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  1. Yes, it makes business or even common sense to ensure the biggest part of your business is the one you see to first when things need to change
  2. It seems to be in a better place than this time last year and hopefully the corner has been turned. Interested to see overheads are higher this time around due to R&D costs Christmas as ever will be the crunch time, as it always was
  3. I end up looking at one of these more closely and longer than the Vulcan itself at Hendon (took more pictures of it too) fascinating piece of machinery, looking forward to this
  4. Any publicity is good publicity? Whether this is true or not over 14,000 views this thread has had to date and personally I'd like a VC10 to store lol, already have an Argosy to do, would love to get a Britannia but already have a built up one from Airways so in two minds with that one but crucially I haven't made a Mach2 kit, or is that comment jumping to conclusions.... I'm for one grateful for the existence of Mach2 and don't want this "debate" to curtail any future developments because lets face it, realistically none of the "mainstream" manufacturers are going to do the majority of what Mach2 produces. On the other hand I'm grateful for the very detailed and accurate remarks on the kits and as said it's up to the purchaser to decide on whether to go ahead and buy, it's given me food for thought, so thanks to bzn20 and Brizeman
  5. They do have time limits yes, Tesco is 5 years, Sainsbury 2 years, does all seem to be a bit of a lottery with gift cards, nothing like making life simple eh, https://www.which.co.uk/news/2017/11/gift-cards-best-and-worst-expiry-dates/
  6. Ah right, cheers Adam, differing platforms show the same things differently I guess
  7. via Imgflip Meme Generator Haha Seriously though, this makes it a bit of an anti-climax, not going to Telford this year and was looking forward to getting in from work at midday tomorrow to see what is the news, and this happens....... I'm just curious at the picture @Adam Poultney put up, this is Facebook on a mobile? (sorry, my mobile is 15 years old lol) Just looks a bit confusing to me, probably just me though
  8. I'd have hope working in a Vauxhall garage and a common model then it'd been simple to come out with a rough guide so either she was new, no good or just not interested, either way you could've put a huge spanner in her spokes by wanting to speak to another sale person lol
  9. My apologies, How strange, when I came across it yesterday it wasn't, and yet today it is and it's a not a new article neither! I've never subscribed to any newspaper online let alone the FT and to be honest I've no intention to lol
  10. Its not just Post Offices, supermarkets are or have gone down the same route, presumably because of more use of cashless forms of payment He's under pressure as it is and looks as if it's gonna get pretty ugly https://www.ft.com/content/a842f6c4-d0bb-11e9-b018-ca4456540ea6
  11. Toe

    model hobbies - shocked

    The foolproof answer of course is to ask what happened, you may not get a reply even but it maybe as simple as an error their end, either way you'll be in a better position rather than scratching your head to what may have caused it
  12. Toe

    Getting older

    Haha, yes, I'm quite short sighted but close up my eyesight is amazing, I should've become a watch maker lol..... I have work colleagues who ask me can I read the print on some of the work we get moaning that it is tiny, take my glasses off and no problem, they have a dig at first but then realise my poor eyesight makes their life easier
  13. Toe

    New man cave finished

    What I was thinking, it'll be damn parky in there when the snow comes lol
  14. £180 isn't a bad figure to be honest, too big for me (size not cost!) but Gannet and VC10 is appealing for sure. Best of luck with your venture and as it appears you enjoy doing it then that's most of the battle won. Looking forward to how they appear in the box
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