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  1. Lets hope it isn't taken advantage of which isn't unusual in todays society and Revell decide to stop being so generous
  2. Been a while since seeing what the replies were since my last post... and I stand by what I've said, the last time I went was 2017 and it was £35 with no charge for parking, of course this was 4 years ago so inflation etc but on the flip side is the museum side that many seem to forget, as of today the minimum you can pay for a normal day at Duxford is £22.50 so when combined it is well worth it. I can afford to pay the £50 but that is not the point, it's whether it's value for money and when compared to Duxford it does show poor value, I think the bit that irks me is the large difference
  3. I'm feeling left out now, never get any of this, maybe because I never answer an unknown or number I don't recognise on my home or mobile phone, ignore all emails that I don't know, not that I get alot anyway because I have a separate "junk" email address for websites I'm not sure on. Always put a number I don't know on Goggle too to see if others have had problems, 9 times out of 10 it's a dodgy one Have the view if it's important from an unknown number they'll ring back, caller display is an absolute must though
  4. I know it's been a while since I went to an airshow but 50 quid!? I used to to think 30 quid for Fairford was pricey 10 odd years ago and to be honest even if I lived 5 miles away I wouldn't pay that amount. 30 odd is reasonable for Duxford as it has the museum too but that would be my limit
  5. Blimey, my own local hospital at Ipswich looks quite substantial in contrast with what looks like a concrete raised base. I'm only literally 10-15minute walk from it and whilst seen a helicopter take off from it in a car (and felt the downdraft as it drifted over the road) I haven't been there in person as you can get quite near via the road. This pic from the hospital via Twitter is awaiting the "H" to be painted, could be something to learn from, this was installed not long ago
  6. Probably not, maybe be bargains or chat but anyway, cheers for this, the Woodbridge one near me is the original one so maybe they have too, been having trouble even trying to buy paint locally and way too expensive to have posted... https://www.notcutts.co.uk/home-gift/toys-games/gift-model-sets
  7. Toe

    Covid Jab

    My partner working in a care home had the jab, a sore arm the next day but after that we're not sure, she had her usual once a week proper test (the rapid one at every shift) and the vaccine at the same time, when the result came back 3 days later after 2 days off it was positive, she had headache and feeling crap which was probably due to the virus but we can't be sure, maybe the vaccine but I isolated of course at the same time but a week later after feeling crap and dizzy I lost most of my sense of smell, (I was checking twice a day by sniffing bacon!) got a test and positive, crapped mysel
  8. Thanks for saying it for me North Norfolk along the Poppy Line and further is truly lovely and have some fond memories, sod the "football rivalry" we East Anglians should stick together
  9. I've got his web address in my favourites and one day when I've eaten through some of my tiny stash I'll be seeing what nice stuff he has. Actually got his website through a post on here and thought "there's some good stuff on here and a good price too" Haven't seen a bad word about him and has a Faceache page too As for Essex, being only just in Suffolk I find Essex to be a beautiful place and most of the people I've met have been nice too, it has an undeserved reputation and easily good enough for a holiday stay too. To me Essex is rolling countryside interesting towns and plenty of gre
  10. I only use the "tube" glue for substantial parts such as wing to fuselage and have been using EMA from a bottle for years (basically the same as Tamiya) but as it only has a normal cap I use an old or cheap small paint brush and once the parts are a hairs breadth apart use the brush to let the glue find it's own path through capillary action, dries faster too. I do have a airbrush but use it for larger items and preferably to do everything at once, cleaning up is the bind for me. Even if you get an airbrush you still need the compressor as the cans aren't really much good and expensive fo
  11. Toe

    Airfix 2021...

    We're a bit early for April the 1st but happy to be proved wrong
  12. Toe

    Alloy wheel fix.

    Mine should be diamond cut around the rim upto the spokes but I decided not to as the painter said although they can do it easy enough it's more expensive and nowhere near as durable, a tiny nick would let in moisture and then it'd all start to corrode under the lacquer, so I decided to go down the durable route, that was reason I went in the 1st place as the diamond finish had totally corroded away
  13. Toe

    Alloy wheel fix.

    I crunched my wheel along a kerb which also had flint in it so yeah it did do quite a bit of damage, I took it to the same place which refurbished my wheels and they completely redone the face of the wheel for £80 all in. This is painted mind, which can be argued for wheels better than powder coating, mine anyway as they are simple wheels. there's no way I could've done anything similar with what is available and my own skills
  14. Going via a search engine it is free, so if anyone is interested copy and paste "UK set to force websites to collect overseas sales VATHM Revenue & Customs reveals plan to combat tax fraud in leaked document" into your favourite search engine and the article will be around or at the top of the list and then click on that, no more pay wall
  15. Toe

    Hobbycraft Stores

    Went to the Martlesham Heath store near Ipswich 3-4 weeks ago and whilst there wasn't a huge amount there was still quite a few on display of all kinds of manufacturers and types, nothing unusual tbh
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