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  1. Nothing wrong with being a Truckie Glen. I was a Pongo pilot, but looks like we both ended up on the 777 so can’t be all bad! Guy
  2. Ah thanks chaps, Thought this thread was dead and buried back in February! Guy
  3. That’s it in a nutshell Simon, I didn’t use a orange top coat tho.. just the oils... it took me about 10 mins, easy really. Guy
  4. Thanks again Yes Simon, just oils over a light striped base as usual.
  5. Ah Thanks Just plain old fishing line... I’ve got the ICM Stearman next up. Cheers Duncan, shame I won’t see you at SMW this year... Guy
  6. Hi all, Hot off the bench, very nice kit - but the Meng additions are average - Instructions/ Decals. The wings were bent, but easily reformed with hot water and brute force! All insignia masked and painted. Work in Progress here: https://forum.ww1aircraftmodels.com/index.php?topic=11486.0 Guy
  7. Thanks everyone, It was a fun build and I’ve got a few more Ardpol in the stash... I obviously converted this one though from the Airfix Lancaster.. Built at the end of WW1 - 3 aircraft, all slightly different: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avro_533_Manchester Guy
  8. Thanks Vince & John.. Forgot to mention that! Adjusted the title. It’s God’s own - 1/72.. Guy
  9. Hello all, I never knew there was a WW1 Manchester, the original lineage of the Lancaster! The now defunct Ardpol - It’s a beautiful little resin kit, my first all resin and I learnt a lot along the way. Nearly had a disaster with the top wing and struts - my Achilles heel! Other Ardpol kits seem to have PE - this didnt, and the instructions showed turret rings and Lewis guns, but nothing supplied in the kit - again my two other Ardpol kits do have these, so whether they were missing from my kit or just not included I don’t know. The real aircraft was unlikely to have
  10. Obviously Terry! Thanks Colin, that’s nice to know. Yes, I’ve personally gone a bit off the current trend of shading everything to death. Can look great, but everyone does it now, so I’ve gone the other way and want to build ‘clean’ like the old days . You can get away with it more in 1/72. Guy
  11. Hi Mark I used 0.14 mm but that’s overscale, but to my eye it looks fine. If you did true scale (about 0.07) I think it would almost ‘disappear’ Guy
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