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  1. Check out this guys Intruder, http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/311878-132-air-to-air-refueling-iraq-1991/
  2. Hi, As the title says this is my attempted at the large tadpole. I didn't want to build the more commonly seen bombed up version, so whilst looking around I discovered the Steel Beach conversion for the Intruder tanker version, the KA-6D. The kit also see's the addition of the Avionix cockpit set, the SAC centreline tank and the excellent AOA decal sets for the aircraft and stencil data. Additionally I used a mix of Alclad, Tamiya and Mr Hobby paints. A Dark Dirt Flory wash was used to dirty down this well used fueler. The last trinket was the Eduard Remove Before Flight tags in both 48th and 32nd, not seen in these photo's but added later;) And one just now with the RBF's installed.
  3. I agree Bruce. Heartfelt thoughts to you and your countrymen in this time of extremely trying times. We in the UK are shown the loss off life and your countries real estate, stay safe you all.
  4. Hi, I got the shadow stand from this guy for my Tamiya F-14B conversion, https://www.modeldesigns.co.uk/product-page/shadow-stands-250mm The F-14A was with black acrylic and clear rod from EBay.
  5. Wafu

    Buried aircraft

    Is that for when Wales goes for independence, the Welsh armed forces
  6. Hi Bruce, They can be, however I know people who have been judges there and they say it’s rare for judges to pick up models or bases, they do though on the very odd occasions.
  7. Thanks for your kind words, I was very relieved that I did ‘check’ it before the Sunday began.
  8. Yes it’s in 1/35. It worked in getting all the vehicles and troops, making the LST’s was a challenge though, scratch built but with some 3D printed deck fittings. Thanks you for the compliment regarding my Skycrane, I wasn’t impressed though on Sunday morning at Telford. I came up to the comp in the morning to find my model displaced on its base, the rotor blades moved in the pitch and on the rotorhead axis. I can only deduce that the person/s taking photos for the press at the beginning of Sunday, removed the paper warning for “model not fixed to base”, the model comp application detail slip and the Gold ticket awarded by the judges on Saturday. In fact my model is shown in the IPMS mag with displaced blades. I know the Competition Sec can move the models but I’d hope/expect that if any official was to move my model they would exercise the utmost care, treating it equal if not with more care than their own. Needless to say I wasn’t happy, when I display my model I want it to be as I leave it...
  9. Happy New Year to one and all. Here's my years builds... 1/48 Academy/Eduard boxing of the F4. 1/35 Skycrane. Airfix 1/48 Merlin with Belcher Bits conversion. Academy 1/35 M1151 with Live Resin turret, DEF model wheels, Legend Mine Roller and Rhino. Astrokit, 1/48 Jet Ranger. The best kit of the decade for me, Tamiya 1/48 F-14A Tamiya F-14D with Steel Beach B conversion. Resicast 1/35 Sherman DD with Dragon figures and FoG base. Academy 1/48 Sea Knight I've been working on this for a local attraction, they wanted a scene replicating from the embarkation of the 29th Infantry Div, June 4 1944. It was finished for display in May 2019. Please excuse the background 'clutter', it was so big I had to finish it off in my garage;)
  10. Outstanding FA2, the best I’ve seen in a long while. The wear on the forward edges of the tanks is spot on. Well done.
  11. The Russian and me agree on that one
  12. Well said Wimbledon99, thanks to Craig for hosting a great build thread.
  13. Thanks for hosting a great build, the perfect reason to breakout the Sea Kights.
  14. Very nice indeed, bellissimo. Its surprising how much detail can be seen through the cockpit glazing.
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