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  1. Seen their post on FB... A poo-poostorm is erupting. Whoever thought that would be a good idea needs their head seeing too. Gobsmacking.
  2. How good does that Kuwaiti C-17 look !!! Andy
  3. Enjoyed reading through your build Ive built the M and have a few other Rafales in the to do pile ( 8 last count , I am a bad man !) Good to see the slipway markings added ...ive seen lots of builds without them . Look forward to seeing the RFI photos Andy
  4. Wow ...I got slated by Hobbyboss on their Facebook page for even suggesting the nose looked a bit suspect ......Karma is a bitch !! Still got the kit though KH kit looks really good .........(hides behind a chair waiting until it is safe to come out ) Andy
  5. @galfa.....I got the AMK metal u/c set with nose pitot for 8.99 delivered from Hannants in the UK . The FULL set which also includes tinted canopy and canopy seal decals is around £15 I think. Andy
  6. Nice to see the F4J UK option available again .....also tempted to get the Skyhawk . Andy
  7. Looking great Chris ....shes a biggie ! Andy
  8. A slight tweek but still no yellow...... https://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/pictures-lufthansa-tests-brighter-version-of-new-li-448533/ Andy
  9. Box art as bad as their first Kfir boxing but.....if the plastic is anything like the MiG 31 then Ill be getting one Andy
  10. Im sure a few others on the Tornado SIG are wishing the same thing....especially 1/48 prototype F2 decals Andy
  11. The AMK Foxhound is a dream to build BUT metal u/c is a must . Plastic u/c WILL buckle and snap off ......dont ask how I know Get the metal upgrade set . 20180224_190521 by Andrew Walker, on Flickr Cheers Andy
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