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  1. As far as I know (I was a flight test engineer on the F-4K/M program and only arrived at McDonnell in time for the first flight of the F-4K) BAC was simply a subcontractor for the aft fuselage and had little if anything to do with its design and the integration of the Spey into the fuselage. My understanding is that the Brits wanted their Phantom to have 50% UK content. Since the airframe, engine, and avionics were each about 33% of the production cost, that was accomplished by BAC providing the aft fuselage, Rolls Royce the engines, and some odds and ends of substituted avionics (I've read that Ferranti was to produce the radar under license to Westinghouse but I don't know if that actually happened). The transition of the F3H Demon to the AH-1 to the F4H-1 is an oversimplification but there's an excellent monograph available on that if I do say so myself (to say more might get me banned again by an overzealous admin).
  2. I have provided information on request to several kit makers. Only one ever asked me to review the test shots: they never asked again for even information (none have asked me to look at the kit instructions except for markings illustrations; a few times I got a chance to look at the initial drawings before creation of the master model/tool).
  3. From experience, at first (and for some time) you'll have to put your belt through the belt loops on your pants before you put your pants on. Good luck!
  4. Strictly speaking, the Sparrow came first. The F4H Phantom was the still-borne, single-seat AH modified to accommodate four of them along with a 600-gallon bespoke center-line tank to meet the time-on-station requirement:
  5. There's a pretty good drawing of the underside of the wing showing the flaps here: https://tailspintopics.blogspot.com/2021/06/mcdonnell-f2h-banshee-stores-pylons.html
  6. There shouldn't be a gap between the engine fairing and the tail pipe (also note the flaps):
  7. Scroll down here for the details of the F4U-5/"6"/7 Corsair cowlings: https://tailspintopics.blogspot.com/2017/04/the-last-propeller-pulled-corsairs-f4u.html
  8. Foghorn: thanks for those notes. I hadn't looked closely at those parts in the box. The obvious shape error that I noticed was the transition of the vertical fin to the fuselage, which is relatively easy to fix. See https://tailspintopics.blogspot.com/2009/10/grumman-panther.html
  9. The best inlet for pressure recovery at the inlet itself is one in the nose but that requires that the duct go around the cockpit and there are losses associated with a long duct. Simple side inlets increase the frontal area (drag) and ingest low energy boundary layer air that reduces pressure recovery. The NACA "flush" inlet was very clever in that the shape generates vortices that cause the boundary layer to spill out over the edge of the inlet. Nevertheless, as the F-93 proved, overall it was not as effective as an air intake for jet engines as a side inlet with boundary layer removal. It is, however, a go-to inlet for smaller volumes of air intake requirements and really looks racy. It was successful, or at least adequate to the task, on one airplane application, the air intake for the jet engine in the aft fuselage of the AJ Savage. One of its benefits in this instance was that it could easily be closed when the jet engine was not needed.
  10. Thanks - I have now found that page. Direct link provides the same URL that I stumbled on by opening the image in a new tab.
  11. Thanks - I haven't seen that page. It makes sense.
  12. test: If I remember correctly, on Imgur itself, I opened the image "in a new tab", copied the link on that, used it in "Insert" button, and here it is. This is the URL that was copied from the Imgur web site: https://imgur.com/9hzKsLR The difference was that in the new tab, "imgur" became "i.imgur" and ".jpg" was added to the end of the URL copied from the Imgur web site.
  13. https://imgur.com/9hzKsLR I'm pretty sure that I did what you said, but it doesn't make a difference in the appearance when posted.
  14. I've gotten the URL from Imgur (it's my model and the image uploaded is from my computer) but it turns pink when I try to add it to a post using "Insert image from URL". https://imgur.com/a/c3QsoDm
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