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  1. Ignore

    If I this, have I found inner peace?
  2. October 2017 SAMI Magazine

    Got my copy today, apparently sent out for the third time! Unfortunately, every business can experience problems, especially if the problem is outside their sphere of control so hopefully just a hiccup in the system!
  3. Ignore

    'Ere, that's my Father in Law.....
  4. Ignore

    'Ere, that's my Mother in Law, how did you get hold of the picture?
  5. Ignore

    Blimey, I go away for a couple of days and you lot have only d this post 12 times! Come on, surely you can do better than that
  6. Not sure where to start. Mental illness.

    My sister is bipolar and I was informed by my GP, that I suffer from Manic Depression, back in 2006! Not bad considering we had different fathers but a very happy and outgoing mother! Anyway, I have found that modelling is the one thing that keeps me calm and am fortunate enough to have my own modelling room which contains all my kits, paints, reference materials, extractor fan, literally everything, so that when I am unable to focus and my output, which is normally glacial, slows to beyond galcial, I tend to ponder my next build, fondle plastic, browse my decal sheets or even flick through my books for inspiration. Having said all that, I can still blow and have put my fist through many a model.... In short, you're not alone, though I know that it will seem like it at times!
  7. Short Jokes II The Sequel

    First read it as 200 dead COWS, wouldn't have been pretty site... should have gone to.....
  8. Fairey Firefly 1/48

    Hi Pete, it was at Duxford but left about 10 years ago and is at Yeovilton now, unless it has returned since I last visited 2 years ago. However, there is, I believe, an ex-Swedish all yellow airframe, possibly two, waiting to be restored! I think that the original intention was for one to be maybe airworthy and the other to be static though I'm not sure of the current whereabouts of the second airframe and if the intentions remain to fly one again!
  9. Night working

    Work Sunday to Thursday, starting 18:00 on Sundays, 16:00 on Mondays and Tuesday's and 15:00 on Wednesday and Thursday's. Finish time is 04:30 every day and get home just in time for the wife to leave for work, so tend to get into a warm bed! Think I was born to be an vampire, as I love working nights and hate daylight!
  10. I agree with Brian, given the lack of use, I would suggest that the batteries are the trouble! I had a similar issue when I first had my B GT V8' so when the car was hibernating, I had the battery on a permanent trickle charge plus would run the engine every 2-3 weeks, for around 20 minutes!
  11. Ignore

    I've forgotten, what are we trying to ignore?
  12. Ignore

    It's a new town with lots of roundabouts...
  13. Airfix Triumph Herald.

    What, no furry dice nor a "Bazza Shazza" sunstrip, you've let the side down, dear boy!
  14. Lyn Macdonald

    I've only read The Somme (twice now) can thoroughly recommend it!
  15. Ignore

    I don't understand what you are all on about so I guess I'll just have to you!