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  1. Thanks for the info on the boxes Red, The MK.8 comes with the port side boxes and the empty centre rack which should be easy to copy. It will save me a task not fitting the Sea Skua boxes but when I come round to doing my MK.8 I might make some boxes for that. Those measurements will come in handy for when I correct the tail length. Mark
  2. Great looking Fokker. Not the easiest kit to build since we've been spoiled with Wingnuts but you've done a great job. Thanks for sharing, Mark
  3. Nice looking model, thanks for sharing. The Tamiya Zero looks great in the box and looks like it builds up nicely too. Cheers, Mark
  4. Hi @Duncan B, If your using Aviattic Decals, I feel that gloss white with maybe some pre-shading might be the way forward. For other lozenge decals I've used in the pased based on experience I think the best colour to paint the wing is either a lozenge colour or maybe the same colour as the rib tape might be better so if you have a slight mismatch, it's less obvious. I've got to finish applying Pheon's Cookie cut decals to my WNW D.Va which @redcap is always on at me to finish so really must crack on with it! Anyway, there are some really good tip for appying lozenge on the Pheon website which may help. https://www.pheondecals.com/32020---sold-out---albatros-lozenge.html. Using a thin coating of Klear and a hair dryer to get the decals to settle down really works. If you are applying the lozenge in strips, I found the best way was to apply the underside first. Cut off a little more than intended. Ensure it is lined up perfectly on the leading edge when applying with to overhang at the back. When the decal is dry you can then carefully trim with a new sharp scalpel blade. Wing tips and curved shapes probably need careful trimming to size before hand making them slightly bigger and then again trimming once dry. This is based on my experience with lozenge and hopefully, it will be of some use to you. Regards, Mark
  5. Coming together nicely and looks like you've managed to make some replacement parts for bits you lost. Look forward to seeing further progress, Mark
  6. Thanks, that is a great reference. The lock that goes over the pedals would add a nice touch of colour. Regarding the boxes behind the seats..... I have some photos of them I took of the MK.8 which I took at Telford. Are they the same as these in the MK.3? Lynx Telford 027 by Mark Maclean, on Flickr Lynx Telford 044 by Mark Maclean, on Flickr Thanks, Mark
  7. You’ve done a lovely job on this model. Thanks for sharing. Had this one on my Hannants watch list for a while now. Regards, Mark
  8. Thanks Red, That's a great reference shot looks like there is plenty of wiring down there not to mention that large pipe. That photo will come in useful. I've also got a MK.8 on order now so I can use the instrument panel as a guide for my MK.3. Will set up a work in progress at some point soon. Regards, Mark
  9. Thanks for the comments guys. I was hoping I could use the parts straight out of the box but looks like I'll have to modify the instrument panel for the radar screen and add the boxes in behind the seats. From the pictures, it looks like there is a plate on the floor that covers the holes where the stick and pedals usually fit. I'm guessing that the collective would have been removed as well but from looking at references, the box might have to stay in place and I just need to cut the handle off. Thanks Red, If you can let me know the correct length when you get the chance, it will be really appreciated. I'm in no rush as there is a lot of work to do on the interior before i get to this part of the build. Might have to start a work in progress to show how I get on. Regards, Mark
  10. Good to see this one back on the bench. I was only looking at this one the other day for inspiration as I’ve been working on my Lynx so looking forward to seeing further progress. Mark
  11. I'm dusted off my Revell 1/32 Lynx to do a bit of work on it and plan to paint it as XZ250 in its Black Cats Scheme as depicted in the box and have read a few of the Lynx threads and based on what I have read I've got a couple of questions on features of this specific aircraft. 1. Instrument Panel - I read that 702 NAS operated the dual control Lynx does this mean the Revell instrument panel is correct for this particular aircraft? If so, that will save me a job correcting it. 2. Rear seat. Would this aircraft have been normally fitted with the six man metal seat as included in the kit or the inflatable four man seat? 3. It looks like the short table stabiliser was fitted to this one. I was wondering how much I should cut off the kit provided one to ensure it's the correct length? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Mark
  12. I took this picture in 2005 at Waddington and had the good fortune to meet The Display Pilot Fl Lt Richard Moyes call sign 'Dicko' and Navigator Fl Lt Gareth Littlechild call sign 'Gaz' who both signed by brochure they gave me which was given to me for a donation to charity. 56(R) Squadron were based at RAF Leuchars at the time. Tornado F3 56 sqn by Mark Maclean, on Flickr If 1/48 is your chosen scale, Hannants have a 56 Sqn Tornado decal sheet. Hope this helps, Mark
  13. Hi Adey, I remember you showing me the fuselage at Huddersfield I think it was a couple of years ago. It's great to see it on here. Looks like its coming along nicely and will make for a good reference when I come to build mine. Thanks for sharing. Mark
  14. Hi Ali, If you're considering requests for new products, I'd like to put forward a request for the Trumpeter 1/32 MiG-23ML with the stance corrected please? I was considering correcting my plastic parts when I get round to it but unsure they'd take the weight of the model. Regards, Mark
  15. This is really sad news. I’ve been buying WNW kits since the first four kits were released 11 years ago. I think they’ve been inspirational in the WWI aircraft modelling field in particular and also set the bar a little higher for modelling in general. It sort of reminds me of the day when. Humbrol and Airfix ceased trading for a while but were then saved by Hornby and went from strength to strength. I hope that something similar happens with the WNW brand and we see the kits again in the future as a similar package with the instructions in the same format a f high quality boxes. I wish Richard Alexander and his team all the best for the future whatever happens and thank them for all the amazing kits they’ve developed over the last 11 years and the impact they’ve had on WWI aircraft modelling. Mark
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