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  1. Alreadyva great start Steve. Cheers,
  2. Breda Ba.65 A-80 Special Hobby 1/48

    I have noticed that you didn't finish it either. I don't know what happend with my build. It will be put back in the stash for later. Cheers,
  3. M-19 tank transporter 1/76

    Great progress Peter. Cheers,
  4. Mitsubishi Zero PK-4

    I think you will need some sunglasses to build it. And those fond memories from your youth are so recognisable. Good luck with your build. Cheers,
  5. Vickers Wellington B X

    Great result. Cheers,
  6. And the second color is on. Here are the pictures. I first started to mask the first topcolor. That wasn't easy, but got there in the end. and with the paint on. And finally with the masking removed.. I will be putting a Klear coat today, so I can put the decals on tomorrow. That is it for now Cheers,
  7. PK409 Dornier Do-18D update 10-12-2017

    Here is a update of the painting. As I said before the second top color is now on. Here are some pictures. I first masked of the other color. It took some time to get it right. And after the paint has got on. And the result. This will get a coat of Klear, so I can put tomorrow the decals on. Cheers,
  8. F-15D "Baz" update 7-12-2017

    Here are some pictures after the decals. I have given it today a last clear coat and hope to finish it next week. Cheers,
  9. PK409 Dornier Do-18D update 10-12-2017

    Just like the He-111 it took me some time to move on, but here are some pictures of it. I have dipped the canopies in Klear, before I did some masking and placing them on the model. I forgot to take a picture of that, but here is the first one after painting the underside in RLM65 from Gunze. This morning I started to mask that and paint the first color of the topside. This was RLM 73. I made my own mix with standard RLM71 from Gunze with some blue pait added. After checking it is just a slight change of color. So I don't know if will be seen op the pictures. I hope to do tomorrow the second color of RLM 72. This is also a mix of Gunzes RLM 70 with some blue paint in it. But first thing tomorrow will be doing the masking. That will take some time. Cheers,
  10. I have done some more work on here. The canopie is on and i have started painting. Here is the underside opainted in RLM 65 from Gunze. This was done yesterday and this morning I did the first top colour. I am using RLM70 and 71 from gunze with some blue paint in it. I don't know if it will show up on the pictures, but the color is slightly different than the original colors. I hope to do the second color (RLM 72) tomorrow. The masking already took some time, so tomorrow will be no different. Cheers,
  11. PK403 Heinkel He 111H Update 7-12-2017

    Finally a update. As I will be of from work the rest of the year I have some time to do some work and this is the progress made so far. The first picture is of the crew inside the cockpit. I forgot to take a picture when I had placed the canopie. The glassing was dipped in Klear before they were masked and placed. Here is the first picture of starting the painting. The white band and underside wingtips were first done yesterday. This morning I did do the RLM 78 underside color after masking the white. And again after some masking, just half an hour ago the top color of RLM 79. This now needs to dry so the decals can go on. Cheers,
  12. Film, Fictional and Speculative GB

    I think you already have got 13 participants.
  13. PK-401 Heinkel He 115 3-Colour Kit 'Bare' Build

    Nice, very nice. Can't ait to see it with decals. O, the blob underneath the nose is a sort of a bomb sight. Cheers,
  14. What If IV GB

    I like the idea and I give my support as well. Cheers,
  15. British MBT Group Build

    I am interested. Got a takom kit. Cheers,