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  1. craigmason1971

    German Hanomag SdKfz 251/1 1/35

    Hi fellow modelmakers i am building a Tamiya 1:35 hanomag Sd.Kfz.251/1 i got to the tracks they are horrible rubber things can you buy aftermarket tracks for this kit???
  2. craigmason1971

    Raf vallejo colours (hurricane)

    before i buy wrong paint can i make sure i have correct ones 71323-dark earth 71326-dark green 71302-sky type s i am using a "hairy stick" to do painting
  3. craigmason1971

    B-17 model kits 1/48

    Hi i am looking for a B-17 model kit in 1/48 scale i have seen this one Revell memphis belle at wonderland models is this a good kit are there any other Boeing B-17 kits in 1/48 ???
  4. craigmason1971

    eurofighter kit for a beginner

    My niece loves Eurofighters and is just starting out in model making i want one that's not to complicated can anybody suggest one ideally an raf one in 1/72 scale
  5. craigmason1971

    building a spitfire for a friend

    i plan to do a 1/72 scale model cheers this sheet has the decals i require https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X72224
  6. craigmason1971

    building a spitfire for a friend

    hi i am making a model spitfire for a family member who is ex raf and loves spitfires i am making him a copy of this one at elvington were can i get decals for this spitfire
  7. craigmason1971

    hobbycraft tamiya hanomag 1/35

    Browsing in my local hobbycraft were i have to go for my kits they had this http://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/tamiya-hanomag-sd-kfz-2511-model-kit-135/573192-1000 upon reading the box its from the 70's is this a good kit for a newbie to 1/35 kits
  8. craigmason1971

    Easy build 1/35 kits

    hi i am new to modling are there any easy build vehicle kits that you would recommend for a newbie that build into decent kits
  9. craigmason1971

    Turks shoot down unidentified aircraft

    it was a russian SU-24 and putin is very annoyed about it http://news.sky.com/story/1593241/putin-downing-of-jet-a-stab-in-the-back
  10. craigmason1971

    Good but easy 1/48 models

    Hi i want to build a 1/48 scale model but not sure which one to go for it must be easy to build straight out of the box what do people reccomend
  11. craigmason1971

    Best 1/48 Tornado GR1 Kit?

    http://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/revell-tornado-ids-model-kit-148/601946-1000 Getting mine from local hobbycraft
  12. craigmason1971

    Best 1/48 Tornado GR1 Kit?

    there are a few on ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Revell-Tornado-IDS-1-48-scale-with-extra-Model-Alliance-decal-sheet-/262113636983?hash=item3d0730b277:g:mo8AAOSw~bFWJTuw is this correct kit???
  13. craigmason1971

    Best 1/48 Tornado GR1 Kit?

    Whats the best tornado GR1 kit i want to build a model of ZA326 but am finding it difficult finding a kit to build it
  14. craigmason1971

    alternative colours airfix red arrows hawk

    can anybody recommend some alternative makes of acrylic paints it says i require these for my model kit 11 Silver 14ml £1.70 27 Sea Grey 14ml 33 Black 14ml 53 Gunmetal 14ml £1.70 61 Flesh 14ml £1.70 85 Coal Black 14ml £1.70 86 Light Olive 14ml £1.70 103 Cream 14ml £1.70 130 White 14ml £1.70 165 Medium Sea Grey 14ml £1.70 166 Light Aircraft Grey 14ml £1.70 171 Antique Bronze 14ml £1.70 238 Arrow Red 14ml £1.70 Been told humbrol acrylics are rubbish not very good
  15. craigmason1971

    red arrows gift set

    I am soon going to start building an airfix 1/48 scale red arrows hawk is there any aftermarket extra's you would recommend for this kit ? http://www.newmodellersshop.co.uk/airfix/a50031_red_arrows_hawk.htm