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  1. There will be a new tool from Kinetic. IIRC it will be presented at Telford.
  2. The E model has new rotor blades. I don´t know, if the new upswept exhaust are also specific to the E, or earlier models will also receive them.
  3. Hello all, I have the Meteor FR.9 kit, but I consider building it as F.8. Can I use the stencils from the FR.9 kit and just source some F.8 markings, or are the stencils different in various areas? Thanks. Thomas
  4. Thanks Philippe! That´s the correct one! Saved! Thomas
  5. Hello all, I just noticed, that I have no instructions of my 1/32 Hawker Hunter from Revell (04703), first edition. Unfortunately, Revell offers only the instructions of the re-edition as download. The first edition from 1998 has more decal options and the numbering of the stencils is completely different. Maybe some of you could provide a scan, or could mail me the instructions. This is the box art of which I need the instructions: Thanks, Thomas
  6. Thanks for all the replies! I see, I am not alone with this issue. Graham T, seems you had luck! Yes, the parts are the same in the F8 kit. Thomas
  7. Hello all, do you also have short shot tail planes in your kit? This issue is not easy to discover, therefore may be this is the reason it slips through quality control. Even my replacement parts are short shot. I own two FR.9 kits and the issues are in both kits. I emailed Airfix with a summary of my findings, but they haven´t answered after four weeks and a reminder. The pictures are from my email to Airfix. Thomas
  8. Troy, thank you, this is most excellent! Yes I really hope, Airfix get their quality issues under control. My Meteor is on hold, because also the replacement horizontal tail planes are short shot. Airfix does not react on my email where I described the issue and they did not react on a reminder. This is quite disappointing. Thomas
  9. Thanks to all of you! So I think I have a look on the new Airfix kit when it´s available instead of getting the Academy kit for cheap but with tns of AM stuff. Merry Christmas! Thomas
  10. Many thanks to both! I saw some sprue shots of the new Airfix Hunter and I am a little concerned about the wide panel lines in some places, the not so spectacular detail of the cockpit (at least compared to the Meteor) and the very strange breakdown of the kit (wing to fuselage joint). Thomas
  11. Hello all, what´s the consensus on the 1/48 Academy Hawker Hunter? How accurate is it, except for the too shallow cockpit tub and the resulting too small seat? Thanks, Thomas
  12. Great! Many thanks! Are the Humbrol equivalents good matches?
  13. Hello all, next question regarding the Meteor. Today I received the FR. 9 kit. One of the marking options suggests Slate Grey (Hu 31) and MSG 637 (Hu 165) for top and PRU Blue (Hu 230) for lower surface. Did this scheme actually exist? I am a noob on the Meteor. The other scheme is DG 241 and DSG 638 on top and PRU Blue, which is known to me. Thanks for support, Thomas
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