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  1. Thanks Guys, I think I have enough info now. Let's move on. Cheers, Brad
  2. Hello Gang, Is there a hard and fast rule for the position of the flaps of the Hunter Mk. 6 while on the tarmac and shut down? Up, or down? If down, are they fully down? TIA Brad
  3. Hello Hunter fans, can this kit be built as a F.5, or is it strictly a F.6? TIA Brad
  4. Thanks Guys. I am a bit confused in the post Bob where they mention the first batch of the Tempest Mk V's were in the JN serial range. What about the EJ serial range, wouldn't they have been first? Brad
  5. Guys, besides the cannon fairings of the series 1, are there any other differences between the series 1 and 2? TIA, Brad
  6. Brad-M

    Tiffie Question

    Thanks for the replies everyone! It's much appreciated. I will look for photos of my planned subject "Pulverizer II", MP149 of RCAF 440 Sq. and go from there. Cheers, Brad
  7. Brad-M

    Tiffie Question

    Hi Guys, So besides being able to see the larger horizontal tail planes, is there a way to tell if a Typhoon has them? Do they go together with the 4 bladed prop? TIA Brad
  8. Are there pics of the sprues for the Mustang Mk IV/P-51K Mustang kit posted anywhere? TIA Brad
  9. I just realized something else for a pre-war Spit, and that's the flat canopy. Should an early Mk I Spit not have a flat canopy? The Tamiya kit does not include one. Brad
  10. I have mine in my hand right now, and my bag with the clear pars only contains 2 actual windscreens, plus an two optional armoured pieces that gets added to the windscreen. Brad
  11. Guys/Gals, Is there a windscreen in this new kit that is an early one without the glass armour? The kit comes with the older radio mast and pitot tube, so I'd like to build an early Spitfire with the Watts prop. I have the prop, but was wondering about the windscreen. Thanks Brad
  12. Ok, how about my Mig-21 SMT then Nice work again!! Brad
  13. Hi Troy, Super, thanks very much. Brad
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