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  1. Airfix 2019

    The supermarkets plan promotions especially non foods way way in advance (they have to if sourced from China, got buyers etc out there searching the best deals from the cheapest sources) so with enough notice anything is possible, even now they'll be checking out Christmas stuff, whether they'd want to is a totally different of kettle of fish.
  2. Airfix 2019

    Exactly, there's barely interest in 1 or 2 kits let alone a range and it has to be the latest, trendiest toys that is stocked and that's the reason to 2 range reviews/2 refreshes a year (which makes my life harder as I have to do them, really don't like grafting if I can help it lol) it's the same for Scalextric and the rest of the Hornby Range. Maybe, just maybe is if Hornby "persuaded" the supermarkets with a good enough deal so that a whole promotion end (plinth) is promoted (similar to what Aldi/Lidl do with their special buys) then awareness and sales may come along, maybe........
  3. Off to Hannants

    Wrong time of year to be visiting, born and brought up in Suffolk so biased of course but we have some beautiful scenery to see when the sun is shining, stereo-typical country lanes and small fishing villages to explore. Occasionally I get bored of how flat the place is and that the sea cliffs are all dirt so continuously falling into the sea but would I move to another county? Nah, maybe, just maybe Norfolk as then Hannants would be closer Seriously though I find Hannants too big, so much to choose from I get overloaded and tend to come away with hardly anything, usually one kit which is something I never thought I'd buy, last time was on purpose to buy a Mach2 Argosy but before that was a AMT Peterbuilt Cabover with some crazy idea of imagining my own vision of Smokey and The Bandit...............
  4. Got the 2015-16 can't remember now "yearbook" from Sainsburys though didn't think they'd carry on with it in the following years
  5. Second hand kits are deadly!

    One of the commentators summed it up perfectly for me.....
  6. Slow TV

    Seen this sort of thing many many years ago via satellite, think it was the German RTE broadcasting view from train cab through the night rather than repeating everything from the day time. As said BBC has done canal boat, train, (was Tornado - disappointed a little as it wasn't that long and not truly from the cab - into the cab, but each to their own) following a sleigh and also a bus over the Yorkshire Dales I think it was. Enjoy these sort of things, best one was the canal as having been on a holiday with a 10 berth boat it was fun and very very relaxing
  7. "Be the Best"

    Market research eh, wonder what part of the "market" they researched, absolutely crazy in my view, to be the best for me means the Army will provide the training, equipment and most importantly the encouragement to be the best. Elitist indeed, huh All been binned anyway http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-42469901
  8. Car issue,

    I was under the impression that as it wasn't your fault then the other persons insurance has to return it to it's state before the accident if you so wish, no wriggling by the other party about this or that... Good news in a way about the hire car cost as it makes the insurers work much faster on getting it sorted!
  9. Bureaucracy gone mad.

    HR, what a load of honk, whatever happened to Personnel?!! Anyway my brother is in similar position, he is able to retire early and gave a preliminary date to the pension dept (local authority) over 2 months earlier to see what his end income would be, they replied 8 days after his preliminary retirement date........They said it would only be a matter of days
  10. Recycling plastics

    I do find it amusing that the recyclable bottles and cans etc should be clean and dry, so we're expected to use more resources (clean water) to make something more recyclable, seems a bit of a contradiction to me and even funnier is what I've been hearing about green waste and being charged for it to be collected (apparently I'm in one of the few regions where it still isn't charged) that now the households are just bunging it in the black bin, what else they expect people to do? Cracks me right up lol
  11. Recycling plastics

    Handy as paint stirrers, stretching for aerials, maybe cut them all the same length and build a matchstick ship Got to admit I used to chuck them in blue bin, when I made the kits instead of collecting them
  12. Recycling plastics

    Guess as it's the same stuff as the packing polystyrene then it can get confusing, here's what the Wikipedia entry says anyway: This just highlights the foam stuff but it is recyclable and is valuable too, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polystyrene
  13. Guy Martin

    Maybe a better solution would've been to move it to position early in the morning and then have a start up and a small backward and forward movement within barriers. Seems to have been a bit of a cop out to have it at Cambrai, a worthy place of course but certainly not the exposure, hope JCB got some deserved credit for this too, couldn't have been cheap to do the work. Guy is ok to watch, but would love to have Fred Dibnah still with us to do it, would've been very interesting to see those 2 meet lol
  14. Photobucket beware!

    Ha, now it's disapeared into the usual Photobucket gumpf.........
  15. Photobucket beware!

    Can see both and I don't have anything snazzy on my browser, using Opera which is based on Chrome and that's it