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  1. Outstanding FA2, the best I’ve seen in a long while. The wear on the forward edges of the tanks is spot on. Well done.
  2. The Russian and me agree on that one
  3. Well said Wimbledon99, thanks to Craig for hosting a great build thread.
  4. Thanks for hosting a great build, the perfect reason to breakout the Sea Kights.
  5. Very nice indeed, bellissimo. Its surprising how much detail can be seen through the cockpit glazing.
  6. Alan, please see this picture, both sides have the stub fitted on this MK2, ex NI cab.
  7. Alan, the Wessex 2 and Wessex 5 have slightly differing fuel systems. The Mk2 don’t have pressure refuel and surge tanks fitted, these tanks and pipe work are seen on any pictures of the Wessex 5. Look for the pipes below the beehive panel at the rear of the gearbox wrap over panels. As for the small black dot panels of the Wessex 5, these are the studs for the fuel tanks to locate and stay in position within the belly of the Wessex, the Wessex 5 had/has 12 fuel cells in the belly and 1 in the kitchen area behind the cabin aft curtain. Each cell is a sealable, interconnected but split into the front 6 to feed the port (#1) engine and the aft 6 feed the stbd (#2) engine. The 13th tank gravity feeds the 11th tank. The fuel can be cross fed from either sets of tanks to feed both engines as selected by the pilot. The large tubular blank shown in the picture, they are covers for the hard points. These can mount either the External Fuel tank arms or the weapons platforms over each main wheel. These platforms carried the forward facing GPMG, half or full rocket tubes, SS-11 wire guided missiles or the later AS-12 wire guided missiles. On the RAF cabs, Wessex 2’s these were blanked off flush to the airframe due to the inability of the mk 2 being able carry the external fuel tanks. Hope this helps?
  8. I’ve been trying my best to remember what the hydraulic component might be in the centre of the picture but I’ve got to admit defeat. Its the Rotor Brake Accumulator, holds the pressure in the system when the brake is applied to the main rotors. A bloody big spring inside makes is act against the hyd fluid. The rotor brake is seen in May 21 post, it’s the first picture. The three sets of two brake callipers are silver coloured on the tail drive shaft.
  9. Does happen, no often but it happens Any ex Sea King guys remember the 707 cab that had one out of six blades fitted the wrong way round The AEM fitted it, the PO sup’ed it and the Chief NAM’ed it (from the comfort of the crew room it was reported) The pilot did his pre ground run and still they ran it, scratch one blade for delamination.
  10. A good starting point would be Peter at Atlantic models.
  11. As far as I am aware, it was only the ships that sailed from the gulf guard duties, the Armilla patrol. All Royal Navy ships had the union flag painted on a prominent upper surface, on the Type 21’s it was the bridge.
  12. One thing to note, the 1/48 Italeri kits have a hole in the port aft section This was a legacy from the earlier Wessex 1 days. All Wessex 2,3 and 5 had a plain grille as show in these pictures. The hoist hook in these pictures must have been a Crab thing, RN cabs has a plain hook with a black bumper, during my time on Wessex I never saw on of this type. The hook was in the aft position on the 300ft hoists and in the forward position on the 100ft.
  13. Wafu

    Coastal kit bases

    His FB page is sparse in its visits, makes me think he just sells now through his eBay site or via the retail outlets on his webpage.
  14. Wafu

    Coastal kit bases

    Cheers guys, yep did try his website page, numerous times but still no reply, he’s even emailed me long ago, but he seems very bad at keeping in touch. I like the sound of the FB page, I’ll give that a go.
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