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  1. Hi Eric, thanks I never knew. Looks like that nose is unavailable at the mo and probably way past my skill point. Also X307 doesn't seem to be for sale anymore. So as I doubt I'll get perfect here. What about X28 park green, X-14 Sky blue and XF-61 Dark green. I found this fun tool, you can upload an image to it and click around the colors https://www.spotmodel.com/color_finder.php Alas the whole colour matching thing is a nightmare with monitor calibration/gamut etc...
  2. Hi all, most excited I recently won a BAC 1-11 (almost seems a shame to build, its the original 64 version, with the clear stand, how I miss those) and the 26 decals turned up today. After watching @RCI awesome videos, I thought I might have a go at doing clear windows (either the clear parts or the resin, first time for either) So I think I need to paint all the colours, I know xtracolor do the top green colour (is there an acrylic version?), but does anyone know what the other 2 are? Thanks for any help Lee
  3. Wow the in sky shot is amazing, lovely finish.
  4. Where's the model? I'm just seeing the reference photos Amazing work
  5. Arh alas, I've just tried to edit the URL of the photos in one of my previous posts. Doesn't look like you can do it
  6. Neil if you can change the photo links to http:// (from https:// ) it should work (village photos still haven't updated their security cert, that does not bode well)
  7. Holy thread revival (yes it got put on the shelf of doom, but is now back on the bench) One other thing I've noticed about the above shot (and other pictures of XM607) are the markings on the tail. In the above shot there are 4 (sorry I don't know what they called (but would love to)) But in this in-flight shot on the return from Black Buck 2, there only seem to the the two? Sorry for all the questions Cheers Lee
  8. Just me? I've tried clearing cookies, different browser etc. but everything looks like
  9. Wow nice photos, so I think we can safely say the lines were covered?
  10. Many thanks, yes that make sense. Going to be fun trying to cut them
  11. Hello all Not that it really matters for mine as there are other errors, but I've noticed (mostly with real photos) I can find of the Firebirds, they don't seem to have the black walkway (?) lines on the leading edge, eg Theres also a great shot of XM182 in here where no lines are show (alas I can't find that picture on the internet, so shouldn't share) Yet nearly all the models have the walkway lines, eg So just wondering if they did or didn't have them, or like a lot of these things, "it depends"...... Just interested Cheers Lee
  12. Well done Jack! Amazing! I'm showing this to my son, as he's only interested in jets
  13. My pleasure Alistair, I've been following your build, I might steal your sepia wash for mine, it looks awesome.
  14. Thank you all for the kind words It just Tamiya X-1, but as I say I had a dreadful time with the Tamiya masking tape leaving marks on the paintwork, not residue so much but an actual imprint (it had been de-tacked, and the paint left to dry for +48 hours). So after plenty of reading of this site, I bought some micro mesh cloths and rubbed it down (after the hairdryer disaster, if you look at the tube on the tail, you'll see), the shine is now from a coat of Future (I read a lot about shine at scale too but the satin varnish I bought was only just off matt, and I liked the look of the Future after the decals).
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