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    Tornado GR1 ,Tornado GR1A ,Tornado GR1B , Tornado F2 ,Tornado F3 ,Tornado GR4 ,Tornado GR4A ,Tornado ECR....I think I like Tornado's !!

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  1. Defo pointers for a F3 Tornado Andy
  2. Never has an aircraft so thoroughly deserved such a moniker as "Queen of the Skies" ....beautiful aircraft. Andy ( built 4 of the Airfix kits and have the Roden on the shopping list ! )
  3. Real eye catcher that one !! Great job . Andy
  4. This is one of my builds for the Tornado SIG Telford Display theme ...Wingman Models Decal sheet GB. Just goes to show that although tricky in places ( especially the wing glove fillets) it still builds up quite nicely. IMHO a quicker build than the admittedly superior Revell kit. Love the Luftwaffe Tonkas. Tornado ECR 46+33 of JaboG 32 , NATO Tigermeet , Volkel , The Netherlands , October 2011. Cheers Andy
  5. Buccs and Vangelis .....brilliant !!! Andy
  6. If you fancy any Gulf War 1 stuff. Im struggling to think of any specials in 1/32 .....I think Xtradecal just did them in 1/48 .....hopefully I'm wrong ! Andy
  7. Have a look out for Euro Decals Op Telic sheet .....code is ED32100 .......very nice for your GR4 builds. Andy
  8. PM sent Andy
  9. Nice.....German text translates to roughly "single seater canopy could be here !" Possible multi variants Andy
  10. Hi Richard.....what kit do you have as the donor ? Andy
  11. Hi Andy,


    I was wondering if you would have finished dimensions lxhxw for the Colombo Express?





    1. AirfixAndy


      Hiya Brett ,

      Model is tucked away in the loft so I haven't got access to it at the moment but on the box it says Length is 47.9cm .

      At a quick guess it's about 10cm wide and 15cm high .

      I can get exact measurement tomorrow if you need it .




  12. Anyone got any photos of the show per usual so busy bargain hunting I forgot Andy
  13. Enjoyed the show as usual and hopefully the Tornado SiG will display again next year (this was our first time at the show ). Well done to all behind the scenes Cheers Andy
  14. Didnt you notice my subsequent apology ?? Fact.....Trumpeter are known to make silly errors - Tornado kit being a prime example- I "jumped " on the band wagon as I believed the nose to be wrong and wanted to bring that to Trumpeters attention. I mentioned that it could be a test shot and that could of been the reason Thankfully better photos show it to be right and as I said , unlike others , I apologised on the FB page . End of. Andy
  15. I've just been ....well .....basically bitch slapped for mentioning the shape of the nose over on their Facebook page . think you are helping to correct what I thought. ...still think actually an issue with the nose. Andy