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  1. Yeah, thought so. Effect looks fine in your pics. Eduard's 1/48 much more accurate than Revell's 1/32!
  2. Yup, that's a good'un! Early pitot, domed rivets towards the rear, u/c-down indicators. And not a crowbar to be seen! Excellent. The 'Halo' effect on the roundels?
  3. Lovely Chopper! Did the kit behave? (Kitty Hawk has had some mixed comments). Were the Irish decals included?
  4. Well done! Cramming all that into a 1/72! Where did you source your electrics?
  5. Up to late 1939 most Mk Is had no head armour, windshield armour, nor fuel tank armour - so it would depend on the time period, and the particular aircraft you're depicting
  6. Don't know if I imagined this, but I seem to recollect seeing photo etch for the tail fin aerial connection and gun-heating air vents for early mark Spits. Of course I can't find anything online now! Was I dreaming?
  7. Great job, chipping is just right IMO. What's your technique? Wish Tamiya would do a 1/32 Mk I.
  8. Beautiful beastie! Remember an air show at Leuchars when I was a kid, a whole squadron of Phantoms doing a low pass over the crowd. The noise was indescribable! What a rush
  9. Fabulous! An excellent tribute and a touching declaration of love for our wonderful hobby
  10. Bordfünker seat showing ZZG Batterie
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