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  1. salomon

    Kitty Hawk Su-34 1/48 - render - March

    it's worth the wait for the KItty hawk's Su-34, the details look really amazing.
  2. salomon

    Kitty Hawk Su-34 1/48 - render - March

    AWESOME, can't wait to get mine.
  3. salomon

    New GWH's project

    Oh please no more F-14, I'm waiting so long for the AMK's tomcat, all I want is the real new subject, as the SU-25, the KA-50/52, in the pass I did a 3D model and hope one day that I'll have time to make a conversion for the Revell's Ka-50.
  4. salomon

    Kitty Hawk Su-34 1/48 - render - March

    The release is really close, YES!!!!
  5. I'm waiting for the SA-11 TELAR, great new for the release, there'e two manufactures making the same TELAr but I 'think the Meng is better and the Panda's prizing is cheaper.
  6. I don't thing Modelcollect will make 48 scale model in the short time, maybe the other manufacture as Kitty hawk, Trumpeter or GWH? The CAD looks fine, I'm waitong for their B-52. There a nice bleuprint for the airplane: https://www.aereo.jor.br/2018/03/25/a-saga-do-a-12-avenger-ii-da-mcdonnell-douglas-general-dynamics/
  7. I only build the eduards's mirage also the AMK's Kfir, For the Kinetic's models you have to pay 40$ for their mirage and the Eduard isn't that bad and cost 20$, I have bad experience with Kinetic's kit, very bad fit and need a lot of mastic. I dont have the Kinetic's AMX and I think the kit is fine but if you compare 40$ for the Kinetic's model and 30$ for the HobbyBoss', Oh yes price is matter. I bough theirs EA-6B, E-2A and the F-16's family before, some transparents parts was brocken and I use to pay for those replacement parts. So no more Kinetic for me.
  8. the resine look fine and the upturned exhaust interesting me, but I won't buy the Kinetic's kits anymore, it's expensive and the Fit isn't good compare to the other manufacture, except their Su-33, a real master piece for the build.
  9. salomon

    New GWH's project

    Exactly, Tanmodel announced the big bird a couple time ago, and I don't think the huge aircraft is on the way with GWH, maybe Trumpeter one day, I also build warships model but the 1/200 scale scare me, the Trumpeter release the huge u-boot in 1/48!!!! The Ka-50/52, Mi-24/35 and the french EC-665 Tiger, NH-90, Su-57 (T-50), J-20 and the SU-25 family, that's waht I'd like to build in the 48 scale.
  10. salomon

    New GWH's project

    The KA-52 should be fine, make my dream come true please.
  11. salomon

    Tanmodel announce a 1/48th Buccaneer.

    No way, I better have to wait for the Tanmodel's Buccaneer.
  12. salomon

    New GWH's project

    That's a great didea for the vote, there's so many aircraft I'd like build in the 48 scale, the SU-25 family, viggen familly ( the special hobby's viggen is expensive if you have to buy the whole CMK after market things. ), the Kamov 50/52 Katran and Alligator, Mi-28 and al last the Mi-24 /Mi-35.