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  1. Hi all! I’ve found myself returning an Airfix kit to Amazon twice now because they both arrived with the label simply stuck across the front of the box. No packaging to protect the contents or thought to how the label will leave a sticky residue behind when trying to remove it. I'm just curious if anyone else has had this? My understanding if that Amazon will have done this to reduce their packaging costs and impact on the environment but it does feel like the people packing it have just assumed the kit’s ‘just a toy’? To be fair to Amazon they did have accepted the return but I’m not so confident that they listened to my concern.
  2. It’s been upgraded from Swiss cheese then!
  3. Cracking build there mate! I could almost go and service it! With regards the broken aerial on the nose. If it helps, had we found that on the real thing we'd have probably removed the two outboard aerials and covered the mount with silver 'speed tape' as a temporary repair until spares arrived. Danny (ex-Merlin groundcrew)
  4. Hope you don't mind me asking this guys but I've just been reading that Witham have some ex-jungle Sea King's. I'm curious, will you guys be putting in for one? It would make a good stablemate for your Shar and the Wessex?
  5. Cracking build! Look forward to seeig these in RAF markings.
  6. Great build! That cockpit if fantastic!
  7. Don't be too critical? Of what?? That's a stunning York!
  8. I've got one on my wanted list - the final Nimrod R1 (XV249) scheme she wore as she retired to Cosford. I've seen a couple of manufacturers promise to produce these but so far I've not seen anyone release a set. Danny.
  9. Don't you mean you've just realised you've been making a 'What-if'?Anyway; who puts US Navy markings on a jet that never served with them?? http://sobchak.wordpress.com/tag/hot-shots/ And didn't some foolish modeller once paint up a VC-10 as if it were Air Force 1? I also couldn't find a picture of the "RAF" F-16 from Independence Day :-(
  10. I'm waiting on those Nimrod markings too! I thought Airframe were going to do a set until they went out of business.
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