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  1. I am having a go on an S2C. Thanks for the extra pictures - very off-putting.
  2. Marvelous!!! What did you use for the rigging? If you can find it Modeldecal did a sheet on interwar RAF aircraft for the Siskin, Fury and Bulldog. The Oxford blue they used on the roundels looked fantastic. Someone should do some more.
  3. 1/72 Airfix Buccaneer S2B XV683 "Debbie"/"Sea Witch". See Usherette build thread
  4. Ok calling this one done. This has taken me several years to actually get this far with any model and I've re-learnt a lot in the process. Starting is no problem, the FG1 and S2C are already half built but I stall on something, loose bits and start others. At least doing the build on here with your encouragement kept me focused. So I got the probe from the S2C and the 2 small sensor probes that were an aperitif for the Carpet Monster. He still hasn't coughed up the probe or ladder set. Pictures in the finished gallery soon.
  5. Nearly there.. Dog dirty and loaded for bear. The carpet monster has taken the re-fuellng probe so i have an S2C on its way to donate that part. I also got a Flightpath ladder set but that has vanished as well. Either may turn up though.
  6. The wheels on the Bucc... Nose-wheel is a little free to pivot at the moment and I tried putting the nose-wheel door on the wrong side and cut off a hinge as I couldn't fit it. One "Doh!" moment later.... Stores done. More stencils than on the rest of the aircraft. I am presuming the painting went a bit more carefully around the all important role equipment. I found the white rescue arrow on the Desert Storm sheet. It has complete markings for all six aircraft so if anyone wants to do another scheme them I'll pass them on.
  7. Even minimal markings put models to a higher level. Yes it certainly looks like there are not many other markings that I can see.. The only one I am missing is the large white RESCUE arrow on the port side of the nose. I think I can move the under-wing roundel out slightly so it's not overlapping the pitot boom. It seems that way in the photos and frankly who would paint it like that anyway - far too much trouble for us modellers. Hopefully the visibie gauges on the fuselage are on the Airfix sheet. I now have a load more stencils and markings on that sheet for the other Buccs tha
  8. Ok so sprayed and the important decals are on. The instruction sheet says many of the stencils were over painted so I will have a shufti at the reference photos to get an idea on that. The decals look good but it's a bit early to tell if they have taken well - MiG decal Set solution on standby.... I am not happy with the sprayed xtracolour paint - but I am out of practice with spraying and when putting the decals on in critical daylight with the help of my partners spectacles I see so many rough bits that also show in the phone photographs
  9. Nice vid. I note one had a wing tank and others had no inboard pylon fitted in the early flying of Granby at least. Luggage was also stored in the bomb bay but sometimes forgotten about. An RN Buccaneer on deployment was asked to demonstrate a toss delivery profile to some dignatories on an RN warship. Duly obliging the pilot pulled up and rotated the bomb bay and a giant teddy bear flew out, heading towards the ship. The Nav had stowed it there.to take back to his kids after the deployment. i hope it was retrieved for him. Another time a Bucc returning to base from a foreign base,
  10. Fitted the hook with the tail bumper deployed. I've drilled out the coal hole/rear avionics bay hatch as I see it open on the one picture I have of a Granby Bucc being prepped for a mission and Airfix do supply the hatch separately. Blast shield fitted - not a very positive fit but the windscreen is sublime as is the canopy itself but I intend to fit that open so all my hard bodging on the seats can be seen more easily. So I have stuck down the small separate bits to be sprayed and stuffed various orrifi with tissue paper and I think I'm ready to spray
  11. Seats done. This is about a week of fiddly fiddling. Handles from fuse wire and lot of different paints. The front seat slid in. The rear was tight with the spikey thing on the nav console - I've no idea what it is but it's on one of the Britmodeller ref photos so it must be right and I shaved the location tab off the seat to get it to sit right. The lateral seat offsets are just about visible though at a full-size of 8 inches total it may be wishful thinking. Wing tips, RWR pods and flaps attached but the remainder of the cockpit and canopy to be done and as I like to hav
  12. I've had worse but I keep wondering why I am having problems when a lot of it goes together so well. One outer wing fitted perfectly but the other needed some fettling to fit acceptably. Thankfully I don't mind sanding and filling at all.
  13. Anyway 4th time is the charm hopefully. Nose is on for the last time. The intake shrouds fitted OK on top but not quite so well underneath. Added the airbrake which also needs a smidge of filler. At least everything is Bucc shaped at last. I can now work on the seats and have sessions of sand and fill at the same time.
  14. OK so I lied... I was a bit stumped by the seats (more on that momentarily) and they did seem to slide in so I put the nose together (with a healthy snippings of lead sheet and plastacine in the radome) and stuck it on the fuselage. I had two goes but I haven't got it lined up and there is a step to remove both sides. I think the arrangement of having the rear cockpit bulkhead act as the key to fitting the two parts together might be the issue or just I'm cack-handed.. Now the seats. The ones supplied are the early model. Later ones had the large fibre
  15. Well sort of. Rear end and tailplane on. The fin cap fit is a little off compared to most of the fit of parts. The rear body join and nozzle fairings have had a wipe of white stuff and hopefully will not need much more than that. I attached the wrong hook well but I broke the end off and managed to got the chaff and flare bit on instead. I also am stuck with the airbrake open option as I managed to use the wrong petals on the closed option- next time mark the bits you aren't using! All this without finishing the cockpit first.. I normally get away wit
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