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  1. Audacity is my goto free and open source program for this sort of thing. Small leaning curve but then very powerful. https://www.audacityteam.org
  2. Because when they announce the immediate release of their new 1/72 Avro Manchester no-one in the country will be able to get any more work done for the day as they will be so excited. So the UK government have advised them to do the announcement later.
  3. Me too. There was a flower shop in Ryde on the Isle of Wight, where I lived as a teenager, called Gay Flowers. It was opened in the mid 70s when the chippy that was there moved to bigger premises next door. I'm sure the couple who named it only meant it as 'Happy'. As kids at that time we didn't associate it with anything other the flower shop that used to be our chippy. Sometime around the late 70s it gradually became the subject of occasional jokes, so in my mind that is when the term gay changed its meaning where I was. I suspect in those days cultural changes like this moved around much more slowly. Perhaps we were a bit behind on the Island The shop lasted into the late 80s as I recall (might be wrong there). It was opposite a most excellent model shop BTW. Also sadly gone. But for anyone close by, there is an excellent one on the Island called Upstairs Downstairs in Sandown which I always visit when I'm over. Sorry - off topic.
  4. Excellent job - one of my favourites as a kid. It always had to be accompanied by WW1 British infantry - especially those two with the hula hoops. Here's a thought. This model was released in 1967 and depicts a 1916 tank. That is a gap of 51 years. The Airfix model is now around 54 years old. So the model is closer in time to the original tank than we are to the model. Makes me feel old.
  5. Watched it this evening. narrator "This is the first Lancaster gun turret to be fired for 50 years." me: "That's not a Lancaster turret" my wife: "Guy Martin is very cleaver isn't he?" me: "Its an American B17 turret. Why did he say it was from a Lancaster?" my wife: "I do like his programs..." It was worth watching but a little less detailed than his usual stuff. Interesting to watch him taxi the Lanc.
  6. I really like these; https://www.ebmahobby.co.uk Lots of options depending on what you want to store. They can end up being a little addictive.
  7. I grew up with the Boadicea pronunciation but am forced to admit that this was a medieval concoction based on earlier misspellings. Whilst we have no way of knowing exactly how people spoke back then it is most likely that her name was Boudica. The Wikipedia page on her has an interesting section on her name. Apparently it was pronounced with the vowel in the first syllable as ow in bow-and-arrow. Either way, an interesting charactor.
  8. I used to watch The Flashing Blade on Saturday mornings around 1970? It had a deep and lasting influence on me. When times are hard the kids of the 1990s only have the Telly Tubbies to fall back on. I have, castles, 17th century battles, swords, muskets, stirring music and bad dubbing. All of which are still a big part of my life.
  9. Modern TV: Manhunt with Martin Clunes (ITV catchup). Probably the most accurate police procedural in recent times. Very painstaking but surprisingly exciting and suspenseful. Excellent drama. New series All Creatures Great and Small (channel 5 catchup) - against all expectations this is superb. New series Magnum (Now/Sky). Good old fashioned fun. Brokenwood Mysteries (UKTv streaming). Only found this recently. Another throwback to gentler times. Trollied series 1 - 3 only. Went downhill after the main characters left. W1A. Possibly the funniest series ever made and I’m not convinced the BBC got the joke, especially after they rebranded BBC 3. Old stuff that I am watching or have recently finished and enjoyed: Lovejoy - time travel back to the late 80s/early 90s. Fantasy Island (series 1). “Boss, de plane, de plane!” Scarecrow and Mrs King. This one passed me by in the early 80s when it was current. Kate Jackson, Martha Smith, mad plots and cheesy Soviet spies. What’s more to want? Bionic Woman (original) - Umm, probably the most cheesy fun you can have without actual cheese. Upstairs Downstairs - Working my way through the 21 DVDs. Intelligent writing, good acting. Really good period drama. Original Dr Who. Before it went rubbish. Jon Pertwee, Kate Manning, Elizabeth Sladon, dodgy Daleks, angry maggots and very dodgy/angry dinosaurs. Fantastic.
  10. Pete F

    Paint Brushes

    I always buy my brushes from Rosemary and Co. Very good quality and value for money. Their selection is huge. https://www.rosemaryandco.com. No connection to them just a satisfied customer.
  11. Pete F

    Model Shops UK

    For anyone in this part of North Yorkshire I have just been to the Malton Model Shop (AKA World Wide Shopping Mall Ltd). It is in the Old Cinema and has recently reopened fully after COVID. They have taken over most of the small shops in the mall and expanded their model range so now have a good selection. Further I have noticed that their online database seems to always be up to date so you can get a very good idea of what they have from that. https://www.worldwideshoppingmall.co.uk. All in all some positive model shop news for once.
  12. It is a SSUMPD Mk II. This stands for Spouse Surveillance Unnecessary Model Purchase Device. Their use is banned by Britmodeller but they still appear now and again. Don't cut it open, it will self destruct taking your latest five purchases with it.
  13. In terms of the decal options it is correct. I guess we have to see the sprues and layout to see what options may be considered for the future.
  14. Costs slightly less in the link I gave above (unless there's a difference in the postage charges that I haven't looked at). Personally I wouldn't be without two lamps now. They allow complete control of where the light falls and allow you to remove shadows with ease. As for which of the two is better I suspect It is down to the the dimmability of the Luminos. However I have found the D35500 Lumi very well made and always stays where you put it - I haven't missed not having a dimming function - there are two brightness settings but mine are usually full on. The lamp itself isn't serviceable but not sure that matters given the projected lifetime. So in summary (IMHO) for modelling, two non-dimmable lamps are better than one dimmable one, if other factors are the same and the total cost is the same.
  15. This is what I have. I bought two in the end (about two years ago) and they have proved to be very good situated either side of my work area. You can get various configurations but I just use the desk clamp ones. You can buy stands etc. later if you desire. Your price range would allow you to buy two. https://www.heamar.co.uk/daylight-task-lamps/65603-daylight-lumi-task-lamp-5022737355005.html
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