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  1. Yeah, it's a great kit
  2. Bordfünker seat showing ZZG Batterie
  3. Alas the camera always shows up flaws that are invisible to the naked eye! Great work. Love the Vixen
  4. Sure is Greg, a real Marathon (Snickers). Reckon I’ve got ten years modelling in me before my eyes and fingers give up. So I’m only doing projects that really inspire me. I’ve got eight kits in my stash - and that’s it. No more. So I figure I’d give them each all the effort I can.
  5. Starboard side wall completed - heating pipes and crew gas mask case added Next stage is crew and seatbelts Gondola Instrument Panel with Eduard photo etch, Quickboost ReVi sight, and scratch wiring and gubbins Close up of ReVi
  6. Nice job! Love the subject. Masking that would've melted my brain box I think. A freer, more modern translation of 'Nemo me impune lacessit' would be; Aye! Come on 'en!
  7. Great 88! Love your paint job. Open engine cowls are a nice touch
  8. KG 30 was being cobbled-together as the A-1s ever-so-slowly arrived. First to receive them would probably be the Kampfstaffel (sometimes described as the 'readiness' squadron) 1./KG30, many of whose crew were experienced Condor Legion veterans from the Spanish Civil War. The question I have is whether, tactically, Gruppe Stab would be next in line for the new machines, or 2 Staffel? 4D+AK (2 Staffel by its maschinekennung) was ostensibly Gruppekommandeur Pohle's a/c on the Firth of Forth Raid. It was, according to the Luftwaffe Loss Archive, an A-1. KG30's existing A-0s would likely be downgra
  9. Thanks for the info GRM, goes to show that rules are rules. Except when they're not. Even if we did have all the werknummer and maintenance records, it still requires photographic evidence to finally nail the question of how a particular a/c looked at a specific time. Then there was wartime censorship, with deleted unit crests and codes... I'd be most interested to see the early KG30 pics you mention. Are they public domain and/or available online?
  10. I've wondered why Gruppe Kommandeur, KG30, Hauptmann Helmut Pohle was supposedly piloting a 2 Staffel 88 on the Firth of Forth raid of 16.10.39. Maybe KG30 Gruppestab had not been assigned any aircraft the time – after all, only sixty Ju 88s in total, of all types, were delivered to the Luftwaffe in 1939. Or maybe Stab had the older A-0 model – were they considered unsuitable for accompanying A-1s on a combat mission? Or maybe Pohle's personal a/c was unserviceable on the 16th? Each of these scenarios could have lead Pohle to pilot a 2 Staffel a/c on the raid, instead of a customary Stab a/c.
  11. Lovely job! Has really captured the feel as well as the look of the original. Looks well taken care of – which is as it should be for a RN a/c! I remember the Airfix 1/600 kit HMS Victorious which had tiny Sea Vixens populating the deck, have loved the asymmetric, twin-boom 'weirdness' of them since. Chapeau
  12. Kudos for finishing the fight so well! It IS a big fooka. Your splinter pattern looks great too
  13. Fantastic job, love the cockpit detailing and the overall presentation - are the tie-down straps scratch built or after-market?
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