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  1. Toe

    RIP 007

    All over Faceache too, you only need a few to mistake the date and it snowballs from there... Reminds me what a great character he was to me though
  2. Hmmm. I believe first single was a 12" of Alison Moyet's "Is this love?" I have very few 7" singles, would either buy a 12" or not at all... Album would be a 2nd hand Exceller 8 by Kraftwerk, but new I believe it was OMD's Dazzle Ships Still prefer to buy vinyl even now.. Oh, as an extra the 1st video I bought was "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"
  3. Looks like best bet is to use a kitchen worktop as Roman has appeared to have used, can also get cabinets for storage and then maybe have a display cabinet built up to be fitted on top, kitchen worktops relatively cheap and the ideal depth so leaving a bit more cash to have a bespoke top part built, may even be able to use under worktop kitchen cabinets but may have an issue with height. I personally like the antique shop display units but they are much more expensive!
  4. If you're lucky you can get something already built for it or easily fudged nearby even better still if there's a shop display/counter off Fleabay/Gumtree, Just first example I've come across to show what I'm getting at https://www.gumtree.com/retail-display/england https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VINTAGE-ANTIQUE-HABERDASHERY-SHOP-COUNTER-DISPLAY-CABINET-UNIT/123703436103 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/glass-display-shop-cabinet-London-Queensway-W24QP/264052020296
  5. Just to mix it up further and into pedantic mode crayfish are freshwater and langoustine (scampi to me!) are saltwater, mmmmm scampi
  6. 1. What do you call the small arthropod that lives in wet conditions, often under decaying leaves or rocks that rolls up into a little ball when startled? Wood lice 2. What do you call the small freshwater crustacean that resembles a small lobster? Cray fish 3. What term do you use to describe the weather phenomenon where rain falls while the sun is simultaneously shining? The sun is out and it's raining 4. What do you call a public water dispensing device you can take a cool drink from? Water fountain 5. What do you call the person who cuts your hair? Barber 6. Does the kinship term for your mother's sister sound the same as the word ant? No 7. What do you call a knit closely fitting winter hat? Benny hat 8. What term do you use for shoes used in athletic activity like running or basketball? Trainers 9. What term do you use for a long narrow sandwich? Baguette Suffolk, UK Can see how this is going, US descriptions will be totally different I expect
  7. Toe

    Farnborough Air Show

    Not quite sure on what you mean here. My assumption is there is a large amount of shows? If so then I beg to differ, there were far far more shows 20-30 years ago, so much so a friend and I were going to 10+ every year and that was just the Summer and if I did want to go nowadays maybe half a dozen at a real push with staying overnight in some area's At the end of the day though the early shows were a showcase to the manufacturers and much of this work was funded by the tax payer so some could see it as a "right" to see what "their money" was being spent on, of course it's no where near that now and is just a trade show so the public side isn't as important to the organisers
  8. Toe

    The Great Escape

    Yup, 75 years today was when it all started and part of it is showing the film with a presentation at dozens of cinema's across the land with profits going to the RAFBF
  9. How accurate are they though with timings? Both the lifting bodies have a release of 2016?
  10. Found it similar to Knowing Me Knowing You, hardly surprising when it is the same premise and that is where I find it wanting, I'm Alan Partridge has more scope for stories because it's following his journey through life and that is what it made it more funny than the presenting based shows, the film wasn't much better either. I was wishing after about 10 minutes the show within the show would finish and he'd go off with Lynn and he'd either go home or off somewhere and carry on from there similar to I'm Alan Partridge. Susannah Fielding is gorgeous though
  11. Toe

    Farnborough Air Show

    Several times I remember having to park way off site and be bused in and was a great day - this was in the late 80's and early 90's when Antonov's and Sukhoi's were starting to turn up but stopped when it got expensive for what you got. At the end of the day though I can't blame them if they aren't making the money but only if they'd put the effort in to begin with, not much good expecting droves when as said here much of it will be closed and not much happening in the air
  12. Toe

    USB turntable woes.

    To be honest the only new vinyl I'd buy is obviously the stuff that is newly recorded and any other is through 2nd hand record shops or online, the other option was to sweep them all up at car boot sales many years ago when everyone it seemed apart from me was changing to cd's, OMD, Phil Collins, Jean Michel Jarre, 12inch singles to name but a few, all 80's specials were going mega cheap lol
  13. Toe

    USB turntable woes.

    Can't remember where I read/see/heard it but all the pre cd recordings where of course recorded and produced with records in mind, now, when records went out and cd's and now music files came in they were produced and recorded with these mediums in mind so they won't sound the same on a record as if they were recorded say, 30 years ago. I have a all singing and dancing monster Sony system from the 90's but looks horrific with weird lights plastered all over it which I got new but is a bit bulky but all the others which are Sharp systems were either car boot or more recently Fleabay, if you're prepared to travel or wait for one to come up then a really good quality record deck can be had for a fairly modest price, I've seen Optica (AKA Sharp) decks going for £50 and these were the LINEAR tone arm, or in everyone else's language the arm goes across the record on a track and not on an arm which is supposed to be better, no idea if it is or just a gimmick to be honest
  14. Toe

    USB turntable woes.

    I have a Sharp system which plays both sides via having the record sitting vertical so the 2 stylus's can move either side. I've had similar problems and it was a sensor getting confused with where the stylus was, it's operated by cable and the trigger for the sensor was in the wrong place plus the trigger which is just a simple micro switch was broken... whether yours has a sensor for this or not is the next question but maybe check out the arm as of course it's signal to return to rest is triggered when it gets to the centre of the record... Also check with another record, I bought OMD's latest vinyl and even though it was supposed to be a heavyweight vinyl it wasn't very level and the stylus would bobble around like crazy and half way through side B it'd cut out and the stylus would return to it's resting position, tried one of my older records and it played it fine, no idea why it does it at this point..... but I'm not impressed with todays pressings of records.
  15. Toe

    New Model Shop

    Best of luck to Kim, I'm sure we all support new shops opening up, there appears to be a resurgence in sewing due to the The Great British Sewing Bee show on the telly and hopefully an overall increase in "crafts". If a shop was to open in a main shopping street with the likes of Debenhams/WHSmith it'd be interesting to know what the result in regards to sales would be, though the "rates" would be so much higher though, be a bit of a risk that would though Anyway I sincerely hope it'll turn out to be a great decision and if he doesn't already do it a great extra service would be to able to get anything you want in within a couple of days, as it's a hard job now competing against the internet
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