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  1. Another endorsement from me for master products as well. They are excellent value and can me made much more scale thickness than can be achieved in plastic without being too fragile. Often one of the standard aftermarket items I buy when I'm building a kit.
  2. Looks like you're sorted now for instructions. You might find a couple of older threads useful where colour is concerned. Hasegawa recommend Neutral Grey for the F-35 main colour. I used one of the ghost greys for the lighter panels that were the same colour as the hasegawa decals. Regards, Mark
  3. Hi Tim, I can probably help you with the instructions as i have the Hasegawa kit and could probably scan them for you if that will help. Regarding paint. I plan to use Sovereign Hobbies paint as they have the correct FS colour for the grey. Not sure what the closest Humbrol mixes are though. Hope this helps, Mark
  4. I did consider an Academy F-16C but have noticed that they appear to be a bit thin on the ground at the moment although Hannants currently have it on their future releases. One of the most frustrating things about doing an early block F-16 if you want aftermarket is the fact that there doesn't seem to be much currently available for the Hasegawa kit or Pratt and Whitney engined aircraft. My Tamiya F-16 came with an Aires Cockpit but I'm using the kit one as I thought it was sufficient so I'm going to attempt to fit the Aires cockpit intended for the Tamiya kit into the Aires Cockpit. I'm a big fan of resin burner cans for aircraft like the F-16 where the burner is large and when painted white with added weathering, you can see a lot of detail so feel the additional expenditure is worthwhile. Most of the currently available burner cans are for the General Electric engined aircraft and there is very little available for Pratt and Whitney engined aircraft. I'm sure they have been available in the past but the only currently available parts I was able to source for mine was either from GT Resin or another company I'd never heard of called KASL Hobby which is the one I ended up getting in the end and it looks really good although some fettling will be required as it's designed for the Tamiya kit by the look of it. Regards, Mark
  5. Hi Dave, I'm also wanting to build a Block 25 as well and have picked up a Hasegawa kit. It's a basic kit and has mostly raised panel lines for an early A by the look of it but the outline appears to be good and with a bit of work I think it will build into a good model. It's a shame that Tamiya haven't expanded on their F-16 kits with other versions. Regards, Mark
  6. FZ6

    F-16 C Panel Lines

    Thanks for the replies so far. The kit I have is indeed the 1/32 kit. It is an unusual mix of some finely raised panel Iines and some heavier recessed panel lines the main difference following a casual comparison between the two, is that on the Tamiya kit, there is two rows of large access panels on either side of the top half of the fuselage . On the Hasegawa kit, only the lower rows are there. I live in hope that Daco will reprint their F-16 book and I have my eye on the Jake Melampey book although the postage is quite expensive. I’ve heard good things about this kit though so will probably pick this up to help with this task.
  7. FZ6

    F-16 C Panel Lines

    I picked up a Hasegawa F-16C as I wanted to do a Desert Storm Block 25 aircraft. I've been looking at some of the panel lines on the Hasegawa kit and comparing it to the Tamiya kit and have noticed the Panel lines on the Hasegawa kit are based on the pre-production aircraft I think. As the Hasegawa kit needs rescribing anyway due to raised panel lines, I was planning to use the Tamiya kit as a guide for this. As the Tamiya kit is a Block 50 I was wondering if there were any panel line differences between Early Block 25 aircraft and later Block 50 aircraft I need to be aware of? Thanks in advance, Mark
  8. Thanks for the advice I’ll keep that in mind. Will post some photos when I’ve done a bit more on it.
  9. Here's a link to you're Huey build I was just referring to it again as I have just acquired a Revell boxing of the Academy Huey and was just using your Huey build for reference. The Seahawk is coming along nicely too. Thanks for sharing, Mark
  10. I’ve just spotted on the Wingnut Wings Website that there is a new Gnome engined pup To be released later this year. http://www.wingnutwings.com/ww/product?productid=3200 It also looks like there is also box art for the O/400 as well.
  11. I have one of these to build so it was interesting to see what it comes out like. Thanks for sharing. Mark
  12. FZ6

    1/32 EE Lightning

    I recently purchased an ID Models English Electric Lightning and was thinking along similar lines. It's a basic kit and needs all the help it can get. Would love top pick up an Echelon kit some day. Does anyone know anything about this kit? you don't see any builds or reviews and doesn't seem to be in the Tigger Models range either. Regards, Mark
  13. After seeing a review on Hyperscale and this finished model I could be really tempted. You've done a great job on what looks like a tiny model. Thanks for sharing, Mark
  14. WNW have a 10th anniversary sale. Some good prices on big kits like the Felixstowe Early $169, Late $139 or AEG for $119. Worth checking out. I bought an early AEG and Late Felixstowe and it came to £259 with shipping. Regards, Mark
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