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  1. Ah Wingnut Models! I believe they were instigated by Peter Jackson with his desire to have models of WWI aircraft and this they have executed superbly and a 1/32 Lancaster as well? Clearly they have no worries from accountants or stockholders or any other parsimonious pariahs. Poor Airfix meanwhile lack the unfettered single mindedness that leads to magnificence or ruin. I applaud they made serious strides to improve accuracy and the fit of parts is verging on the fiendish but there is something lacking in their models now that makes them more of a chore to build than a joy but I don't know why. Maybe because it is all done for you. I've not had a molding or missing part problem that was not of my doing. As for their development range all they have to do is ensure the subject hasnt been done or done as well as they can achieve.
  2. Oh... I am just doing their FG1 and was impressed by all the flap options to pose it in catapult launch condition and I was hoping the Bucc would be the same. Still some enterprising after market set perhaps. Or do some old fashioned cutting bits out.
  3. Well that's me to a T. Explains a lot. Interesting program though Celebrity Boxing appealed to me too. I would like to see more of the research and how they pick their subjects.
  4. Puddings can be a great comfort when a relationship goes sour because I used to love her but it's Pavlova now!
  5. Harrier GR1/3 in 1/48th Jet Provost in 1/48th Hunter T7/8/12 in 1/48th Swift in 1/48th Vampire single seater, (Sea) Venom,Scimitar, Attacker and Sea Hawk in 1/72 or 1/48th Re-issue Banshee, Skyray, KGV, and Stingray. Thunderbird 1/2/3/4/5 please? Gerry Anderson's son is now i/c licencing and I'm sure he would be up for it.
  6. Happy happy happy.... As the Airfix F-4K could be configured for cat launch and storage so it's only fair that the nose-cone, flaps, aileron, tailplane and its flap and the airbrakes should be poseable. if only so I can get more of them on the shelf. There was an article in the Airfix magazine about a 1/72 section of Ark Royal (IV) flight deck complete with blast deflector as well so.
  7. ...and married (still). Finally doing the Lynx HMA8. Any chance of the rotor fold? A new tool Harrier GR1 in 1/32 is a missed oppertunity. 1/32 ME262 a single seater? Have I said 1/32 enough?
  8. That is understood but does the licensing cover re-boxing? I'm probably not the sharpest tool at the picnic but if Revell reboxed and sold them in Europe then Bandai would benefit from the deal, if the licence is a percentage of the sales they would benefit, Revell would get a cut of the sales and we get the SW kite of our dreams and support 2 fine companies as well. The irony of the company now failing in such short order after it trumpeted it's take over of Revell to foist more of their core business to a wider world is not lost on me either even though I am one sandwich short in the kitchen drawer. Likewise a similar deal on the Japanese Anderson models.... I know I know.... ITC or whoever will not sanction the sale of anything related to the series that would boost interest in them and lead to more sales for them.
  9. Remind me again, which bits are in trouble? Revell Germany have done some very nice kits for a good price in recent years but a lot have ended up discounted. There seems to be a lot of Star Wars kits coming from them at the moment but are they selling. If bandai had unfettered access over here ..... They coudl do no worse re-boxing them like the Zvede Start Destroyer - hoping thst will get discounted.
  10. There seems to be some interest in one of the Airfix pages about a Hampden restoration at Cosford using parts and original drawings. Meanwhile in my whiling away the dark milennia moments until their announcement i think a new P-47?Yak-9 would be logical Reusing existing research : 1/48th Swift 1/72 Sea Vixen,Javelin 1/72 SE5A/Camel as its 2018 next year isn't it? A new Buccaneer in 1/72 or 1/48th or a Phantom FGR2 1/72 because I'm biased Some revamped tanks in 1/76 to the Cromwell standard for a change.
  11. Because he can, he does and the templates are free to download for a limited time. http://uhu02.way-nifty.com/ Have a look at some of his other models whilst you are there.
  12. I sure it already has. He is still waiting ... A new Vulcan? it's a possibility. My local plastic pusher sells a couple every week so it's popular already I for one am sure that all sales forecasts are pure guesses and how any creedance can be placed on any of them I'll never know. All you can do is pick a good subject and do it well and Lord help you if there is a signifcant error in it. Mind you with the RAF centenary next year we could be in with a chance of several new RAF airframes. They have the main ones covered already though a bit lite on the pre 39 so bring back the Sopwith Pup and the AW Bulldog. They never did an SE5A did they?
  13. I love a classy bird and that is a very nice model too! - especially the gold foil decals.
  14. My intro to Eric Bogle and my favourites. Two moving songs.
  15. The printer has a 15cm cube area to print in but so far it has issues getting above about 10cms before something happens - when I am out of the room of course. That nosecone is 11cms. I think the reel fouls the drive at height and I'm going to do a stand alone reel holder. Fortunately the printer preparing code lets me sink components through the table so I can finish such interrupted prints. I believe it is possible to extend the table laterally so longer pieces can be done but it does take a long time to print. There should be no reason why the whole printer concept cannot be scaled up. You just need the patience to print it out. It does do detail but how much and how well I have yet to find out. i'll be doing some test pieces but if you have any test subjects I'm willing to try them for you. I think it can be relied upon to do the basic shapes well but you would have to see to the surface finish and detailing yourself. In 1/35 it might do oil drums and crates etc but not small delicate stuff like sign posts etc. Maybe a concrete bunker building? Currently layer thickness is 0.1cm and it is visible as you can see in the photos. You can get a smoother finish with ABS - like Lego plastic but it smells bad and the smooth finish involves acetone fumes so not for the home. Another trick is to cast in aluminium from PLA master using the lost wax process. It sort of makes you think "Oooo!" and then "Erm,,,," Due to the warping the model bits I have done so far will need some filling but I have many many years of doing that. I have enjoyed messing with it and it's cool to make something and get it printed but then find it's wrong and doing it again. i made a case for a Raspberry Pi for a colleague over Christmas and the stress was very high at times. I can see this getting better and more practical and in the end model work may loose it's value when it can be just printed out just like music, films, books etc.
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