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  1. roys

    2019 Halifax Show

    I did comment to the wife that there is a big difference travelling to Halifax rather than Huddersfield- even though the distance between them is not that great. Sales reps & van drivers have often been surprised by it. I have avoided the Hebden Bridge area for years!
  2. roys

    2019 Halifax Show

    Hopefully as a resident of Halifax I can offer some help. Area used by the car boot is a massive former railway sidings and scene of a famous photograph "Catchpoint " by Bill Brandt. Car boot clears off lunchtime. Plenty of on street parking which is definitely free, Sunday, on Corporation Street cos I checked it tonight - but it's a walk. Wade Street out of Sainsbury is good & free with big bays unlike Sainsbury. One way turn left, followed by Mulcture Hall Road. Big carpark behind the "Dean Clough" sign might be free on a Sunday - around Jack Wills but check the signs. If you have uninterested guests Dean Clough, Piece Hall, Square Chapel, Bankfield Museum are worth a visit. Enjoy the show!
  3. This week's edition -worth a look. https://jpcvanheijst.com/amazing-aviation
  4. Tractor boy came onto the estate today with a full trailer to go to Greggs. Local newish excavation company with big ideas according to their website. Then coming back from the bank I came across him driving straight through town overtaking road going mobility scooters!
  5. Or mine for his exact words, but he did mention all the work on the refuelling probe before it went fixed.
  6. Bought my father Haynes Buccaneer book for Christmas as he worked on the flight test development team. Speaking to him the other day, he went on about all the work that was done, for so little carrier time! One of his jobs was painting the tyres white, prior to a test flight, so that the tyre manufacturer could work out loadings.
  7. Yesterday morning 7.25am, a few minutes away from my place of work, just out of Halifax town centre, a big tractor towing a huge trailer veered onto my side of the road. I hit the horn & brakes at the same time. Fortunately for me he regained the correct side of the road before impact. I'm fairly sure it had no lights as I had difficulty making it out, as it loomed out of the darkness towards me. Behind this driver was another motorist followed by another tractor & trailer. Now I should have turned round and investigated the matter further, but I was in starting work mindset, so left it. Asking around it seems that tractors & trailers are used as a cheaper alternative to tipper lorries for groundworks, quarrying etc, whereas I had always assumed it was for agricultural use. A quick Google of the UK driver licence requirements, it seems quite frightening what teenagers can drive. After dropping my wife off at work I have 20 minute's spare,before starting work, so am parking up & see if I can catch the scoundrels armed with my action camera. Any similar bad experiences out there?
  8. The lyrics to this one made me laugh Gravedigger's longing English Translation © Richard Stokes O mankind – O life! – To what end – oh what end?! Digging out – filling in! Day and night no rest! – The urgency, the haste – Where does it lead! – ah where?! - - ‘Deep down – into the grave!’ – But the change of pace halfway through the piece is very clever !
  9. roys

    Enforced diets

    Good news is that distilled alcohol is inherently gluten free!
  10. roys

    Enforced diets

    I have drunk that in the Slug & Lettuce chain. Will have to look out for it in the shops.
  11. roys

    Enforced diets

    Must admit to having issues in this department. After a particularly bad evening out ,I have decided to pay more attention as to what I eat & drink. Cannot be bothered with doctors so I intend just to experiment with my diet.
  12. roys


    I have a ticket for Pierrot Lunaire and the Pierrot bit is troubling me. Silent i ?
  13. Interesting thing being skilled at drawing. Tried it pre teen & was fairly hopeless. Later when working as a draughtsman & not enjoying it, a young lad turned up who was ace at pretty drawings. Now he reckoned you could either do it or not but he did admit to being obsessed by drawing, as a bored child hiding in his bedroom from family life.
  14. Funniest thing I have seen recently was my frail, house bound 84 year old mother in law, filling a small sherry glass to the rim with neat whisky to take to bed. All it seems to be is booze, pills & pain patches intended for cancer patients. Wouldn't be so bad if she drank tea but as a life long hot water drinker that seems to have gone. Now I have noticed at work that the non tea drinkers do a vast amount of talking rather than enjoying a brew.
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