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  1. Love the weathering and the setting brilliant. The young lady is nice too …..Ivan rescue her and dry her down with a dry towel Cheers Keith
  2. You've done a brilliant job to an old kit mate No change there Cheers Keith

    RAF Mildenhall

    Great photos I remember a few years back I was travelling back home from a job in Norfolk(somewhere) came across a layby right next to the runway (maybe the same one in the images) Saw (and heard ) a group of F16s(I think) taking off. An experience I will never forget .Pre iPhone days though! Cheers Keith
  4. Thank you for your comments I must admit that the images are too stark due to me playing with the image enhancing software. Miniart kits are frustrating to build but they do end up with a nice model....good paint work(not) makes them even better Cheers Keith
  5. Hi folks After many weeks have finally completed this build Quite a challenging kit OOb attempted to do a winter camo scheme Cheers Keith
  6. Could you draft me into this one please. Don't know which kit I will be choosing as I have a fair few in the stash, so I will have to decide nearer the time Cheers Keith
  7. Nice detailing The repair looks like a good toupee fitting....can't see the join cheers Keith
  8. Thanks for sharing Some great pieces of work on display. I particularly like the way your images show from setting up to packing up...…..the young lady in some of the latter packing up pics looks cheesed off! Cheers Keith
  9. Looks a right beast Like the camo scheme Cheers Keith
  10. You've made a great job of that old kit The nameplates will do it justice cheers Keith
  11. KAYELL

    Scale Scotland 2019

    Hi Folks Attended the show yesterday with my colleagues from Washington, had a very enjoyable day , plenty to do and see with some fantastic work on display Thanks to all who took part especially the organisers, traders and fellow modeller's for making it a great day. Enclosed are a few pieces of work that I thought worthy of a posted image Cheers Keith
  12. Hi Joseph Excellent construction, paint , weathering and presentation, looks really cold Cheers Keith
  13. You've done a cracking job there Excellent construction, paint , weathering and presentation. Glad to hear that there was no major problems with the build, got one to do myself ...in due course. Cheers Keith (another one)
  14. New sponsors possibly Cheers Keith
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