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    Airfix 2021...

    We're a bit early for April the 1st but happy to be proved wrong
  2. Toe

    Alloy wheel fix.

    Mine should be diamond cut around the rim upto the spokes but I decided not to as the painter said although they can do it easy enough it's more expensive and nowhere near as durable, a tiny nick would let in moisture and then it'd all start to corrode under the lacquer, so I decided to go down the durable route, that was reason I went in the 1st place as the diamond finish had totally corroded away
  3. Toe

    Alloy wheel fix.

    I crunched my wheel along a kerb which also had flint in it so yeah it did do quite a bit of damage, I took it to the same place which refurbished my wheels and they completely redone the face of the wheel for £80 all in. This is painted mind, which can be argued for wheels better than powder coating, mine anyway as they are simple wheels. there's no way I could've done anything similar with what is available and my own skills
  4. Going via a search engine it is free, so if anyone is interested copy and paste "UK set to force websites to collect overseas sales VATHM Revenue & Customs reveals plan to combat tax fraud in leaked document" into your favourite search engine and the article will be around or at the top of the list and then click on that, no more pay wall
  5. Toe

    Hobbycraft Stores

    Went to the Martlesham Heath store near Ipswich 3-4 weeks ago and whilst there wasn't a huge amount there was still quite a few on display of all kinds of manufacturers and types, nothing unusual tbh
  6. The idea of it going through Parliament isn't new, USDAW the union have campaigned a long while for it but what has changed is the increase in recent times of abuse and is ramping up because more retailers are enforcing the wearing of a mask rule. Personally I think part of the problem is the retailers trying to placate customers so they don't lose them at the expense of their own staff until things get to a point where there is a backlash. I work in a supermarket and have seen it all but fortunately I personally haven't been assaulted but when something does kick off and you have the sec
  7. Depends on how you define "classic" insurance companies have their own ideas for sure and I've been on the receiving end of their "decisions" In any case I define mine as "modern" classics, 1990 Daihatsu Charade GTti which I'm working on at the moment, an exhaust valve disintegrated and have decided to go over the whole car rather than just fixing the fault, next a 1992 Saab 900 T16s, still going but leaks everything except brake fluid and needs a mid life update due when the Charade is done and finally a 1998 Mazda 323f V6, beautiful engine from a manufacturer that doesn't belie
  8. https://www.reddit.com/r/lego/comments/hworts/strange_website/
  9. I would assume that it won't get as far as Revell as it could be seen modelling is a more "grown up" pastime for want of a better word and efforts of the Peace Society would fall on deaf ears Bell isn't an exclusively military manufacturer either,
  10. Made this too when young, Matchbox at it's best, not to mention it's great box art, not only have you done it well you took me back many years when young and care free when the only problems I had was when and how I'd get my next Matchbox from the local papershop so thanks Steve
  11. Well best of luck with it, would be interesting if you log your journey with plenty of pics
  12. For the time being Hannants is closed to the public, hopefully be different when you make your Trek Being up there it'd be rude not to have a visit to Flixton near Bungay/Beccles, not an airfield but a good afternoons browsing https://www.aviationmuseum.net/
  13. My first album I bought was Kraftwerk, 2nd hand mind, but still the 1st...... Makes you think that others are getting older too, Jean Michel Jarre is 71, even Mike Oldfield is 66, they were all so young when I 1st got into them, but then, so was I
  14. Toe

    Lock Down.

    It is good, probably helped by much less traffic, I'd bike to work much more than I usually do but the reason I don't is due to the poor driving by many many people and when I do it's when I start at 4am and on the way home I purposely choose the longer quieter route... I have this sad feeling that once it all blows over then cycling will still be as dangerous
  15. Toe

    Lock Down.

    Not necessarily: https://en.yna.co.kr/view/AEN20200410006500320 https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-04-09/coronavirus-may-reactivate-in-cured-patients-korean-cdc-says
  16. Toe

    Lock Down.

    Regarding the people who either don't care or think it won't happen to them, maybe in time (short as possible!!) they'll become social outcasts in the same vein of drink-drivers many years ago, this would make the police's task in this matter so much easier
  17. Toe

    Lock Down.

    I'm not absolving the supermarkets at all, I was purely stating the fact they don't have the capacity to keep that level of sales up and keep the shelves stocked, you're the one who said supermarkets "simply not stepping up" and this is how I interpreted it, I only work for them not make decisions so there's no reason to reply to my comment in this manner
  18. Toe

    Lock Down.

    There was no way any supermarket could cope with the demand a couple of weeks ago, way more busy than any Christmas which is difficult enough with many months of planning for labour, warehouse space, transport and stock, but with like even a months notice, no chance, all they could do was send out what they have and increase orders, get agencies/owner operators and hope to get the overtime in Now it's all calmed down, other way in fact, too much on some things, we've now got 100's of toilet rolls lol
  19. Toe


    Oh and forgot to mention with being urged to use contactless from 1st of April the limit is going from £30 to £45 Also had a big delivery of toilet rolls today, didn't last that long mind but the biggest amount in over 2 weeks, things are in hand pasta wise so hopefully the tide has turned stock wise, no doubt the low customer numbers has given the supermarkets a breather
  20. Toe


    Really quietened down at the supermarket I'm at now, went round at 4.30 and counted 10 customers, though it was bedlam when opening so be aware, the next step is as said similar to 1 out, 1 in and will be reminded on the way in to keep apart from each other and from staff... Perspex panels will be put up in same vein as bank screens around manned checkouts and people are being urged to use contactless and if you do use cash go through self scan, checkouts including self scan will be one working one not to create space and if there's queues it's too bad, it's about safety not speed now. I'
  21. Toe


    There's the practicality side to it, unfortunately it'd be very hard to close the shop for the NHS (or anyone else) and then re-open again for the public, from being there in person from the grief we've already had from the public it'd be almost a riot situation...though in my shop it's from 7.30am. Having said that we are in a position to help out when we know who the person is in the same way with vulnerable people, we use our discretion and judgement over this....
  22. Toe

    Lock Down.

    The supermarket I work in has quietened down, not sure if its due to no stock or more and more following the advice... Even so I strongly believe there should be more restrictions for all our good... I can understand the government "advising" people but to be honest the government needs to treat this nation like an unruly child and crack down, so many irresponsible people around and I'm not going into the sights, sounds and grief I've personally had from "customers" within my job
  23. BBC Look East said recently that FIND here in Ipswich have seen donations drop by 50%, I work in a supermarket and there is an elderly gent who spends a small fortune for this sort of cause but of course he can't at the moment as there is nothing for him to buy, so not necessarily people not wanting to give, just that they are unable and we all the know the reason so I'm not going further
  24. Toe

    Grumping into the 20s

    I'm finding I'm viewing YouTube more than ever now, from listening to rain drops to relax, being on board live with a truck driver in the US, walking around Tokyo, catching up with a few older tunes, seeing a Airfix Victor being put together in stop-start motion or just browsing the recommendations, there are some damn good channels on there, I may have got a 4k telly because it was 4k but the best bit was it is a internet connected telly.
  25. Toe

    New matchbox kit !

    Funnily enough I done a mock Matchbox box top of a SU-27 (this was 1986 btw so no real details on the SU-27) for my GCSE art exam, it didn't go that well, got a "E" grade, though I think that was mainly the fact that art was a double period on Friday afternoon so it was basically a mess around afternoon lol
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