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  1. That small rectangular box on the coaming housed the angle of attack indexer and wheels warning light.
  2. FAA Skyraider AEW1 question

    I don't see them in a couple of pretty good pictures so I think covered over is the way to bet.
  3. Skyraider wingtip landing lights?

    I only know a little about the USAF/VNAF Spads and that only because I'm trying to help Paul Fisher with his forthcoming A-1E family model conversion. Also see http://tailhooktopics.blogspot.com/2017/08/usafvnaf-1es.html Note that no Navy ADs had either the landing or the taxi lights. I suspect that the "short" landing gear door was a modified single-seat AD forward-facing fairing being used on an A-1E and it had to be shortened to provide clearance for the catapult hook that was on the A-1E landing gear strut.
  4. Thanks - I've sent them an email.
  5. Is it the decal only or the conversion as well?
  6. F2G-1 and F2G-2 histories

  7. FJ-3/FJ-3M Fury

    In this case, it reportedly means that Kitty Hawk has not committed to a release date. My understanding is that its release is neither imminent nor canceled.
  8. FJ-3/FJ-3M Fury

    For more illustrations of the ADF system and the difference between early FJ-2s and the FJ-3, see http://tailspintopics.blogspot.com/2015/11/fj-3-canopy-details.html
  9. SWORD releasing 1/73 FJ Furys

    That sprue is for an FJ-2. The equivalent one for the FJ-3/3M will reportedly have the correct fuselage (bigger inlet and different air intake on the upper aft fuselage), externally ribbed rudder, and the cambered leading edge wing as shown in the artists concepts. Note that the early FJ-3 had the same wing as the FJ-2. Also see http://tailspintopics.blogspot.com/2011/04/fj23-fury-redux.html
  10. 972 was crash landed twice after inflight emergencies. The first was in 1966, when the misrigged nose gear doors cut a utility hydraulic line in the nose wheel well when the gear was retracted on takeoff. The aircraft departed the runway after touchdown because the nose gear was cocked hard over to the left. This resulted in the F-111A nose landing gear being replaced by an F-111B's. In October 1969, the left overwing fairing came loose in flight and embedded itself in the top of the fuselage, bending control rods to the horizontal stabilizer; an emergency arrested landing was made back at Point Mugu. It was repaired each time and eventually was the last F-111B on flight status, For some reason, by the time it was stricken its F-111B nose landing gear had been replaced by an F-111A's.
  11. 1/72 Douglas Skyraider A-1J - Build No.2

    If you're referring to the odd intersection of the top of fuselage and the vertical fin (some modelers have gone to the trouble to "fix" it), it's actually supposed to be that way. See http://tailspintopics.blogspot.com/2011/10/ad-skyraider-modeling-notes.html The basic shape is pretty good except for the canopy, which appears is a little undersized.
  12. Wildcat V. Drop tanks?

    At least some F4F-3s also could carry the external drop tanks as well. Pictures of them on USN F4Fs and FMs are relatively rare, usually on Wildcats operating from Atlantic ASW carrier and CVE-based FM-2s in the Pacific. Most only have a tank on the right side (the Wildcat had an endurance of about five hours on internal fuel only, which suggests why drop tanks were not usually carried). No clue as to the Brit practice.
  13. Markings for VT-11 while at Henderson Field and/or USS Hornet

    I'm pretty sure that those markings were introduced after Air Group 11 was replaced by Air Group 27. What's interesting is that the "dot" marking on vertical fin of the Air Group 11's airplanes when it was on Hornet were apparently the same as its predecessor on Hornet, maybe a larger diameter, meaning it was a Hornet air group identifier like the later geometric markings.
  14. Markings for VT-11 while at Henderson Field and/or USS Hornet

    https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:TBM_VT-11_CamRanhBay_1945.jpg Probably TBM-1C per Carrier Operations in WW II by J D Brown and Leyte June 1944 - January 1945 by Samuel Eliot Morison Also see http://www.navsource.org/archives/02/0212az.jpg and http://www.navsource.org/archives/02/021265.jpg from here http://www.navsource.org/archives/02/12.htm
  15. Screaming like a Banshee. 1/48 F2H-2

    Very nice and one of the few builds I've seen that have the flaps on the folding wing panel rendered correctly (the instructions are incorrect in that regard).