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  1. Well Gentlemen my apologies I haven't been around recently , I had a ton of work on . So the good news is I finally received a personal email response from Academy Korea themselves who I happy to add sent me two perfect replacement Canopies very well packed . It was a struggle and its a shame I had to keep badgering them . But in the end they stepped up . So Kudos to them for that . Jim.
  2. That's sad to hear , I hope you can get yours fixed too . I have noticed slowly more and more are now showing up so i am hopeful Academy will have to sit up and take note .
  3. I agree Anthony , I am quite the same with a new kit . You're supposed to get what you pay for . I'm sorry to hear you were given the cold shoulder . I have had the sane reaction and theres clearly politics at play here. I do the odd review for SMMI and so I will pass this info on through those channels too but sadly I fear to no avail . Sad when a company like Academy can just freeze out its customers . Thanks for the well wishes. And I won't drop this issue until I get some kind of personal response .
  4. Damn , its,so annoying they didn't even get back to you . This is the biggest bugbear in our hobby I think .
  5. This is my 4th response from Academy Global after my initial email . All later replies have been an exact scripted template of this one . I haven't even had chance to give kit numbers or part numbers yet so how will they know what they're looking for ?
  6. Chris, Anthony my helpful message from Academy Europe after my last comment . They never replied to date .
  7. Anthony , Chris . my apologies for not replying sooner gentlemen, its been hectic for me recently . I have since had two further replacement canopy sprues and again both were cracked in the same spot . The cracks are alarmingly identical. So I have no idea if its bad packing and and lack of support on the sprue . Or if this is happening when its knocked out of the mould ? I will upload pics of the others soon but for now this is the first one . The second one . I have emailed Academy Europe and via messenger on facebook . They said contact Academy Korea or the seller and basically not to bother them . I emailed Academy Korea, they said they will see if they can help but not sure they can ... and will get back to me at some point IF they can help .whatever THAT means . And the shop I bought them from is now out of stock and frankly sick of hearing from me which I don't blame one bit . They must think I'm just hard to please . Cheers . Jim.
  8. I bought two of these kits , and both have cracked forward canopies . Due to it being moulded with no support frame no doubt . I have tried to get replacements and Academy aren't interested sadly . My retailer is now out of stock so it doenst look like I'll be starting mine anytime soon I just hope I can source the replacements . I love the rest of the it though . I just wish the canopy sprue wasn't a Friday night afair. If you buy this kit I urge you to check the long forward canopy moulding very carefully .
  9. Thanks for looking and I hope it's in the right place
  10. Guys so tome ago before photobucket wrecked the internet. I showed you all my USAAF bust by young miniatures . I am very proud to say my article featuring this bust is in July's issue of Scale Military Modeller International. http://www.sampublications.com/magazines-subscriptions-renewals/scale-military-modeller-international/latest-issue/scale-military-modeller/prod_698.html
  11. Yeah i thought Tomcats were complicated
  12. Thanks Mike . Much appreciated . I must say I'm a bit flummoxed with blocks and scab plates and WAR HUD's etc...
  13. Ah Okay thanks pete . Surprising that but at least now I dont have to buy a set for my tamiya 1/48 Adversary .
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