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  1. I'll be there with Fazer and co on the Cleveland and Tornado SIG tables. Great show......even better full English Brekkie and drink for a fiver !! Andy
  2. Try this only costs a bit of alu or brass tubing and some thick CA glue ;-) Andy
  3. Just to note ....that's a Luftwaffe ( MFG ) Tornado. I'm not 100% sure but I think the middle section is a similar shade to Medium Sea Grey on RAF birds and the other areas are the same as the top camouflage . Andy
  4. Sent you an email ages ago about the Airfix Mossie you "sold" .

    Please reply .



  5. That's a bolt out of the blue ! Half expected a Revell reissue but not a brand new tool GR4 from Italeri . Strange choice of version though .....would of thought an IDS for the home market but I ain't complaining Andy
  6. Just finished one of these today....great kits and looking forward to seeing the next update on yours Andy
  7. Great show ...can't wait ! 😊 Tonka lot hope to be there again. Andy
  8. Hopefully a new tool Tornado F3 with an accurate rear console Andy
  9. Defo pointers for a F3 Tornado Andy
  10. Never has an aircraft so thoroughly deserved such a moniker as "Queen of the Skies" ....beautiful aircraft. Andy ( built 4 of the Airfix kits and have the Roden on the shopping list ! )
  11. Real eye catcher that one !! Great job . Andy
  12. This is one of my builds for the Tornado SIG Telford Display theme ...Wingman Models Decal sheet GB. Just goes to show that although tricky in places ( especially the wing glove fillets) it still builds up quite nicely. IMHO a quicker build than the admittedly superior Revell kit. Love the Luftwaffe Tonkas. Tornado ECR 46+33 of JaboG 32 , NATO Tigermeet , Volkel , The Netherlands , October 2011. Cheers Andy
  13. Buccs and Vangelis .....brilliant !!! Andy
  14. If you fancy any Gulf War 1 stuff. Im struggling to think of any specials in 1/32 .....I think Xtradecal just did them in 1/48 .....hopefully I'm wrong ! Andy
  15. Have a look out for Euro Decals Op Telic sheet .....code is ED32100 .......very nice for your GR4 builds. Andy