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  1. Or a RA-5C Vigilante in natural metal... with Thunderbirds markings.
  2. Thank you posting these images! Visiting the museum at Pensacola is still on my bucket list (as is Yeovilton). Regarding the Blue Angels images, in the sun behind you during their performance?
  3. Your model has my opinion torn between multiple camps of thought. - As a "purist", I'm supposed to hate it. + As amateur observer of history, those colors would not have been at all out of place on the F-8s operated by the Philippines. + As a jet fan, it elicits feelings of a meaner, faster, sleaker and sexier USAF A-7 Corsair. Those sharkmouth markings complement it perfectly. + As a modeler, its simply a good-looking model. What-if scheme or not, it's beauty! It makes me wonder what the repercussions would have ensued IF the USAF DID operate the F-8 Crusader as well adopting their own versions for the Navy/Marine Corps A-3 Skywarrior, A-4 Skyraider, A-7 Corsair, F-4 Phantom... Would the USAF have procured their own EA-18G Growlers?
  4. No need to obsess over it! All it needs is a couple of greasy handprints from folks on the flightdeck. There's nothing like cleaning/ waxing/ polishing something to a perfect finish only to look at it 5 minutes later to see a todler's handprint/ dog's paw print/ bird dropping right in the middle of it! Lovely model of a legendary Cold War jet from a historic cruise!
  5. Something that I hadn't considered was the tight tolerances on Bandai's Gundam kits. Since the kit parts are pre-colored, does it painting parts cause fit issues? (My normal sequence is to prime plastic parts with Tamiya lacqured-based primer followed by painting with acrylics, airbrushing a gloss coat, applying decals, applying washes and airbrushing a matt coat to seal everything.) I've learned that there are aftermarket water-slide decals available to replace the adhesive markings supplied in the kit.
  6. Thank you! That video has some in-depth descriptions and clearly illustrates the amount of "pre-colored" parts that I've been told that Bandai does so well.
  7. Thank you Dazz! I'm adding "Gundam 0080 : War in the Pocket" to my watchlist! The kit will go into the build queue, but ahead of are two of the excellent and enjoyable 1/48 Tamiya F-14As.
  8. This thread has been very informative. I hope that no one minds me adding my questions to this thread. My focus is 1/48 modern aircraft and I have yet to venture in Gundam models, but my brother gave me a Gundam kit as present. https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0878/5254/products/4573102577061_1_720x.png?v=1587893849 https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0878/5254/products/4573102577061_3.jpg?v=1587628473 As I watched Macross and Uchu Senkan Yamato/ Starblazers in my youth, I must confess to almost complete ignorance about the Gundam franchise. (That said, the "stay-at-home" orders has afforded me the opportunity to watch Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin Advent of the Red Comet, Gundam Unicorn and Gundam Thunderbolt.) I have a few questions - 1) Which Gundam series is this figure from? Gundam UC? 2) As I do I have some experience building 1/48 modern aircraft kits, I have "cross genre" questions - a) Is this a glue-type model or is it a press-fit? b) Do these kits have water slide decals? c) I'm aware that many Bandai kit have pre-colored sprues and I saw "Gundam Paint" markers in the hobby shop, can I simply use my Tamiya and Model Master paints without issue? d) Are there any specialized tools, fillers and/or adhesives for Gundam kits that I wouldn't normally have modelling 1/48 modern aircraft? e) Are there any specialized skills/ techniques particular to Gundam kits that I wouldn't normally have modelling 1/48 modern aircraft? Thanks in advance for your advice. Be safe, stay healthy, and keep modelling!
  9. John B

    Gloss white

    Thanks to all for the useful information! Actually I do have a brand-new extractor that I have yet to take out of the box. Since my bedroom is/was also my model space, I hadn't done any modelling since the girlfriend/ fiance/ wife/ SWMBO moved in with me. Current events have provided me with the excuse to be able to model in the bedroom. Although I'm still been using the back-patio for priming with Tamiya Color spray cans, I will eventually need to break out the airbrush. The choice to use water-based/ acrylics/ non-enamels/ non-lacquers with the extractor indoors is my effort to "preserve domestic tranquility". Be safe, stay healthy and keep modelling!
  10. John B

    F4D Skyray

    Thank you for the paint info. Those colors and satin finish look spot-on for scale on my computer screen.
  11. John B

    F4D Skyray

    Those are some good-looking 1950s Douglas products and they look even better posed together. What brand/shades of white and gray paint did you use for them?
  12. John B

    Gloss white

    Wow. I'm glad that I found this informative thread! Since I can't airbrush enamel-based or lacquer-based indoors, there an acryl /acqueous/ water-based alternative for gloss that people recommend? Previously, I've primed models with Tamiya sprays on the back patio before switching to Model Master Acryls for airbrushing indoors. (I have experienced Model Master Acryls peeling away from the plastic or being extremely fragile if I haven't primed it lacquer first.)
  13. VF-11 was equipped with F-14Ds when they were shore-based at NAS Miramar. Although I took pictures of F-14s Miramar in that timeframe at NAS Miramar, I can't find my scanned images in my files. Here are some links to images that illustrate of how F-14Ds were equipped in the timeframe of those decals - VF-31 F-14D VF-11 F-14D on USS Carl Vinson VF-11 F-14D (Temporary camo) VF-124 F-14D Over the years, I've come to this modelling site for information countless times. I'm happy to be able to contribute something to another modeler's project!
  14. Those markings are from when VF-11 was at NAS Miramar with thier F-14Ds. At that time, it was BEFORE LANTIRN was incorporated in the F-14D, so there are a couple of key points to point out in the assembly procedure. Tamiya did a good job in point the out, but I'll reinterate them here - Step 1 - Use Part N21 without the LANTIRN controller Step 2 - Use parts J2, N16, and N24 which represent the RIO instrument panel before LANTIRN Step 13 - use Do NOT part M22, use part B19 instead (the GPS domes were NOT installed, yet. Tamiya missed this difference) Step 32 - skip this step, as bomb racks were yet to be commonly installed on fleet F-14D squadrons Step 33 - go with option D for the same reasons in Step 32 Step 34 - Ignore parts P9, go with parts E20 for those markings during that timeframe Step 35 - Ignore options A & B, as those are parts for the LANTIRN pod Step 36 - Ignore all options for bombs and the LANTIRN pod. Again these markings pre-date those items in fleet use. Step 38 - Ignore options A & B for bombs again A really good documentary for VF-11 (and VF-31) during the timeframe of those markings is "Carrier - Fortress at Sea". Here is a link to a Youtube upload ->Carrier - Fortress at Sea Although every F-14D was wired to interface with the TARPS photo pod, I seem to remember that VF-31 was the squadron designated for any TARPS missions in thr USS Carl Vinson during that timeframe. Then again that was 25 years ago and I was so much younger and thinner back then... I'm eagerly look forward to seeing progress on your project!
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