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  1. Lovely build, and I agree that the kit is a joy. I don't normally build planes with props, but made an exception for this. Excellent build and finish. Admiring Quack.
  2. Welcome to the Fora, from a common plane builder. You'll be looking forward to the reopening of Wonderland Models again ...... Q
  3. You've overcome these issues masterfully, and I love the scheme honouring 617s famous past. Nice work. Q
  4. Thanks all. Looks like Imgur and Talk Talk aren't playing nicely. I'm with Talk Talk so I expect that's the explanation. Thanks everybody. I'll be in my box, twiddling my thumbs until something gets sorted. Q
  5. Thanks for your quick replies folks. If it helps, my PC has this exact problem despite being hardwired to router with excellent fibre broadband connection, no VPN, and Mrs. Q couldn't possibly pedal any faster! Windows 10 is up to date as are both Chrome and Firefox browsers. In one post I looked at, the pics from Imgur are not loading but others from Imgrpost and from Flickr in the same post load perfectly..... I'm concluding that the problem originates from outwith Quack Towers, but I'm confused then as to why others are not similarly affected. Perhaps it'll all re
  6. Hi all. I wonder if anybody has advice for enabling me to view images in certain posts? For some reason I can't see some images, and it appears to be imgur hosted images in particular. I can see a spacer type icon in the post but no image, nor when I click on the image itself.....curiously this is the same when using my (admittedly old) tablet, and also using my PC - same problem regardless of browser (tried Firefox and also Chrome). I can see that others have replied to these posts, so they have obviously been able to see the images, when I cannot. Anybody else having bother? Is it me or is i
  7. Chapter 12 In Which Quack Wakens from Hibernation Happy New Year Everybody!!!! oh wait, that was ages ago........so little happens here at Quack Towers, that time seems to have lost meaning somewhat. They tell me it's now 2021, that the world is in some kind of lockdown, and that some sort of plague threatens our collective existence! Hah! I recall well the plague of 1345, when I was a youngster....now THAT was a Proper Plague. Caused of course by the conjunction of 3 planets, but try telling that to the young ones of today and........er.........actual
  8. A busy year Ali. Glad you've been using your time productively. Love your E Fortune Lightning - a fantastic museum with a superb collection. Q
  9. I remember being at a Mildenhall show in the nineties......and the impressive noise made when a C5 burst a tyre. Some great pics there. Q
  10. 1/32 Hawker Siddeley Vacillator on order..... Wonder if It'll ever arrive.............? I know, I know....I'll be good
  11. Disappointing but not unexpected.... However, gives me another year for saving up my pocket money!! Q
  12. Great start sir. I fancy doing one with RAF roundels i.e. ex-German airframe operated by Qinetiq. Do the decals still come in the Kinetic boxing? Excited Quack
  13. Happy New Year old bean. Lovely to see an update on this. Cockpit is excellent.......your painting of the oob kit pit ain't too shabby either: I recall being highly impressed at the time. Thanks for showing the comparison. Q
  14. Oh look.....Lego! You could do a large scale Lego Shackleton! (Think of the lovely revetty detail)
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