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Tony C

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  1. Tony C

    Horsefly bites?

    Just another thought, if you run out of Marmite, Bovril, or even the poor mans Marmite, Vegemite, beef OXO cubes but they may be a bit gritty.
  2. Tony C

    Horsefly bites?

    Would you mind if I don’t as while I don’t mind loading the pistol, I tend to leave others to pull the trigger! It’s more fun that way....
  3. Looks great, I’ve been considering something similar but considering is as far as I’ve currently got! I don’t know if its of interest but I do seem to remember reading somewhere, that the CSM engine bell was also damaged in the explosion but cannot find any pictures which show this!
  4. Excellent news, just need to pick up a Argosy to go with the Beverley
  5. Tony C

    Horsefly bites?

    So true... If there’s no Marmite, can Bovril be used as a substitute?
  6. Tony C

    Aircraft Modelling magazines

    Most seem to have become ‘Model Magazines’ rather than ‘Modelling Magazines! Although I’m late to the party, as I only started reading it last November, I’d say that Airfix Model World magazine is the best though I still subscribe to SAMI and SAM. Stopped buying SAMI’s sister magazine several years ago and have just bought my last copy of Model Airplane International, not so much because of the content but due to the quality of the paper plus the layout, with poor use of font colours against a contrasting background, stupidly small pictures which show no detail at all though I guess its fair to say that all magazines of guilty of this though!
  7. Tony C

    Horsefly bites?

    Am I the only one who has visions of modellers now smearing themselves with Marmite?
  8. Tony C

    Long (ish) Jokes.

    Oh dear, need the emoticon, if I could be bothered to find it
  9. I've got one in the stash which I keep considering selling but think I'll hold off and see how you get on, it's looking good so far
  10. Sorry for my late reply, no its not the little panels on the outer wings! If you look at the picture above from earlier in the thread, where the blue tape is, on the trailing edge of the wing, you can just see a small raised block. There is one on each wing, which I believe Airfix intended to represent the flap mechanism door, when the flaps are in the open position. It is this that should be removed, on both wings and also on both the Mk.46/47 and Mk.22/24 kits. Ignore my earlier comment about the door hinging from the side as I have just seen a picture of a Mk.Vb Trop that shows the door hinged on the leading edge so I guess that both front and side hinged doors were used. Hope this makes sense...
  11. With regard to the wings and assuming that you aren’t already aware, on the upper trailing edge, above the flaps, there is a small moulded rectangle. I believe that Airfix moulded this so as to represent the flap actuator mechanism, which opens when the flaps are dropped and as such wil need to be removed, if you intend leaving the flaps up! In fact it needs to be removed, even if you are dropping the flaps, as it shows the the flap opening at the leading edge, rather than from the side! Hope that all makes sense!
  12. Insane indeed And it did look at times, as if it was a computer game! Wonder when we’ll get a sub 5 minute lap?
  13. Tony C

    It Just Had To Happen

    Couldn’t agree more plus our TV is safer as well, as I no longer tend to launch the remote in its general direction!
  14. I’m liking that a lot! Personally , I think that the F-35 is a better looking airframe than the Eurofighter and your build does nothing to change my mind
  15. That’s good Richard, with the quality of the work you put in, it would be a shame for it to not be finished!
  16. Tony C

    The world just got more ridiculous!

    Take notice of what?
  17. Tony C

    The world just got more ridiculous!

    We could always bring back the thread!
  18. Tony C

    Longest day of the year.

    The only good thing about the longest day, winter’s coming! Downside to the longest day, Christmas is also coming! Tony (who would happily live with 6” of snow all year round)
  19. I like the ICM Spitfire kits, especially the Mk.XVI, and I think that you have made a cracking job of the Mk.IX
  20. Tony C

    Short Jokes II The Sequel

    Phew, for a moment I thought is was me! Well, I say a moment, I must have spent 5 minutes trying to make sense of the punchline
  21. Tony C

    IWM London Visit - is it me? Or what is the point..

    My statement in full read... I wasn’t complaining about the Dornier being raised, the point that i tried to make was that if museums decide to do away with the hardware, be it the airframes, uniforms, paintings, medals etc. (*) and turn to more computerised displays then airframes like the Dornier, would never see the light of day! (*) Insert items from your museum of choice, as I’m told that there are museums out there, which do not display aviation related items
  22. Looks good to my eye. Also got one in the stash along with all the White Ensign PE detail sets, which though designed for the Airfix kit, I’m hoping some if not most, will be useable on the Italeri version!
  23. Tony C

    IWM London Visit - is it me? Or what is the point..

    Sorry, I was on about the ex Manager! Should have made myself clearer and being at work, I can't even blame drink
  24. Tony C

    IWM London Visit - is it me? Or what is the point..

    If they’ve moved on, I’d guess to Hendon Another thought that I’ve had is that if there is a move away from artefacts to info systems, why did the RAFM go to the bother of raising the Dornier, with the aim to restore/preserve the airframe? Hendon is once of those places that could have been a real jewel with the right input but has been let down by poor management and a lack of resources for far too long and is unlikely to ever become the premiere Aviation museum again!
  25. Tony C

    A strange 1/72 TSR.2 Request

    Well, slap my thigh, I’m in the process of build a 1:48 TSR.2 Whif and intend on using a single piece canopy plus a few other alterations. With regard to the main canopy, I’ve glued the main canopy components together and have spent hours, no days, no weeks, sanding it to try and get a suitable master so that I can plunge form a replacement canopy! I will succeed... Only thing I’ve yet to decide on, is whether the canopy will be hinged at the rear, like the Tornado or from the side as per the BAe Hawk!