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  1. All the Hurricane questions you want to ask here

    Did the Hurricane's elevators get bigger? I noticed that Airfix' Mk.I (light) has significantly more taper than Hasegawa's (dark). All other kits I've compared are shaped essentially like Hasegawa's. Note also that Airfix has tabs that protrude from the trailing edge. (They are closer at the root end than the photo makes it appear, but this does illustrate the sharper taper.)
  2. Hurricane wingtip lights

    Well, it isn't a black and white issue, is it? I think that having it be "stupid" actually helps stick it thoroughly in your mind. Gives your mind some extra tidbit to associate with it, or spend that extra nano-second actually firing neurons, or what have you.
  3. Seafire Mystery

    Covers of some sort is my guess.
  4. Fairey Battle kits

    Obviously a very poor Photoshop job
  5. Well whaddya know- TD322! Thank you.
  6. Got them rough-cut. Here's the starboard side: I had to transfer the Airfix angle (the middle section of the cut) to the Hasegawa fuselage, because they differ. I liked the canopy rails on the Airfix, but the interior walls better on Hasegawa. Since I'm planning to use mostly Hasegawa cockpit parts (perhaps with some enhancements from Airfix) I thought it would make life easier to stick with Hase in that section. It also makes for a more straightforward cut and join. On the Airfix section, my razor saw wandered a little, which could have been terrible, but I think I just dodged a major problem. Might have to do a small bit of repair along the trailing-edge fillet line, we'll see when I get the cut lines really honed. Once I've got the fuselages sorted I can cut away that bit of fabric on the Hasegawa wing underside, but I want to have the Airfix underside nailed down before I do something I'll regret!
  7. supermarine spiteful canopy

    No, they're not the same. One detail about the Spiteful is that the metal frame is only partial- once the canopy starts curving up from the rails, there's no frame until you get to the "cap" at the back end. The windscreen is also a different shape, which results in a different shape at the front of the canopy. Best bet is probably to try to find a replacement (vac?) Spiteful/Seafang canopy. I'm afraid I don't keep up on 72nd, so don't really know what possible or likely options might be out there. And no, there's no way to "de-yellow" a canopy.
  8. Gulp! It's OK, though- I've got supervision: To be continued...
  9. Heller 1/72 Arado Ar96

    Nicely done, and the pics looked pretty good, too!
  10. OK, question for Troy, or Graham, or...? I was comparing some bits this morning and noticed that the elevators are markedly different: Hasegawa tailplane is the dark grey (common to all kits), Airfix is the light grey. The photo might be a little misleading, but basically they are pretty well matched at the root, but Airfix tapers a lot more toward the tip. Notice also that Airfix' trim tab protrudes from the line of the elevator. I had seen a comment somewhere that a larger chord tab was fitted at some point (it might have been in the Mk.II manual, but I'll have to look again). My impression, perhaps partly due to Hasegawa's common part, was that the elevator itself did not change (grow), but now I'm wondering. I'll have to compare to old Airfix... edit: which I've now done. Pretty much shaped like Hasegawa's.
  11. Airfix 1/48th Sea Fury

    You're welcome. Maybe just a bunch of "return" characters- I'd suggest editing, and in that window scroll down, place cursor, and start backspacing- but don't overdo it. If that's not it, then it must be some formatting/ computer weirdness that's beyond my expertise [sic]. Not that it bothers me, really, just trying to be helpful.
  12. I'm flexible! For my own use, I do both, but probably tend to type '18' relatively often, just for convenience seasoned with justification that they probably saw most service once the Romans had been tossed out.
  13. Airfix 1/48th Sea Fury

    Just edit your post and delete the no-worky links. Nice looking build!
  14. Oh yeah, I've played that game many a time!
  15. Justin, I'd have said the same thing, but probably not as clearly. And now that I look at the "expedited" quote, I see that all that it would require would be an errant '1' following the 11' and preceding the zero/null/nada/zip. It might be worth checking the kit and aftermarket blade length, not to mention shape and "finesse". (I haven't been faithfully following this thread- shame on me- so if you've already compared the two props then nevermind!) Edit: Having recently re-found my wee Spit 22 (I usually do 1/48 and have a hard-to-justify(TM) stack of 1/32, also), with only a small amount of peering around I was able to re-re-find it. As near as I can figure with my atomic-mass spectro-measuring device and my Einsteinian math skills, the kit prop measures out to about 10'3" diameter. Give or take some amount that won't get you to eleven feet. So a tip o' the hat to @johnd. [I'm probably not doing it right to "call out" John, and while I accept that modified roundel in an e-mail address, I do not spell my name- even my pseudonym- with one. What's this world coming to?] Edit some more: Oh by the way, it was the gratuitous use of "XVIII" that seduced me into this thread the other day...