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  1. Thanks again, its nice to receive such praise from ones peers! As for becoming a monk, might be a tad boring with only one book to read!
  2. ...whilst using the rear view mirror for make-up and hair arranging!
  3. Care to explain?
  4. As my son would "Dad, you're just to anal"!
  5. Don't know enough about it capabilities to make any meaningful statement other than its far better looking than the Eurofighter! Mind you, all 3rd, 4th and 5th generation jets a bit like Japanese cars, do everything extremely well but there's...well, just no sole and are subsequently boring! There, I've said it!
  6. Any reason why? Is it her presenting style or has she declined a full time part?
  7. Yep, have stuck myself with many a new Swann Morton blade, have even sliced myself done to the bone on my little finger and I still carve, shape or slice plastic, using my thumb as the stop! Fortunately, I have never come close to drinking anything but have on one or two occasions () whilst stirring paint with my battery powered stirrer, let go of the paint pot whilst still leaving the stirrer on! It's amazing how far the paint can fly under such circumstances and the air is usual blue afterwards, well blue, green, grey, black, white, red, yellow, brown, sky, depending on what is being mixed at the time!
  8. Is Relish still trading? I haven't seem any posts from Graham for a long time now.
  9. Never had an issue when phoning or by email and they are always pretty quick to respond!
  10. I like these conversions a lot and if I may ask, where do you get the drawings from? My area of interest is the RAF and I would like to build/modify vehicles used on RAF Stations such as crew buses, fire tenders and the like in 1:72 and 1:48 scales. Thanks for any advise, Tony
  11. Possibly not, but wouldn't that be because we are asking for subjects that we would like individually and not necessarily what would make a profit for the manufacturer? I treat these threads as a kind of wish list and then if a topic is released from my list
  12. Joachim, I believe you're right fortunately I have only used white glue so it should be easy enough to correct! Thanks everyone else, I appreciate your comments however, before you all take up knitting, embroidery, crochet etc, etc, just remember how infuriating it is to unpick all that wool, when you realise that you've made an error 30 rows ago (not that I know anything about knitting ) and practically impossible with embroidery! Plus, there's only so many mittens, socks and balaclavas that one person can wear at a time and plastic is much easier to work with! Tony
  13. Have now finished 4 kits since the start of the year and am pleased to submit them for your appraisal and criticisms alike! Starting with the most complex build I have ever undertaken, here is the first... This is the F4Models 1:72 Light Flight Deck Tractor finished in the colours used on HMS Triumph! Nothing added to the kit other than manufacturing a replacement towing hook as the carpet hound picked the original! Painted with Xtracolour enamels and Flat Vanish Next up is the Aeroclub 1:48 Spitfire Mk.XVIII conversion as TP972 'E' from 60 Sqdn. Built with the Aeroclub MkXVI/XVIII conversion set using the Academy MkXIVe wings! Interior cobbled together using the Cutting Edge Mk24 Cockpit set, Eduard PR.XIX Interior and Exterior PE plus Quickboost Gyro Gunsite. Exterior bits used include the BarracudaCast propeller, Master Barrels, Quickboost PR.XI Camera detail set for the lower fuselage. Finished with Xtracolor Enamels and varnish whilst decals came from Xtradecal generic letters and roundels! Third up is the Airfix 1:48 Spitfire PR.XIX as PS888 "The Last" Decided to add one or two additional aftermarket sets at this one so have used... Aires Engine for Airfix Mk.22/24 kit, BarracudaCast Intake, Propeller and Canopy, Eduard interior and Exterior detail sets plus the Mk.IX surface panels plus SAC landing gear! Have also scratched several items including the weights in the tail, internal control rods plus additional plumbing for the cockpit and engine while the oil & fuel tanks and the cover have also been scratch built! One of the things that I'm disappointed with, is the exposed internals for the propeller as the silver collar at the front, should be angled out but despite having made several attempts at doing this, I couldn't get a suitable finish! Finished with Xtracolor enamels and Xtradecal decals Last up, is Tamiya's 1:48 Mosquito FB Mk.VI finished as NT202 AJ-N of 617 Sqdn. Again, decided to add one or two aftermarket sets at this and have used... Aires Bomb Bay and Engine Sets CMK Wing Mounted Coolers MDC Cockpit Master Barrels and Pitot Quick & Easy Tail Wheel and Strut Quickboost Undercarriage Doors SAC Landing Gear Squadron Canopy (with the top panel removed) True Details Main Wheels Verlinden Gun Bays and Control Surfaces Fuel drop tanks were modified to show internal face whilst the bomb bay has short range additional fuel tanks scratched plus added Marabu Bomb Racks Painted using XtraColor enamels and varnish while decals used were XtraDecal X48075 617 Squadron History and BarracudaCast Stencils. Anyway, thanks for looking and as mentioned at the beginning comments and criticisms are welcome...
  14. Having just completed another 60+ hour week (68 last week, 63 this), I know how you feel