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  1. Dark & gloomy. Wet & windy but it has not been torrential. Bit like elections -wake up in the morning & see how the land lies!
  2. Sainsburys cafe next door is large, upstairs & excellent but a bit under staffed so not quick.
  3. Cmbc have cancelled the car boot according to their social media
  4. Street Parking is free on Sundays. Dean Clough road is closed at the North Bridge junction due to gas works.
  5. This week's edition -worth a look. https://jpcvanheijst.com/amazing-aviation
  6. Or mine for his exact words, but he did mention all the work on the refuelling probe before it went fixed.
  7. Bought my father Haynes Buccaneer book for Christmas as he worked on the flight test development team. Speaking to him the other day, he went on about all the work that was done, for so little carrier time! One of his jobs was painting the tyres white, prior to a test flight, so that the tyre manufacturer could work out loadings.
  8. Sea King helicopter transformed into glamping pod - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-tayside-central-37791901 Rather unfortunate I thought.
  9. 2 Hurricanes over halifax today 5.4pm ish. As I am not up to speed with Internet tracking has anyone any further details?
  10. For what it's worth nikon only charged me £32 inc carriage for removing dust from a zoom lens. Quick & simple service. I paid by PayPal & have my work address set up as a delivery address so it was nice & easy.
  11. Found myself a bottle of diet ginger ale today in M&S Corton Wood. Which after a whole week of waiting for Asda Halifax to be restocked was quite a relief.
  12. In the media people go on about not using Adobe products, as they are now subscription only, ie monthly payments but PC World sell them for a single payment so I am confused. I am trying to get a program called Luminar to work on an Apple computer, bought off a work colleague. Presently stumped by Apple & I think it's because I have not bought it new. Colleague is getting it back on Monday to sort it out!
  13. I was into flying models and always remember a copy of Aeromodeller magazine with "Power Crisis Issue! "added to the cover, from the early seventies. Might still have it!
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