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  1. Blue Peter was the personal mount of George Denholm, OC 603 City of Edinburgh Squadron - a lovely modest gentleman with a quite heroic wartime record. I was privileged to meet him and chat about his experiences. One of 'the Few'. Someday I'd like to model this aircraft in honour of the man, though decals may be a problem...... Lovely job on the Spit. Hope I can do half as well.
  2. I'm with Uncle Pete on this one....I've also just returned to the hobby after a 'few' years off - so far only managed one completed kit in the last year. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235034378-raf-black-hawk-errri-mean-a-hawk-thats-black/ The great thing about this site is that everybody appreciates that we are all at different levels of skill - I marvel at some of the professional builds seen here and try out some of the tips that are generously shared. I think your Spit is excellent and look forward to seeing future builds. Nice to hear from someone in Polmont....not a million miles form Quack Towers.
  3. Beautifully done. Outstanding result from a rather basic little kit - too small and fiddly for me these days... well done. I remember seeing Magisters flying at Leuchars shows back in the 70's - seriously noisy little buggers as I recall.
  4. Love the builds - quality finish on interesting schemes. Silly Quack went and Googled " S&M models"......! Naughty Quack.....
  5. I first looked at the pictures on my tablet, which seemed to compress the images to fit the screen, foreshortening the image - the result was the cutest Egg-Plane EVER! Now that I'm viewing on a desktop machine I can see it in all it's glory - excellent build and beautifully finished in a most interesting scheme. Congratulations on your build. I wish I could reach that level of proficiency.... Jealous Quack.
  6. LOL.....thanks for sharing that......great idea - such a pity it didn't pan out. I sincerely feel your frustration......... but I'm still giggling like a schoolboy here!
  7. Base from CoastalKits. Badge from my moth-eaten flying suit. Errrr......yes, people do say I'm a bit mad
  8. no no no no NO!!! You CANNOT tease us all like that and then not spill the beans! we insist on the details - and preferably the photos. The cockpit panels came from the Eduard set of pre-printed PE. It fitted well and looks vastly better than my attempts at painting photo-etch. That'll be another step on my learning curve...actually it's not so much a curve as a staright vertical line! Still, I managed to avoid my old trademark gluey fingerprint on the canopy.
  9. Nicely done. I grew up near Leuchars and seeing / hearing the Lightnings & Phantoms fired my interest in aviation.....lovely build.
  10. Grateful thanks to the Admin who took pity on a distressed Quack, waved the magic wand and made everything better. And thanks, folks, for all your kind words of encouragement...too kind....waaaay too kind. Humbled Quack
  11. Oh Hell - I just seem to have posted this in ARMOUR! now how do I sort this one out?????? Duh
  12. Mrs Quack wanders into the Inner Sanctum of Quack Towers, and stares pointedly at the model on Quack's desk. "Errrr...I just made this Dearest," mumbles Quack. "I whittled it out of old clothes pegs and glued it together with toothpaste!" "No you didn't you lying Git," his beloved retorts. "It's an Italeri 1/48 Bae Hawk with some Eduard bits in the cockpit - I've read the credit card bill, and your doing the Vacuuming for the next month!" So dear fellows, I humbly present Quack's first model for 40 years, Hawk XX162 assigned to the RAF Centre of Aviation Medicine - It was a 'School' when I did a course there back in '94 (I think) and I have fond memories of Farnborough. And Pot Noodle but that's another story! DSCF0889 by Niall Robertson, on Flickr DSCF0886 by Niall Robertson, on Flickr DSCF0879 by Niall Robertson, on Flickr DSCF0884 by Niall Robertson, on Flickr DSCF0885 by Niall Robertson, on Flickr Quack foolishly thought the Black finish would be easy for a starter kit - unfortunately everything went dimply and 'orange-skin' The Photos make it look even worse - It looks marginally better viewed with real eyes in daylight, but not much! DSCF0890 by Niall Robertson, on Flickr But I have a perfect solution to this - simply remove glasses and Voila! DSCF0891 by Niall Robertson, on Flickr vastly better - I'm sure you'll agree.... Be gentle wiv me - My eyes are ageing and my fingers shaky. The learning curve is steep at my end, but all-in-all I'm happy to place this on my shelf as it triggers happy memories. I've learned a lot doing this one and look forward to the next! Happy plastic-mangling everybody - I'm off to do some Vacuuming....and Ironing.....and Dusting.....and.....
  13. Quack tries the 'Idiot Proof' Photo Method Idiot-Proof seldom takes into account idiots like Quack!! DSCF0889 by Niall Robertson, on Flickr Just testing - Ignore....
  14. LOL - how long before we get the first reports of Aircraft being targeted by their own drone wingmen???? Cynical Quack
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