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  1. Another vote for Modeltoys here. Used to be a long walk up from the IoW ferry, I know I could have caught the train to Fratton but the few pennies saved there could buy extra goodies! Later it was a great delight to find how easy Kingston Rd was to find after a quick blast along the M27 then M275!
  2. Looks like an early MB seat to me MB Mk.2 for Hunter or Canberra perhaps?
  3. NMF - the Lightning was the exception to the rule.
  4. Thanks Jure, It's the sort of thing I could easily have looked up if I were at home but unfortunately I'm not. Wez
  5. If they did do a Lightning it would probably be an F.2A/F.6 as it offers the greatest variety for colour schemes and thus potential sales, I'm not saying the most flamboyant or interesting colour schemes but certainly the most options... ...although as I typed I thought of a good few variations on the F.1/3 theme and those do include the more flamboyant schemes. Damn it, let's face it, any Mark of EE Lightning in 1/24th would look spectacular!
  6. Just curious as I'm away from my references right now, I know Seafire XV's appeared in BPF markings but did they make it to the Fleet before the end of the war or was their use after the war? I agree they should certainly feature in any BPF collection.
  7. My answers are based upon building the Matchbox Sea Venom many, many, many, many years ago. Given that there was no difference in the cockpit in the Matchbox kit I'm of the view the NF.3 was basically a landlubber Sea Venom and was pretty much similar in the areas mentioned (although I'm happy to be proven wrong on this). There's another thing buzzing away at the back of what used to be my tiny brain, didn't the NF.3 have tiny fixed slats on the very outboard section of the mainplane next the tanks or was that a feature of the Sea Venom that was removed from the NF.3... I say, it was a while back and a lot's happened since then.
  8. If I was Airfix and thinking of doing a Spitfire for my next 1/24th scale kit, I'd definitely choose a Mk.IX, include all the alternative parts like tailplanes/elevators, gun blisters, cowling tops, wheel options, carburettor intakes etc and you could make a killing, there are so many more marking options available for a Mk.IX and thus more potential sales. Would still prefer the Vampire or Gladiator though,
  9. Don't forget, your colour scheme is limited to the wrap-around DSG/DG scheme, your Sqn's are 79 and 234, I don't think 63 Sqn's stood up on Hawks until 1980 (but I could be wrong on this). 151 didn't stand up on Hawks until the early 80's.
  10. I went for the Gladiator because Airfix have already researched it and coupled with the fact that it's a reasonable sized kit. The Vampire would be about the same size but offer more colour schemes and thus more potential for sales IMHO
  11. Another vote for Airfix as they are producing models of subjects I'm interested in, closely followed by Special Hobby who are doing likewise. It's been a long time since Tamiya, Hasegawa, Revell, Italeri et al did anything that really interested me (sadly), or that I could afford.
  12. Now I thought this predated the Mustang by centuries being a sailing term. Sails are hauled up using ropes called halyards because the sails themselves were suspended from yards, I thought it was merely a reference to raising more sails as in "haul nine yards".
  13. Looks fantastic doesn't it? Just needs some unit markings to go with the codes.
  14. DH Vampire FB.5/9 Gloster Gladiator
  15. Easy! It was also my first kit, bought as a present for being a "Good Boy" during a trip to the dentists and having a molar extracted, I was 6 years old and it was 1971! The kit was the original 1/72nd Fw-190D in the poly bag with the card header - I was hooked! Like most, tube glue all over the place especially the canopy, unpainted and all the transfers where they ended up! Ended up being involved in a major air battle with my mate Lee's Spitfire - naturally I lost 'cos I was the baddie! In Newport on the IoW, we could get Airfix from Woolies, Revell from Birds Toy Shop and Frog from International Supermarket. Funnily enough, whilst pounding the streets of Malaga recently I saw three poly bag with card header Frog kits - Fokker XXI, Hurricane IIC and MC.202 - all for €8 each, I wavered, for a second then walked on by!