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  1. Not really ever considered them toys but I did enjoy the play value of the models that had moving parts, when the gear would fully fold in and out, the bomb doors work etc. The Airfix Buccaneer S1 did have a lot of play in it. The Revell F-111 had a particularly neat folding undercarriage. Don't get much of that now apart from props and turrets turning in the smaller scales.
  2. Ooooo a 1/144 A4 Kiwi from Platz and there are 2. Watch the horizon on this,....https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/31925/new-zealand-a-4s-flew-crazy-formation-rolls-while-plugged-in-to-a-buddy-tanker
  3. Well mine has arrived at last. Tiny crease on one corner of the box top but the clear parts look absolutely fine and were well wrapped and packed. For those contemplating how to smuggle theirs in I can say the box is smaller than you would expect but it is quite deep. First glance at the skin wrinkling it looks quite subtle and it does it for me. Probably the last model I will ever buy if my partner finds out how much it was.
  4. Spraying. Airbrushing is for those that get it right. Endless cleaning and masking. Getting the airbrush to flow decently before I run out of paint. Get more paint on my hands and when it finally gets on I see all the blemishes that the finish shows or acquires from somewhere. And then bits get knocked off when I try to remove the lumps that seem to turn up between sessions.
  5. Finding a model shop tucked away in a backstreet stocked with an eclectic mix of types and manufacturers Browsing same for hours. Deciding what I should buy even though I have a shelf of doom and shame extending back many years because it would be rude not too. Successfully getting it in undetected. The first unboxing to get that whiff of mould release agent that soon goes. Finally starting. Closing up the interior. Getting the seams seamless. Finding that pesky part on the floor after a long search at pile height. Finding there is still room on the shelf so I can start yet another one.
  6. Hi, I am a newbie at this too but I'm slowly getting the hang of the Form part of the tool (the purple bits). You can create a flat strip with 2 divisions across and several divisions along its length. Then chose Edit Form and drag twist the short cross pieces in pairs to get a ribbon type effect. It is a bit fiddly and would take some practice to get the shape you want. When happy Thicken the ribbon. If it's not too tightly wound it should work. I have found a lot of trial and error is required with the Forms. To get tighter twists in it you have to shrink the patch between the lines on the ribbon.
  7. I agree that plastic kit prices are getting expensive. I dont know the cost break down but the plastic is more expensive, the cost of mold manufacture is lower thanks to CADCAM, the number of active modellers is lower and the cost of shipping has increased. Meanwhile the price and cost of 3d printing is reducing and their resolution and size are increasing. There will be a point at which wholesale model manufacture will no longer be viable and there are still more model manufacturers. .
  8. Draw a 180 degree arc about one of the axes and then make a body of revelution? Just done the 16 myself - there is a lot more to find out but it's almost fun.
  9. This is what they should be aiming for....https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/41892-the-black-project-discussion/
  10. Oh nice.... but any chance of full engine access and a foldable nose so I can fit more on the shelf? It looks like a lot of the 1/72 features including the Pulsator chaff and flare dispenser locations. Some of this could be the 1/72 scaled up.
  11. Thanks Speedy but that link to the UK site is the one I am having problems with. When I get to the Download Now bit it goes back to Sign In and then you go around and around... However if you go to the US site it seems to be working correctly and it is setting up even as I type this.
  12. I have tried to get the free version of Fusion360 from the above link and I just seem to be going around in circles. Are there any suggestions as how I can access it please?
  13. You could try a different medium. No painting necessary and can be disposed of easily. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/fly-model-71-avro-vulcan-b-mk2--1101458
  14. I would like some inter-war RAF aircraft; the Oxford blue roundels are gorgeous. Perhaps if they did a 1/48th Gladiator with war and pre-war markings? A new 1/48 Buccaneer naturally and a Gerry Anderson subject suprisingly.
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