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  1. Short Jokes II The Sequel

    We have a driver who has 26 letters in his full name, only 6 are vowels
  2. So that's why my bottle of thinners fell off the bench!

    Rugby league? Thats a game for girls, isn't it?
  3. Love it, such a shame that all the interior work disappears later in the build but 'we know it's there'
  4. Yet another cracker there Neil, looks like you've got this modelling malarkey beat
  5. Most memorable film scenes..

    That scene in Debbie does Da...., whoops, guess that's not what you're looking for On a serious note, another vote for the opening scene of Star Wars, A New Hope! Remember going to to see it at the Dominican Theatre, Tottenham Court Road, been hooked ever since. Would also suggest the first 30 minutes of Saving Private Ryan...
  6. Short Jokes II The Sequel

    When Cannibals get married, do they toast the bride?
  7. Falcon Heavy Success!

    I have no intention of knocking SpaceX, I'm extremely interested in their progress, it just seems to be an unnecessary, even corny, PR stunt. I also agree that yesterday's events can only be seen as a partial success but given time, hopefully total success will become the norm, if such a thing exists in space flight. As for orbiting Mars, I'm sure that I had read somewhere, possibly on the BBC or JPL website, that it was to be put in a permanent orbit around Mars and I humbly apologise for getting it wrong! As for it being 'space debris', it's man-made, has no scientific purpose and there's no plan for it to return to Earth, so what else can it be called? Littering (?) as it no different to disposing of plastics in the oceans! OK, littering maybe taking things a bit far and OH, for your information, I REALLY do understand how vast and may possibly even be infinite, space is!
  8. Falcon Heavy Success!

    Much of what Elon Musk impresses me but sending his car to orbit Mars permanantly strikes me as, somewhat odd! What with our own issues with space debris, why start leaving something that has no scientific purpose, around another world? Having said that though, I'm pleased that the launch and the recovery, partially, went well though landing the boosters on 3 legs seems precarious.
  9. Advice on most accurate range of enamels.........

    My order of choice is... Xtracolor Colourcoats Humbrol for detailing work My experiences with Revell paints is such that I consider them to be a complete waste of money! Limited colour range, requiring certain shades to be mixed, doesn't brush well as it lifts the previous coat regardless of how long the paint has been left to dry, doesn't spray without clogging, no matter how well it is stirred and/or thinned!
  10. Wonder if I squint hard enough, would it look like an 0/400?
  11. Off to Hannants

    Been meaning to pop into Hannants for many years (it's only 105 miles away ) but each time I've decided to go, my wallet seems to go missing, only to reappear around 18:00 in the evening! Not sure but maybe it's trying to tell me something but I have plans in the making, which should confuse even the most devious of wallets..
  12. Built many a Battle in my youth, may even have been my second or third even build and as what you're doing appeals to my OCD, I'll be following as well! Only disappointment so far, no open bomb bays
  13. How about a "What makes you happy" thread?

    Hmmm, happiness (for me) equals Scotland, Liverpool, Middlesbrough, Newcastle and Leeds all losing at football, Scotland losing at rugby union and Australia & Pakistan losing at Cricket! Said somewhat tongue in cheek except for Scotland and Liverpool losing at football
  14. H&S service and deep clean.

    Paul, I have the Iwata Revolution CR and Neo airbrushes, do you know if there are O ring sets available for these 'brushes?