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  1. We like to have some after market part for our model build and Minibase gave us opportunity to super detail the model, so yes I won't complain with that ans still waiting for this kit but leave the GWH's one.
  2. The J-10C Update is ready now and the WS-10C for the J-20 will be done next week, I'm waiting for the printing resin. If you are interested please send me a PM, Thank you guys for your support.
  3. In my opition, Reskit one is fine, I don't have the BAM's M 88 but I thing it's fine too.
  4. Oh yes, for the moment the J-10C update parts with MAWS and EOTS antennas on the top for the tailfin, airintake and under the cockpit. I'm planning a WS-10B for the Pakistan's J-10PE version in the further. The J-20's WS-10C is really now. I'll try to find out how to sell it maybe with eBay? Pakistan's J-10 has a new painting scene https://pakstrategic.com/2022/08/29/new-camouflage-for-pafs-j-10c/
  5. The J-10C update parts: And the WS-10C for the J-20: I hope you enjoy its.
  6. That decoration is awesome.
  7. Not much time because I'm working on some misiles design for the printing. Here's the printing parts gluing on the J-10C.
  8. I second that, Italerie has made much effort for this new kit, the fit is fine. This aircraft is really not one of my favory one, but the model is awesome, especially the box art with the english version, that will be great to make a Meteor and Spear loadout.
  9. Thank you for your encouragement for this 3D printing project. Yes the J-10 and J-20 really needs some updates, those parts are too basic for 48 scale. I just finished the drift of the J-10 and I think I stop there, but the WS-10B engine For recent versions is possible. I will try to take out the parts well and fix some printing issue, and if you are interested, send me a message. The fit looks OK, no glue yet.
  10. Little Update for the J-10C and J-10CP ( I'm not sure if it's a right naming or J-10CE, E as Export.)
  11. No, the real printing part aren't thiick, it's the bad photo effect, please look at the CAD drawing up there. Still working on the cockpit and the seat model, not easy easy because there are so many different cockpit picture and I can't make my mind on the right one.
  12. Here t is, I don't think the reboxing J-10 C will be fixed, the curve wasn't good, so I made a print for it, But you have to do some small surgical operation to remove plastic on the kit.
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