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  1. I just realized something else for a pre-war Spit, and that's the flat canopy. Should an early Mk I Spit not have a flat canopy? The Tamiya kit does not include one. Brad
  2. I have mine in my hand right now, and my bag with the clear pars only contains 2 actual windscreens, plus an two optional armoured pieces that gets added to the windscreen. Brad
  3. Guys/Gals, Is there a windscreen in this new kit that is an early one without the glass armour? The kit comes with the older radio mast and pitot tube, so I'd like to build an early Spitfire with the Watts prop. I have the prop, but was wondering about the windscreen. Thanks Brad
  4. Ok, how about my Mig-21 SMT then Nice work again!! Brad
  5. Brad-M

    Tamiya Spitfire Mk I in 1/48 Question

    Hi Troy, Super, thanks very much. Brad
  6. That is the best Mig-25 in any version I've seen yet. Fantastic paint work. If I build my Mig-23 will you paint it for me Cheers Brad
  7. Guys/Gals, With the impending release of Tamiya's new Spitfire Mk I, does anyone have a link that describes why the older boxing of Tamiya's Spitfire Mk I is inaccurate shape wise? Thanks in Advance Brad
  8. Brad-M

    Airfix 2019

    Does anyone know if a rag wing Hurricane in 1/48 scale might be produced by Airfix? Thanks Brad
  9. Brad-M

    Trouble with new Aztek A470 Airbrush

    Found a few here in Winnipeg for $49, thanks for the heads up Gary. Brad
  10. Brad-M

    Trouble with new Aztek A470 Airbrush

    Gary, I searched on Michael's site and couldn't find anything regarding the A470. I am in Winnipeg visiting at the moment so will check. Thanks Brad
  11. Brad-M

    Trouble with new Aztek A470 Airbrush

    So I opened one of my new ones up and there is dried paint along the black piece up front and along the seams. The two holes on either side which has the cup and the spare pin for the other side, if you look through the holes, there is another hole in the bottom, I assume that is where the paint goes down into, correct? I have my cup on the right side of the airbrush, leaving the left side hole closed by the other black pin. How much of the bottom hole gets blocked by the cup and the pin, if any? Brad
  12. Brad-M

    Trouble with new Aztek A470 Airbrush

    Well, the only way I will know is if I open one of the airbrushes up right after an a paint session. What is a head scratcher for me, is the 3 new ones leak paint inside, but the old one I have does not. Thanks Brad
  13. Brad-M

    Trouble with new Aztek A470 Airbrush

    Hi, You know how the airbrush is split in half, and there is a seam that runs down the upper and lower center of the airbrush? Paint some how is getting blown back into the airbrush and then seeps through these seams out side the airbrush leaking all over the place. This is doing the same thing with every new airbrush Testors sends me. I then picked up two brand new replacement airbrushes in a trade from someone and they do the same thing, so it's not me. I do have another one which is older that I have had for 12 years and it works fine, no leaks, but the trigger is not as responsive as the newer ones. Brad
  14. Brad-M

    Correct British Armour color

    Thanks for the reply Jack. I used the most current mix for SCC 15 as a base coat on my 1/48 scale M10 17 Pounder Achilles gun tank. Since I don't really have a paint ship to go by, I am using builds like yours as a reference. All the best Brad