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  1. 1:72 Airfix BAC TSR.2

    Looking good Bill. I didn't realise you had air intakes as well. I have them and mne don't fit either so I'm going to back to the kit parts and will add the CMK FOD Covers that came with the set for a bit of colour on mine.
  2. A Bit of WNW speculation

    Some interesting kits speculated here. If it's an 0/400 at least storage can become less of an issue by folding the wings like the real thing. I think it could be a BE.2C My reason is that the Vintage Aviator have built one. Look here for further candidates maybe. http://thevintageaviator.co.nz/projects/aircraft There are only three kits on the list that haven't been released as WNW kits yet and one is French! My other theories are Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter. Continues the recent Sopwith themed releases. Or something early war and British like a Vickers Gun Bus. Regards, Mark
  3. AOL still isn't working for me Regards, Mark
  4. I'm with AOL and haven't been getting emails. I checked my settings then checked the help section and this must be why. Hopefully they'll sort it soon. Regards, Mark
  5. Hi Massimo, My Jaguar Wheel wells have stalled too at the moment so I understand. Loving the Ark Royal theme though. I have the Model alliance Ark Royal decal sheet and a few kits to do an Ark Royal Air Wing at some stage so will follow this. Loving the progress so far. Have you seen the Airfix Magazine from a couple of months ago with the new Airfix Phantom on the cover? It has plans for the catapult deck section of Ark Royal in 1:72 and a build article. I bought the magazine and then got a free copy at Telford so I have a spare copy if it could be of use. Regards, Mark
  6. 1:72 Airfix BAC TSR.2

    Looking forward to seeing this one. I have the same kit and the CMR Resin as well. Just a few words of warning based on my experience. the CMR bomb bay on my example is shorter than the kit part I'm not sure if this was down to shrinkage so your part might be ok. Mine will need some modification to fit. Also if you fit the electronics bay and the resin nose wheel well they foul each other so it might take a bit of fettling to get them both to fit. Hope you find this information useful and look forward to seeing the build progress Regards, Mark
  7. I have the Revell boxings of the MK II anfd MK VII vipers. If I recall correctly, the MK II comes with a resin pilot but the MK VII comes with an injected moulded one. The fact that Revell probably just buys the sprues from Moebius and produces their own decals and packaging and the Moebius kits are imported probably reflects the price. The Revell boxings could be found even cheaper a few years ago in the Modelzone sales. This build video on youtube gives you an idea of what can be achieved with this kit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTzebuHsm4o Hope this helps, Mark
  8. 1/72 Hawk ejector seat

    If you’ve not seen it check out the hawk build by @Fritag here on Britmodeller for a masterclass on building early Hawks in 1:72 Regards, Mark
  9. I hope that this kit prompts the release of some new Canberra decal sheets. I know Model Alliance produced a wide variety of decal sheets, some still readily available the RAF ones have been out of production for a while now and options are currently limited for RAF Markings and there are so many great schemes for Canberras.
  10. Nice looking Canberra and it's gone together quickly too! I have purchased three of these and can't wait to build one. Thanks for sharing, Mark
  11. Hi Dave, I have both kits and the grey sprues are identical. the only difference is the clear parts. With the B.2 you get the clear canopy with the single small round window and a nose cone. In the T.4 I got the canopy with the two small round flat round windows and no clear nose cone. the solid nose for the T.4 is in both kits. Hope this helps. I can post sprue shots on here tomorrow evening if they would be of use to people. Regards, Mark
  12. Best 1-32 Tornado Kit

    Basically the two kits are the same but the GR.1 kit comes with an RAF specific sprue with the Hindenburgers drop tanks, bombs and skyshadow pod and the LRMTS chin pod. Fortunately the LRMTS pod is in the Flightpath set but you'll need to source the Skyshadow pod separately from Flightpath and Hindenburgers if required https://www.djparkins.com/product.php?productid=17743&cat=253&page=2 Alternatively some Tornados fly with a dummy boz pod in place of a skyshadow pod when not on deployment. There are some RAF Tornado decal sheets in 1:32 but choice is limited and the Revell ECR with the special scheme only comes with limited stenciling.... Hope this info goes some way to informing your decision. Regards, Mark
  13. I've just received one one of the RAF boxing and I'm a little disappointed with the decals. The kit comes with the instructions for the Pan Am boxing of the kit with a supplemental sheet for the placement of the bits on the RAF sprue along with the painting and decal placement guides. The decals are laser printed and the proportions of the roundels are a bit off and the supplied windows on my kit lack the silver trim and are not quite sharp on my example. Fortunately for me, my Welsh Models Short Belfast has the Tristar decals in it mixed in with the Belfast ones so I can mix and match. I'd have expected better quality decals for the price the kit is being sold for. My advice to anyone wanting this kit would be to wait until Mel at S&M models releases his kit in January. Hopefully it will be good value for money in the same way the Roden Bristol Britannia was when it was reboxed by Twosix Decals with the RAF Markings. Regards, Mark
  14. I got the email notification earlier and have just ordered mine. I really hope this does well for Mel
  15. Harrier GR3 questions thread

    That's a great find, I was looking for the same thing and was asking the Harrier SIG the same question yesterday. Thanks for sharing, Mark