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Vulcan leading edge camo divide?


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Sorry hopefully this hasn't been answered before or I've missed something.


Probably not the best choice for a beginner, but I've started on my Airfix 1/72 Vulcan (yes I'm still sanding and filling 😱)


One thing I noticed on this photo, is the underside colour seems to come fairly high up on the leading edge (or is this all just camera angle, trick of the light?)





Other Black Buck Vulcans don't seem to have this?



Cheers for any help



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Some or most of the Black Buck Vulcans had the demarcation line of the Dark grey wrap over the top of the wings. Look for photos of them in service to be sure.

Some have been repainted but generally even they followed what was there it’s just the colours are now much brighter than they actually where in service.

Its not a trick of the light or eye.

the other camo scheme variants don’t have this and they wrap topside colours onto the undersides Instead.

The Blackbuck ones also differ and vary in how the demarcation is around the intakes.

The 5 Black Buck Vulcans where 

XM607, XM612, XM597, XM598, XL391.

Cheers Rob.

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As Rob said the best thing is to find a photo of the actual Vulcan you are modelling. That said most of the photos that I have do not show the actual demarcation line clearly on XM607, It tend s to be in the shadow as the above picture.  The best one I can find at the moment is in The Haynes Manual on Vulcans which shows 607 landing after the bombing run. That at least shows you where the demarcation line is around the intake. It doesn't look a lot different to the photo above so I expect Rob is right when he says they generally follow what was there before. Unfortunately I am not in a position to photocopy it, but perhaps you can locate a copy and look. I'll keep looking at some other references that are not as easily accessible and let you know if I can find a better one.

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Holy thread revival (yes it got put on the shelf of doom, but is now back on the bench)

One other thing I've noticed about the above shot (and other pictures of XM607) are the markings on the tail. In the above shot there are 4 (sorry I don't know what they called (but would love to))

But in this in-flight shot on the return from Black Buck 2, there only seem to the the two?





Sorry for all the questions





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 @mouse808  In the image posted by @Irish 251 above working from the top you have the Lincoln shield worn by all Vulcans of the Waddington Wing; below that is the 44 Squadron emblem, ‘607’s last service unit; third is the national markings applied to the fin of all RAF aircraft (but not FAA types) and finally the aircraft’s serial number, unique for each airframe.  The first two were removed for “security” reasons when ‘607, and other aircraft, were being prepared for the Falklands War.

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