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  1. What are you saying Dave? Nothing to see here... ...move along there!
  2. Hopefully the nightfighter trainer and a Martinet will be possible from this kit.
  3. Like the Spanish and Belgian schemes, looking forward to this.
  4. Filling unwanted rivets

    Martin, These ones I bought mine from Valiant Wings Publishing at the IPMS Farnborough Show, they work with some fillers like Mr Surfacer and Vallejo for instance
  5. Filling unwanted rivets

    Excess correction fluid can be removed using alcohol wipes, no need to sand.
  6. I'd been thinking that too! I was wondering about dropping the rear fuselage, turning it into a single seater and putting four machine guns in the nose, then there's options for a recc' version...
  7. Actually some of the differences aren't subtle, they're significant, the overall length as well as the area, chord and LE sweep of the tailplane are noticeably different! It just shows the value of original research, I wish certain mainstream manufacturers were as meticulous. Great work so far Steve!
  8. This is fantastic! I have the Italeri Academy boxing of this to do in this scheme too whenever I get time, you're right about the instructions. I'd be very pleased if mine came out looking half as good as yours. Superb!
  9. Bloody brilliant result! Well done, you must feel very proud! A wonderfully realistic and lifelike result and no evidence of one of those damn silly and unnecessary riveting tools either - fantastic!
  10. Jan, You can't always get what you want, but for 1969, you could have Gimme Shelter
  11. Valom MD.450 Ouragan 1/72

    Martin, Another really nice effort from you, lovely job. Love the subject, not so sure about the kit though, not a fan of all those so called rivets (scaled up they'd be divots). How did the kit go together? Does it offer more detail than the Heller kit (which wouldn't be difficult)? Good to see some unusual forces stuff!
  12. Thank you. Having your head embedded with Keef's riffs can't be a bad thing and I'm sure, it won't be... ...the last time.
  13. 1964 - The Rolling Stones debut album was released, the Olympics were held in Tokyo, the Forth Road Bridge opened, the first Top of the Pops was aired...
  14. Stephen, Great work so far. Wez
  15. (You) Brigand! Or a Hornet...