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  1. And that's exactly why I binned my battery powered paint stirrer years ago Tony! As far as my own 'injury' goes, the good news is that the CA covered toothpick is NOT still attached to my tongue, although it did take a layer of skin off when I pulled it off. It stand for a couple of days but seems to be better now, especially after a cup of tea and a slice of carrot cake.
  2. At the bench today, continuing with rigging my WnW Sopwith Snipe, I licked the end of a toothpick.... ....which had just been used to apply CA.
  3. I was kidding about the paint knocking around... But when you see the aircraft parked next to each other, which I frequently do, the orange is the same.
  4. I can honestly say that when I fly into Toulouse and see the various aircraft there on the delivery apron, there is little to choose from between the Jetstar Orange and the colour of the aircraft I am in; namely an easyJet A320 / A319. So with that in mind I have just done a search and found that easyJet uses Pantone 021, as does Jetstar! It is also identical to the Smart Wings orange as well! as Windjet's too!! Maybe Airbus and Boeing just had a load of orange paint knocking around and gave it away for a good price!
  5. Yeah that's ok, I guess... In fact that might just be the best US Phantom I have ever seen! A brilliant piece of work.
  6. Damn these buckles! I love them! Another order on its way Bob!
  7. Thank you so much for the kind words chaps! I now have three days off and intend to get at least three more rigging lines done!
  8. Hi Duncan, Thanks for your kind words! I was going to give you a call next week regarding the future supply of WnW kits to Europe and an order etc. After all, I can't let Beardie and Chris Jephcott have all the stock to themselves! I'm not happy with the castor old staining / streaking on the undersides. This was done using AK streaking effects, but as these are enamel based, when trying to get a dot of the 'paint' to flow along the bottom of the fuselage by blowing it with the hairdryer, it simply dries as the solvent evaporates! I hope you get what I mean? What I need is to replicate this effect: I guess I'm going to have to use water based paints and find a stronger source of wind!
  9. Evening all! Well, I've been rather busy at the bench over the last week and this kit is really beginning to take shape now. When I last posted photos on here, the Snipe was almost going to have her upper wing attached when disaster struck. I totally lost one of the previously painted inter-wing struts. Not just any one, but etc one with the pitot tube attached! So it was not really viable to scratch build a replacement and another email was sent off to WnW to buy a replacement sprue. By this stage I was certainly treating this as a 'test' model, or a 'practice' kit to introduce me to the idiosyncrasies of these beautiful model kits. The postman soon arrived with the new parts and I set about painting the one one strut that I needed. Bob's Buckles had already arrived, along with some Maxima Chameleon fishing line, which is what I intended to rig the Snipe with. It's been a long slog getting to the stage where she's seen below, but I have learned a lot of new techniques and methods along the way. The oil striking on the undersides does not really match the photos that I have seen, but it's good enough on this kit for me. I'll take a lot more care on the next one though and will be really careful with those finer parts; they are so easy to break, as well as lose! So, here's where I'm at right now. As you can see, that upper wing is now attached. All the struts aligned perfectly and rather surprisingly, the whole assembly is not quite as fragile as I'd feared. All in all, it has been a most satisfying week at the bench, helped no less by the fact that work is relatively quiet right now. The rigging is proving to be challenging, the tiny brass tubes that represent the turnbuckles look OK but are so tiny and ping everywhere from the tips of the tweezers! I'll be ordering a lot more soon at this rate! Hope you like the photos and as always, critique, harsh or otherwise, is always welcome but before anyone says so, I know the lower, starboard aileron is not attached yet!
  10. Brilliant! Thank you!!
  11. Well, that's grabbed my attention! Stunning work!
  12. That is definitely in my top ten ever! Superb result.
  13. So it's not worth 500 quid then?
  14. As an aside from the complexities of the WnW's kits, I decided to have a bash at the Airfix Model 'T' and turn it into a Huck's Starter. I managed to grab one off of eBay and although this is not the kit (too lazy to take a photo!) here's the packaging that she comes in: The kit dates from 1959 and this begs the question, did I bag a bargain? I paid just under twenty quid including postage and would hate it if I'd just cut up a kit that's worth an awful lot more!!