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  1. FOUR better - or worse!

    and plaicing it on
  2. Small (non modelling) update tonight. The CD-ROM I mentioned a few posts ago arrived today. It is a complete maintenance manual giving everything from performance data, how to open the crate and remove the engine (!), installation and trouble shooting. Of course I'm mostly interested in the illustrations of the engine and there are some which will help to busy up the front of the engine. There is one tantalising glimpse of the piping connecting the cylinder heads and the cooling rings. Frustratingly though there is nothing to show the details of the triangulating bracing between the engine and the cooling ring, so it appears that some guesstimating will be necessary after all. Thinking cap on...... Trevor
  3. Powering your way through! That canopy now looks as if it is useable . Those sprue gates and 'holes' look interesting.... Lots of positive thoughts coming your way! Trevor
  4. FOUR better - or worse!

    upside down and backwards I'm trying to imagine this..........nope not happening
  5. FOUR better - or worse!

    whilst Red Rum majestically
  6. Huey Lewis and the News....

    I think I'm heading for a square hip tho.... Trevor
  7. Huey Lewis and the News....

    That's some nice painting going on there. Now then are you saying the pun was terrible or that it's Huey Lewis himself! Trevor
  8. Hi Ced This may help you..... http://www.ffscale.co.uk/page4f.htm Of course it doesn't have to be clear parts. If you want to fabricate lumps and bumps such as are found on many aircraft then ordinary styrene sheet is the answer. As your techniques improve you could make your own masters from suitably carved/turned material e.g. drop tanks mounded in two halves for example. I've tried the technique myself and in fact for simpler shapes you may even get away with just plunging the softened plastic over the master. For example if you want say a replacement Hurricane windscreen, pack the original with blue tack and insert the stick as above. However you then fix the stick to make it stable, into say a vice, and then heat the styrene (using bulldog clips and oven gloves) and push it over the master. Hope this helps. Trevor
  9. A vac form machine is only necessary if you will be using it regularly. Low tech plunge moulding would be sufficient for your needs. All you need is a piece of balsa wood with a hole slightly bigger than the canopy, flattened out fizzy drink plastic, bulldog clips to hold the plastic on the wood, bluetack on the inside of the canopy to hold the stick, oven gloves and a heat source. Trevor
  10. FOUR better - or worse!

    (It's the Scotch Bonnets)
  11. FOUR better - or worse!

    President of Britmodeller Land
  12. I had that many moons ago. Engines a bit dodgy as was the seam along the top of the fuselage (I think it dipped towards the join). I will watch with interest. Trevor
  13. Glad to see that the canopy at least fits. You will need one heckuvalot of micromesh to buff that bad boy out. Maybe you could at least get it to the right shape and then use it as a master to plunge mould a replacement? Enjoy your visit to Concorde. Here is me in front of G-BOAF early 80's when the Merseyside Aviation Society chartered it to shuttle between Heathrow and Liverpool. Can you see how excited I am at seeing a JAL 747? Trevor
  14. FOUR better - or worse!

    blast man, purple aardvarks
  15. FOUR better - or worse!

    I've heard of 'reality' To Beardie 'BOO!'