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  1. Thanks, always time to look at a Britannia, as you say looking a bit sad, specially as it was the last Britannia to fly? Anyway would love to see it fly but don't think it will
  2. At the end of the day, which is costlier to operate? Easy answer that, trickier question - is the F-16 better value with the tasks it'll have to do compared to the F-15? Who isn't looking to cut costs nowadays and it's obvious what they want to do....
  3. Registered as a business but there doesn't seem to be any details on the id or the address as like all the other businesses I have dealed with on Fleabay had? Damn good deal if legit (got me tempted!) but with how the world is now I filter out all items to just the UK, even then there are many Chinese etc businesses registered here but that's better than nothing. Could be a introductory offer I suppose, a new name on Ebay trying to get a customer base going? Maybe? Hmmm
  4. In my opinion it hasn't got political, it's perfectly reasonable to expect service to be provided when the customer would like it to be served. On the other hand you have to accept that the people who give the service obviously have to be paid, and the more the unsocial the hours the more you'd have to pay to be served. For me working in retail I'm luckier than many now where I've got a contract so old I still have to be paid for Sundays and Bank Holidays and to an extent nights. New starters don't get any extra remuneration for Sundays and Bank Holidays so in effect they can be forced to work Boxing Day and get paid no extra. I work every other Saturday and a late night during the week with the odd Sundays and nights and nearly every Bank Holiday, most of this is contractual which I'd rather not do but I accept this to get the cash to pay the bills but I do object to split shifts, horrible things where it almost feels you don't get away from work
  5. Dunno about other retail workers but my shifts are bad enough now, I don't fancy working even worse hours........
  6. Makes a change with modern cars, don't forget to put the coolant back in Huh, joke on me, just see the "filled" bit, at first thought it said "fitted"
  7. Well for a small fee I can get hold of part of the Royal Family Oh, you mean the real Royal Family?! lol
  8. What cracks me up and annoys at the same time is the craze for the word "app" when it's been "program" for years, trendy names eh
  9. Using Opera here which is based on Chrome and have no problems.... maybe worth having a look to see if it's close enough to try
  10. Yup, Partridges in Hadleigh too. Can't justify it though unless going anyway as one bolt would cost a fortune when factoring fuel costs in!
  11. Uh huh, needed some bags for a Maytag which is a copy of the old Hoover Satellite which "hovers" and got them in at around same price as online, with it being less than 5 minutes walk away I'm ok for vacuum cleaner bits haha Only thing I can say is Suffolk hasn't got a huge population and Ipswich isn't that big either so maybe not enough demand to keep several suppliers going, but than again so many things nowadays are seen as disposable... As a example we haven't got any model shops here, or nearby really, no more real hardware shops so difficult to even get a single bolt etc, unless you're into charity shops or betting shops then I'm afraid Ipswich is a dead loss, don't think Suffolk as a whole fairs much better
  12. Half saw it too, was at work munching my crisps on a break Can't remember the location but there was loads wasn't there! Mainly 72nd with I presume a few 144th airliners, 2 shots of the Il-76 LOT airlines Together with the usual corny comments from Homes Under The Hammer A very nice house, just stuck in the 70's. Such a shame as with all these kind of auctions/sales as it's obvious an elderly person lived there until they ended up in a home or worse
  13. Perhaps this is why I only do 1 at a time, if there isn't any getting completed then there is no sense of satisfaction and admiration with "I done that " I personally can't carry on with modelling unless I get a sense of satisfaction and closure. Having said that I'm more of a casual modeller, haven't done anything for 3-4 years now due to moving and the house I'm in needing plenty of work, plus the garden and 3 cars to fiddle with, not to mention not enough money, maybe it is today's life is more complicated, yeah it is, way more complicated <sigh>
  14. And even though many people will say and probably do - go out, come back and buy again, the regulation actually works as Martin says, the overdoses are much smaller than in previous times, seen it printed in some magazine, think it was The Grocer. Anyway 2 boxes - 32 tablets is as far as you get, and that's in total, no buying 2 boxes of Lemsip and a box of Asprin
  15. Must be behind the times here then Still got loads of tapes and 2 machines. Mainly Blakes'7, Bottom, Red Dwarf a few aviation/tank stuff and World Rally Championships from 30 years ago but do have plenty of films too and many are still showing a half decent quality for what they are. More to the point I won't buy DVD's of something I already have on tape purely because I can then spend that cash on new stuff, why should I duplicate my purchases, that'll be like buying half a dozen Airfix Phantom FG1's wouldn't it?! (runs away at this point!) The ones I don't want or need I thought maybe can recycle them, nah, the scope for this is very small, the tape isn't very friendly and so would have to pull apart the cassettes to recycle the plastic, seems such a shame but no-one including charity shops wants them anymore. Amazing how these and camera film have died a death so quickly and convincingly, know it's technology the cause but still...