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  1. I have a sample of the Mig Ammo 915 Dark Green (BR41) discussed in this thread. It was the paint supplied in the Early RAF set. It is roughly business card sized airbrushed on plastic card. I am happy to donate if no one has already done so. If you want it, is there a preferred address to send it to?
  2. I'd love to try these but you only seem to be able to buy sets in the UK. Does anyone know a UK supplier who stocks the range as individual paints?
  3. You are not wrong, I think it is a generally accepted fact. In addition the word Blue in this context may mean more than the actual colour. BTW The Russians divide blue into two separate colours. The whole duck egg blue/green thing practically ruined my childhood as in those days there were a limited number of colours of Platignum Felt tips to colour in my Battle of Britain film colouring book. I was worried about the Dark Earth/Green/Sky thing long before it became fashionable.
  4. I may be out of date (usually am) but I didn't know there was a Glossy Black in the regular Model Air. I am a great fan of Vallejo Metal Colors. I recommend using them with the Gloss Black primer as per instructions. The primer will last for years and if you do a few metal finishes you will get good use out of it.
  5. There is some discussion here that may help you: https://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/discussion/6216151/no-more-paypal
  6. I've just done a little research and discovered that eBay is indeed changing its relationship with PayPal and that will affect sellers. In effect they are separating from PayPal. However this could still easily be a scam preying on this fact. I would do what others have suggested and log into your eBay account independently from this email and see if there are any messages.
  7. A very good rule of thumb is that if requests use terms like URGENT or URGENT REMINDER they are scams. Don't click on anything.
  8. I had this recently on a paint mule that I hadn't used for several weeks. I wonder if that is a clue. That was using Vallejo Game Air paint. It looked exactly like your image but as it was a mule I wasn't concerned. The paint worked fine on the real model. Maybe dust or something like that gets in between the existing layer and the new paint?
  9. Mr Surfacer numbers refer to the 'thickness' of the liquid. The higher the number, the thinner it is. 500 is more paste like and 1500 more paint like.
  10. I would be interested to see how they work with models. They may well be the answer to certain colours that are well documented but hard to find as acrylic paints. I was recently struggling with something close to True Blue for a PT-17 and they could have provided it. Similarly some Italian colours are hard to find. In the UK I notice that they are supplied by Jacksons art suppliers. I may well do a couple of tests in the next few months.
  11. On the contrary it has sparked my interest in those paints and been a fascinating discussion.
  12. Yes but those colours are within a certain range (or gamut) and there are many colours that can be perceived by the human eye that are outside that range. The range is defined by the particular colour space e.g. sRGB. The diagram at the top of this page should help. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SRGB Presumably the deep Sky, Yellow and Matt Red that Rolls-Royce analysed (above) exist outside of the triangle in this image. It would therefore be impossible to match them using the sRGB colourspace. If you put the closest possible one against the exact one you m
  13. I think this is a great bit of kit. The only improvement I could imagine is to somehow have it fit in one of the modular storage drawers to stow it away when not in use.
  14. SAS: Rogue Heroes – the Authorized Wartime History by Ben MacIntyre (2016). Even if you have read many books about military history the early exploits of the SAS will amaze you. If they made this into a film no one would believe it was true. The book is very readable and takes the reader though the sometimes hilarious, sometimes emotional, but always daring evolution of the unit during the desert war to the brutal special forces NW Europe campaign from 1944 - 45. I think one of my favourite moments was when the SAS discovered that if they were engaged in the nocturnal p
  15. That may not be the case. If you use enamels then you would still buy Colourcoats because they are the best. However if you use Acrylics then you wouldn't buy them in any case but a set of swatches would be something you would buy - so maybe it would increase their sales. They would be easier to post and I for one would be willing to pay a fair price so I suspect they could turn a reasonable profit. If you were a company set on copying their paints then you could just buy them anyway so I don't see how it is weakening their position in the market - possibly quite the op
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