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  1. Could be Flightpath(?) https://www.djparkins.com/product.php?productid=17818&cat=251&page=2 1/48 tanks, pods and overwing stores...... Q
  2. Looking good! I agree.....some builds need a bit of down time to allow enthusiasm to return.....or another subject jumps at you and DEMANDS to be built...NOW! I'm looking forward to your completing this....nearly there. Q
  3. I like a Defiant - following with interest. "Saviour of Clydebank" despite its' broadly poor reputation. Q
  4. Right. Here we go again. Further developments here at Quack Towers so on we go....... Thanks @stever219 for the tip about the heat shield in the engine aux door - I've not found a decent pic of this so just fudged it with some kitchen foil. Once this is built I'll probably never look down there anyway, but it's rather satisfying to know it's there. Wings pretty well ready to be mounted. 62 by Niall Robertson, on Flickr At the pointy end, some further cockpit stuff has been added - any positive comments should be forwarded to that nice Mr. Eduard.
  5. Thanks @Anthony in NZ, and thanks for the link. Your project is hugely impressive and inspiring. Too big and complex an undertaking for the likes of me. I salute you sir . I'll maybe wait for the HKM kit which has been promised for several years. Patient Quack
  6. A 1/32 FG.1? Now that'll be an awesome beast! I imagine the conversion is quite an undertaking. Admiring Quack.
  7. Thanks for the encouragement @Mark V, and thanks for the heads-up @stever219. I presume that's the lower aux door.... It'll definitely be easier to add that before the wings go on.. I'll have a look at some walkarounds. Meantime, back to the sanding. Dusty Quack.
  8. Lil' bit more progress to report. I thought it would be fun to dry-tape the fuselage together, just to see how thigs look....... 50 by Niall Robertson, on Flickr .....and before I knew it, I'd glued them together.......well it looked ok at the time, so why not? 52 by Niall Robertson, on Flickr Now that it's solid I note that there's a bit of a step along the fuselage spine - I should really have taken better care of the fit, as there aren't really any good positive location tabs to keep things well-aligned. Perhaps if I'd added some plastic
  9. A comprehensive and succinct answer. Thanks so much, I really appreciate your help. Grateful Quack.
  10. Hmmmm......scratchbuilding using a cricketers box.....now that's not something you see every day. Coat please nurse! Bad Quack.
  11. Hi Graham. Looks good, and your seats are excellent to my eye. You mentioned your loss of the glazed part for the strike camera....I'm building this kit at the moment and won't be using that part so if you PM me your address it's yours. Q
  12. Thanks, James - appreciated. I think the Aires seats are a worthy addition. I'm not sure the Eduard Big-Ed set was a real necessity for me as it provides quite a lot of bits which I wouldn't miss, and I suspect their rbf flags are non-RAF. I may be wrong (that happens a lot). It does however include canopy paint masks which I'm grateful for. It doesn't include replacement wheels, which may be a problem as the kit wheels are inaccurate. It all depends on which bits you can live with. I'm still using some of the seat belt set included in the Big-Ed pack. I could never paint the firing
  13. And a little bit more.... The tub is installed and the rear IP seems ok to my eye. The Stbd rear side wall is now fixed in place - there is a seam where it connects to the cockpit rim but I'm hoping this will be covered and hidden by an etchy bit in the fullness of time. 42 by Niall Robertson, on Flickr Seats are coming along.... I tried using the Eduard coloured set but found the parts rather too stiff to use easily, and also the colours looked somewhat garish and toy-like - maybe it could have been improved with overpainting / washes / filters or summat but
  14. Quite brilliant! That's going on my To-Do list...... Admiring Quack.
  15. Right. OK A few more happenings here at Quack Towers, so here's the update. Firstly some work on the cockpit and panels....front IP has at last got some etch on board. The Nav panel requires some daunting (for me at least) surgery to allow the Eduard bits to fit - I've marked out the areas to be removed - not sure at this stage if the panel is going to survive! 20 by Niall Robertson, on Flickr Stage 2 in progress - nearly done mangling the rear panel - structural integrity severely compromised now.... 22 by Niall Robertson, on Flickr
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