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  1. Wow, pretty good You lot really ought to get out more! Guy
  2. Ah well done. 3 correct answers! Any advance on the others? Guy
  3. Hi, I made a trip to Hendon again today. Thought I’d post a few pics… See if you can guess the aircraft! Answers on a postcard Guy A: B: C: D: E: F: G: H: I: J: K: And just some pics of aircraft…
  4. Ps I’ll post a few pics in the relevant section..
  5. Ah thanks chaps, I went to Hendon today, fabulous. I also popped into Hannants and drooled over a lot of models… Guy
  6. Thanks all Just got divorced Pascal.. it seems to have taken forever. I’ve been renting so no chance of modelling - I’m moving into a permanent home next month - don’t fret, it has a garage come workshop! It’ll take me a few weeks/ months to get sorted/ decorated then normal service will hopefully resume. Bissie is still on my old bench gathering dust… hopefully she’ll dust down. Amazing how much I’ve missed the therapy of modelling… Guy
  7. Hello all, Having a bit of a life event domestically at the moment, so there may be a bit of a gap, hopefully back soon.. Thanks, Guy
  8. Ah thanks, I’d forgotten about this one. Not the easiest kit, but it has potential. Guy
  9. Nice photos! The oil canning effect is quite noticeable - not that I’m suggesting you replicate it! I wouldn’t… Guy
  10. Thanks again, Basically, no Pascal. I think the shading adds enough of a weathered look for my tastes. I’ll probably do a little more here and there on the hull perhaps. It’s got a pin wash for the detailed recesses, but even that’s grey so doesn’t stand out too much. Guy
  11. I can’t believe you’ve made that out of nothing Pascal, looks incredible! Guy
  12. Decks on! Still required a bit more trimming and had to fill a couple of gaps with infills but looks ok. One word of warning - I must have missed a small patch of deck with the varnish and I went to wipe off a small blob of glue (Gorilla Wood Glue - worked very well) and it takes the printing right off. I had to cut out that section and glue in a replacement. But I can’t notice it now, so no harm done. Apologies if the pictures are getting a bit repetitive, but I have limited angles to photograph from due the size. Let me know if you’re getting bored! Guy Ps. I’m quite pleased with the bridge glazing, best I could do with the thickness of the plastic, but looks way better than the kit moulded window recesses.
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