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  1. Hello all, Having a bit of a life event domestically at the moment, so there may be a bit of a gap, hopefully back soon.. Thanks, Guy
  2. Ah thanks, I’d forgotten about this one. Not the easiest kit, but it has potential. Guy
  3. Nice photos! The oil canning effect is quite noticeable - not that I’m suggesting you replicate it! I wouldn’t… Guy
  4. Thanks again, Basically, no Pascal. I think the shading adds enough of a weathered look for my tastes. I’ll probably do a little more here and there on the hull perhaps. It’s got a pin wash for the detailed recesses, but even that’s grey so doesn’t stand out too much. Guy
  5. I can’t believe you’ve made that out of nothing Pascal, looks incredible! Guy
  6. Decks on! Still required a bit more trimming and had to fill a couple of gaps with infills but looks ok. One word of warning - I must have missed a small patch of deck with the varnish and I went to wipe off a small blob of glue (Gorilla Wood Glue - worked very well) and it takes the printing right off. I had to cut out that section and glue in a replacement. But I can’t notice it now, so no harm done. Apologies if the pictures are getting a bit repetitive, but I have limited angles to photograph from due the size. Let me know if you’re getting bored! Guy Ps. I’m quite pleased with the bridge glazing, best I could do with the thickness of the plastic, but looks way better than the kit moulded window recesses.
  7. Just sneaking in a quick update. I’m about to apply the decks. I’ve (hopefully) already prepared them in terms of cutting up the Scaledecks to fit, so it should be a straightforward job(!). I’ll hopefully post some more pictures tomorrow. Night all, Guy
  8. You’re embarrassing me Jon! I quite fancy one of these, the clean finish compared to a WW2 ship appeals. Ironically you probably need less shading effects on a ship like this! Will follow with interest. Guy
  9. Thanks, Is there a ‘best’ resin ship manufacturer you think? Guy
  10. Actually Jon, I just meant the base kit. Are they better than an injection kit equivalent you think? Guy
  11. Lovely little ship Jon! I’m interested in sea bases as I haven’t tried one yet but intend to (not for the 1/200 Bismarck though!). One of these kits might be a good starting point. There seem to be so many options for bases, it’s a bit confusing. Do you think they’re better than a standard plastic kit equivalent? Guy
  12. Thanks! No problem Jamie, I’ll use it all up on others I’m sure. But yes, the base colour is basically there already, it only requires a thin coat. Thanks Pascal, I didn’t know that, so thanks for giving me a heads up. Odd though really, you’d think it would be just as easy to post as the order comes in, maybe they save them up for one trip to the post office… Not much further, other than I dropped this section trying to apply a pin wash. Looks like it’s been in a car crash.. that’s the problem with ship kits and PE - it’s so damned frangible! I hope it can be recovered. Bit gutted really. Guy
  13. Thanks, Re AMP and flags, I had this response from them… We are trying to set up on Etsy or a similar platform, so that the platform takes care of tax. But we haven't gotten there yet. We will keep you posted! Not sure that helps me, but I’ll put it on the back burner for a while. Incidentally, I ordered a set of crew from NorthStar. It will be interesting to see what they look like in the flesh. That’s about it Jon, you could just do black and white for a bigger contrast, but thought I’d try with the grey as the top coat is a light grey too and quite pleased with the results. Re the white, it’s not so much a dusting as spraying bursts on the areas I want to highlight. I think a dusting would be lost in the overcoat. Jamie gave me 4 pots of Hellgrau 50 for the superstructure - I used half a tin! I diluted it 50/50 with their thinners and just sprayed enough to keep a subtle, but visible contrast between the light and dark areas. Not everyone’s cup of tea I suppose, but you can easily adjust the effect to your own interpretation. Incidentally, I had finished, but went back for another thin coat as I thought it looked too stark on reflection the next day. Guy
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