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  1. Airfix 2018

    Patrice, Just followed your link and it very definitely is the Heller moulding, I was hoping if it was a repop, it would at least be the newer Academy moulding. Bit of a disappointment really... ...now if Airfix announce a 1/72nd Harvard in January, I for one would be very happy!
  2. RAF Harvard Post War Colours and Markings

    Graham, Agreed there were plenty of WWII Harvards with the short canopy, all of those I wish to build are Canadian built aircraft and have the longer canopy. Unfortunately, I also want to make about a dozen post war Harvards so the solutions you offer for getting to a long-canopied isn't really viable. I can't help but think a new mainstream kit of a specifically a Harvard rather than a Texan would be a nice little earner? Airfix would do well to replace their old 1/72nd Harvard... ...just saying that's all!
  3. RAF Harvard Post War Colours and Markings

    I didn't know they'd even mooted doing one. You're right though, it would be nice, but pricey. No good if like me, you wanted to do about a dozen Harvards, that would blow the budget for at least three years!
  4. F-4K (FG.1) on Ark Royal lift

    Slightly OT, interesting to see the tanker Bucc also carrying a Sidewinder.
  5. RAF Harvard Post War Colours and Markings

    Cranwell blue is a light blue and it was often seen replacing the fuselage yellow trainer band on many aircraft (ususally with, IIRC, a dark blue outline). Not sure about Harvards though or how quickly that method of marking their aircraft was adopted post war but these will be post 1947. You're right though, mighty pretty. I wish there was a proper Harvard in 1/72nd scale...
  6. RAF Sabre F.4

    Actually thank you, I've been able to look at a bigger picture of the aircraft since you asked the question and I can see it had the hard-wing, I always thought it was slatted. This means it will be easier for me to realise in either 1/72nd or 1/48th!
  7. No newer than that, Type.23's maybe?
  8. What have you purchased 9

    Eduard 1/72nd Spitfire VIII, IXe late, XVI early, XVI late overtrees, Mrs Wez commented she didn't go much on the box art...
  9. Well crack on there's a good chap! SH kits are usually a long time coming and following the first rule of modelling (the one that states that the day you beat a demanding kit into submission, some other manufacturer will release a better and easier to build kit), the sooner you've got the Xtrakit/Matchbox kit built, SH will release theirs! You'll be taking one for the team but I'm sure we'll all be jolly grateful - won't we chaps?
  10. What music are you playing? Pt III

    This is the day by The The (such a brilliant band).
  11. RAF Sabre F.4

    Looking at a black and white photo (with all the hazards that presents), I wan't to say blue outlined in white but it could be red with a white outline (I've always felt blue was right), I think that assumption was based on the examples from Modeldecal 97. It's certainly an interesting subject with the silver undersides following the standard PRU Blue demarcation.
  12. What have you purchased 9

    You're right about the Rumpole connection, I suspect that's where most people would know it from.
  13. Airfix 2018

    It's such a limiting version although it would be good as an alternative in an FB.VI box just as they did with the old kit. Nobody does a decent twin stage Mossie in 1/72nd, although SH have promised us one...
  14. Airfix 2018

  15. RAF Tomahawk question....

    Artie, You're right, it's a camera, these aircraft were used for tactical reconnaissance, if you look on the IWM website and you can find plenty of photos. As for the colours, I'm not knowledgeable enough to comment.