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  1. Really good looking build and a most interesting subject. Congrats on a superb result
  2. OOOOOOHHHHHHH So THAT'S how it works!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Hi all. Can anybody tell me where I'm going wrong? (With posting photos that is!) I'm using Flickr (and managed to get it to work before) but it now steadfastly refuses to post photos.... I've tried this in Chrome and Firefox (all on PC). In Flickr I have the relevant photo showing, clicked on the 'share' arrow and copied the long BBC code. In the BM reply box I have clicked on the 'Insert Image from URL' button and pasted the copied Flickr link......nothing happens. I'v also tried clipping off the front and ends of the copied string but still cannot get this to work - annoying as it used to work fine. If it helps, the copied Flickr BBC string is this 60.jpg by Niall Robertson, on Flickr Possible contributing factors are that Quack is A drunk B old C stupid D all of the above I throw myself on the mercy of my BM colleagues. Frustrated Quack
  4. Beautifully built and finished, and the base is simple but impressively effective. The prize is surely well-deserved - congratulations. Q Oya Mando!!
  5. A magnificent result, quite simply outstanding build and finish. Awesome. (I am in awe) Awed Quack (Makes a change from the usual Odd Quack)
  6. I love how this is coming together. Great work.....and fun! Q
  7. I do like a gnat! Always strikes me as a sort of jet microlight on caffeine! How does it go together in terms of fit?
  8. Lovely. Don't think I'd want to to start a fight over a bit of lettuce with that!
  9. Nice diorama, skilfully done. Love it. Q
  10. Whole lotta modelling going on here......watching & learning. Q
  11. No.....I am Spartacus! Sorry, I'll behave Bad Quack
  12. Really looking forward to more of this build.....great beginnings.
  13. Patched tail boom is an inspired and entirely appropriate solution.....loving this build.
  14. Sure does look like a Lightning - an excellent one. Hats off! Q
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