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  1. Thanks for the comments, all appreciated! I do love building 1/72, it’s just that I’m always left a little flat when I see the photos! Guy
  2. Afternoon, Finished the Arma Hobby 1/72 Hurricane Mk.1 (mini build thread on here). Thoughts - excellent kit, great fit, nice surface detail, Masks & PE included, no real drawbacks! I’m told the scheme was probably only a planned option, but I went with it anyway as I’d had the masks cut for the insignia. I can’t seem to settle on scale at the moment, I’ve recently re found 1/72 and these are the only ones I’m likely to keep as a collection as others are generally too big to have hanging round, but I’m generally disappointed with the end photos as this scale never really pings in close up shots. That said, I do like them in the flesh! I’ve bought a pile of 1/72 kits but now I’m not sure! Anyway, here she is... Happy Sunday! Guy
  3. Hello all, Just a quick mini update as she’s almost finished, but one more progress shot.. painting done - insignia masked. The panel lines are particularly good in this scale, particularly after having built a couple of Airfix kits.. Next update will be in the finished section I think. Cheers, Guy
  4. Thanks Mike! That’s very helpful.. As they are very reasonably priced, I’ve been like a kid in a sweet shop! I’ve already bought the Lightning, Vampire, Hawk, Spitfire (ridiculously deep panel lines tho). I’ve also started a Tucano which is from the 90’s I believe.. I like it, but you can see the difference.
  5. Thanks Just out of interest, what other ones would you say were the best of the bunch? I can see myself getting addicted to Airfix 1/72! Guy
  6. Ah many thanks, The kit falls together, but it took me a long time to paint! Guy
  7. Beautiful little kit from Airfix, an absolute gem! Straight out of the box with kit decals. I’d quite happily make many of these in different colour schemes. I don’t often say that about kits.. Guy
  8. Ok, a little further down the line with the internals done and painted. Just ready to close everything up. Guy
  9. Hi Graham, Thanks for that, that’s a shame, but I’m happy modelling the planned scheme, but I’d be interested in any grey Hurricane pics! Hey Troy, I did try re the undercarriage, but I thought it a bit of a squeeze and I’d probably break them that way anyway! All glued in situ now anyways. I’ll just have to man up and cope.. Ah well done Procopius, Did your kit turn out ok? Guy ps coincidentally, I’m in Chicago today blooming cold!!
  10. Hi all, After the 1/48 ‘Hurricat’ thought I’d have a go at the Arma Hobby 1/72 Hurricane Mk.I. First impressions are excellent - lovely detail, beautifully refined surface detail and a set of PE & Masks. The only flaw seems to be a fair amount of flash on the sprues. Two options for the canopy open/ closed - the open one looks a little thick at first glance. I wanted to do something a little different on the colour scheme so after some hunting around on the net I came up with this: Norway 1940 (the top one - half grey) Montex Masks, but not available in 1/72 but I have a modelling friend who very kindly knocks me up masks Construction starts with the undercarriage and lower wing. Unfortunately it has you build the struts in situ and despite initially thinking I could add them after I succumbed to realising they really needed to be fixed in place now I rate my chances of getting through the build without breaking them off as 50/50 at best Great detail though! The Photo etch fret is fine, but the plastic is so well moulded I honestly think most of it is redundant - I’m not using most of it. Pretty amazing detail in the cockpit for this scale! Just an example of the flash on virtually every part, it’s easily removed but a bit of a pain on the smaller, more fiddly parts: Thanks for looking in , Guy
  11. Ah thank you Joachim, Wise words indeed. It’s definitely a fault of mine... ... and thanks to all that have commented. Guy
  12. Ah thank you, you’re too kind. It’s just that when you’ve been staring at a model on the bench for a number of weeks you know every little flaw. I don’t think I’ve ever finished a model yet that I’ve thought ‘That’s great - it’s flawless’. As soon as they’re done I just want to chuck them in a box and start something else... Ah yes Tony, my mistake! I will get round to doing that at some point... Guy
  13. All finished. In summary, the Airfix kit was great, the Catapult from NeOmega was very nicely done. Quite pleased with the result, as long as you don’t look too closely! Build thread here: And this is how she turned out: Guy
  14. He is, pretty exceptional I would say. Just wish I could do him justice! BarracudaCast - picture of the package on page 1. All finished now. Just about to post it on the completed models section Thanks again for tuning in. Guy
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