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  1. Here's a link to you're Huey build I was just referring to it again as I have just acquired a Revell boxing of the Academy Huey and was just using your Huey build for reference. The Seahawk is coming along nicely too. Thanks for sharing, Mark
  2. I’ve just spotted on the Wingnut Wings Website that there is a new Gnome engined pup To be released later this year. http://www.wingnutwings.com/ww/product?productid=3200 It also looks like there is also box art for the O/400 as well.
  3. I have one of these to build so it was interesting to see what it comes out like. Thanks for sharing. Mark
  4. FZ6

    1/32 EE Lightning

    I recently purchased an ID Models English Electric Lightning and was thinking along similar lines. It's a basic kit and needs all the help it can get. Would love top pick up an Echelon kit some day. Does anyone know anything about this kit? you don't see any builds or reviews and doesn't seem to be in the Tigger Models range either. Regards, Mark
  5. After seeing a review on Hyperscale and this finished model I could be really tempted. You've done a great job on what looks like a tiny model. Thanks for sharing, Mark
  6. WNW have a 10th anniversary sale. Some good prices on big kits like the Felixstowe Early $169, Late $139 or AEG for $119. Worth checking out. I bought an early AEG and Late Felixstowe and it came to £259 with shipping. Regards, Mark
  7. I watched the aircraft fly over from Meersbrook park for a different angle and they flew directly overhead. Not as good as I would have liked but these are the ones I'm more or less happy with. As others have said a fantastic tribute to some brave men.
  8. Hi, The ECR kit is missing a sprue with a few parts specific to the RAF Tornado so you'll be unable to build one from the ECR kit without acquiring a few parts. Basically you're missing the sprue with the LRMTS pod for under the fuselage and the Hindenburger tanks and Skyshadow Pod along with some RAF specific bombs. Flightpath do a skyshadow pod seperately and the LRMTS pod comes in the update set flightpath do and this this is a very nice but expensive set and would cost more than buying the newly released Revell Gulf War Tornado that has just been re-released. You could always try contacting Revell and see if you can purchase the RAF Specific sprue for the parts you need. Hope this helps, Mark
  9. Hannants now have this one in stock and the retail price is £34.99 might have to add one to my next order.
  10. Thanks for sharing. I have one of these in the stash and this thread will be a great reference to help me build mine when I get around to it as I was unaware of the issues with the nose. Regards, Mark
  11. Great looking Hurricane Tony and a fitting tribute. Thanks for sharing. Mark
  12. Nice Hurricane, Thanks for sharing. Mark
  13. It's been a while but here is an update on some of the work I've been doing to this model. I've been asking about the color scheme I want to paint my Hurricane here There a few mods I need to make to the colour scheme to ensure I can make it as accurate as I can. First off, this Hurricane has 6 stub exhausts so I have robbed a set from one of my Eduard Sptfire IX kits so I'll need to mod the attachment points so they will fit. Eduard Spitfire IX exhausts by Mark Maclean, on Flickr The second is the codes, they look lighter than the red on the roundel so I'll do them in sky grey and a pot of said paint in en route from @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies Looks like the canopy and aerial mast might be green. There also looks to be paint chipping and heavy exhaust staining so hopefully when finished I have something of similar quality to my Defiant. Defiant Completed 01 by Mark Maclean, on Flickr One of the jobs I did over the last week is to do a bit of the finer detailing. Firstly, as I was having the canopy open, I wanted to have the retractable stirrup the pilot uses to climb onto the wing deployed. When this is deployed, It opens up a hand hold on the fuselage which helps the pilot access the aircraft. I carefully cut it out and when I compared it to an Airfix kit I've already modified, the hand hold is a bit too small so I enlarged it slightly. Fuselage hand hold by Mark Maclean, on Flickr The hole for the retractable footstep was carefully drilled out and can be made out in the photo below which also show how well the wheel wells have turned out after a spray with alclad. Wheel bays painted by Mark Maclean, on Flickr Next up was the cockpit parts. I've painted the main colours. Just need to do a bit of painting and detailing now before I can close up the fuselage. Cockpit parts painted by Mark Maclean, on Flickr Cockpit painted by Mark Maclean, on Flickr Earlier this week I had a mishap where I broke the aerial attachment point on the rudder. (and done a similar thing to my Airfix kit as well!) As I knew I couldn't really glue it and hold a wire so I very carefully drilled a hole in the rudder where it had broke off. I was going to do it with brass rod but in the end I used an old drill bit cut to size and it seems to have worked. Radio Aerial repair by Mark Maclean, on Flickr As I did my diorama base for the Defiant I thought I'd have a go at making one for the Hurricane using a picture frame I picked up in Wilkinsons. Diorama Layout? by Mark Maclean, on Flickr The Trolley Accumulator is a Flightpath one and the figure is one of the excellent white metal figures sold by Gunthwaite Miniatures. Hopefully with some ground work and static grass, it should look the part. Another update on the cockpit soon all being well. Thanks for looking, Mark
  14. That looks like an amazing kit. I might have to get one. Look forward to following your progress, Mark
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