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  1. Airbus A400M low level

    Great shots, being such a large aircraft, it must be impressive to see it being thrown around the hills
  2. Advertisement disappeared

    Said in a Kenneth Williams voice... "Naughty Julien" * For those that don't know, see Round the Horne
  3. New Forum Software Update

    Another vote for Firefox, I use it on my iMac, iPhone, iPad and PC!
  4. Really enjoying your build, currently building Eduards Bristol F2b Fighter and will by starting either CSM Dolphin or the FK.8 next! Can't decide which yet, as both are excellent kits.
  5. For a grey aircraft, that's rather colourful, liking it a lot!
  6. Scrambled eggs

    Me 262? At this point, I'd have said Westland Wyvern
  7. Spitfire Mk.12

    Excellent, thanks Troy! I'd never thought of checking for other Single stage Spit/Seafires
  8. Spitfire Mk.12

    As we're discussing the Mk.XII, can anyone point me in the direction of pictures that show the engine installed but without the cowlings in place? Alternatively, any pictures of the Griffon engine used in the Mk.XII would be equally well received, for a build that I have planned! Many thanks
  9. Why is it that the simplest ideas are the best and why do I never think of them, could save myself a fortune
  10. I was also of the opinion that this was a discussion forum and as the picture shows a Wellington, which I'm in the planning stage for Trumpeters 1/48 Mk.Ic, I felt justified in trying to keep everything in one place, for future reference, rather than having threads spread all over the place! Apologies for invading your space, not a mistake to be made again
  11. To take the thread slightly left field, any idea why the early bombs painted in light colours? I'd have thought that they would stand out, both in the Dump and in/on the aircraft!
  12. Are TV ads reaching new lows?

    All I have to add is Winston Wolf and Direct Line... Aarrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  13. 1/48 Lancaster

    Its how we learn, if you make a mistake, you either start again, modify your original idea to suit or at the most extreme, have a pleasurable 30 seconds putting your fist through the model and then throw it away (not that I've ever done that - honest )! There are also other steps available between my 2nd and 3rd options, you don't have to go from modifying to total destruction in the blink of an eye
  14. 1/48 Lancaster

    Hmmm, fit the CWH version with a proper turret perhaps! Not sure, did the B-25 or B-26 have a similar turret? If so, maybe a scout though the Squadron Crystal Clear Canopies to see if there's any replacement turrets in their range!