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  1. So we have the wait for the aftermarket decal, as the kit's camoufage scenes aren't accurate, so bad for this kinda mistake.
  2. Nice cover art with the SCALP under the M 2000 D, how about the loadout option for the "N"?
  3. I'm waiting for the "D" or the "N" version and that could be great if the ASMPA missile is included.
  4. I agree with you Sebastian, the GWH's Su-35 is really better than the KH's, I have both but I belive KH is updated their mold to produce the new SUkhoi familly with an actual standard.
  5. As I know it's the update mold with much more accurate detail, and some surface detail of the Kinetic missed. Am I wrong?
  6. I didn't get time to build the Kinatic's su 33 but will get one of this awsome update su-33, and I'm happy that this project still alive.
  7. We all know that the design of a new model requires a lot of human resources and also need a hugh financa aspectl, and when I hear the complaints about the new AMK model of the F-14 when from my point of view I find it well designed and the assembly is perfect as long as we spend a little time preparing the parts. I have no doubt that manufacturers will not want to take the risk of designing a model that critics will be negative from us, Then the choices of the italeri remain the least risky choice. But if Italeri has to plan a new model, the EC-665 tiger, the NH-90 also a new tool vicking.
  8. Oh yes, can't wait for this airplan, can we have the Alf Kawanishi E7K in both version too? I mean in the 48 scale, I alreasy have the nice 72's from Hasegawa before.
  9. The only that I'm waiting for is the Osprey, just hope the kit could be have nice details and nice fit, just like the corrent AMK, GWH or Kitty hawk production.
  10. zvesda's Hind drawing is more advanced compare to the KH's, anyway I'll buy the first release for sure. The thing that I'm waiting for is the embossing rivets typical on that helicopter.
  11. I sais in January that's time to stop buying models kit because I have a few to finish, but as I can see, it's not a geat moment to stop. 2020 should be a modelling golden age with a 1/48 Hind, SU-57, Su-25, Ka-52 and the Mi-28.
  12. One more thing, if Kittyhawk you read me, put more care on the 2A42 cannon that has so much detail and I didn't can finish my so old Revell"s Ka-50, it's really a lot of workon that kit, when I finish the cockpit correction, I have to re-engrave the panels lines, then I'm blocking on the propellers and when I see the cannon, my god I'm really depressed with this kit. I know you can make very better than Revell.
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