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  1. 72nd New Tool Vulccan - Airfix 2018?

    There'll be more chance of finding this rather than a new Vulcan That's what many seem to think the Vulcan is. Airfix are onto a good thing just as it is, why spend cash on something that isn't going to give any more than the current tooling is, think of the wider picture, the majority of buyers of the Vulcan in the future don't give a haggedy-honk whether it's a new tool or not, apart from cost and a new tool would definitely put them off
  2. Car insurance

    Insurance is about the only good thing about getting older
  3. What is wrong with Paypal?

    First I've heard about not using new card till start of the month, every one I've had says to start using the new one as soon as it turns up. Anyway maybe they're thinking with delayed payments, had several of them off Fleabay of upto a month after buying, can't remember what it was called now, didn't bother me as have bank account linked to them now
  4. Duxford aircraft "crash landing"

    Did read engine failure but that's all conjecture, also read it's back on it's wheels in a hanger, didn't read any more as it's al third hand information so who knows
  5. Duxford aircraft "crash landing"

    See it go round on it's landing circle, looked odd on the downward leg and at the end turning to land it appeared it didn't have enough room to turn onto the runway... pilot obviously gave up on trying to make the turn but was way too low and slow and see it disappear behind the green building? near the Superhanger (We were near American Air Museum) and that was that, was heartened a little as there was no smoke or flames (seen several crashes in the past unfortunately) and heard the good news the pilot was ok from a guy behind the counter in the American Air Museum
  6. Acts of Random Kindness

    As Bentwaters say use some copper grease smeared on the mating faces on the wheel (saves putting loads on the hub 'cos not all of it will be in contact with the wheel) it is the stuff used on brake callipers and is the ideal sort of stuff, I used it on mine when I had the wheels refurbished. Every time I take the wheels off before even going near a jack I undo the nuts, quite a bit undone and try to rock the car through the wheel to get it loose so it'll fall off when the nuts are removed completely. This has always worked for me but have known it not to work, the next stage I'd try is drive it a couple of yards and brake sharply, backwards and forwards though have known someone where even a short drive wasn't enough. It did free up though in the end as the dipstick forgot to do all the nuts up tightly
  7. Barry Norman has died

    One of those constants back in the day, very easy to view and listen to, done some damn fine pickled onions too, enjoy them wherever you are Barry
  8. Argos (the shop) a warning

    All the stuff I've bought off Fleabay delivered to Argos has been a normal delivery by either Royal Mail or a courier, the address for the Argos is on the label with my name on it so I would expect Argos doesn't make any money out of it. What they do is take possible extra sales through people just going in the doors, even more so now that more and more are being set up in Sainsburys. When you think of it there isn't much to do, courier turns up with parcel, bod signs for it, he then scans or keys in the number and then the customer gets email/text saying it turned up, that's how it happens where I work, and no it isn't Argos The click and collect for me has been so handy that even if identical item is available cheaper off another seller but doesn't have the click and collect I'll still go with the pricier option which does have click and collect.
  9. Argos (the shop) a warning

    To me it's the best thing since sliced bread Very handy when no-one is at home so can be sure of getting hold of it when I want rather than try to be in the house hoping I've chose the right day. Like everything else there are good and bad, all 3 stores in Ipswich have been friendly courteous and always try their best with me, in fact I've come to the conclusion they're one of the better customer orientated stores in my neck of the woods. Harley John, I can see where you're coming from and I wouldn't be happy with that service but those Argos in Sainsburys have tiny tiny warehouses and rely on the large "ordinary" stores to feed them once or twice a day so to keep furniture for click and collect would be tricky so they should really have notified you of that to start with so that you could've maybe picked it up at the parent Argos instead
  10. recent and old dio's

    None of the links appear to work
  11. Heller

    Dribble dribble, Mirage IV in 48th.... So many nice subjects...As Steve says, "Vive Le Heller!"
  12. A tidy workspace!

    Very nice.....for now lol Is it just me or do I like looking at peoples work space just as much as the models themselves? Is it the voyeur aspect of someone's home or my mind which thinks every thing should be neat and tidy?! (Well, everyone else's except mine )
  13. Help needed for my 2 next trip in UK

    We don't stay there (B&B several miles away at Condover) but do end up having something to munch in this area at some point, presuming you mean the retail park where Sainsbury's is?
  14. WW1 soldiers’ graves to be 'reused'

    I was thinking a 100 years but I could be and are probably wrong but councils can and do "re-use" plots but they do try to get into contact with relatives to see what they want to do, sure you can renew the plot but not certain.
  15. Brian Mathew BBC Disc Jockey

    Crikey, was only recently Tony Blackburn took over his slot on Radio 2 much to his annoyance... Carry on playing the records fella....