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  1. Good evening my fellow afflicted model builders! Now my Easter eggs are finished and safely in the display cabinet, it's time to get back on track with a 'real world' project. And here what found its way to my bench: Maybe I needed a short, stubby and colourful aeroplane in my collection... I don't know but I wanted to build one for some time. And now is the time! So here's what's in the box: Thankfully for everyone involved, a throne and a mummy are included. There is only one option as far as colour schemes are conc
  2. Hello everyone, the Easter holidays are upon us so here's something... seasonal Picking up from where I left it, the damaged decals were repaired and more gloss varnished was applied. When that dried it was time for the weathering... I did some light oil application on the F-15 before moving on to the Phantom... But experimenting with oils was a major point with this build. So on the Phantom I first sprayed some black over the tail end... And then the oils came out. Earth tones for the under surfaces... B
  3. Matchbox! How beautiful thy name! And as it happens I have more than a couple of them. In fact I could spend the whole of 2022 building Matchbox kits. Can I please join? But I haven't decided which kit(s) it will be, that will be a last minute decision if that's alright? Please? Many thanks in advance.
  4. Very nice! That SR-71 Blackegg looks particularly yummy!
  5. Hello people, making slow progress or no progress at all these days. But still I managed to get enough done to warrant an update. So I painted the Phantom's radome using some rubber black... And then a couple of layers of gloss coat were applied on the Phantom... ...and on the Eagle... And after it dried it was time for the decals... of which there were more than I expected... and then it was time for the Phantom decals... it was a mix-and-match affair really... After both
  6. Thank you @Pete in Lincs more experimenting to come. Now I'm looking for excuses to buy more eggs
  7. Good evening people, Here's another update you didn't ask for So there is another reason I decided to build these eggs. I wanted to try a few new tricks (well, new to me anyway). The problem is I can't just use a kit as a test dummy; I can't pull a kit out of the stash, no matter how old or "bad" it may be, half build it and make tests on it. I just can't. I try new things only on actual, 'proper' builds. A character flaw for sure but there you have it. The F-4E & F-15 eggs will be used as testbeds for new pre-shading and post shading techniques. And a
  8. Good afternoon people, I'll start with a little background story tonight. The question is why did I buy this... egg thing in the first place? Well, the simple answer is I wanted to build a Phantom. OK I'll wait for you to stop laughing. Now, I've been working on Phantoms for almost 20 years, in various roles. This prevented me from being able to build a Phantom kit as I could never be good enough to get the details right. There was no way I could come home from work, sit down in front of the bench and build anything that would satisfy me as a passable model. This torment lasted for
  9. Thank you @ScanmanDan I hope we are safe from any rivet counters here
  10. Good evening all, while building a project I like to have a second simpler project of let's say 'lesser importance' running in parallel. Like a B-side to the main project. So while I was building the Arado 196 for the Heller group build I confess I was having an affair with Hasegawa Now that the A-side project is over and done, what was hiding in the shadows comes under the spotlight: The idea is as I understand this, to build a kit without having to worry about accuracy, details, sources, aftermarket products, expensive material etc. I failed.
  11. Thank you @JeroenS @Jinxman and @JOCKNEY On to the next adventure!
  12. Good evening people, I managed to finish my Arado 196 on time but only just! You can find the WIP posts here: 1/72 Heller Arado 196 WIP Here are a couple of photos for the group build gallery I hope you like: Thank you all for your messages and for your support.
  13. Thank you @fightersweep Yeah it's more practical and it looks good but don't quote me on its historical accuracy
  14. Good afternoon everyone, here's another update for this build. It lasted more than it should, I know. So, after the paint was repaired again and again (it took almost a week in real time), the model received it's gloss coat Gauzy agent worked well but notice how the roughness of the primer coat still shows through the paint and the gloss coats Anyway, it was time for the decals (made by Kora) Cutting as close to the markings as I dared, the process went on without too much of a trouble The smaller stencils proved t
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