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  1. So if I order say 10 vallejo paints, it doesnt matter which supplier they originate from? I wont get charged postage each time, do all orders go through Amazon? Please excuse my ignorance, but I am confused! Has anyone found a supplier that will let you mix and match a bulk purchase of Vallejo? Personally I have not had much luck with Revel Aqua, the pigments are not very strong, so using water with a dash of fairy liquid (my trick) this paint does no blend and layer anything like Games Workshop or Vallejo paints, give them a try I think you be impressed, their metallic range are especially good, just make sure you change your brush water before using normal opaques! Games Workshop Boltgun metal, or Leadbelcher dried and with an after wash of black ink looks really great on metal pieces such as wheels, tracks, weapons etc.
  2. Hi there, Yes ill share, when ive got something half decent to show, The paints that come with the Airfix Harrier are poor in terms of pigment which is a shame because the kit goes together quite nicely. I primed with Humbrol grey rattle can so there wasnt really any excuse why the paint did not go on as planned. Its getting a bit gloopy now so im wandering whether to dip and start over? What should I use to take off the layers anyone? Ive been using brushes but want to get an airbrush and compressor, any suggestions here welcome! Thanks guys.
  3. After painting War hammer 40k miniatures from Games Workshop, I still love you!! at hideous prices for 30 years im sceptical, I would say manufacturers dont want this. How would you regulate air flow, some sort of valve, scratch build? New project? I am on the hunt for a decent kit brush and silent compressor. Being a newbie to the spray world. Your idea would be earth friendly too. I really hope you could make something like this. S
  4. Hi Artie, Somewhere in the labyrinth of my Dads ME workshop is a compressor. I know this question has been asked before but as of today, what is the airbrush gun to buy on a budget, but not badger budget? Those brushes with the large silver bowl type to hold your paint would be great. I work 1.72 scale, hand painted many many models but apart from rattle cans to prime and tamiya tape, i need a decent piece of kit. Dads compressor sounds like a sonic boom from memory, and very likely to have mum screaming at me Appreciate if you can point me in the right direction, both brush and compressor to do stuff like under shading and acheiving flawless top coats. Thanks, S
  5. Hi there, This is my first official post. About 12 years ago I was given a novel that is part of the "Dark Matter" series, a film (haven't seen) was made post the novel called "Northern Lights, by Philip Pullman" I was devastated as it was a brake up gift from my first long term relationship. Needless to say I read it cover to cover, its a beautiful, very intelligent book, and any one who saw the film "Interstellar" in my humble opinion would enjoy. Thanks, S t
  6. Hi there, as someone else has suggested, prime black. Games Workshop's metallic range are expensive but very good, I think even Vallejo used to make GW paints? A matt black primer seems to make metallics 'pop' better. Hope this helps. S
  7. Lol. Thats a great idea! I can only too well imagine the reaction from my significant other discovering a car tyre and series of tubing in the bathroom!
  8. Very nice Hammet. You seemed to of mastered the dark art of Airbrushing! I've tried so many times to be successful with this illusive skill, very limited success. Truly stunning results featured on this site has inspired me not to quit. What Airbrush do you use and what should I be looking at spending on one? I use water based acrylics. Thanks
  9. Thanks very much. Working on Von Werra's Me109 and a AV9 Harrier at present. The 109 is tiny in comparison if you put them together. It must have been super twitchy to fly! Off topic, sorry bout that. Hello again and thanks. If you need a break to keep cool check out "The One that Got Away" Franz Von Werra's extraordinary true life events. I cannot recommend that film enough. Cheers
  10. I definitely have built a Stuka 1.72. It had the S word on the decal sheet. I think mine may have been a matchbox kit? I painted in a green grey colour and was the first time I attempted free hand on the canopy. Did not go so well! This example here of 1.72 is fantastic, old kits are hard, and I’m very happy I don’t have to close the curtains for fear of its banshee scream dive.
  11. Thanks for having me as well! No need to say hi and welcome, I am 100% sure you are nice people
  12. Second that, don’t (even tho you may definitely want to) collect kits. Your next project maybe a year away!
  13. Hi Simon, I also a forum newbie as of now. So piggybacking off your thread, sorry . Just wanted to also say hi to all
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