraft types that can operate from them
  3. Wafu

    Model shops in Corfu?

    Thanks Earnest for your help. Suppose I'll have to enjoy the sun and great Greek hospitality
  4. Wafu

    Model shops in Corfu?

    Hi to all. Just wondered if there is a model shop in Corfu anyone knows of or has visited? I know from my yearly visits to Telford that Greece has some outstanding modellers so they must have shops to keep them happy. Cheers the Woo.
  5. Wafu

    Ridiculous Fitting Tamiya 1:48 F-14A Tomcat !

    Thanks for the pictures, they're a lot better than I normally put on here. Ever since the kit was pre-released, respected modellers have been taken aback by the build and design quality, a very good friend of mine was birated for telling the modelling world about how he thought this kit was a milestone in modelling, being accused of 'selling out to Tamiya' . Now time has passed and modellers have built this amazing kit, we are starting to see just how good Tamiya's cat is, so thanks to Tiger331 for showing us his build and taking the time to share his views, I personally find it reassuring to hear from a modeller who's not a reviewer of kits. Oh and can I say, I do use online reviews and You Tube reviewers to get a peek on kits I'm interested in, even if it's just a laugh at how little general knowledge they have of the subject. So don't think this is a dig at them. Thanks Tiger331 for letting me air my views.
  6. You know you've a customer for your 1/32 bits Anything to improve the Fly kit. So this is me, keeping an eye on your Shapeways shop front.
  7. Wafu

    Falmouth Working Boat

    Loads of these boats out during Classic week, really enjoy seeing them on the water when I'm out Kayaking. I'll watch this with personal interest seeing as it's a very local theame.
  8. Wafu

    Ridiculous Fitting Tamiya 1:48 F-14A Tomcat !

    Thanks for the positive review of your build so far, a refreshing change from the negative modelling press. Keep the up date of your build coming, may be a few pics? I'm now yearning to break mine from its box and crack into it.
  9. Thanks for the kind comments and likes.
  10. Wafu

    1/48 C-2A Greyhound

    Both really nice builds, the Greyhound is a big beast. Gives me some idea when I finally get to do mine.
  11. Hi all, This build has only been possible due to the generosity of a fellow modeller, FIGHTS ON has given me a part that had stopped me from this build and I'd like to thank him for letting me complete this out of the box build. The Revell 1/48 F/A-18F Super Hornet isn't the best kit in the world of this now familiar aircraft but its been a steady use of glue and filler. My only major complaint is my aircraft seems to sit 'right wing down', not sure why but I'm still happy with the overall build, painting, decal's and slight weathering. The kits OOP now but you can pick one up from Ebay from time to time, mine came from the stash via the shelf of doom, its saving grace was the recent completion of the Hasegawa 1/48 Growler for the Carrier Group build. A bonus with the kit are the Daco decals, a great scheme with no nonsense decals that went on like silk. The only deviation from the kit was the weapons, I added a few tanks and bombs to load my Hornet with a mix of Air to Air and Air to Ground ordinance, Anyway enough of the blurb, here's the kit.
  12. Wafu

    AugustaWestland Wildcat info please

  13. Apart from the usual Culdrose stuff, two NH-90’s going West to East over Falmouth bay. Lastnights treat was two low flying Chinooks going to Culdrose.
  14. I agree, for what it's worth, with ExFAAWAFU, the more natural look is only a few doors open. I personally leave a door open on a helicopter daily service only if I've got to return to replenish a system. Working around the helicopter during the service, I close the panel once I've finished inside i.e. closing the nose door and engine access doors once I've inspected the engines, coupling gearbox and nose door area's. At at the end though, it's your model so you do it your way.