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  1. Toe

    Flickr to be taken over by SmugMug

    Me neither though have had a Flickr account when it was previously Yahoo Photo's and have a Yahoo account too, not that it makes any real difference
  2. I do have a mega powerful, 5 disc, 2 cassette deck, record deck Sony monster I bought in the 90's but I still play vinyls, not on that but on an 80's Sharp system, It's very handy with the both sides disc play and bought my first LP in many many years at the end of last year, OMD's The Punishment of Luxury, and whilst it sounded ok for some weird reason half way through the B side on the machine (didn't matter which side the record was loaded) the player would lift the stylus and then end and yet all my other older records are fine. There's no scratch and as it does it whichever way the record is in so I have to put it down to the record, if I move the stylus back to play past where it lifted it does it fine. It is pretty warped as the stylus goes up and down like a cross channel ferry and yet they all make a song and dance about heavy weight vinyl! Did have a link included for a digital download version which made me smile, never downloaded though, the player is a handsome piece of my furniture and with it playing with all the pretty lights lit I don't want cd's, still have more records than cd's but do have plenty of cassettes
  3. Toe

    Air Show Programmes

    I've collected ones in the past, Farnborough from the 50's and 60's and they've been from Fleabay
  4. Toe

    Bill Maynard dies at 89

    Sad to see you go Bill... One of my favourite characters Fred Moore, Carry On at Your Convenience:
  5. Toe

    Fuel economy

    Or heavy rain/standing water, got a "what the 'ell" moment with the first car I owned with cruise control, a Mitsubishi Galant which like my present Saab used vacuum servo's (modern systems are electronic, my previous Saab is electronic) and encountering a large area of standing water the car of course slowed due the drag, in turn the system opened the throttle to maintain speed.... at that moment the car cleared the standing water and caught the system out, a sudden surge of power (was the 16v GTi model) caused a dramatic increase in speed alarmingly until it eventually caught up and reduced the power, was around 20 years ago and still remember it well....
  6. Toe

    Fuel economy

    Cruise control is fine on quieter stretches of road, or if you're not in a hurry and there's no lorries about as you can go slightly slower (around 60-65mph) and let everyone else overtake you For me it makes a huge difference not to mention less fatigue, one less thing to worry about, eyes on the road more and fantastic in speed limited roadworks. A fascinating feature I noticed is that in both my previous and current Saab the boost gauge was the thing that altered going up and down hills, the revs stayed static just seeing the boost moving on it's own is an odd sight
  7. Toe

    Fuel economy

    As you mention the Cougar I expect you don't mean the Mazda K engines used on the Probe (or 323, MX3, MX6, Xedos 6 & 9 and 626) which were earlier and I have a real soft spot for these, would like a MX3 1.8 V6 the 323f V6, MX6 and as I have a 323f V6 in the back garden gently rusting to nothing chuck this 2litre into a MX5, have you seen this, built around the K series so dunno how easy it would be for later V6's and uses throttle bodies too........https://crapengineering.weebly.com/
  8. Toe

    Fuel economy

    There's your answer........ It's warming up correctly so no thermostat trouble, conclusion is it doesn't get a chance to be at it's most economic, cold weather makes it worse too
  9. Toe

    Fuel economy

    Crikey my 25 year old 2litre Saab turbo has never been worse than 14.9mpg and that is around town all the time, have seen 36.1mpg at it's best doing around 60mph for 2-300 miles.... The urban bit is the killer, supermarket fuel makes a difference but not a huge amount, service may yield a bit more but if you feel inclined a look at the spark plugs to see how they look could be useful and if it runs ok, (no misfire, hesitation, likes to rev cleanly etc) and passes the MoT no problem emission wise then it can't be in a poor condition. Don't be downhearted though, previous Saab I had before - 9000 2.3Turbo automatic I could get down to around 5-8mpg hammering it up a motorway slip road
  10. Toe

    Airfix 2019

    The supermarkets plan promotions especially non foods way way in advance (they have to if sourced from China, got buyers etc out there searching the best deals from the cheapest sources) so with enough notice anything is possible, even now they'll be checking out Christmas stuff, whether they'd want to is a totally different of kettle of fish.
  11. Toe

    Airfix 2019

    Exactly, there's barely interest in 1 or 2 kits let alone a range and it has to be the latest, trendiest toys that is stocked and that's the reason to 2 range reviews/2 refreshes a year (which makes my life harder as I have to do them, really don't like grafting if I can help it lol) it's the same for Scalextric and the rest of the Hornby Range. Maybe, just maybe is if Hornby "persuaded" the supermarkets with a good enough deal so that a whole promotion end (plinth) is promoted (similar to what Aldi/Lidl do with their special buys) then awareness and sales may come along, maybe........
  12. Toe

    Off to Hannants

    Wrong time of year to be visiting, born and brought up in Suffolk so biased of course but we have some beautiful scenery to see when the sun is shining, stereo-typical country lanes and small fishing villages to explore. Occasionally I get bored of how flat the place is and that the sea cliffs are all dirt so continuously falling into the sea but would I move to another county? Nah, maybe, just maybe Norfolk as then Hannants would be closer Seriously though I find Hannants too big, so much to choose from I get overloaded and tend to come away with hardly anything, usually one kit which is something I never thought I'd buy, last time was on purpose to buy a Mach2 Argosy but before that was a AMT Peterbuilt Cabover with some crazy idea of imagining my own vision of Smokey and The Bandit...............
  13. Got the 2015-16 can't remember now "yearbook" from Sainsburys though didn't think they'd carry on with it in the following years
  14. Toe

    Second hand kits are deadly!

    One of the commentators summed it up perfectly for me.....
  15. Toe

    Slow TV

    Seen this sort of thing many many years ago via satellite, think it was the German RTE broadcasting view from train cab through the night rather than repeating everything from the day time. As said BBC has done canal boat, train, (was Tornado - disappointed a little as it wasn't that long and not truly from the cab - into the cab, but each to their own) following a sleigh and also a bus over the Yorkshire Dales I think it was. Enjoy these sort of things, best one was the canal as having been on a holiday with a 10 berth boat it was fun and very very relaxing