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  1. If I recall correctly*, the black and red symbols differentiated between attacks laser designated by accompanying Buccaneers, and self designated attacks. Buccaneers also sported black and red bomb symbols. I'm sure a grown-up will be along soon to keep us right. Q *rare event, and getting rarer.....
  2. .......and from me in....er.......Falkirk. Nice to hear from you - look forward to seeing some of your stuff. Best. Q
  3. I use a blower brush intended for camera lenses - good for blowing dust off, and the brush is soft enough to remove more stubborn debris. Still need to be careful around the delicate bits though...... Q
  4. I've been using the MRP range of acrylics and absolutely love them! So far they have all sprayed beautifully without further thinning or faffing about. Just stir them really well with an electric stirrer. They are laquers, so are a bit smelly but not any worse than the enamels I used to use. They dry quickly with a good smooth finish and are tough enough to mask over with confidence. They tolerate oil washes and weathering very well. Their metallics are excellent too. Available from Premium Hobbies, HM Hobbies, and MJR models in the UK. Can't guarantee that their colour range will cover all your needs, but they seem fairly comprehensive. Hope that helps...... Q
  5. Don't forget to nail it firmly to the bench before you airbrush it......... Q (already wearing coat.....)
  6. Welcome to the forums. I now live in the central belt but consider myself a born & bred Fifer. Looking forward to seeing you posts. Q
  7. I'm very happy to be taken to task over this.........but my overall recollection is of clean FAA phantoms, whereas the RAF ones were pretty filthy! However, this is based on fading memories of the 892 aircraft when the roosted at Leuchars, and their subsequent appearance when transferred to RAF care. Hope nobody takes offence. Still following this wonderful and inspiring build. A reference thread if ever there was one. Keep up the good (nay superb) work. Q
  8. Nice progress on the Gannet - a supposedly ugly aircraft I love the look of. I guess it'll be going on my `to do` list. How about a trimmed bit of straightened paperclip for the wheel problem?? Q
  9. Here we are on page 2 and I've only just noticed this build! Haven't even got the beers in yet! Quack who has never yet been known to get the first round in.....
  10. Your build progresses beautifully. I'm most impressed by the Flight path set. Lovely work. Q
  11. A beauty. I enjoyed the wip thread, and now the final photos show the quality of the build and finish. Very nicely done. Q
  12. Love the Gannet, and love your build. Actually a beautiful aircraft in my eyes, solid, purposeful-looking with an appearance dictated by function. My wish list just got longer! Q
  13. A beauty in that scheme. One I fondly remember. If you need spare roundels or a fin flash let me know and I'll have a rummage. Q
  14. Looking good. I'm following with interest as these flew from RAF Grangemouth just down the road from me. Q
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