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  1. Oh heaven! I'd pre-order all of those. Three cheers from Quack. Q Who never pre-orders anything.
  2. Bonkers. .......and utterly brilliant! Said Quack who will helpfully sit on his rear and watch.
  3. A fine looking group - you certainly suit the kilt! I'm ashamed to say that I can't post pics of mine as I'm on the island of Barra at the moment without access to my pics. Best wishes, Q Niall Robertson 3 kilts in the wardrobe!
  4. Without photos, it never happened! Thanks for your kind sentiments to my native land. Really looking forward to seeing the Flight path set in action......what an exciting project. Q
  5. Just caught up with this.......Brilliant! Reminds me of the old "Locate and Cement" instruction days. Quack. Late to the party as always.
  6. Oooooooh! This looks fun. If I promise to be good can I watch? Q
  7. Another worthy addition Alistair.......and a most interesting display cabinet. Q
  8. Another vote for W&N Galeria varnish. Brushes on well, and can be thinned with a little water if required. Also airbrushes nicely, if you decide to take the plunge! Comes in nice big containers which last for ages. Q
  9. Good to see this being resurrected. For some reason I love seeing captured axis aircraft wearing roundels. Watching with interest. Q
  10. A classic lump of Navy Metal. Mind if I watch? Q
  11. Great collection and Interesting to see the mighty Tomcat wearing something other than Navy Grey (Gray?) Cracking build. Q
  12. A beauty - and I'm very taken with the scheme. Another proud addition to the display cabinet. Are you running out of room yet?? Q
  13. I've heard that one before! Or is it one of those strange autocorrects??! Q
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