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  1. Cats, they're taking over. Part 3

    Its a cat, there doesn't have to be a why...
  2. Harrier GR3 questions thread

    not sure why but I never seem to remember the BM Walk Around Section, must try harder...
  3. Harrier GR3 questions thread

    Paco, if you don't mind (happy to remove my post if you would prefer me to raise these requests elsewhere), could I also request any pictures for the GR.3 refuelling areas plus any other inspection bays that would be opened for, well, inspection or access to the various electronics bays! Alternatively, does anyone know of a Harrier GR.3 walkaround that will show these areas that is either available in book form or on the internet?

    And ordered...
  5. Harrier GR3 questions thread

    Great question, I'd be interested as well!
  6. Stunning, one not to be ignored!
  7. Ignore

    So good, I thought I'd ask the question twice, please feel free to either question one or question two, the choice is yours
  8. Ignore

    wasn't he in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy? wasn't he in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy?
  9. Ignore

    Ahh, I forgot the burping! So that's farting, burping, especially after eating garlic or onions and with a tendency to scratch areas you would rather
  10. Not sure how I've missed this and as everyone else has said, outstanding work! Look forward to the next update
  11. Ignore

    'Ere, that'll be the wife.... Not the picture, the farting...
  12. Ignore

    If I this, have I found inner peace?
  13. October 2017 SAMI Magazine

    Got my copy today, apparently sent out for the third time! Unfortunately, every business can experience problems, especially if the problem is outside their sphere of control so hopefully just a hiccup in the system!
  14. Ignore

    'Ere, that's my Father in Law.....
  15. Ignore

    'Ere, that's my Mother in Law, how did you get hold of the picture?