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  1. Hello from France

    Hi Laurent! Welcome to Britmodeller from a Brit in Isère!
  2. How do I post Pictures?

    Cheers Cloggy.... Do you know if you can still publish new pictures?
  3. How do I post Pictures?

    Brilliant! Thanks Bootneck
  4. How do I post Pictures?

    Just trying something... Is that viewable?? I can see it...
  5. How do I post Pictures?

    Hi Greg, the Piaggio is 'loud and clear' but your previous post has the standard Photobucket 'Please update your account.... blah blah' Lovely pic of the Avanti though!! I've also visited my own PB account and there is no mention of the survey, just links to upgrade. Mike, how easy / expensive would it be to allow users to upload to the Britmodeller site?
  6. Captain Albert Ball VC

    "Brave Captain" from the Big Big Train album release, "Grimspound"A statue of a young manDefiantly standsGlove held in left handWith an Angel close by his shoulderAt the stroke of midnightWhen no one's in sightBeneath the floodlightsWhat does she whisper?What has he told her?Sunshine through the leavesBack in '73With my parents and weWere eating ice creamIn the shade of the old treesI asked "Who was he?"My Dad said to me"Although he was only twentyHe was a hero who'd died for his country"Well, you should have seen meWho would believe me now?Racing around the castle groundsWild imagination in full flightMy arms stretched wideI'll be a brave Captain of the SkiesYou were a flying aceFrom the history booksThrilling deeds and dashing looksFulfilling your destinySimply doing your dutyFor King and CountryYou were the poster boyWho shunned your own fameWho didn't take to the accoladesEven when propagandaScreamed your nameYou believed celebrity to be nonsenseYou were a loner, a solitary manPractical mindedAnd good with your handsYour letters sent homeRevealed, this weapon had a conscienceUntil at long last your plane emergesFrom out of the low cloudInvertedFlying upside-downToo close to the ground to recoverHeading earthboundNo engine soundBlack smoke trailingSilently falling downBrave Captain of the SkiesBrave Captain of the Skies These are the lyrics of the first track from the "Grimspound" album by the English prog rock band, Big Big Train. After hearing the album on its release, I'm now inspired to do the WnW 1/32 SE.5a as an aircraft flown by Capt. Ball. with such a famous 'Ace' you'd be forgiven to have expected loads of references and decals available, but my own search has revealed very little. Do any of my wise colleagues know of any suitable decals and accurate (as much is as possible with WWI subjects) information or profiles for his SE.5a?
  7. Laminated Props (again!)

    Hi all, I have recently come across various ways in which to reproduce the laminated props for the WnW kits and the laminated paper trick seems to be the best way! But my carving is sadly not really up to scratch. After a little search on line, I found this: http://www.copperstatemodels.com/main/productsCS/5/2 Any news about these from anyone in the know?
  8. Greg Allman dead.

    It seems I'm writing 'R.I.P.' to someone on a weekly basis at the moment! But what great band The Allman Brothers were and yes, R.I.P. Gregg
  9. Re. the box art, it certainly looks like he's used the full length of that runway though. He's only just rotated before etc threshold of the other end!
  10. The WNW Camel is coming!

    What can I add that has not already been said? Duncan, you are a star, Sir! The packaging is of a class seldom seen these days. A huge shout-out and yes, you've secured my business too. Your magnanimous gesture to Chris and Sophie was very thoughtful. A lovely, warm, fluffy, comforting piece of clothing to keep baby Jephcott warm at night. It's important to attend to our children's needs and I know that you have been hugely considerate whilst dealing with your customers; again, something that is lacking in today's society. Now, my son has passed his driving test and needs a car...
  11. Stupid things I've done whilst modelling...

    Not exactly modelling related, more DIY, but I have also recently discovered why Hot Glue is so named....
  12. The WNW Camel is coming!

    Fantastic news!! It's been great just reading the whole story of their delivery!! It's my birthday in April, who wants to buy me a pressie or two?
  13. The WNW Camel is coming!

    Well, I could always tell her... Unless, of course, a couple of those Camels came my way!!
  14. Stupid things I've done whilst modelling...

    And that's exactly why I binned my battery powered paint stirrer years ago Tony! As far as my own 'injury' goes, the good news is that the CA covered toothpick is NOT still attached to my tongue, although it did take a layer of skin off when I pulled it off. It stand for a couple of days but seems to be better now, especially after a cup of tea and a slice of carrot cake.
  15. At the bench today, continuing with rigging my WnW Sopwith Snipe, I licked the end of a toothpick.... ....which had just been used to apply CA.