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  1. At least today's is a sneak preview but I won't spoil the surprise.
  2. Just picked this up on a visit to my local shop. It is very nice. I might even finish it. Please Airfix can you reissue the Sea Vixen as well pretty please?
  3. I was idly listening to a radio interview with Guy Garvey, lead singer of Elbow when they got to the usual questions these days about Lockdown effects. He said they were Ok, the kids grandmother was staying with them and was reading the bed time stories. Then he dropped in "Did you know their grandmother is Dianna Rig?". Dayum! Now I was interested. The interviewer made little of it but I am thinking how amazing that would have been. There was always an impish mischief about her that I really liked and can only wonder if she added to the stories she read to them.
  4. Our marketing president, whom I had known for years when he started with us as a salesman, had taken up a youthful looking hairstyle where his now long greying locks were slicked back over his head. It looked awful. One day he scurried into our section looking a bit harrassed and muttered that he felt like he'd had his head up his bottom all day. "Well that explains the haircut then." I said. At least he changed it shortly after and looked much better for it. Just one in a littany of faux pas that made me redundant at last.
  5. Any twin boom in any of the usual scales. I know Sword did these but 2 seat Harriers, Lightnings and f1,2,3 in 1/72. A modern RN warship. A small scale SS Great Britain
  6. Also check out Vivian Stanshall's full album of Sir Henry at Rawlinson End. I think they also featured in the Do Not Adjust Your Set TV Series and I've just found them on You Tube so that's my evening sorted!
  7. Another Neil Young Song "After the Gold Rush" covered by Prelude - hairs on the back of the neck stuff. A song on desolation "The Pub's got no beer". Slim Dusty...
  8. And to further prove me wrong I just got a email from them. It's like they know or the power of Britmodeller. And to further prove me wrong I just got a email from them. It's like they know or the power of Britmodeller.
  9. A splendid effort Sir. I hope he will be able to be feted in person by all very soon. Thanks to the various media outlets who brought his efforts to World wide attention. A desperately need Good News story.
  10. Anyway it seems they have changed to 1001 Hobbies, with a new even odder looking phone number I couldn't connect to and zero response to an email I sent when I re-registered. And then the paints turned up this morning 9 days after being sent and my brother is a very happy bunny. I hope he can now enjoy assembling the 1/9th Kettenkrad (it was a toss up between a bike and a tank and it landed on edge). I must say I envy the glue fest to come. It looks fun.
  11. Excuse if it is the wrong forum but is anyone able to contact 1001 model kits.com? I have a small order for some paints that haven't been delivered and when I try their website via the email notifications I got for the order but my password didn't work and I got no reset message when I tried to reset my password. I tried the phone number on their site and the call drops immediately. I am struggling with poor internet at the moment but most other things seem to work Ok. My main concern is that the paints are for my brother who is stuck at home and he wants to make a mode
  12. Funnily my partner asked me the other night how I got into making models. I know my dad made a Frog P-61 and Shell Welder in front of me.After that it was down to a DIY shop with bagged Airfix kits at 1/9, it was great to see the contents before you bought, pr another shop with Frog kits with the Fantastic artwork. We often went to Scarborough and I would be left to browse the models in a dark shop where they were stacked from floor to high ceiling for a hour before I would select an Aurora or Revell or Heller kit. I made every space model I could find during the Apollo missions.
  13. 642.5 light years so it's on it's way. 50 to 100 light years is the safe range of a supernova so enjoy the show.
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