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  1. Another Neil Young Song "After the Gold Rush" covered by Prelude - hairs on the back of the neck stuff. A song on desolation "The Pub's got no beer". Slim Dusty...
  2. And to further prove me wrong I just got a email from them. It's like they know or the power of Britmodeller. And to further prove me wrong I just got a email from them. It's like they know or the power of Britmodeller.
  3. A splendid effort Sir. I hope he will be able to be feted in person by all very soon. Thanks to the various media outlets who brought his efforts to World wide attention. A desperately need Good News story.
  4. Anyway it seems they have changed to 1001 Hobbies, with a new even odder looking phone number I couldn't connect to and zero response to an email I sent when I re-registered. And then the paints turned up this morning 9 days after being sent and my brother is a very happy bunny. I hope he can now enjoy assembling the 1/9th Kettenkrad (it was a toss up between a bike and a tank and it landed on edge). I must say I envy the glue fest to come. It looks fun.
  5. Excuse if it is the wrong forum but is anyone able to contact 1001 model kits.com? I have a small order for some paints that haven't been delivered and when I try their website via the email notifications I got for the order but my password didn't work and I got no reset message when I tried to reset my password. I tried the phone number on their site and the call drops immediately. I am struggling with poor internet at the moment but most other things seem to work Ok. My main concern is that the paints are for my brother who is stuck at home and he wants to make a model I got him for his birthday before all this malarkey started but he wants these particular paints.
  6. Funnily my partner asked me the other night how I got into making models. I know my dad made a Frog P-61 and Shell Welder in front of me.After that it was down to a DIY shop with bagged Airfix kits at 1/9, it was great to see the contents before you bought, pr another shop with Frog kits with the Fantastic artwork. We often went to Scarborough and I would be left to browse the models in a dark shop where they were stacked from floor to high ceiling for a hour before I would select an Aurora or Revell or Heller kit. I made every space model I could find during the Apollo missions. I was prolific doing one a week but then I started reading Scale Models and discovered filler, sanding and inaccuracies and I suddenly had a shelf of doom and a stash..
  7. 642.5 light years so it's on it's way. 50 to 100 light years is the safe range of a supernova so enjoy the show.
  8. So here is our two. Belle was given to my partner as company though truth to be told she wasn't ideal for life in a static caravan from whence she came. Despite a large wood next door she will only go in her dirt box and won't use the catflap. That and constant shedding makes her hard work. She also hates all other cats which it makes it awkward for... Tiger. We thought he was a stray, but with an Oscar winning performance as a poor starving waif, he suckered us in and after a fraught period with his original staff he finally moved in this year. He does use both the woods and the cat flap but the constant aggro means we have to keep them apart for now. Never a dull moment
  9. I think the rest of the releases will be announced in early January unless they want to tease with the advent calendar again. Excellent box art this time, Looks verrrrry tempting.
  10. You could fit two Buccaneers under a Vulcan . A Vulcan was spotted and "shot down" at low level on a Red Flag mission. The pilot accepted the kill and elected to continue the mission for training purposes but didn't declare the 2 Buccs hiding under his wing. Some where there is a photo of them taken through the bomb aimer's periscope. So new Vulcan and Buccaner S2B this year? Expecting a P47D, hoping for a QE.
  11. Ah Wingnut Models! I believe they were instigated by Peter Jackson with his desire to have models of WWI aircraft and this they have executed superbly and a 1/32 Lancaster as well? Clearly they have no worries from accountants or stockholders or any other parsimonious pariahs. Poor Airfix meanwhile lack the unfettered single mindedness that leads to magnificence or ruin. I applaud they made serious strides to improve accuracy and the fit of parts is verging on the fiendish but there is something lacking in their models now that makes them more of a chore to build than a joy but I don't know why. Maybe because it is all done for you. I've not had a molding or missing part problem that was not of my doing. As for their development range all they have to do is ensure the subject hasnt been done or done as well as they can achieve.
  12. Oh... I am just doing their FG1 and was impressed by all the flap options to pose it in catapult launch condition and I was hoping the Bucc would be the same. Still some enterprising after market set perhaps. Or do some old fashioned cutting bits out.
  13. Well that's me to a T. Explains a lot. Interesting program though Celebrity Boxing appealed to me too. I would like to see more of the research and how they pick their subjects.
  14. Puddings can be a great comfort when a relationship goes sour because I used to love her but it's Pavlova now!
  15. Harrier GR1/3 in 1/48th Jet Provost in 1/48th Hunter T7/8/12 in 1/48th Swift in 1/48th Vampire single seater, (Sea) Venom,Scimitar, Attacker and Sea Hawk in 1/72 or 1/48th Re-issue Banshee, Skyray, KGV, and Stingray. Thunderbird 1/2/3/4/5 please? Gerry Anderson's son is now i/c licencing and I'm sure he would be up for it.
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