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    I have many interests model making (railways aircraft and sci-fi)
    Air shows, socialising, history, music, food,
    I'm a friendly chap and like to chat I'm also a professional musician and guitar teacher so if you fancy a jam gig or lesson PM me

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  1. Frog Vulcan B.MK.1 Restoration Project

    Hello ! Yes hopefully I'll manage to get on here more now. Had some personal stuff to deal with and a sick Dad. Also the Band stuff has been full on but we finally got the EP released and we are on tour next week. after that some normality will be a treat and the smell of poly cement haha
  2. Frog Vulcan B.MK.1 Restoration Project

    Well it's nearly a year on and I still have not got back to this so I must soon along with the myriad of other projects. I am sorry if I have missed any replies and seemed rude. I have hardley been on here for ages and had a great deal of good and bad things going on in life and been unusually busy but it's settling down now at last. So hopefully I'll catch up soon. I am finding this new site hard to navigate it seems pretty alien to me at the mo and I'll have to get familiar with it all. hope every one is well miss the modelling the people and the shows. Just in case you wondered I am still alive lol Rob
  3. Please can you vote for me in this Competition

    Thanks very much chaps. Also I'd be curious to know how I've changed sleeperservice. Might be the lack of beard
  4. Hi folk please may I ask for your help. I need your support. I have entered the Ibanez Flying Fingers 2016 competition. Please can you watch my 1min video and if you like it vote for me. It only takes a click on the mouse. Cheers Rob http://flyingfingers.ibanez.com/2016/?s=Rob+Hayes
  5. It's a Victor!

    I can't see anything not to like. As for decal options you got the majority of stuff available for the version given covered outside of serial numbers And Sqn badges perhaps but many where like this. You could easily make other version without Airfix providing more decals and putting the price up. There are already loads of decals out there for the victor B2
  6. It's a Victor!

    It's because for most of the time the D rounded camo was worn unit markings where not allowed by the RAF and later they where brought back in the 70s I believe. White ones tend to have more variations in unit markings. Early camo tend to be just that. But each will have its own slight variation. In camo patterns I'm happy with what's on offer and this day and age knowing about how expensive these are to tool from when I was working with Dapol. £55 is fair . (Even if I wish they was cheaper)
  7. Vulcanicity's...Vulcan

    Amazing work and making them Intakes is a right pain in the backside. Took me a good day or two to get it how I wanted it. Amazing dedication on the rescribe. You have some patience dude
  8. Frog Vulcan B.MK.1 Restoration Project

    Thanks Pete good to be back I've never been so absent before but busy with the band a lot lately. Filming a music video next week. Good to get back to this though. Have you moved ? , I see your name has changed. Sorry about the popcorn haha it's not good for you anyway Cheers Rob
  9. Spitfire Duo Build MK1a

    Sorry for the late reply cheers chaps I will "crack on" with these soon again hopefully not "cracking" anymore canopies. I found them a crazy tight fit over engineered or not engineered enough I cant decide. One is fitted I will gladly take the spare of you Ced Cheers Rob
  10. Frog Vulcan B.MK.1 Restoration Project

    Right FINALLY.. getting back to work on this old dear. I have given it a light mist over with Halfords Filler primer after spending ages sanding away and filling shaping the cockpit, Exhaust tunnel taper to cans, tail fin, etc. etc. Still work to do and to decide how extensive a rescribe will be. I can either totally omit the wing detail , keep whats there, or correct it.. last being a massive job. I need to correct and re scribe the radome lines. Add Porthole windows and sort the air intake splitter plates I added to start correcting them. They have ended up very much to thick so I am thinking I might just get rid of them altogether and add much finer ones now the intakes are in as they should actually be quite small much smaller than you think. Here are some shots of it around and about so you can see how all the new details are sitting into the overall shape a bit better. Good day Rob
  11. Spitfire Duo Build MK1a

    Anyone got a spare canopy for one of these. ? I have managed to drop it and stand on the damn thing
  12. Spitfire Duo Build MK1a

    Cheers guys it's good to be back Some progress
  13. Spitfire Duo Build MK1a

    Worst interior effort ever from me here. I have got used to putting more time in on the insides lately but I am not bothering this time. Looking at my others not much will be seen. Half Arsed I know Getting there though
  14. Spitfire Duo Build MK1a

    Cheers folks. I'm hoping they won't take to long it's going to be the usual rattle can paint finish from me which should speed up things a bit. I might be lazy and buy some Eduard masks for these I used them for the first time on my Stirling and I was blown away with how good they are. Good to be back just been so busy with my Band and making life changes so modelling has had to take a back seat but man is it good to get back to it.
  15. I have been away ages now I have not touched a model for ages and all my projects are quite a commitment and as I have been so busy the past 12 months I wanted to just make something and complete it for a change whilst I start getting back to grips with the other models. My Mum found these two kits in a Charity shop so I thought I would make them for my Dad who really aint so well at the moment and he would like these to be displayed with The Stirling I made in November. I have just given them a quick mist over with Halfords Primer and I am just going to go simple on the interior as sod all will be seen at the end. One will be OOB the other I will source some different decals for from the spares box. I am hoping to get these done quite quick but we will see. I hope these don't become yet another slow build. Cheers Rob