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  1. Evening all So I'm trying to get my son into modeling and we're doing really with the F/A-18E (as it mostly clips together), I said I'd help him paint it and I've only got Tamiya acrylics so we went and bought the correct colours from Mig. So it was really shaken for a few mins and I tried with tamiya thinner and vallejo thinner and no thinner, but it keeps doing this? I'm spraying around 12psi and have cleaned the surfaces. Any ideas? Needless to say he wandered off Thanks Lee (that tail is paint mule, but the dro
  2. Ha ha yes I'd already read/heard that, an easy mistake to make. Thanks again for the heads up. I've also noticed the photo in the Vulcan Haynes manual is much better resolution and I may have to redo the connection between them.
  3. Hi all, sorry I hope I haven't missed this somewhere. So I'm fairly sure now that the pylon for the Dash 10 was the thin version? What I'm unsure of is which pylon was used for XM607 on the port wing? Or did these change? Is it this one (which seems to be the one in the kit)? I also don't have a dash 10 so I'm trying to make one (I'm a complete Fusion newbie so please forgive me) Thanks for any help Lee
  4. WD280 seems to have changed colours a few times too. The probes on this version seem to hang under the wing I'm guessing, pick a picture and stick with it. This is where I think I'm going Thanks for the help Lee
  5. Hi all To try and keep me sane while building her big sister, I thought I'd have a go at my first resin kit. It was packed very well but I think was shaken quite a lot during transit as a number of items were broken when I got it. I've rebuilt the undercarriage and the front spike with a needle but what are those two spikes at the ends of the wings? Am I adding more needles? I notice not all the 707's have them? Also any suggestions as to weathering? I'm guessing as a test plane it would have been kept very clean? (I love the fact the test pilots were w
  6. Many thanks all. Yes I'm doing XM607. Vuclan manual purchased, looking forward to a read of that. Also whats the etiquette here? Post questions as I have them, or start a WIP, and post them there?
  7. Sorry hopefully this hasn't been answered before or I've missed something. Probably not the best choice for a beginner, but I've started on my Airfix 1/72 Vulcan (yes I'm still sanding and filling ) One thing I noticed on this photo, is the underside colour seems to come fairly high up on the leading edge (or is this all just camera angle, trick of the light?) Other Black Buck Vulcans don't seem to have this? Cheers for any help Lee
  8. Sorry hope this isn't a daft question, but how come the price difference? (I headed straight over to Airfix to pre-order, then noticed the link on scalemates when I marked it as on order) Airfix website £22.99 jadlam £18.95 I know its only a few quid.
  9. Talking of over done on the Corsair, how about a landing on the wrong carrier build
  10. During the build I went and checked the measurements, as I also couldn't believe how much bigger it was. The prop is enormous compared to the Zero. Thanks for all your kind words
  11. Hi all I too was looking for a photo hosting platform, I use github for code and wondered???? Yes it seems to work, if you've not used a source code control system its probably a bit of a faff and a bit techy but if you have it quite nice. And it was recently bought by Microsoft so hopefully not going anywhere (I hope their embrace, extend, extinguish days are behind them)
  12. I know! My evenings are just vanishing now. Wife loves it, she gets to watch all her c**p on TV.
  13. Hi all New member, long time lurker. Sorry I'm not quite sure on the etiquette here so forgive if I get this wrong. So after all my readings, I decided to try a number of weathering techniques in one go (I kept reading less is more and really tried not to get carried away, but its so much fun) Anyway here we have my Revel Corsair F4U and Airfix Mitsubishi A6M2b Zero, I've always loved these two so built them together. I've still a lot of learning to do and there are a few mistakes here, I cracked the cockpit on the F4U and lost/broke bits of
  14. Hi all Time to de-lurk, been reading for about a year now after a friend and I were reminiscing over the old Matchbox models we built as kids. So I bought an old Brewster Buffalo, and my childhood came flooding back (with less glue ) I've watched/read so much since then and have build a few more models, so nice to get away from the screen for a bit and I love how you can pop in for a few mins to do something, really helped with all this working from home. Anyhow, just bought myself a little birthday pressie of a H&S Ultra so I guess I'm hooked again.
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