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  1. awesome work. Bravo and I keep following this topic.
  2. That will give idea for Trumpeter to release a 1/18 B-2? I'm just kidding.
  3. there is of course some difference but the evolution of the F3 and F3 + standards are internal, the most visible part is the DDN-NG at the top of the fin of the plane, the plane can finally load Meteor missiles and instead from Pod Damocles, we have the new Talios. https://www.mbda-systems.com/product/ddm-ng/
  4. My order is ready to ship, oh yes. But the trust is that I have so many models to build in the same time and I only can open this SU-33's box and make a personnal review with.
  5. Temptation again...Usualy the GWH's kits are very nice build and I'm waiting for a nice P-40 so long.
  6. So if you wanna have a modern russian pilot and it wasn't Putin, so don't buy it, it's not a REAL typical russian pilot. I will get one and this onee looks truely cool.
  7. Anyway the figurine is just fine, but be awere to not put two figurines into a 27-UB, two Putin together that could be very very creepy.
  8. Sorry for the lately reply, some pictures to compare both kits. Oh yes I have the same idea by mixing the KH's part with the next coming Minibase with the folding wings. The dark grey parts are from GWH. To MrProd, I don't get time compare the gears thing, but I natice the instruction is better than befor without miskating number parts for the build, I begine building the cockpit but can't use the decal because the printing isn"t that clear compare to GWH.
  9. The sprues shows the folding wing option and I'm waiting to see more pictures, thanks Homebee for sharing.
  10. I received the model of the SU-27UB from GWH almost a month ago but I did not find the time for the assembly. Today the Kitty Hawk SU-27B arrived. My first impression is the progress made by KH. The engraving is sharper, assembly seems perfect to me. The detail of the N-001 radar is very close to the real thing, there is the nose cone separated and in the second part which is detailed compared to the GWH model which is more simplified. My conclusion on these two models: GWH continues with a fairly high level like their SU-35 with good crisp and very detailed engraving.
  11. the photos of the assembly show the very basic details on this model, this will give the opportunity to after market add on. Just like their 1/48 Hind.
  12. We can compare the first minibase with a Zoukei Mura - F-4E, 65euros vs 90euros, and the Su-33 looks very detailled compare to the very nice Zoukei Mura - F-4E. I made my choice already. The question is; what can I do with my Kinetic's Su-33 now.
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