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  1. The fit was great. I read that some people had issues with the gun turret glazing, but seemed fine to me - just popped into place. The new Airfix kits really are a pleasure... Guy
  2. Yep, The kit kit was a pleasure to make. There were lots of extras added but it would be lovely straight out of the box. Great to see Airfix thriving again! Guy
  3. Gisbod

    Best wooden kits?

    Great, thanks for that... Will research those. Guy
  4. Hi all, Randomly, I quite fancy building a (static) wooden ship model... Can anyone recommend the best manufacturer/ kits? Thanks, Guy
  5. Thanks chaps not sure what’s next, maybe the Wingnuts Junkers D.1 Guy
  6. Thanks for the comments.. Probably is is a little too shiny. But they did appear to have a light sheen... Guy
  7. Hi all, Finally finished... thanks for those looking in on the build thread. It will hopefully appear in ‘Scale Aviation Modeller’ at some point. Thanks for looking, Guy
  8. Gisbod

    Airfix 1/48 Defiant + extras

    Thanks.. Yep, I’ve learnt that the more stark the better with fairly dark top colours. Almost disappears and then on top of that the Gloss goats and weathering... just a hint remains! I’ve finished the markings now and glossed up - I’ve recently discovered the Alclad Gloss which is by far the best I’ve come across as of yet (not their Aqua Gloss). Away at the mo so pictures to follow then a few rounds of subtle (I hope) weathering - so definitely on the home straight. The Montex Masks worked very well... it’s nice to see the riveting through the marking which just wouldn’t happen with a decal. Guy
  9. Gisbod

    Airfix 1/48 Defiant + extras

    Thanks Håkan, Montex Masks up next... Guy
  10. Gisbod

    Airfix 1/48 Defiant + extras

    Thanks... Little further: The pre-shading is done, waiting for the colour to go on. I’m using the lovely MRP lacquer paints - beautiful to spray and great colours too. For the colour coat I’m using their Sky for the undersides, RAF Dark Earth & RAF Dark Green for the upper surface camouflage: The ‘bubbling’ at the wing root is just the masking fluid dabbed on (after a localised silver applied) to represent the chipping & wear later on in the process. I ended up using the ‘Top Notch’ set of camouflage masks. An easy solution to colour demarcation! Thanks, Guy
  11. Gisbod

    Airfix 1/48 Defiant + extras

    Thanks Håkan, Would the flap interiors be cockpit green? Guy
  12. Gisbod

    Airfix 1/48 Defiant + extras

    Just to prove I am actually progressing on this kit (albeit slowly)... I’ve glued most of it together (excellent fit) and radically, for me, I’ve attached a lot of the sticky out bits which I wouldn’t normally do until I’d finished painting, but I could just envisage getting glue everywhere over my painstakingly painted finish, so decided to risk it all being knocked off. Hopefully, it’s protected by the temporary wooden undercarriage (aka cocktail sticks). A coat of primer is on and sanded hence it probably looks a little patchy in the photos, and the riveting is lightly done. I’m hoping this doesn’t disappear under the paint, but will be visible - just. Cheers, Guy
  13. Gisbod

    Airfix 1/48 Defiant + extras

    Thanks.. Apologies for the delay- I’ve been on holiday Will be up and running again shortly I hope. I’m after a diagram showing all the riveting patterns? I’ve tried googling but haven’t found anything that clear yet. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Many thanks, Guy
  14. Thank you You wont regret buying this kit... Guy
  15. Gisbod

    Airfix 1/48 Defiant + extras

    Finally got the fuselage glued together, not without the usual mishaps here and there. As beautiful as the Yahu instrument is, I found it was a little too wide for the kit.. This may have been my error - paint on the joints perhaps, but as I was test fitting the components I squeezed a little too hard and the panel buckled and cracked. A shame. Luckily I had the Eduard panel as a back up. So, after all that the Eduard IP is now in place. Looks fine, just slightly annoying, but no harm done. Here's the interior prior to closing up... The Eduard interior detail was used and I modified the kits throttle quadrant by replacing the levers with brass and superglue knobs... The other side... The (almost) finished turret - Ive lost a bit to the carpet (garage workshop floor) monster. Hoping it will turn up before long... Cheers, Guy