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  1. Try messaging Alan via his Shapeways page. He produces brilliant 1/48 and 1/32 parts for the woeful Wessex kits.. https://www.shapeways.com/product/AZ7XZE3JJ/westland-wessex-sacru-cargo-hook-1-48?optionId=64653770&li=shops
  2. Thanks Pete, Muzz and Alan for your posts in response to my questions, lots to go on. I’ve sourced a few parts, http://flyingstartmodels.com/Flying-Start-Models-Recce-and-Laser-Pods.html for the correct pod and I have the Brassin Brimstones, just got to make the TERMA pod from Alan’s build thread and the angled launcher from Alan’s thread. I’m going to put a request out in the wanted section for a set of the smaller tanks from the Revell 1/32 Tonka kits. The large tanks just look very overwhelming on each wing. Thanks again, lots to think about and do.
  3. Many thanks Muzz, PM sent.
  4. Hi Pete, Yes mate, I’ve placed an order for one but wondered if it’s accurate?
  5. One for the Tonka buffs out there. I’m on my second GR4 in 1/32 and wanted to add a slight spin on the standard wing things. So I’ve plumbed for the standard Hindenburg tanks, set of Brassin AIM 132’s, Brassin GBU 49’s x2, Brassin Brimstone launcher, Brassin BOZ 107 and a TIALD pod. So this is where some help comes in, I’d like to convert a BOZ pod into the AC-130 TERMA ECM pod. I believe that this pod does have the shell of a standard BOZ but with extra ECM tiles, strake and flare mounts? Can anyone confirm this and give me some usable pictures to scratchbuild from? Secondly, the Brimstone missile launches is at an angle on the long mount, what’s the angle? Thanks in advance.
  6. It’s great news that all the time, money and technology hasn’t been wasted, now standby for all the FB posts that it’s the wrong scale, wrong type and wrong subject
  7. Yes, up you did read that correctly. ICM are looking at releasing a CH-54 in 1/35 scale to compliment the Vietnam series of releases. Right subject, right scale and the prefect manufacture.
  8. My last tree build’s could have been entitled The good, The bad and the ugly. The Good would be my Pucara, a joy to build, paint and weather. The Bad would be the Airfix Harrier, an old kit that was bad even when it was release (but it’s the only one of its kind in that scale) The ugly has to be this kit and I’ll explain why. Its a very hot topic at the moment, the price of kits, so at a price tag of around £100 for a 1/48 kit, the modeller could reasonably expect a Tamiya/Meng type kit, well detailed, engineered kit with options. The Hobbyboss kit is not this. I’ll list the pro’s. A modern representation of the MH-22, although do your research, you can build a USMC and USAF machine but you do need to add and leave off antennas and radars. Fine detailed panel lines and riveting where needed. As most modern aircraft are a large proportion of composite construction, you can be left with large voids of detail, don’t be tempted to get your scribing tool and rivet wheel out. The con’s. The parts count is low. The kit seems over simplified, with large chunks being built where better designed construction would have helped the modeller. A large percentage of this fine detail is taken away with join lines. I found and this could just be me, but the centre core of the cabin didn’t fit that well, even after repeated dry test fitting. This left me with a disjointed lower seam line, the price to pay in having a top seam needing minimal cleanup. I never show the undersides so it doesn’t matter that much to me, but it still grinds my gears to not have it well finished. The kit comes with both styles of spread and folded rotors. I’d of loved to have these being interchangeable for display and storage. I nice touch by Hobbyboss would have been two sets of prop spinners and associated counter weights. Alas not, you have to choose what rotors you want and go with that. A missed opportunity by Hobbyboss. Kit decals only give you one set of markings. Flying Leathernecks and Caracal both do marking sheets for this aircraft but at extra expense. And lastly, the elephant in the room, cost. As I said the kit is the thick end of £100 and when you look at what you can get for that amount in 1/48 or 1/32 for that matter I was left feeling short changed. My canopy was cracked in my kit and the local importer wanted me to pay £60 for a new glazing sprue. An email to Hobbyboss was more productive and £15 and three wheels later I had my new canopy. That’s my expenditure at £115 so far. Added to this and at my own behest was an Eduard mask set and a set of markings for the USMC from Flying Leathernecks via Hannants. But is the kit worth £80? Yes and no, Yes because it’s the best and only MH-22 around in 1/48 and no due to part count and lack of variety and options. I hope this helps. I would say one last thing and I’m sure we all do it. I’m not one to pre order a kit that hasn’t been seen by a modeller of some sorts. YouTube and forums are good at looking into a box, even if the reviewer has no idea of the subject they are talking about, I can just turn the sound off and look at the screen. Showing pictures of sprues and instructions help build a mental picture for me, box art of marking options also adds to the information ingestion. Watching someone build the kit is a massive decider for me, Rick Greenwood’s build of the Kinetic Pucara helped me decide to buy that kit and I’m grateful he and people like him take the time to do this. I would also say with regards to Hobbyboss’s new release of the CH-47A in 1/48, I’ve seen a review by a West Country online reviewer of this kit and the biggest failure is it’s a direct retread of the Trumpeter 1/35 Chinooks, I can only see that all the fit issues with that kit have manifested there way to this smaller scale. Would I buy this kit again, no but I am glad it’s built and in my collection.
  9. My final build from my Covid internment, not a full build but a build finish, a long story about a cracked canopy and a part build. Anyway, here it is with only an Eduard mask set and a set of Flying Leatherneck decals added. the kit is a massive leap ahead of the previous offering of a prototype aircraft. Now I have an empty work bench, what's next??
  10. Still clinging to hopes of taking them Not on my watch..
  11. Thanks for all the kind words. Sturmovik, it’s in a varied grey scheme, as Two Bob’s calls for and with a delve into Google for further reference.
  12. Hi, me again. With an NHS track and trace internment enforced, its into the shed for 10 days of merriment. What better way to cleanse the modelling palette after the pig's ear of an Airfix kit than a modern day, bang up to date release of this iconic ground attack aircraft. The kit has to be the easiest build I've had in a good long while. Its not Tamiya F-14 but it comes a close run contender for my kit of the year. I only added the Eduard seat belt set (ZOOM), the Eduard Canopy set (cos i'm lazy) and the utterly brilliant Two Bobs decals in a bright scheme. I'd highly recommend this kit and especially after seeing Spencer Pollards build and Ric Greenwoods Youtube build, I was keen as. A mixture of Hataka and Tamiya paints used, with Galaria Satin coat giving the final finish i was looking for. Now on to the Hobby boss MH-22B...
  13. Here's my long term love/hate and hate a bit more Airfix 1/24 scale, Sea Harrier FRS1 of 801 Naval Air Squadron, embarked on HMS Invincible 1984. I have to say I'm not a great Airfix fan at the best of times but needs must when you love the FRS1 and building big planes. This has taken the best part of 6 years and has languished beyond the shelf of doom, in the dark depths beneath my work bench. Overtime I went to spray at my spray booth, it would tap me on my knees, just to say it was still there. The basic kit looks like a FRS1 and so that's good for me, I did add a plethora of Heritage bits and the Flightpath Aftermarket set (lots of this I still have as I'm not totally taken with it) that said its the only one so I picked what I wanted and the rest stays in the box. the kit fought me all the way and without Nick G I would have probably binned it, so thanks Nick and the IPMS UK Harrier SIG, for inspiration at every SMW to get on with it. It isn't my best but its finished...
  14. Got mine today and I’m not disappointed. Sea Dart and Sea Wolf next on the list.
  15. I’d suggest you look at Phil Flory’s build on YouTube.
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