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  1. Recycling plastics

    I do find it amusing that the recyclable bottles and cans etc should be clean and dry, so we're expected to use more resources (clean water) to make something more recyclable, seems a bit of a contradiction to me and even funnier is what I've been hearing about green waste and being charged for it to be collected (apparently I'm in one of the few regions where it still isn't charged) that now the households are just bunging it in the black bin, what else they expect people to do? Cracks me right up lol
  2. Recycling plastics

    Handy as paint stirrers, stretching for aerials, maybe cut them all the same length and build a matchstick ship Got to admit I used to chuck them in blue bin, when I made the kits instead of collecting them
  3. Recycling plastics

    Guess as it's the same stuff as the packing polystyrene then it can get confusing, here's what the Wikipedia entry says anyway: This just highlights the foam stuff but it is recyclable and is valuable too, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polystyrene
  4. Guy Martin

    Maybe a better solution would've been to move it to position early in the morning and then have a start up and a small backward and forward movement within barriers. Seems to have been a bit of a cop out to have it at Cambrai, a worthy place of course but certainly not the exposure, hope JCB got some deserved credit for this too, couldn't have been cheap to do the work. Guy is ok to watch, but would love to have Fred Dibnah still with us to do it, would've been very interesting to see those 2 meet lol
  5. Photobucket beware!

    Ha, now it's disapeared into the usual Photobucket gumpf.........
  6. Photobucket beware!

    Can see both and I don't have anything snazzy on my browser, using Opera which is based on Chrome and that's it
  7. Clubs

    It has crossed my mind and Bentwaters has graciously invited me but their meetings are a Tuesday and I work till 9/10pm on you've guessed it, Tuesday!! To be honest though I am using it as a small excuse, you're right I guess it can be a nerve wracking experience as it will always be meeting a bunch of people where you don't know any and at an unknown place too let alone bringing a model where you feel you're being examining even more closely through your model! I'm certainly not saying that any club is not welcoming, I'm sure they are but for some of us who can be reserved and shy to begin with it can be pretty hard to meet a bunch of strangers at any situation I guess the thing clubs can do as a priority is to be welcoming and have it as a precedence over everything else, have the members go the extra mile when a potential member turns up, after a while you can go back to the usual farting and scratching (not really!!) once the new member settles in. Another discussion entirely is that you can argue modelling is an solitary hobby and by it's nature it'll attract more solitary people to it and therefore by their very nature it'd be more difficult for these modellers to go to a club for the first time just because of who they are but this certainly doesn't mean they don't have so much to offer.
  8. Remembrance Day

    I would like to say it happens all the time but unfortunately it doesn't, some don't realise and actually apologise and take up the silence but others just don't care and then get stroppy when no service is given within those 2 minutes, makes my heart sink, that
  9. Oh, and leather seats I can take or leave them, but when heated, mmmmmmmmm, when it's cold I'd give up everything else in the car, electric seats, radio, electric windows aren't a patch on heated seats, what you get for being spoilt by a Saab
  10. Hmm, not so sure a friend of mine would agree, his family has a Polo, Golf and 2 Caddy's and all of them have faults, huge oil leak on 5 year Golf, numerous cooling problems on the Polo, plus a EGR fault which is also showing on one Caddy and the other Caddy has a new engine after valve bucket broke up but the most disappointing thing I find is one Caddy and the Polo had broken wiring in non stressful locations, VW aren't what they were I fear. But no worries, one bad story can be countered with a good one and I hope Gorby will have a good one to say in the future It ain't my cup of tea but don't take any notice, I won't buy any car that is less than 15 years old now, I'm sure I was born 20 years too late
  11. Would we have liked mobile phone in the 70s

    You try that with thicker C and D pillars of modern cars and mirrors always have blind spots that's the whole reason of actually checking... You can't get away from the fact older cars had more "glass" to look out of
  12. Need an instant stash?

    Storage Wars is the programme I'm thinking of and has to the most scripted "reality" show there has ever been I think
  13. Would we have liked mobile phone in the 70s

    Cars are seen in the same way as white goods now, which is dangerous in a way, drivers have got to realise it's a lethal machine, not like a washing machine - in normal use anyway . In a really important aspect modern cars are way more dangerous than older 20 years plus cars and this is visibility, teeny windows, especially at the rear and a real job sometimes to see where the corners of the car are, in certain situations parking sensors aren't any good so what do you have left, guessing basically where the edges of the car is. I have no intention of buying a car which isn't any younger than the early 2000's which isn't going to be easy in the forthcoming years for obvious reasons but my g/f has a 10 year Fiesta, hard thin seats, plastic all over the place which is all the same and so boring to drive and if I'm honest to look at which for me is just about the same as every other recent car but then many models and manufacturers are all owned by one another anyway so hardly surprising... Beardie is dead right about holding a phone up to film a concert for example, stand back and take in the atmosphere!!! Look around at the poeple around you, the venue and of course the artists and relish the experience that'll be a better memory, it's not just sight which creates memories, it's smells, sounds and your own feelings which do it and whilst glued to a small screen all this is excluded. Airshows are the same, may be shot down in flames for this but just soak up an aircraft zooming by rather than taking a billion pictures of it.. I only got a mobile phone in the early 2000's and still have a 15 year old one I hardly use, why do I want to spend a fortune on something which even though it's a communication device is actually ruining communication, ie. actually speaking and interacting with other people!! I had make do with a phone box until I was 15 (this would've been in the mid 80's) as my dad wouldn't have one, it's a cliché but people don't know they're born nowadays and I'm not that old!!
  14. I did a naughty thing.......

    The problem you have is you think you're unique, unfortunately 100's before you and 100's after you have the same idea........I've seen it, then had to turn them all off again ready for the next onslaught
  15. Road rage

    Probably due to all the "driver aids" but that then brings up the point of seeing a car as a "white good" or a "X-Box" et al, i.e. not seeing it as a dangerous machine which so many now don't seem make the connection with