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  1. Those small circular seals overlap the joint between a panel/door and the adjacent fuselage skin. In McDonnell flight test (and as it happens, XT596 was one of the F-4Ks that I was personally involved with), before a panel was replaced or some (most? all?) doors were closed, quality assurance would take a look inside to be sure that the work that required removal or opening the panel had been accomplished and there was no FOD, loose wires or hoses, etc before giving his/her approval to replace/close it. Once that was done, he/she would apply the sticker with his personal stamp number on it. If
  2. I’ve reported it to the blog administrator. I’ve got the large version (1.4 MB) that I can email you if necessary. Bottom line, it’s Brit paint specification for the dark sea gray, e.g. MMS 405 epoxy enamel, color No.. UK33b/1527 glossy dark sea gray; the white is FSN 17875
  3. Holloman AFB was used as a refueling stop from time to time on ferry flights from St. Louis to Edwards. Some testing of the F-4M was accomplished at Edwards, which may have led to a gargled observation about an F-4M first flight from Holloman.
  4. http://aviationarchives.blogspot.com/2015/11/f-4k-paint-and-color-drawing.html
  5. The F-4M first flight was from St. Louis’ Lambert Field. The F-4K/Ms were painted there. I do not know what paint was used but it seems likely that it was to Brit specification.
  6. Before you fill the gap between the wing and the fuselage, I suggest that you check the dihedral: http://www.alternatewars.com/SAC/FD-1_ACP_-_1_March_1946.pdf Thanks very much for the build notes so far.
  7. http://tailhooktopics.blogspot.com/2013/02/us-navy-asw-sh-3-sea-king-variations.html
  8. For what it’s worth: https://tailspintopics.blogspot.com/2016/05/creating-sikorsky-sh-3d-from-new-airfix.html There are other posts on the subject on this blog as well
  9. Usually, the dots are QA stickers. Quality Assurance (QA) inspects the compartment for FOD, leaks, workmanship, etc. and authorizes closing it up. After that, he or she applies the sticker with his or her stamp on it to the panel’s edge, overlapping the panel and the adjacent skin. If the panel has to be removed, the broken sticker indicates that it has to be reinspected before it can be closed up. I’ve only known them to be white, though.
  10. Sorry - nothing there. I have to draw the lines (neither too broad nor too narrow) somewhere on the aircraft I maintain files on and I have relatively little on patrol bombers other than the P2V-3C, that is.
  11. First, my experience with looking closely at the SAM drawings, including the P2V, Is that the quality of draftsmanship is high but not the accuracy of shape (or comparative length in the case of P2V variations) and details (the S2F appears to have been drawn with a bomb bay on both sides of the fuselage rather than just the left). Second, I have spent some time looking at the APS-20 installations on pretty good (factory) drawings of the Grumman AF, Douglas AD-5W etc. The basic shape of the front of the radome and the cross section where the antenna is located is fairly consistent because it is
  12. Some more F4U-5P stuff here: https://tailspintopics.blogspot.com/2017/04/the-last-propeller-pulled-corsairs-f4u.html And for completeness, there's a little bit of information on the F4U-4P here: https://tailspintopics.blogspot.com/2014/03/f4u-4-modelers-notes.html
  13. The F7F-3P camera configuration isn’t described in the F7F-3 SAC. However, according to Ginter’s F7F monograph, the first vertical camera position could be loaded with the K-17, 12-inch; K-17, 24-inch; or K-18 or F-56, 40-inch. The second vertical position, first left horizontal position, and only right horizontal position are for the tri-metrogon installation of three K-17, 6-inch cameras; the side cameras are angled down 30 degrees from horizontal (the left and right portholes are not symmetric; my guess is that one camera had to be mounted above the other due to the narrow fuselage). The le
  14. And here it is: https://tailhooktopics.blogspot.com/2020/09/grumman-f7f-3p-tigercat.html I created the two-view drawing from more than a dozen different drawings and pictures that provided insight into bits and pieces of the configuration. As a result, it's a bit better than notional and far more accurate than the SAC but not perfect. For one thing, I had three different F7F-3 side views including the SAC to work with, all of them created by Grumman, that had slight but notable differences in shape. However, it is accurate with respect to the overall size and pretty accurate with r
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