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  1. Made me laugh. Wonder what our significant others think we are up to?
  2. Hi, Ok, this seems a convenient place to ask as I’ve read such conflicting info on what is Acrylic, or Acrylic with “oil” or “enamel” that is driving me mad. 1. Make model 2.Paint with Vallejo Air brush colours, a few citadel paints, water based paints. 3. Spray Klear/Future floor polish (thin coat) with airbrush to seal and prep surface for decals. 4. Make sure there’s a shiny finish for decals, repeat step three if not. 5. Apply Decals, using Micro Sol and Micro Set. 6. Spray Klear/Future floor polish, thin coats again. Hopefully protecting deca
  3. Hey @Seahawk, took your advice and purchased the kit. It’s every bit as good as Revels newish Fort, maybe even better. The box art is worth buying alone. If you can get one, it would definitely make a great Christmas present. Thanks again for the advice.
  4. Deep pan all the way. I mean it’s actually better. Chicago pizza is still the best, I can put my name to that.
  5. Here. Didn’t realise you needed to web host pics. It’s not cooked yet, I am. Please be merciful but believe I’m big time appreciate everything and all advice on here. Slightly unfortunate I have to give my real name, but I throw myself at your mercy. Been through everything with this lovely” model. Europe theatre continues. All 1.72. Note wavy line on starboard wing is fixable. Love Tamiya and learning a great deal about the Me109 at the same time, it’s fascinating, well to me, hopefully to you. Enjoy. B https://app.photobucket.com/u/stuartbillinge/p/f54c2dec-69aa-42f0-abb3-8d6dd92
  6. The ink method above, takes bravery but as GW painter this appeals to me, thanks
  7. Really appreciate this thread and OP. Sticking with my smudge fantastic Staedtler pigment liner for now, only because I’m barely learning scribing and oil. Use clear coat or 50/50 Future floor polish brush is fine. Check forces acting on aircraft for brush strokes, apply thinly, but it’s like a undo button. Check this far after Humbrol Acrylic Varnish OVER klear disaster, that was the problem. I’m Acrylic all the way but and it’s worth noting be patient, do a test on a sprue or old aeroplane you can then dip, buy two copies of. With optimism and love, here’s a Germanic Horror with a fascinatin
  8. Humbrol Acrylic Varnish in a can, over Future is the problem. There’s something in it that causes death to any model. I’ve lost two projects now to it, lays fine over Acrylic if you are crazy enough to try it.
  9. Awesome thanks for the advice. The Airfix comes with paints as well that should be at the least a good colour guide. I don’t mind Humbrol Acrylic. I found as long as you are generous with the thinner it generally paints on nicely. Off topic also looking to build Meteor A77-851 which served in Korea with the Aussies and scored a couple of probables. Thanks again.
  10. Great review so thanks for that. I was just wondering how this kit compares to the 1.72 Hasegawa Lightning? Both cost about the same. Thanks for any advice. I’m into doing panel lines (very new to this) so any scribe lines I don’t have to do would be appreciated.
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