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  1. Bloody minded as well, it didn't matter how often I would rearrange the tank to make it look nice, by the following morning, they had re-rearranged things! I could almost hear them laughing as I came downstairs still, I guess it was their home!
  2. Brilliant, I picked one up at Telford and possibly my kit of the year!
  3. Oh bugger, already have 3 Hasegawa Tiffies, looks like I may been adding to that number , if only for that decals and resin!
  4. Not a huge whirlybird fan but I'm going to watch this one
  5. It's been a long time since I kept fish but I would guess at the following... The water change (too much chlorine despite using water conditioner) Do you have little ones? Could they have tried to 'help' by adding something to the water or over fed them? I once tried helping my grandfather, fed his Koi Smarties... Alternatively, has the substrate been heavily disturbed, which could then have contaminated the water? I used to keep Oscars, a breeding pair, which I could hand fed (they used to love beef heart), then when I went on holiday, asked a friend to keep an eye on them and feed them once whilst we were away. I even showed him how much dry food he needed to feed them. After the 10th day, we had a phone call to say that the water was white and the Oscars were dead! Turned out that he misunderstood and gave them the WHOLE bag in one sitting
  6. I'd go with the River Class, my father served on HMS Jed...
  7. my preferred scale would be 1:48 but accept that there are strange people out there, who model in different scales...
  8. Just started a 1/24 GR.3 so I'll come along the ride
  9. Hi Mélaine, My request would be for... WWII Fleet Air Arm Deck crews ("maintenance" and "aircraft handling" poses) WWII Fleet Air Arm Aircrew ("on deck", "boarding aircraft" and "in aircraft" poses) WWII Royal Navy Aircraft Carrier Deck Equipment Hope that these will be of interest! Tony
  10. I've read that the Typhoon could carry a mixture of 60lb and 25lb rockets but I have never seen photographic evidence, yet!
  11. It's the wife's birthday next week and I'm going to buy her a book on Archaeology as she likes digging up the past...
  12. Stunning Neil, yet another British aircraft beautifully finished
  13. Nice restart, I'll come along for the ride
  14. I too remember all the Apollo missions and though I never met him, when I watched him on the various documentaries he was involved with, he always came across as a polite, well spoken and humble gent! Sad to see another Apollo astronaut leave us...
  15. Have say that I like it as well and have been considering something along these lines as well! Anyone know if the SAS and the LRDG ever carried out combined operations during WW2? Alternatively, is there a website that lists the vehicles used by both services?