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  1. Upstairs Downstairs in Sandown is an excellent model shop. I always visit when on the Island. The postage rates from their online site are usually pretty good too. The guy that runs it is slightly mad but that just adds to the experience.
  2. Excellent paint job - as asked above - I am curious as to what you used.
  3. I can't speak for the current versions but I bought some enamel Mig washes about ten years ago and they were unusable after about five or six years. The pigments had dropped into a layer that was so compact nothing would budge it. In contrast my Vallajo Model Air paints from 15 years ago are as good as new. I should add that this hasn't stopped me buying such products - I just have a realistic expectation of their shelf life.
  4. Arma Models 1/72 Hurricanes are excellent kits. They build well, are widely available and you have a good choice of aircraft. If you choose to splash out and get the expert set you get photoetch and masks. They look the part when built.
  5. I'm not sure that this is anything to do with the type of paint. I have had the same thing occasionally happen with Tamiya Acrylic, Tamiya Lacqour, Vallajo Model Air and Mig Ammo Acrylic. The randomness* makes me think it is more something to do with the particular decals, the adhesive film they use and how it reacts to the gloss coat and/or fixing solution. Water softness/acidity might be another factor. *obviously not really random - maths bods always used to tell me off for using this term.
  6. I don't think any sort of washing is going to do any good as I believe this is a chemical reaction in the surface of the paint/decal fix/gloss coat etc. That is why leaving it may help as the reaction seems to reverse itself eventually. In other words there is nothing to wash.
  7. How long have you left it? I find that a couple of days can make it fade away.
  8. I sometimes get this and I believe it is a reaction between the gloss coat I use (Future) and either water or the decal solution, or both. It occurs with both acrylic and lacquer paint. I do find that if it is left for a few days without attention it will disappear unless it is beneath the decal itself. From bitter experience I found that trying to clean it was the worst possible thing to do as it only made it worse or sometimes permanent. In any case a coat of Future usually clears it completely - again unless it is beneath the decal. It does not always happen and I can't seem to find a consistent set of circumstances when it will. However in general when I steer away from decal solutions and just use Future it only occurs rarely. You can get the effect of a decal solution just using diluted Future unless the decals are very thick. It has always intrigued me and I wonder if anyone knows what might be going on. My water supply is soft and very slightly on the acidic scale (not by much) so maybe that has something to do with it.
  9. Good point. They moved two wing guns close into the fuselage didn't they. I presume they shot though the prop?
  10. Nice build BTW. I really like what you've done with this little kit.
  11. True but moving the landing gear mechanism close in to the fuselage gave them more space in the wing to play with. I assume this was enable better weapons systems but maybe they improved the wing profile? Interested to know. The Spit followed the same design with the same drawbacks/advantages.
  12. I've just looked at the stencil plan in the instruction sheet on Scalemates. All I can say is that you are a braver person than I. The diagram is completely mad. https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/3/9/7/1121397-16-instructions.pdf
  13. In 1/72 I generally do all of them unless they are tiny and I am getting bored. On a recent Zero there were some that were just tiny single lines on the Printscale sheet. As Printscale causes me headaches at the best of times I ignored them. Come to think about it I really started to dislike Printscale on that project. I was once driven nearly insane by the fuselage numbering decals on an Airfix bf109E. I still shudder when I think of them. You may know what I am talking about. I do find that a good set of stencils seems to add something, even at a distance when the individual markings are not obviously discernible.
  14. Very true - but if you look at the link I provided at the beginning of the thread (repeated below for convenience) you will find a fairly detailed discussion on the subject with different figures depending on the method of comparison. I have always found it the most useful site for this sort of thing. https://www.measuringworth.com
  15. Yes - a right pain to deal with. Shame they can't do a run in hard plastic. Does anyone know if there's a technical reason this is not possible? It would make them much more appealing to modellers.
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