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  1. I had the reskit kit for the 48's Super Stallion, the details are numerous but unfortunately we don't see much once the parts are assembled,, an engine at 32 scale is a very good choice for the Hawk family.
  2. I don't made a lot of the 1/32 beaauce it's too big but I always love this aircraft and the AMK's Magister is just fine and doesn't take place, SO I'll wait for the Daco's kit, a very complete cockpit parts for every version I guess. A good point.
  3. I can't believe the kh's Hind will be release this year, they have to release the su-27 familly, the su-25 and the Hind will come. How about the Kamov-50 then?
  4. I won't pre order anymore the trumpeter's product before seeing the test build, my last purchase was their Mig-23, not that bad but it wasn't cheap and need some more aftermarket to complete the model, and the coming J-20 cost more, so I wanna see the details of this model first.
  5. I think Hasagawa doesn't interrest the aircraft model anymore.
  6. Sorry but I already finish my yak-130, but it's a great add on for the Zvevda's kit. That could be fine to have the SU 35's cockpit, also the Tamiya and AMK's F-14 and, I'm sure it's on the way by Quinta.
  7. From Sio https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10222400746396154&set=pcb.3839761366065486&type=3&ifg=1&__tn__=HH-R&eid=ARCSunfYrRPokmXiywX6fTLN5vd0Vbq-eiYq-MZO_ZWqdbiGflUuibN9MV4xbVQkHZZ3zS8YcZ8lhJT1
  8. Thank you for ther information, I do send him a e mail and hope that helps me for this project. When the model will be done, I'll add a downloadl link for 3d printing. best hd gif
  9. The A is for Advanced, this is the last version of the ASMP. I do change the model and I think it's right right now. The download link is follow, you have to scale with your 3d printing software before printing. https://wetransfer.com/downloads/08f5656c896545c6d679dd5be27c3b2520200408143622/faa955
  10. Maybe I use to buy it for inspiration, by the way, is that accurate detail for it? As I use to design the entier support so better made it accurate.. Thanks for your sugestion.
  11. Hi, I'm working on my KH's kit and I would like to get more pictures reference to make a 3d printing to complete the folding blades diorama in 1/48. Any help? Thanks
  12. Any news? I can't find any other picture of this coming kit with google.
  13. Can't wait to get mine, but hobbyeasy suspend the shipping because the Covid virus. Anyway I'm just planning to make the ASMP-A missile for the N version, and if you want to print this, just download the STL file and the OBJ is also included. https://wetransfer.com/downloads/26260a87e7c5375b85487876d7b9e2b020200406133733/1d97cc8c4d6cbf76b8774fba02c98fe120200406133849/ee351a, enjoy.
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