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  1. T34/85 late by ARK models Ark Models basic kit Miniart tracks Resin turret(found in spares box) Metal Barrel (found in spares box) FrankenTank
  2. Hi folks Just realized time is nearly up on the Group build so this has given me a good KUTA to finish my offering Will get other images onto the gallery page soon Cheers Keith
  3. Come out just as expected...brilliant Love those 'dimples' on the front (the bow?) Cheers Keith
  4. Hi folks Grindingly slow progress Basic construction and paintwork complete Just got to get round to tarting it up and finishing Cheers Keith
  5. This one is a lovely kit, and you are doing a fine job on it. Cheers akeith
  6. Perfect description of how to do it Cheers Keith
  7. Hi Bob Going to attempt to do a Berlin style air recognition stripe on the turret and hull Researching ideas now Cheers Keith
  8. A bit more progress Turret complete Used the kit grab handles, turret hatch and a metal barrel found in the spares box. Primer next Cheers Keith
  9. Thanks for the kind comments folks Now the tracks, the kit ones ...surprise ,surprise were poor so I had a set of miniart ones lying about Put these together using my track jig Came out ok Cheers Keith
  10. Love the dimples on the front bit The earlier work has really paid off Cheers Keith
  11. Hi folks A bit of progress (but slow) body recovery still ongoing. Bits added on from many sources bit like a Frankentank! The resin turret is a bit better than the kit one but still needs plenty of work to do on it. Hopefully can get my body in tune for some more progress soon Cheers Keith
  12. Eagle eyes there Robert I will be using my spares box a lot for this build, fuel tanks there are! An example of the annoying stuff that needs to be sorted before building. But it is an old east European kit (I have got many more better T34 kits) so I thought i'd get this out of the way even with the problems....just get on with it! Cheers Keith
  13. Hi folks This will be my entry Ark aka Maquette kik.This has been at the back of my cupboard for ages. Having inspected it I now know why. Loads of flash and holes to drill out before starting, I did however find a couple of resin turrets in the box that I had forgotten about so will hopefully utilise them. Cheers Keith
  14. Credit to you mate Excellent progress Been out of action for a couple of weeks nice to get back into looking at inspirational work Cheers Keith
  15. Nice tip for strengthening them box things, thanks for that. You love etch don't you Cheers Keith
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