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  1. Genius! Well done Roman... thanks Guy
  2. Ps Roman, I've tried to buy those but the Milicast website says my postal address is not valid? But it is - I’m in the UK? Any ideas? Guy
  3. Ah thanks Roman, That’s very helpful. The figures look good. Yep, Birthday today, thanks for noticing Guy
  4. Hello all, I don’t often do armour, and never before this scale, but was drawn to this tiny kit. It’s surprisingly nice - well detailed, good fit, link and length tracks. I’ve added a set of PE for the side armour, a brass barrel and radio aerial. The figures are from Caesar Miniatures. I liked it so much I’ve got an American 1/72 Sherman in the post, but I can’t find any suitable figures? Any ideas? Thanks for looking, Guy
  5. Lovely.. thanks for posting that Thanks Andre, but I’m using MRP’s Russian Primer - Lemon Grey... Great buy... looks incredible in the box don’t you think? So, I’ve started the paint work. As I’m using MRP paints (these are fairly translucent), I’m basically going for a fully formed pre shade, with a top coat to blend it in with the Lemon Grey, leaving the pre shade/ panelling to show through. Here’s one of the (many) rounds of masking: Here’s the under coat complete: This is after a coat of Lemon Grey... There’s still a fair bit to tweak and a lot of detail painting to come, but I’m hoping it’s going to end up looking like this: Thanks for looking in. More to follow! Guy
  6. Yes, thanks I'm just quite blown away by the detail and quality. Definitely a great ‘out of the box’ model if there ever was one. Little bit further on.. The fit so far is great. Guy
  7. Hi all, Not my usual subject matter - jets or Russian, but I stumbled across a photo of a ‘bare’ Flanker in Russian lemon green primer and thought how cool it could look in model form. This combined with the fairly new Great Wall Hobby Su-35S Flanker in 1/48 tipped me over the edge . I ordered one from Hannants and on opening the box I was gobsmacked at the quality - literally the best looking kit in the box I think I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing. It’s stuffed with very finely moulded parts and the small details are super impressive. I don’t know how it would build but a great start! In fact, on the back of this I picked up a GWH Fw189 and that looks equally good. I’m a convert. The kit is huge for this scale. It’s a beast of an aircraft. I started with the cockpit as per usual and the detail level is exceptional. Raised switches and details in abundance. There are decals for each of the areas but you’d have to file off all the raised detail, so these seem a little superfluous. I did use elements of them though for the screens (yes, I know they probably should be powered down and blank, but I couldn’t resist). Next up were the wheel wells and again are packed with detail - all the plumbing and wires are separate parts. Its cleverly engineered too, there are no join lines on the top surfaces at all and I’ve just fitted the top half to the bottom half and so far so good. I'm planning to make this totally out of the box as I can’t see what you’d need to add. There is a Photo Etch sheet - just for added surface detail. The only slight quibble is the decal sheet - it’s not bad, just doesn’t look quite up to the standard of the rest of the kit, but I’m not planning on using them anyway as it’s bare primer. There seems to an excellent weapon load and these are all one piece mouldings - so no tricky seam lines to remove. Here was my inspiration: Thanks for looking in Guy
  8. Super job, hard to improve on that... Guy
  9. Great! Hadn’t seen that Guy
  10. Thanks again Just the standard Tamiya, but I added a hint of brown to scale it down a bit.. Guy
  11. Rigging is cheating basically.. just 0.2mm fine stiff wire glued on... Agreed, I think canopies can still improve a lot. They are always massively over scale in thickness - even on the top kits in all scales! Many thanks for the lovely comments :) Guy
  12. Ps I just realised I’ve forgotten to add the pitot tubes... will fix that one in the morning
  13. Hello all, Just finished the rather diminutive, but exquisite 1/72 Airfix Tiger Moth. I was very impressed with the kit! I added the Eduard PE set (which costs twice the price of the kit...). Decals from Xtradecal. Thanks for looking Guy
  14. Thanks Bill, yes, it is tiny! Just a home mix of red with a splash of burnt umber Michael... Guy
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