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  1. Hello all, Just another completed towards my ongoing quest to build up a collection of eccentric biplanes. The ICM He51 - rather a poor kit if I’m being honest. Poor detail, poor fit, poor connection points, but apart from that - excellent Nice subject though and the decals performed well. Just difficult to make into a nice looking model close up. That said, here she is... And here’s my huge collection so far... And here’s my collection stash! Hopefully to be transformed into mini aircraft soon... Guy
  2. Thank you! @Wulfman Thanks, I’ve just ordered an Albatross C.III - looks very nice. Guy
  3. Thanks guys, and thanks @Stew Dapple Yes, I’m aware of that boxing, but I would like to make something different! There does seem to be a dearth of high quality biplanes (any era) in 1/72; or am I missing something? Guy
  4. Hi all, Just finished this exquisite little 1/72 gem. It really is a delight to make - it’s basically a really nice 1/48 kit shrunk . Can’t think of anything in this scale to match it tbh. I’m on a roll of starting a mini collection going of 1/72 eclectic biplanes that take my fancy. Mostly they seem to be older kits though. Can anyone recommend any other well designed kits of that nature? I think I’ve seen most of Eduard’s offerings in WW1 and, obviously Airfix, Tiger Moth, Gladiator and the Vintage Classic range, but anything else? Guy
  5. Just a set of Eduard belts out of the spares box Johnny. Thanks all, hopefully some more progress soon. Guy
  6. Thanks chaps, Yes, I’m quite happy making the struts, but as they’ve all broken (I think they came cracked on the sprue) I wanted them as templates, but if you say they don’t fit anyway, then I may well press on! Guy
  7. Ps forgot to post an earlier picture before painting... Guy
  8. Morning, Just to prove I haven’t given up on the Demon. I’m waiting on replacement cabane struts (which were broken) from Airfix. Normally this is very quick but with the crisis I guess they’re taking a bit longer! The main issue for me was how to represent the chromed cowlings as I think they’re key to the look of the Hart family. I contemplated using bare metal foil. I haven’t used it before but in the end I couldn’t see how I could get it to conform with such a curved surface (although I didn’t try either), but settled on Mr Paint Super Stainless Steel over a black, glossy base. Looks the part I think? I’m always wary of masking high shine finishes from previous experience, so that creates other issues. I mixed the flat silver main colour. It looks a bit too grey if I’m honest, and it’s exacerbated by the the photos, but I wanted a contrast to the chrome which it certainly is. But here’s where I’m at, still waiting for parts! Guy
  9. I’ve gone off weathered models recently, but that’s done so nicely - you’ve captured it just right. Lovely job, Guy
  10. @Nick Charnock That looks great Nick, I think I tried to use wine bottle top foil, which was just too thick. Incidentally, Eduard do some lovely PE flags (double sided) that work well. Guy
  11. @Andreas.R Hi Andreas, That’s a great idea.. Thanks Guy
  12. That’s very kind of you, I’ve cropped out most of the sticky glue fingerprints , The Pontos set really does add a lot. Guy
  13. Thanks, I’d definitely recommend the kit. Good fun The cockpit is resin btw. Very neat in this scale. Guy
  14. Hello all, Just finished this rather lovely 1/72 kit of that well known Praga E.241. It’s a limited run kit, but I was impressed with it - good detail and surprisingly, a really good fit. The lower wing clicked into place like Tamiya! I’m now quite taken with RS Models as they have a splendid range of eclectic aircraft not seen elsewhere. I can’t vouch for the other kits, but this one was a pleasure. Just goes to show you don’t need to spend a ton on a kit and aftermarket to have fun. Anyway, hope you like her, Thanks for looking in Guy
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