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  1. 1/24 Airfix Spitfire query

    Mike, those photos are of a warbird- probably considerably lighter than a wartime Mk.I would be. HOWEVER, I went and looked at some Mk.I photos, and some (most?) look similar to the close-ups, while in others (or one wheel) more like I described. So, sorry for shooting from the hip (model kits have a tendency to have the oleos at full stretch), but still I suggest some looking at wartime photos and making one's own decision about what looks right. There is no absolute right answer, because each strut will stop where force and friction meet.
  2. 1/24 Airfix Spitfire query

    On the gear legs, what you need to "compress" is the oleo, which is the cylindrical portion just before you get down to the wheel mount itself. On the real thing, it would slide up into the larger diameter section above it. Perhaps it would be wise to study some representative shots of early Spitfires at rest, and note how the top of the tire stands a bit higher than the gear door alongside it. bob
  3. Airfix PR IV kit bash

    Huh, this thread goes back longer than I thought! Just popping in to say that, partly as a result of this discussion, I've been holding various Spitfire pieces in close formation (once again). Of course, after considering the PR.IV idea, I began to wonder which 'c' wing would work best with the Airfix fuselage to give me a Spit Vc... and yet the PR.IV keeps insinuating itself back into the thought process...
  4. two-seat venom and vampire - visual differences?

    Ouch! p.s. A 1/144 Vamp- and 2 for 1! Another thing for my wish list...
  5. 1/72 Airfix Skytrain assembly difficulties

    I don't have this kit yet (it's on my wish-list), but did you assemble the innards with reference to alignment with the fuselage half? In a case like this (for example Revell DC-4) I don't glue any bulkheads, etc when not "jigged" in place in the fuselage. I'm just afraid that it'll come time to place all the guts into the tube and I'll find myself in the same situation that you're in. Once you're in the right frame of mind to resume communication with the kit, I'd suggest dry-fitting the interior to each fuselage half, and (assuming you pass those tests) getting both halves around it at the same time. Don't think in terms of "it darn well better close up this time!", but rather in an investigative mood- "OK, let's figure out where the problem lies..." Sometimes it just takes a bit of persuasion in one "tight spot" and suddenly it all falls together. ("Keep Calm and Test Fit"?) As others have said, the tolerances of these new kits can be quite tight, so paint on surfaces, a ragged sprue-nub, or a very slight misalignment can make all the difference. Don't give up hope, and please report back when you've got it sussed! bob
  6. 1/18 Spitfire Mk. XIVe - Race #80

    Excellent, that's one competitor out of the bidding war, then!
  7. Hawker Hurricane, propellers and spinners, a modellers guide

    There are resin props available for the Revell 1/32 Spitfire II- I'm pretty sure both Rotol and DH. Yep, here's a link listing both.
  8. Lancaster PA474 Question

    I play it safe- I don't use them, but keep every last one anyway!
  9. Coastal Command Flying Boats mystery

    It makes one wonder if there was really a need for so many variations on a theme! I suppose the same could be said for fighters, etc etc. Interesting photo, and analysis- thanks for sharing! bob
  10. Come on anyone, a new Ta 152H?

    Yeah, I know what you mean, Mike. On the other hand, it would be sad to reach some point in life where you think, "Huh, I've done everything I ever wanted to do, there's nothing left I want to do/try."
  11. Rarely seen model of MH434

    FM-2, actually- I've been in that passenger compartment (3 seats, I think), and the cockpit! (Not in the air, though.) It belonged to Dick Foote for years, and came to the local airport's tech school for maintenance. It was in proper dark blue when I knew it, though. Lovely job on the Spitfire, but I had a chuckle- I was scrolling down, admiring the photos, wondering how you managed the markings, then I got to the last photo! bob
  12. Come on anyone, a new Ta 152H?

    That pretty well sums up all these "Why haven't they done XYZ!?" cries in the wilderness!
  13. Airfix PR IV kit bash

    No, still the original geometry. I just had a look at XIX and ("new") Vb wing bits, and while the root doesn't match precisely, it looks like you could fairly easily substitute the upper wing panels- there'd be a bit of shaving to do mid-chord, and a gap to fill fore and aft. (A slightly radical possibility would be to engineer a cut just outboard of the root on both panels, and join the exchanged parts there instead.) As for the lower panel, the kit part for the XIX goes back one further fuselage station, but otherwise I don't see any obvious reason why it couldn't be adapted, without test-fitting. Not sure that you're really gaining much by doing so, however, once you take the oil cooler/radiator surgery into account. Either way would involve some work, but I figure the underside is less critical than the top surfaces. (If you were willing to sacrifice a part, you could probably cut the oil cooler area from the V wing and graft it in to the (cutout) XIX wing, but perhaps you're as well off to skin over the XIX area and do your own "conversion". One caveat is that the internals are different one to the other (kit wing design, I mean)- probably not a big problem, but might involve some head-scratching and trimming to make sure everything works out if you do swap out the upper panels.
  14. Question about possible foliage green PV-1: pic inside

    Could it be Sea Blue overall? (Note the three-tone one in the background.)