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  1. Pete F

    Paint Brushes

    I always buy my brushes from Rosemary and Co. Very good quality and value for money. Their selection is huge. https://www.rosemaryandco.com. No connection to them just a satisfied customer.
  2. Pete F

    Model Shops UK

    For anyone in this part of North Yorkshire I have just been to the Malton Model Shop (AKA World Wide Shopping Mall Ltd). It is in the Old Cinema and has recently reopened fully after COVID. They have taken over most of the small shops in the mall and expanded their model range so now have a good selection. Further I have noticed that their online database seems to always be up to date so you can get a very good idea of what they have from that. https://www.worldwideshoppingmall.co.uk. All in all some positive model shop news for once.
  3. It is a SSUMPD Mk II. This stands for Spouse Surveillance Unnecessary Model Purchase Device. Their use is banned by Britmodeller but they still appear now and again. Don't cut it open, it will self destruct taking your latest five purchases with it.
  4. In terms of the decal options it is correct. I guess we have to see the sprues and layout to see what options may be considered for the future.
  5. Costs slightly less in the link I gave above (unless there's a difference in the postage charges that I haven't looked at). Personally I wouldn't be without two lamps now. They allow complete control of where the light falls and allow you to remove shadows with ease. As for which of the two is better I suspect It is down to the the dimmability of the Luminos. However I have found the D35500 Lumi very well made and always stays where you put it - I haven't missed not having a dimming function - there are two brightness settings but mine are usually full on. The lamp itself isn't serviceable but not sure that matters given the projected lifetime. So in summary (IMHO) for modelling, two non-dimmable lamps are better than one dimmable one, if other factors are the same and the total cost is the same.
  6. This is what I have. I bought two in the end (about two years ago) and they have proved to be very good situated either side of my work area. You can get various configurations but I just use the desk clamp ones. You can buy stands etc. later if you desire. Your price range would allow you to buy two. https://www.heamar.co.uk/daylight-task-lamps/65603-daylight-lumi-task-lamp-5022737355005.html
  7. What is interesting is how the Matchbox box lids spark old memories and take me straight back to the kitchen table with a tube of glue or the model shop with a couple of coins to spend. I know it is false nostalgia but modern box art doesn't cut it the same for me.
  8. I'm surprised there are not any resin parts to replace these aerials - I couldn't find anything and used plastic instead. I did find some etch aerials that you fold over but the postage from Germany (as I recall) was too much to make them worthwhile.
  9. Getting the parts off the sprues really put me off this kit. It seemed badly designed compared to other Airfix releases. Be aware that small parts like the antenna break very easily so be extra careful.
  10. I think there are still Vikings in Vienna.
  11. And then there is: https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/people/perfectly-named-address-south-yorkshire-police-complex-raises-smile-1358470
  12. Village names are fantastic in this part of the world. Just down the road you drive though Fangfoss, immediately afterwards Spittal and then Yapham. I think the Vikings had a way with words.
  13. I use them on all my aircraft but don't use the light wash so can't answer 3. I generally airbrush acrylics (Vallejo, Mig and Tamiya). Yes - I usually do as the washes are best done on a gloss coat (in my case Future mostly) and I like a matt finish at the end. If I use them on a NMF I don't tend to and just leave as is. I usually do the wash right at the end and do any oil filters etc before with a gloss coat over them. If you were doing specific weathering you might want to do it afterwards but remember the wash is early removed by water and presumably most thinners.
  14. Pete F

    Model Shops UK

    Both are excellent. The Eden Camp has a massive and very varied WW2 collection - loads of fun. Elvington is more more focused and if you are into aircraft well worth the visit. You wouldn't be able to manage both in a day.
  15. Pete F

    Model Shops UK

    As it is buried somewhere in this forum here is another link to this map: Model shops map Added to the map.
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