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  1. Thanks for the hint! I checked the AA site, but they don´t sell the 432 separately. But I saw, that the Centurion decals also include the BB badge. And the best thing is, I have it already!
  2. Best thing is, the badge is on the cover! It would be a hot seller, I think! Thomas
  3. Hello all, as the Takom Chieftain kits lack the Berlin Brigade batch i would like to know, if there is an aftermarket option in 1/35 available? And, does anybody has information on the size of the badge on the vehicles? Are they the same on all, or do they differ? Many thanks in advance, Thomas
  4. Or you try to get this kit, which solves most issues with converting the E/F kit: A-4K
  5. In my opinion, the center glass part should end ROUGHLY where I drew the red line. This means the elliptical shape is different. At least in my eyes it looks off and combined with the other issues I see no additional value in this kit which justifies a replacement of the Hasegawa kit, in case somebody has it already. The Hasegawa it has this and the intake trunk shape correct. Nevertheless, your build looks excellent as I said before. Let´s wait and see, how good the AMK kit will be, when it gets released in a few years. Kit part picture is from Kitchecker, picture of the original is from the Daco F-104G book. For discussion only. Thomas
  6. Sure I can. But what has it to do with the fact, that the Kinetic kit has some issues, when they promote it as so excellent? I only pointed out some of my findings. Maybe you did not notice, that I did NOT criticize Habu12´s build, which is excellent, but the kit itself? Anyway, here we go, my latest two WIP´s (yes I also build tanks): The T-64A is the Trumpeter kit, the M60A3 is the AFV Club kit, which will receive decals from the Revell kit, which has a Forest Green option included. Thomas
  7. The center part of the windscreen is off. The glass should not extend so far to the corner. This leads to the issue that the frame on the left and right is too straight. Overall shape should be more elliptical. Some panel lines are wrong and the intake trunk should extend a little more to the wing rear. The kit is nice, but no need to replace the Hasegawa kit, if you have one.
  8. There will be a new tool from Kinetic. IIRC it will be presented at Telford.
  9. The E model has new rotor blades. I don´t know, if the new upswept exhaust are also specific to the E, or earlier models will also receive them.
  10. Hello all, I have the Meteor FR.9 kit, but I consider building it as F.8. Can I use the stencils from the FR.9 kit and just source some F.8 markings, or are the stencils different in various areas? Thanks. Thomas
  11. Thanks Philippe! That´s the correct one! Saved! Thomas
  12. Hello all, I just noticed, that I have no instructions of my 1/32 Hawker Hunter from Revell (04703), first edition. Unfortunately, Revell offers only the instructions of the re-edition as download. The first edition from 1998 has more decal options and the numbering of the stencils is completely different. Maybe some of you could provide a scan, or could mail me the instructions. This is the box art of which I need the instructions: Thanks, Thomas
  13. Thanks for all the replies! I see, I am not alone with this issue. Graham T, seems you had luck! Yes, the parts are the same in the F8 kit. Thomas
  14. Hello all, do you also have short shot tail planes in your kit? This issue is not easy to discover, therefore may be this is the reason it slips through quality control. Even my replacement parts are short shot. I own two FR.9 kits and the issues are in both kits. I emailed Airfix with a summary of my findings, but they haven´t answered after four weeks and a reminder. The pictures are from my email to Airfix. Thomas
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