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  1. RAF High Altitude Flight colour(s).

    Or that could simply mean that (for example) Spitfire VIIs that had already been delivered in standard day fighter paint could remain in that. However, I agree that a unit such as the "High Altitude Flight" would be quite likely to do some experimenting with camouflage. (I thought the word 'development' was in that title for a time? I don't have time to look at my records right now)
  2. Supermarine's best? Mojo-restoration!

    I think they have a leading-edge sheath in metal, though I haven't paid careful (enough) attention to the intricacies of Spitfire/Seafire blade construction.
  3. Supermarine's best? Mojo-restoration!

    Well, you know, the blades were made of a wood composition, so when they 'pecked' the deck they tended to liberally, or at least unpredictably, throw some kindling about... It's beginning to look like the "to do" list is getting quite small! bob
  4. 609 sqd

    Of course! Xtradecal 72239 has one, and I'm sure there are more, and you could always just cobble together a serial and code letters.
  5. 50% kit, 50% putty, Nightmarish MiG 3

    Congratulations! I had this kit, and remember scratching my head over the wing. I traded it to one of the guys in my club (who I don't think ever built it!) and eventually got the <gasp> Trumpeter kit instead. bob
  6. Nobody Mentioned The New Airfix 1/48 Blenheim Yet?

    Yes, they did.
  7. Classic Airframes Do17z tailplane correction

    Aeroscale review of a Vector set (for ICM, but might work with CA?) DMold also made one for the CA kit.
  8. Welcome aboard, and a Corsair is a fine choice! bob
  9. Avro Anson II Conversion

    I noticed that, too. I'm not so sure about red for the cowlings- could easily be light blue (or any other light color!) It does look like "silver" overall though. bob
  10. Hobbyboss wildcat 1/48th scale

    I'm not a fan of the way the fabric- especially (or maybe even only) on the ailerons- looks. But that you could fix with a little sanding and such. If you're going to have the hood slid back, then I strongly recommend a vac replacement canopy- it'll sit much more properly.
  11. Hawker Tempest Mk VI intake ducting

    Yes, the Matchbox kit does have a spinner for each nose. (Hmm, I wonder how long ago I last saw the plastic on mine- it is in "deep storage" if I even still own it.)
  12. Beaufighter Mk IIF , Gibraltar 1944

    Looks like it's Beaufighter season! (Although I may wait and see what Revell comes up with...) bob
  13. BPF Seafire with mixed roundels, before full repaint.

    I imagine it is a Seafire III, which would automatically make it Westland built. After seeing some threads on FlyPast Forum where they talk about how many of what type of hangars were on which airfields (as a clue to location in photo), I love analysis by style of centerline (sorry, centre line)! And no, I am in no way taking the mickey- I think it is cool! bob
  14. Allison-Merlin Mustang wing position changes

    Always happy to be corrected, but my current take is that the tail was exactly the same (at least dimensionally). Interesting, though, that the number changed with consistency when going from Allison to Merlin. I guess I need to have another poke in the parts books. Also, think I can come up with a comparable H drawing, though I haven't attempted to post "my own" image since the PB fiasco. [Edit: yes, I have one, but it is a picture of a page, rather than a direct scan.] Edit again: Here's a quote from Charlie: (These comments are coming from a long thread HERE.) I notice that the spinner is only 3/4" longer (on Merlin), but 4" greater in diameter (per the drawings on page 1)- though that latter is rounded to whole inches, so may not be precisely accurate. [Edit: just found a comment from Charles Neely that the Merlin spinner base diameter is 28.125. On the drawing rounded up to 29 because that drawing is for "fitting inside the box" dimensions.] p.s. I finally spotted a dimension that confirms that the FRL did not shift- I knew it in my heart, but glad to see "proof".
  15. Beaufighter Mk IIF , Gibraltar 1944

    Funny, I just saw that first shot in the last few days while searching for Beau stuff. But I did know about the scheme, thanks to Tony and/or Britmodeller. bob