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  1. Looks like a perfect model and diorama, very impressive.
  2. That is a shame. I always enjoy going each year and it is deservedly popular. It's the only show I attend. As I'm 'local' to the area I'll keep an eye out for any venues that might be worth mentioning to you.
  3. Beautifully crafted model and the base is sensational. Really does give an impression of movement.
  4. They obviously put a lot of effort into most of it, but the nose and rockets let it down.
  5. Wow! Look simply fantastic and amazingly good especially given the small scale.
  6. Just had 5 C-47s fly over Purfleet in Essex. Made a nice noise!
  7. Quite a nice thing to still have! 99.99% must be in landfill now.
  8. Not exactly an airliner but I remember my aunt giving me one of these: http://cerealoffers.com/Kelloggs/Frosties/1970s/Lockhead_Galaxy_Model_Kit/lockhead_galaxy_model_kit.html I remember being very happy with it.
  9. daldroflas

    Box art

    I can remember walking around Beatties in Spring Gardens in Manchester as a kid and being in total awe of the Tamiya and other exotic box art. I loved the classic Airfix 'Roy Cross' era box art too. But the big boxes in Beatties made me save up for a few of those kits.
  10. Thanks for the info guys. Might have to hope that comics and World of Tanks generate more interesting British tank kits. I'll e-mail IMA for more details of their Black Prince kit.
  11. The title says it all really! Are there any A43 Black Prince 1/35 tank kits or conversions? I thought I remembered seeing a resin kit at one time but nothing shows up when I Google. It looks interesting even though it was a dead end of development and a bit under powered by some accounts.
  12. Looks amazingly good. Especially the rigging which looks very realistic and expertly done. One of the coolest looking planes of WW1
  13. Fantastic looking result of a very interesting subject.
  14. Thanks for the information, I'll contact Bovington and see what they suggest. I am interested in them for personal use only. I have a book that contains the 'Cromwell 1' user manual and find it fascinating. Do you know if the originals are easily obtainable from military vehicle shows etc?
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