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  1. Yes that's the reference idem that I've got, raisonable price but not yet using that decal, I think there's not bad surprise after all.
  2. I second that, there's really no any justification of that pricing at all, that's my point.
  3. € 63.95 is not reasonable, I bought this one year ago and it's much more cheaper.
  4. Hello, great to find a post for the 3D printer, I bought an Anycubic mono x and use the waterbase elegoo resine for the same reason that mentionned bootneck, but I can't print a simple objet properly, a lot of annoying step effet and I can't find a good setting within explosure thing. Here is the bad result, some advice for that? And this is my 3D File of the ASMPA MBDA Missile in 48 scale. I can send the file if one of you guys wanna test it, thank you.
  5. Salut, j'espère que je ne t'ai pas offensé en prenant ton image sur le SU-27UB de WGH, je pensais seulement partager l'info. De mon côté j'avais fait des images sur l'ASMPA dans les forum et quelque blogs ont repris ces images là sans me créditer, mais bon on est là pour partager nos passion de l'aviation et il n'y a pas d'échange à but commercial.


    Pourquoi tu étais banni du forum master 123? je ne vois pas ce que tu avais dit de border line.

  6. Can't find a word for this masterpiece, just Wow.
  7. Saw a couple of lovely pictures from the next coming S2, but the blue painting scene isn't that fun. Anyway this kit is on my list. https://www.themodellingnews.com/2022/01/three-british-legends-added-to-airfix.html#more
  8. Sorry I dorget there's a factory called "Must Have", so it was confusing. I wanna say that Academy's A-10 is my much have kit of 2022.
  9. The "beast" name isn't accurate for that big and heavy fighter, J-20 dinosaur is better.
  10. Thank you for that information but there's more resine for that helicopter than a simple car model, the prize could be higher.
  11. Why not the 48 scale, it's a very hugh model in 35.
  12. Lovely! I'm surprising the the japonese manufactures won't be interreste anymore for the WW2 japanese aviation models.
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