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  1. Hi Ash. In terms of documentaries there are many available and I imagine they all have their strengths and weaknesses. However there are two that spring to mind. The first is The Great War. This is from 1964, so is old but still a very worthwhile watch and will give you a good starting point. Just bear in mind that when it was made it was still very much in living memory so some interpretations have since changed. The wikipedia page covering it is here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Great_War_(TV_series) Secondly and more recently I can recommend Peter Jackson's They Shall Not Grow Old. This does not provide anything like as much in depth information but does convey a strong sense of the conflict though digitally recoloured footage. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/They_Shall_Not_Grow_Old As for tanks I shall have a think about it but in general terms I have found that books are a better source of information for more detailed facts. Osprey produce some readable introductions to the subject. I might be inclined to start there.
  2. Rock Paper Shotgun is a web site dedicated to computer gaming news. I'm not usually interested in most of the content but read it every weekend to keep up to date with Tim Stone's The Flair Path column in which he writes about historic war games, simulations and other related subjects. This week his article concerned the test pilot John Williams. I found it an informative and entertaining read. I suspect anyone with an interest in UK post WW2 aircraft might be interested so I thought it worth sharing. You can find it here: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2020/05/29/the-flare-path-talks-to-a-test-pilot/
  3. Really good - reminds me of the film Welcome to Marwen which was odd but I enjoyed it.
  4. Your list pretty much sums up why this is such a compelling hobby. For each build I end up with a mental list of diverse things I have learnt. I just love that. Great model thanks for sharing.
  5. Maybe - but the North African campaign could still have gone either way right to the wire. It was probably worth pushing it as far as they could. In any case it is usually worthwhile testing a new weapon in combat when you have the chance. Given how effective the Tigers were IMHO the Germans should have committed more (but I don't think they could by then). Umm - I am not convinced that Panthers (at least for a long time) were the wonderful tanks that they are seen as today. Except - a German Middle East would have been a game changer. And it nearly happened. There's something in that. I think that lots of easily manufactured weapons often trump the amazing stuff that is expensive to build and maintain.
  6. I wish people would stop posting pictures of real aircraft and saying they are models Seriously I can't believe this is the old Airfix kit. Which metallic paint did you use?
  7. I think that this is actually an intriguing subject. Having read the Roy Cross books and appreciated the detail that he went into with his aircraft paintings I can't equate the bizarreness of these illustrations. Do you think it was because there was a sparseness of historical knowledge at the time as to when certain AFVs went into service? Thinking about it, this can't be right as even as a kid I think I knew it was incorrect. I did wonder if it was the tan/sand colour that lead artists to believe the tanks were in North Africa.
  8. And it appears to be depicted in North Africa. They talk about children being traumatised these days but the memory of finding out that there weren't Panthers in the North African campaign still makes be reach for the Scotch.
  9. Not sure if you already knew this but according to Battle of Britain Now and Then (1989, p. 407) the complete surviving remains of this aircraft were recovered by the Brenzett Aeronautical Museum in 1977. Maybe they might have some extra info that could help you?
  10. I'm interested in this as I often try and model specific RAF WW2 aircraft and their squadron/aircraft codes. Am I right in assuming that there is no standard method for matching codes against serial numbers.
  11. For me that's about one aerial wire on a 1/72 Ju87b with the amount of attempts to get it to stick
  12. Not sure where you are, but in the UK I got my last from https://www.modelscenerysupplies.co.uk. All arrived promptly and well packaged. No connection to the company.
  13. It looks really good. I have one in the stash and this is making me think about starting it. I like the idea of the magnets. So you didn't go for the pilot decals in the windows then? It's something I was wondering how it would turn out.
  14. I think that this would be a good idea and the only reason I haven't done it is that I learnt dot filters from online videos etc and all of them showed it being applied on the base coat so I started doing that. It is one of those cases where I haven't had the inclination yet to do an experiment and move it up a few layers. I guess after all the work I am reluctant to try something new and maybe it will not work so well on the matt coat. I have been meaning to give it a try some time. It will mean an additional matt coat but that shouldn't matter. As to the final coat - I always do this because some of my weathering sometimes uses powders and this fixes them. But I agree with your thoughts on this. I think my weathering isn't pronounced or professional looking enough to justify it. Sometimes we do things by force of habit and it takes a conversation like this to make one question them and experiment - just not on my current model!
  15. In a similar way I glued some strips of anti-slip matting to the tops of the supports. It makes the aircraft sit without any real chance of movement and protects the paint. It is useful stuff and cheaply available at most catalogue stores in big rolls.
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