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  1. Kitty Hawk had their last message on Facebook at the end of December and since we have no news, I was waiting for their Su-25 and Ka-52, I hope the manufacturer has advanced the development of thosez kits and resells their mold to another maker. It was not a very good idea to put all the energy on the 1/32, Ok their SeaHawk looks perfect to me but I don't think this product sells as well as the 1/48 subjects. I personally have all their Sukhoi family. It is a very sad news.
  2. Nice box art but I won't buy it, I just begin the first build from one of two AMK's Tomcat D cos I have two boxes of this excellent model but I won't buy an other D version. Any rumour if AMK is working on a new model?
  3. A masterpiece, it's still a very big piece same in the 72 scale. Nice work so far.
  4. 1/18? Just kidding but 1/144 could be fine for me with those big aircrafts.
  5. The third model from Minibase will be the j-15. https://tieba.baidu.com/p/7302324621
  6. I don't think so, Tamiya made one aircraft per year, last release was the F-14 and so the F-4. Maybe Academy?
  7. Here you go, I send it once again, you have to scale it, enjoy. https://wetransfer.com/downloads/dfa1c1e015bdc145d958f902e48bcc4820210329115344/af113a40b7fe1c4f0c7ffa0af6948c3420210329115404/bde2ed
  8. salomon

    KItty Hawk 2021

    The Mi-28 isn't reaaly announced, just a very basic 3D shape drawing, I think we all expect for the ka-52 and the su-57 but we have no more news since months, what happened?
  9. MV-22 Osprey? Better detailed and cheaper than the Hobby Boss'? There is a strong possibility that Academy would make us a surprise to release the A-10.
  10. salomon

    KItty Hawk 2021

    Kitty hawk does not give many communications on its products in 2021, its latest products are Sukhoi familly and UH-60, any news?
  11. A Hind helicopter without his relief rivets remains very toy. yours is truely awesome.
  12. awesome work. Bravo and I keep following this topic.
  13. That will give idea for Trumpeter to release a 1/18 B-2? I'm just kidding.
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