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  1. Nice start - I do love a Tornado - especially a pink one. I built one in 1/48 scale - Link here.... I am a complete convert to MRP paints - totally Idiot proof (ie Quack-proof). they spray beautifully and leave a very resilient hard finish, and I've never had problems with silvering after applying transfers direct to the paint surface - no gloss coat required - heretical, I know. But to get to the point: when trying out paint for my Desert Pink Tonka I tried MRP 185 (Modern RAF Desert Pink) but found it quite dark compared to reference pics. I tried lightening it but it ended up looking grey and muddy. In the end I used MRP 339 which is marketed as a colour for British WWII AFVs - it looks much better to my eye, and I intend using it again when I eventually get round to building the Airfix Buccaneer S2B. Will follow your build with interest - have fun with it ! Q
  2. Welcome David. I spent some happy times in Kenora, and loved the climate despite the temperature extremes. Didn't feel cold until I got off the plane back in damp Scotland! What kind of projects do you do? Q
  3. A magnificent project Alistair. Leuchars has a special place in my heart - I'll watch with interest. Q
  4. Oi !!! How dare you make such insinuations??!! 😡 oh wait ...you mean ask professionally..... Looking very nice FB - love the scheme. Q
  5. Super build Ali. Really like the scheme and finish. First class. Q
  6. Wow. Page 3 already ..... not sure how I missed this one Ali. Great start - I'll be following with interest as it's a subject of interest and in my scale. Q
  7. Thanks Alistair - when I started it I was hoping for a quick build for a change! Thank you Chris - not much to report on build progress so I had to add some local news..... Thanks again John - I don't think my skills are really up to this - probably bitten off more than I can chew, but if it stretches me then that must be a good thing....eh? Grateful thanks for all the encouragement folks. Q
  8. Chapter 3 In Which Quack begs Forgiveness for his Slow Progress and blames the Stalking Season Forgive me dear modelling colleagues - I started this project in June and this is only my 3rd progress update.... But I've got an excuse!! Here on the bonnie Estates surrounding Quack Towers, we rely on the stalking season for much of our annual revenue. Our season is astonishingly expensive, ridiculously exclusive and only accessible by personal invitation. Bankers with an income greater than the GDP of most countries are invited to the Estate for a spot of stalking and receive the traditional local hospitality of cold showers, Michelin grade meals consisting almost entirely of porridge (with salt, naturally) and the promise of exclusive stalking on the Estate. We drive the lucky few to the high slopes of Beinn nan Tunnagan.........................and stalk them Honestly, it's hugely popular with the villagers who all join in with great enthusiasm - it sometimes even dissuades them from their usual torch-lit, pitchfork-wielding gatherings for the persecution of Quack. The Bankers are of course issued with their very own Sauer Pantera chambered for .300 Win Mag, so they can shoot back - much more sporting than stalking deer. Anyhoo - enough of the excuses - what's been happening with the Canberra I hear you ask............ oh, right, nobody asked.... Well, truth be told - there's not a lot of progress. As you may have gathered from earlier posts (pay attention at the back! ) I'm trying to build a PR.9 with an open Nav / Sensor operator's position in the nose - making it...........well.........errrrrrrrrrr visible! End of career pics show a rather prominent equipment rack at the port side of the nose opening. I've helpfully labelled it "This Bit" 34 by Dr. Quack, on Flickr "This Bit" isn't represented in the CMK resin set, but it's quite a visible Bit so I'd like to put "This Bit" in my model....with me so far?? Naturally the CMK resin is designed around the Airfix mouldings which are, rather unfortunately......a bit off. The Airfix plastic has the rectangular Nav window (poor Nav can't see anything out of it so they called it the Day / Night indicator ) in the wrong position - it should be a couple of mm lower. If I scratch build an equipment rack and put it in the correct position, it'll completely cover the window! Maybe this'll help... 30a by Dr. Quack, on Flickr The only fix I can see is to move the window.........ok for some, but a bit scary for incompetents like Quack Oh well, I'll probably think of something - nothing ventured nothing gained / messed up. Perhaps the Christmas Elves will magically arrive and sort it all out ....... In other breaking news - the Nav forward panel has been opened up to give the poor guy some leg room, and the nose interior base coated... 21 by Dr. Quack, on Flickr 25 by Dr. Quack, on Flickr ....and the nose sensor window blanked off ready for the addition of a replacement lens or a drop of Kristal Klear (the kit part is laughably undersized and drops right through the hole!) 24 by Dr. Quack, on Flickr ..........and some other stuff got done...... 26 by Dr. Quack, on Flickr 27 by Dr. Quack, on Flickr 28 by Dr. Quack, on Flickr so, all in all. not a very interesting progress report - sorry folks! Meantime I'm off to oversee the Villagers 2023 Panto production. This year its a new version of "The Wizard of Oz", which we're calling "The Gizzard of Oz", and I must say, the Villagers and I have been bonding well over it. The Tin Woodcutter is shaping up to be a most convincing serial Axe-Murderer (we're running out of extras - any volunteers??)) The Scarecrow finds a new purpose in life as a firelighter, and the Cowardly Lion reconnects with his predator ancestry (spoiler alert - Toto doesn't make it!) Oh how the local kids love it! That's it for now... Keep calm, and mangle plastic. Q
  9. Another luverly build Alistair, and a rather fetching scheme. Q
  10. Lovely job. The chipping around the cockpit and gun bay panels is very fine and convincing- what's your secret?? Admiring Quack.
  11. A beauty Alistair. Lovely build and a striking scheme. Q
  12. Or pilot + The Boss + The Boss`s golf clubs. Q
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