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  1. Big white triangle

    Excellent love a good vulcan build I'll be watching this popcorn at the ready
  2. Wow they are fantastic both of them. Love the S1. Top work
  3. I decided to have ago at the spliter plates. These are very crude intakes. but better than nothing. Especially as this is supposed to be just a bit of fun. Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr some supports for the intake skins on the lower halfs. Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr some crude attempt at a victor intake but im happy so far. Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr I have started reducing the tail fin too. Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr Here is the old Frog kit which is a better representation and has the longer nose. I am trying to decide if I am brave enough to chop the nose off and extend it or if I live with it and if its all worth it.., Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr According to research and my dodgy maths the lindberg kit would be extended by 11.7cm but thats asuming its accurate to start with which it is not. Thr frog one is made from the official plans (says so on the box) But how much that can be trusted and how good a job they did is debateable as this too has some howlers. So what next. Nose chopping or get on with it an make it look like a victor... Decisions decisons Another problem seems to be the canopy area of the lindy one being too far back but I can live with this.. I think Rob time for a drink..
  4. More progress on this, Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr Not perfect but certainly an improvement. Rob
  5. Well this is a nightmare... why do I put myself through these things. I have pointed the outer intake shape and got something looking more Victor B1 like its a very complex shape looking different from all angles so I will settle for what I have achieved however I now have to try and skin the insides and that is seeming realy hard to do. Best Idea I have is marking the line with masking tape where I will run some sheet plasticard along. on the inside wall first then gradually glue it around the inake lip to achive the curve,. Then cut it back and support it from the insides. Then I hope when I bring the two halves together that I can make them meet on the outside edge, then later use filler and files etc to make it look like something is in there. I may not bother adding the central spliter as it seems in most photos impossible to see whats in there and I believe it was painted black inside from a certain depth so shadow might be my freind here. Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr Hopefully looking more like a B1 now. Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr Guide rails added to align and attach the sheet card. Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr Any suggestions welcome... Time for tea Rob
  6. Hi there all I am just making up an old Lindberg Victor Bomber Kit. I want to make it look more like a Victor B1 and need to extend the nose area of the fuselarge by about 11.7 cm, I realise I will have to cut it and extended it. I have plenty of plasticard and milliput at the ready. But do any of you have any tips on this to make a good job of it and keep everything aligned. Cheers Rob
  7. Well I have been fiddling around with this for a few days and Added a Victor into the mix. I love the Victor but never had many kits of it to build. I am yet to get hold of the new Airfix one but I have these Lindberg ones and some of the Dragon ones on the stash first. The Lindberg one again has issues lots of them but again has oddles of charm. I am going to try and improve it a little again the intakes need attention. It has the opposite problem of the Vulcans too wide intakes. This time they are two narrow even for a B1. I will be building mine as the B1 version and will be modding the tailcone, Reducing the height of the tail fin and if I am brave enough extending the nose... Scary job for just 11.7 cm of gain.. Firstly I have been experimenting with different ideas for the vulcans intakes and I have now abandoned them all and have a new plan. (awaiting delivery of ton of plasticard) This is the shape I want. But how to build it ? hmmm more beer and thinking . Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr as for the above I have ditched that idea and now making a jig to stretch a shape around that will be a central former then remove it from the centre hopefully giving me the shape. Then remove the jig after strenthening the outer wall. then cut to shape. Thats the idea anyhow. Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr Enter the Victor !. I have started work on the intakes. Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr They are wider and not quite the right shape yet. Cheers Rob
  8. What do people use Humbrol 66 olive for?

    Here is a shot of my Vulcan from a few years ago and the Sopwith Pup I am making at the mo. Both use HU66 both brushed witht the acrylic variety before and after Klear and varnish. Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr on the Vulcan I was going for this look. Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr Cheers Rob
  9. What do people use Humbrol 66 olive for?

    It does look grey wet but dry it looks more green but not obviously green
  10. What do people use Humbrol 66 olive for?

    Well mine are the acrylic version and I've found them consistent over the years just add Windsor and newton flow improver and stir like mad. it all looks better after a coat of Klear. its one of those colours that you perceive differently when it's seen alongside other colours like medium sea grey etc
  11. What do people use Humbrol 66 olive for?

    I have found humbrol to vary sometimes. Sometimes I'm glad of this. ive also noticed with humbrols especialy newer ones that you can stir for ages and think the colour is weird then suddenly something happens and the colour changes to what it should be. as for hu66 I've had greyer and greener tins the acrylic does seems greyer but it's one of them shads that can respond differently to certain lights. It can appear grey green, green, brown, brown green. Love the stuff.
  12. I wish I had seen it so much. If I had a time machine id go right back there. So its back to the drawing board. I have made this from the drawings and upscaled it to 96th from 144, Its not shown on the drawings but im tryingt to model the more slight slope of the lower outer curve on the vulcans intake. I am still not sure how im going about this but I am going to try and take what I learned from scratching the ones I made for my Frog vulcan and do something similar for these. I may end up cloning this in Resin too. (If successful.. ) Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr So back to it. Rob
  13. What do people use Humbrol 66 olive for?

    Haha thanks I was just thinking it would Ben perfect for this scheme. Again always seems much darker in reality to what we are told to use in the tins.
  14. Yes lovely classic kit full of charm. I have the victor on the way to so I'll do one of those too. Its grosse that they scrapped it. I spoke to the museum about it as a child in the 90s and was told by them it didn't matter it was just a vulcan like all the others. I then educated them that it was actually unique and a totally different aircraft than the B2. That plane could have been saved the comet and argosy from that time that once stood with them still do so. They seem to like scrapping Vulcan and Victor B1s at Cosford they had another Vulcan B1 there I think it was XA893 and they kept the nose section which is currently off display (probs scrapped that too) they scrapped the white and camo victor B1 too. I just about remeber the B1 in camo must have been around 92/3 as it was not long before the Hemp K2 replaced it if I recall correctly. so I was thinking it would be nice to make a dio of the white vulcan and Victor as they are but perhaps with a bit of modellers licence and tidy them up a bit. Then they can be a "what if they haven't scrapped them" model. amazing that XA900 survived to 85/86 and no one had realised its Significance. cheers Rob
  15. Welcome. Here is a project I started good few years ago. Its the old Lindberg Vulcan. I have always loved these old kits. Its not terribly accurate but its got tons of charm and really captures the esscence of the time this vintage kit was made. An exciting new time for technology and a futuristic comic type vibe. Its as described by a friend of mine a Charachature of the vulcan. Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr The art work is inspiring this is one of many boxings of this it was even released by Revell at one point which is how I first built it as a kid in the 90s. I have made many of these over the years just for fun and not really put the time or efford in to make it really well so this time I want to put my all into this one and make it a little different. It will be something a little unusual for our Bomber Command SIG Table at shows I hope. The 1/96th scale I feel is great for shows its bigger than 1/144 and smaller than 72nd , Ideal for dios and with the balance of space and size. I am building from the latest issue of this kit from a few years ago which has nice forgiving plastic not the brittle type of the originals. I plan to make a few mods to this to make it look more vulcan like. First off I am Improving the look of the intakes which are awfully over scale especially for a B1. I have widened them width wise and I shall narrow them and scratch build the intakes to look more like a Vulcan B1. I fitted the supplied intake parts but removed the spliter centre section to allow to use them as a foundation to build into the wing the new intakes. here seen with an old and not particularly well built one I did a few years ago. Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr I have added the smaller windows and will maybe remove and scratchbuild the over size canopy and bomb aimers blister both of which are very squat. I will also be stratching the leading edge of the top wing halves to add the original shallow kinked wing edges. which should help give the curved under wing shape where you can see on a B1 how the kink was added to the orginal straight wing. Its not blended in like the B2 which had a totally different wing. After those mods are done it should look a lot more like a Vulcan B1. In an unusual move I think I might model it at the last one at Cosford which was controversially scrapped just so it could be replaced by a B2. the Vulcan was said to be in a bad state and it sure was inside but you can clearly see from these photos it was very much solid and in one piece externaly. Solid enough to be dragged around the back of the Hanger with the Victor B1 and scrapped. Somthing that has agrivated me since I was a child going to see the white Vulcan and finding out they had destroyed the only original Avro 698. So I might do it as this plain partially painted Vulcan. Here it is just before scrapping partially repainted. Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr The final moments for the only original Vulcan B1. one that had been painted Silver, White and Anti Flash White. Untitled by Rob Hayes, on Flickr Cheers Rob