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  1. Thanks for looking and I hope it's in the right place
  2. Guys so tome ago before photobucket wrecked the internet. I showed you all my USAAF bust by young miniatures . I am very proud to say my article featuring this bust is in July's issue of Scale Military Modeller International. http://www.sampublications.com/magazines-subscriptions-renewals/scale-military-modeller-international/latest-issue/scale-military-modeller/prod_698.html
  3. sonofjim

    F-16N question for the falcon experts .

    Yeah i thought Tomcats were complicated
  4. sonofjim

    F-16N question for the falcon experts .

    Thanks mate .
  5. sonofjim

    F-16N question for the falcon experts .

    Thanks Mike . Much appreciated . I must say I'm a bit flummoxed with blocks and scab plates and WAR HUD's etc...
  6. sonofjim

    F-16N question for the falcon experts .

    Ah Okay thanks pete . Surprising that but at least now I dont have to buy a set for my tamiya 1/48 Adversary .
  7. Can anyone tell me of the US Navy F-16N would have the scab plates please? Being esentially a block 30 falcon it would make sense but cant see the areas clearly enough on inages I have available . Any help really appreciated . Cheers. Jim.
  8. Hi Jim.


    I will have the T-80 package if still available?


    Thank you and hope you are well. I will be off the site for about an hour or so but will check in later and if the kit is still available, BT you the money in the morning.


    Cheers mate.


  9. So nice to see this still moving forward Iain. Durjng my tine away from modelling and BM it has alwyas stuck with me and i often found myself thinking how you and it were doing. Stunning stuff , its imcredible to see it next to one of the HK forts .
  10. sonofjim

    Mig-29 9.12 IRIAF

    Superb , love that IRIAF camo ,very striking and a really clean build .
  11. sonofjim

    Ordering ?

    Thanks for smooth transaction and superb resin goodies .
  12. sonofjim

    Ordering ?

    Have sent a PM BTW .
  13. sonofjim

    Ordering ?

    Could I ask please how to order ?. The checkout seems to be closed every time I drop by the Web site , and there's no reply to emails . Jim.
  14. It's a stunning kit Oz lots of options and a very nice interior .