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  1. All the stuff I've bought off Fleabay delivered to Argos has been a normal delivery by either Royal Mail or a courier, the address for the Argos is on the label with my name on it so I would expect Argos doesn't make any money out of it. What they do is take possible extra sales through people just going in the doors, even more so now that more and more are being set up in Sainsburys. When you think of it there isn't much to do, courier turns up with parcel, bod signs for it, he then scans or keys in the number and then the customer gets email/text saying it turned up, that's how it happens where I work, and no it isn't Argos The click and collect for me has been so handy that even if identical item is available cheaper off another seller but doesn't have the click and collect I'll still go with the pricier option which does have click and collect.
  2. To me it's the best thing since sliced bread Very handy when no-one is at home so can be sure of getting hold of it when I want rather than try to be in the house hoping I've chose the right day. Like everything else there are good and bad, all 3 stores in Ipswich have been friendly courteous and always try their best with me, in fact I've come to the conclusion they're one of the better customer orientated stores in my neck of the woods. Harley John, I can see where you're coming from and I wouldn't be happy with that service but those Argos in Sainsburys have tiny tiny warehouses and rely on the large "ordinary" stores to feed them once or twice a day so to keep furniture for click and collect would be tricky so they should really have notified you of that to start with so that you could've maybe picked it up at the parent Argos instead
  3. None of the links appear to work
  4. Dribble dribble, Mirage IV in 48th.... So many nice subjects...As Steve says, "Vive Le Heller!"
  5. Very nice.....for now lol Is it just me or do I like looking at peoples work space just as much as the models themselves? Is it the voyeur aspect of someone's home or my mind which thinks every thing should be neat and tidy?! (Well, everyone else's except mine )
  6. We don't stay there (B&B several miles away at Condover) but do end up having something to munch in this area at some point, presuming you mean the retail park where Sainsbury's is?
  7. I was thinking a 100 years but I could be and are probably wrong but councils can and do "re-use" plots but they do try to get into contact with relatives to see what they want to do, sure you can renew the plot but not certain.
  8. Crikey, was only recently Tony Blackburn took over his slot on Radio 2 much to his annoyance... Carry on playing the records fella....
  9. Does this include Parcel Force? I've had to go to a Post Office to collect several items, fortunate for me as closer than the sorting/delivery office so not complaining
  10. I like it!! And you say you're recovering?! You're doing a fine job so far
  11. Thanks, always time to look at a Britannia, as you say looking a bit sad, specially as it was the last Britannia to fly? Anyway would love to see it fly but don't think it will
  12. At the end of the day, which is costlier to operate? Easy answer that, trickier question - is the F-16 better value with the tasks it'll have to do compared to the F-15? Who isn't looking to cut costs nowadays and it's obvious what they want to do....
  13. Registered as a business but there doesn't seem to be any details on the id or the address as like all the other businesses I have dealed with on Fleabay had? Damn good deal if legit (got me tempted!) but with how the world is now I filter out all items to just the UK, even then there are many Chinese etc businesses registered here but that's better than nothing. Could be a introductory offer I suppose, a new name on Ebay trying to get a customer base going? Maybe? Hmmm
  14. In my opinion it hasn't got political, it's perfectly reasonable to expect service to be provided when the customer would like it to be served. On the other hand you have to accept that the people who give the service obviously have to be paid, and the more the unsocial the hours the more you'd have to pay to be served. For me working in retail I'm luckier than many now where I've got a contract so old I still have to be paid for Sundays and Bank Holidays and to an extent nights. New starters don't get any extra remuneration for Sundays and Bank Holidays so in effect they can be forced to work Boxing Day and get paid no extra. I work every other Saturday and a late night during the week with the odd Sundays and nights and nearly every Bank Holiday, most of this is contractual which I'd rather not do but I accept this to get the cash to pay the bills but I do object to split shifts, horrible things where it almost feels you don't get away from work
  15. Dunno about other retail workers but my shifts are bad enough now, I don't fancy working even worse hours........