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  1. Couple of questions if I may… I ordered some 1/200 fabric Kriegsmarine flags on line, but my money got returned with no explanation, so I guess they’re no longer doing them. I think it was a company called AMP. Any other sources? Not Bismarck related, but why do British Battleships have X & Y turrets at the stern and not Y & Z? Just curious! Thanks, Guy
  2. Afternoon, Just doing one of those jobs we all love.. mini masking Cant wait to get the main colour down (Hellgrau 50). Guy
  3. Hi Colin, Yes, I have seen similar. I do think they look good. I might try one at some point! Guy
  4. Ah thanks Jon, I’m kind of winging it though paint wise, I don’t really have a master plan, just see how each stage pans out then think about the next. Guy
  5. Hi Fredrik. Thanks for looking in. Yes, I’m quite shocked how long this is taking! By far my longest build to date and still so much more to do… But I am finding I’m not rushing to finish for a change, just really enjoying each stage with no end date in mind. It makes for a much more relaxing state of mind! Guy
  6. Priming! This is what I faced: I started with black primer, oversprayed that with grey primer, then highlighted areas with white primer (all the MRP fine surface primer range). Here’s a selection of the results: Normally a quick spray job taking a few minutes, this is a different kettle of fish! It took all afternoon and a couple of bottles of primer… Sovereign paints up next. Guy
  7. Ps if you zoom into Bruno turret in this photo (at the Fjord) you could convince yourself the barrels look the same as the last picture posted above ie two tone (not light grey) ie red! Blast bag/ Dark Grey/ Red Guy
  8. Ah right, so only the barrels on B&C and not A&D, good job you said that I would have done them all the same. That said, there is this photo which shows Anton with dark grey barrels! But then again! There’s this one one which seems to suggest dark barrels overall, but additionally red (?) on the overlap of the areas? And red turret tops, but with full Baltic stripes.. From what I’ve read the order to paint the turrets yellow only occurred once they were at sea, which if done, would mean no Baltic stripes as they were overpainted by then. If only it were elementary my dear Watson… Thank you Jon, yes I had seen that and very interesting it is. Guy
  9. Thanks Jamie! But I think those have the superstructure stripes too? The fjord picture has them painted out and the sloping turrets in that photo look distinctly light grey. I presume they did the overpainting at rest in the fjord, so it may have only had the hull stripes without the superstructure for a matter of hours?! But you would do the 150mm and 105mm guns with dark tops too? Guy
  10. @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies Jamie, or anyone else? As I’m about to paint, can I get a definitive answer about which bits should be dark grey for the Fjord period pre the final voyage - eg gun barrels? Secondary armament? Decks etc. I do see the general consensus on colour charts seem to be light grey for the aircraft deck (as Pascal has done) yet the photo recently posted of the catapult from above shows the deck there as distinctly dark? Also the contentious main turret tops? I’m assuming dark grey from what I’ve read (and not the sloping sides) Please someone tell me I can do them red! I think the yellow was painted en route so - post hull stripes painted out. Basically, I’m trying to do this: Many thanks, Guy
  11. Hi Alan, thanks, it’s nice to know someone actually reads it! Yep, very frustrating re the decks, but nothing else is as nice either. I’ve been made a Beta tester on their Mikasa deck, so it will be interesting to compare. I just don’t know when I’ll get it. Best bet so far is November. Hi David, Yes, I always like a brass looking model. I fear it will only look worse under paint! Thank you all for the comments. Guy
  12. Thanks Jeff and Sam, Is SMW definitely on this year? Ok, here’s the big update I’ve put together everything I’ve done so far and everything seems to fit. Please excuse the curly decks and gaps- nothing stuck down yet, just a big pile of Jenga - I’m going see how many sections I can pull out from below before she topples (not really). I think I’m at the painting point next! Guy
  13. That looks excellent Jeff! I’d need to knock one up the size of a coffin though I can just imagine wincing over every jolt and pothole from the south coast to Telford… Guy
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