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  1. Here is a update what has been done till today. The most time I had was on Sunday and there I worked on all the seams, before I could put it further together. After this it was mainly putting on small details. here are some pictures to illustrate the progress. The model on sunday evening. And this is where she is now. I forgot to take a picture from the topside But there aren't much changes there. I have also made up the missiles. I also dipped the canopies in the new Klear, but don't know what happened. It looks like it didn't gave it a even look. Now I will need to remove it without marring the parts. Does somebody know how to do that?! I have never had this before. There is still a few things to do before I get to the painting stage. Hope to do that next week. Cheers,
  2. I am in as well. Got a few in the stash. Cheers,
  3. Matchbox II GB

    I don't think there has ever been a maskset for it. But the framing is standing quite proud, so you could either use masking flued or go with using masking tape a pencil and a sharp blade. good luck with it. Cheers,
  4. Matchbox II GB

    You have been added. Cheers,
  5. It has taken some time to get this one going. It wasn't the kit (witch is great!!!!!), but me. I got distracted with some other models. Here are some pictures of what has been done sins Monday. I dry-brushed the cockpit with some medium grey colours and also gave it a wash. Here is the result. And this was done today. I closed the cockpit and placed it inside the fuselage. It is realy a great kit to build. It is so well engineered. The clamping was just done to keep the inlets in the right place as the glue dried. And the last one with the fuselage closed. I needed two cocktail sticks to get the inlet inline with the under fuselage. Again nothing to serious. That is it for now. Cheers,
  6. I have finally managed to do some time on the computer to get the pictures over here. These are some pictures of the progress made this week. It isn't much, but at least it's a start. As MottleMaster is doing the same kit I am watching him closely of what pitfalls he get. I have got mine as well, so hopefully with the both of us we will get a decent kit. Here are some pictures. I have started the frame the other way around as MM. and although the picture is a little bit blury , you will notice that I have got the frames the wrong way around. Luckily I noticed it in time before the glue had set. I also made the fuel tank. In the intstructions they say to fill the inside, but I found it much easier to just glue some plastic plate on top of it and when dry trim it. I have also taken a different route than MM for the seat etc. I builded them up inside the frame. It is a little bit fiddly but it works. O, as you also may have noticed is that the frame where the fuel tank is, is where it is pushed outside. But the strut that was on top of the frame fitted very good?! So maybe it was intended this way?! Here is a last picture with the seatbelts on. That is it for now. Cheers,
  7. Breda Ba.65 A-80 Special Hobby 1/48

    Good progress Alistair. O, I found out that the fuel tank is to wide for the frame and it pushes the frame out. So if you make it have a dryfit. Thanxs on the tip for the bombbay. Cheers
  8. Academy 1/48 F-15D "Baz" update 5-8-2017

    Friday I have got the intake covers (eduard) and some quickboost resin seats. The resin seats are a replacement for the ones that were in the cockpit set as the Israeli's used the early seat till they were replaced with the later ones when they got the Ra'am. The seats (escapac) I use are originaly for the A-4. Hope to do some work this week. Cheers,
  9. He-111 STGB 9 to go

    I have builded it a few years ago for a friend. It is a nice kit. the only thing to have a good look at is if the fuselage isn't twisted. But does it mean that you are interested in the GB?! Cheers,
  10. Breda Ba.65 A-80 Special Hobby 1/48

    I have my sides also from the sprue, But I will do the cleaning up more to where the cockpit sits. The rest will hardly be seen when the fuselage is closed. The plastic is quite soft and that luckely gives it some flexability. The placing of the fuel tank is in the first drawing incorrect. take a good look at later drawings where it should sit. Cheers,
  11. Than I will go with the C scheme to give more contrast. I don't know, but that green scheme has something. Cheers,
  12. Well I have got a set of italian paints (life colors) and you wouldn't believe it, but they are all the wrong colors. So I will need to improvise. Luckely I have got a few Gunze colours lying around. As you are the first with the build you will have a go at what scheme you want. I like both camo's. Cheers,
  13. Academy 1/48 F-15D "Baz" update 5-8-2017

    Here is finally the update of what has been done this week. This is a picture of the resin cockpit. It was intended for the Revell kit, so there are some modefications to do. Luckely they are minor. It is a nice looking cockpit. Only a pity they didn't include the instrument panels. So now I have to use the ones from the kit as there is no upgrade set for a B or a D version from Eduard (to my knowledge). Here I test-fitted it to see if there were much difficulties. It showed up that the back-part of the fuselage needed to be thinned and also the resin part that connects there was sanded a bit. I also needed to shave of a small amount of the backseat side panels to get a good fit. But overal it was not bad. I also test fitted the exhausts. I also had to plug some holes in the fuselage for the pods that are hanged there on the E but not needed on the D. The intakes was a big job to do. There were loads of press points that needed to be removed/filled. here is a intake done (top) and one not (bottom) after putting them together there will be still a lot to do, as they aren't a good fit. I also put the intake trunks together As there is a big seam on the inside that is almost impossible to get rid of I have decided to close them with some covers. I have got some ordered online. so I moved on and builded the main fuselage. I needed some clamping, but nothing special. And here is she as of now with the air brake fitted and also the fuselage plug for a two seater. I also did today the wings and plugged the holes for the outside pylons that are not on a D. I only forgot to take pictures. That is it for now. Cheers
  14. Hi guys, After some persuasion from Mottlemaster I have decided to put in a second Ba.65 A-80 in this GB. It will be build straight from the box. I bought this kit without box and instructions on a Belgian show last year. Luckily I could find the instructions online and the box isn't that important. Here are some pictures of the content what is in a different box . So that is the content. Now it needs to be build. Cheers,
  15. Matchbox II GB

    Nice to see a MB Lancaster in the GB. Myself I am thinking of doing the Do-18 and it will be almost straight out of the box. The only extra's will be to exchange the machinegun barrels with some from Quickboost. There isn't a specialiced set from QB, but I could use the sets from the He-111. Cheers,