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  1. Will watch with great interest!!! Box contents look comprehensive, down to the cord for the chocks! Have fun with it! Don't break my heart on this one or I may have to bust your jaw! (Quack recalling a Spookytooth reference from his yoof........sure I've got the vinyl in the attic) Nostalgic Quack.
  2. Thanks folks. Grateful for your advice.
  3. Ammonia - thanks for the tip Mark. Q
  4. So Quack has been busy mashing up a Revell 1/32 Hawk with the intention of spraying it black - and we all know how THAT'S going to end up, don't we children? Anyway, the problem arises before paint gets anywhere near it. 'Big Canopy', thinks Quack. 'Better dip it in some clear stuff.' After washing rinsing and drying the canopy, he dips it into a washed-rinsed-dried vat of near-new Humbrol Clear, and covers it to keep the dandruff off....with fairly disastrous results. Said canopy is now coated with an uneven, pitted-looking layer of not-very-Clear, even after a second dip. Question is how to recover the situation....Can this stuff be removed to strip back to clear plastic? I have W&N Galleria Gloss - can that be used to dip / spray? Any advice gratefully received..... Q
  5. Hannants do some decal options. They still stock the Model Alliance sheet ML48134 which has at least one Leuchars F1. Alternatively the Xtradecal sheet X48099 has a later Leuchars F6. Try searching the Hannants site filtering for 1/48 decals with the keyword Leuchars.... I sorely miss the Leuchars airshows too. Big part of my formative years. Nostalgic Quack
  6. I've had a rummage and found two tins of Xyracolour X32. These must be at least 20 years old but as far as I recall have never been opened. A bit of industrial stirring and they may be ok. They are yours for the asking, just pm me your details. Q
  7. Colourcoats do an enamel as well - ACRN 16 - RAF Pink / Sand. Not used any of their paints but their reputation is excellent. Alternatively Xtracrylix range includes a good version which I know from experience sprays well. MRP paints also do a lacquer acrylic too. I've no experience with this but they are reputed to be good and spray straight from the bottle (apparently).....er, I mean they spray straight from the bottle through your airbrush, without thinning....not straight out of the bottle obviously, cos that would be silly.... (At points like these, Quack sometimes recognises the time to shut up!) It's not much to go on but I hope it helps. A bit. Maybe. Q
  8. Nishe Shar shir (shed in a Shir Sean Connery voishe) Q
  9. Ingenious.... But wait..... What about the rigging?????!!!
  10. I'm not that experienced as a recent returnee to modelling but I've had a bash - mainly to reinstate lines where I've sanded seams. I would strongly advise using a straight edge as a guide - I've used a flexible steel drawing template which bends nicely, and I've used old fashioned Dymo embossing tape - remember that stuff? Really important to draw the scribing tool very gently along the plastic surface, otherwise it is really easy to go off-line, and astonishingly deeply....ask me how I know....! Have fun! Q
  11. Tiny isn't it? I've got the main body of one which I now use as a paint mule, after shamefully giving up on construction owing to eye-strain...... Yours looks good! I look forward to seeing it complete - It'll make a lovely change from the red variety. Q
  12. Perseverance paid off......Mr. Rusty turned out well. Q
  13. Excellent. I'm full of admiration for people who can work in eye-strain scale. Q
  14. I've not used a huge amount of resin and I'm sure a grown-up will be along soon to provide advice based on more extensive experience. When using resin I would wash the parts in a weak washing up solution and rinse well. Careful with the parts as they are often thin, delicate and fragile. I would then allow them to dry fully before use. I'd also recommend priming before any painting, regardless of whether you use enamels or acrylics. Now, over to the experts............. Q
  15. Lovely. I fondly remember Magisters from airshows in days gone by, and being astonished at just how much noise can be generated by such a tiny airframe...... Hard-of-hearing Quack.
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