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  1. You don't see many of these built up and you've done a great job. Thanks for sharing. I have one of these on the go at the moment and I found I've had to fiit the landing gear before closing up the top and bottom halves and you have to be careful not to knock it. Regards, Mark
  2. FZ6

    WNW HB W.29

    Hi Bob, I don't have the kit myself but I was wondering if using this sprue shot and comparing the proportions to a part you do have may determine the size it needs to be? Hope this helps, Mark
  3. I have a several Roden kits and they aren't as refined as WNW and need a bit more work but can be built into nice models with some work. With the plastic being a bit softer, I think the struts may need to be handled with care as they could break or bend over time due to the weight. The main one to watch out for is the Sopwith Triplane. I think it might be based on drawings of the prototype so the length is a little on the short side which could be corrected with a bit of work as can be seen here. Hope this helps, Mark
  4. Hi Anthony, Happy to put up a WIP as it's been my intention to do this for a while now. Will let you know when I have this up and running. Don't worry about not doing the vertical bulkhead. It's a lot of effort for little gain. As you can see from my pics, even when done, it's hardly noticable once the seat is in. Cheers, Mark
  5. Have you seen this one? http://friendshipmodels.co.uk/epages/927b314c-3d48-4f6e-9263-90c86771b2e6.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/927b314c-3d48-4f6e-9263-90c86771b2e6/Products/WF35009 Cheers, Mark
  6. I'd love to do an RAF Spey engined Phanotom in this scale so I don't know why I haven't looked in this thread before because it's a lovely model and you're making great progress. I'm currently making an F-4J(UK) and used a borrowed Black Box cockpit as inspiration for making my own scratch built additions to the kit parts enhanced by using the Eduard Interior etch and Brassin Seats. On thing I read about the phantom was the rear bulkhead was vertical and most kits represent this sloped. I decided to make this modification myself as seen in the pics below. F-4JUK 001 by Mark Maclean, on Flickr F-4JUK 002 by Mark Maclean, on Flickr On one hand, it gives you an extra 5mm of cockpit to detail F-4JUK 006 by Mark Maclean, on Flickr On the other hand, when you put the seats in, the work is not that noticable. F-4JUK 005 by Mark Maclean, on Flickr Hopefully you'll find this info useful. I really need to do a WIP on this one I think. Cheers, Mark
  7. It's expensive but this book is a fantastic Harrier reference book and has drawings of the single and twin seaters. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/FT002 Cheers, Mark
  8. I'm not sure if it got mentioned on the other thread but the Vintage F-80C Box art was on the Calendar that came with the Airfix magazine. It's a lovely kit for it's age and would be a welcome release I'm sure.
  9. Looking good so far. I keep toying with the idea of getting one of these but haven't so far. If you've not seen it yet, check out this thread for some inspiration Look forward to seeing further progress. Regards, Mark
  10. Thanks Nigel, There are some really interesting pics there with the white and red dashboard. Looking at some of the pics it looks like one of them has been repainted green inside at some stage. Those pics will be really useful. Cheers, Mark
  11. I'm currently building a soviet BA-10 Armoured car and might have the drivers door slightly open and was wondering what the best option for the interior colour may be? I'm thinking either green or off white. As I know very little about this subject, any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Mark
  12. You're welcome @Bert , I haven't painted one yet but am looking forward to doing so. The first Reedoak figures I paint will be the 1/32 Super Hornet crew I have. 1/72 figures are about 5 euros each so not too bad per single figure but could add up depending on how many figures you need for your diorama. Although they aren't as good, if you like Royal Navy or RAF and other commonwealth figures, I really like these figures by Gunthwaite Miniatures. https://www.gunthwaite.co.uk/Range.html I really enjoyed painting up this pair of aircrew figures to go with my Airfix Defiant. Defiant Completed 01 by Mark Maclean, on Flickr Sorry if it's a little off topic but thougth you may find it interesting. Regards, Mark
  13. Hi James, this is looking really good. Loof forward to seeing how you get on with this. By the way, have you seen these? https://www.neomega-resin.com/f-18-intakes-172nd-520-p.asp Regards, Mark
  14. Lovely model and love the photography work which really sets this one apart. Thanks for sharing, Mark
  15. Sorry it's a bit late but here is a photo of the 1/72 Mosquito pilot with supports still attached. Reedoak Pilot by Mark Maclean, on Flickr As you can see the quality is impressive. Cheers, Mark
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