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  1. Doing one now, nice detail but not exactly best fitting and instructions not much better, still, to be expected really... Funnily enough the next and last thing up for me before painting is the canopy .. Got to praise Xtrakit for the SR1 though, great stuff for '50's Farnborough type of stuff, right up my street, nice touch with the sea scape printed on the box too
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    Airfix 2023

    Further to that it was also mentioned about concentrating on starter sets for the next year over everything else so there maybe less new/re-issues than many are hoping........
  3. That is correct, though neither appears to be in the records of the the DVLA via a vehicle check but that maybe because it's been so long since these plates have been on the road so to speak The 2 numbers such as 38K could easily be plausible, even 1 number is The plates you have on the decal sheet without the letter last are pretty old, predating the "A" suffix so pre 1963 so not much good in this case
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    My brother has been a professional painter and decorator for many many years and he's always grumbling about acrylic paints and varnishes, they are getting better no doubt but still have some way to catch up with oil based paints. Having said that it is better for your health......
  5. Great stuff, especially the cockpit framing, so crisp and precise painting there, then again so is the whole kit! I've got one too and this proves to me it can be built into a fine model, typical Airfix subject
  6. The route differed slightly in regards to flying over Ipswich, for as long as I can remember the flight has gone NE to SW over the A14/A12 junction at Ipswich but this time flew much more south and so therefore for the 1st time of actually trying to find a good spot we were in totally the wrong spot!! No idea if the rest of the route deviated though
  7. Interesting, would anyone have any idea if these would fit the 2 seater variants? T4 is essentially the same apart from the canopy and fuselage etc?
  8. ALARM!!!!!! Great seascape you've made there, I had a hankering to getting the kit when it came out, you've just re-awakened it
  9. I can see in the future that how we all used to live will return, you can see it with corner shops coming back and eventually so will jobs and housing; work will be but a cycle ride away, houses will be smaller with smaller rooms and there'll be greengrocers/butchers/bakers/off licences!/ popping up everywhere because so many won't be able to afford the cost of your own transport and energy bills unless you're pretty well off, I'm just going to dust off that chimney sweep gear , having said that if I remember right you're stuffed in London too as I've heard there are plans to ban log/coal burners etc in houses due to emissions? Can see the idea here, don't want the pea soupers of the 50's back
  10. The "fad" for open plan living is about to go belly up methinks............. If my house had this I'd be looking into getting thick insulating curtains to reduce the living area. Whilst Victorian houses aren't no good insulation wise the larger windows makes up for it to a certain degree and I've always decided that the room I'm in the most is southerly facing to get both the sunshine heat and light, I also had a gas fire installed which is left on it's pilot light all the time in the winter and turned up when needed, it only needs 30 minutes to heat the room for most of the night, plus the psychological effect of a cosy coal effect fire and fireplace can't be ignored which brings me on to colours, yes magnolia and white and popular as they're neutral but strewth are they cold colours, my front room and front bedroom are painted raspberry and aubergine respectively, dark colours but with both rooms southerly facing it doesn't matter. A friend of mine said "How come your house seems warmer than mine?" "Because I chose warmer colours" was my reply. The usual thing of wearing more layers of clothing is pertinent too, heard of so many walking around in T-shirts when it's below zero outside. Having no heating in the bedroom is something else, whilst they say the bedroom should be cooler I don't think they mean actually cold but mine is, I make up for it with an electric blanket that has a good range of heat settings and a wool duvet which whilst is light is damn good at insulation as we know, bit of a sod if I have to get up in the night though! Use a washing line if you can rather than a tumble dryer and also if possible have thermostats on each radiator. I also try to take most of my holiday from work during the spring/summer/autumn so that my place of work provides the heating and I can switch the heating off at home With all this in mind I've managed to limit the increase over the year to £440 for my household of a 2 bed end terrace with 2 of us living here, well, that is what Octopus is predicting... Don't forget the insulating properties of stashes too, so never mind about paying for energy bills, get out there and increase the stash even more, enough to line the walls!!
  11. Great stuff, built the same kit myself last year but not lit up, 1st kit I've built in years and it's a nice one, glad I chose this one to get back into it all. Just looks right as does the Klingon cruiser, nice work there
  12. So sad, grew up on his amazing distinctive artistry within IPC and DC Thomson, all the comics I read when younger had many of his strips and even a Scalextric Catalogue! https://treasuryofbritishcomics.com/ian-kennedy-1932-2022/?fbclid=IwAR3enL85UWsKZydb7kxSZIhmf2m6wLwYlHJZ78TdActiNB7gaF_qo4ejlOo I still have a copy of this edition and the entire reason I bought it was because of the cover art!! And another, a wrap around for a 2000AD issue I bought, brings so many good memories back Rest in peace Ian
  13. I was going to say what a great finish it has and the matt varnish could be the magic ingredient, getting a good authentic silver finish isn't easy and to me it looks like you've cracked it and given me thoughts on how to do my silver finishes. Not only that the overall finish is pretty damn good, something I would like to achieve so a definite A+ from me
  14. Which is what I bought...... 2nd hand is an idea, from this very forum I bought mine from (I think! So long ago now) and only in the last year I bought a small compressor with tank off Fleabay for around £70, loads on there and to be honest mine has been fine, (slightly different to mine but same seller and is AS18 as Tijuana mentions https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/164945881559 ) it's not as if you're blowing up car tyres every weekend with one like the other compressor I have is used for; I have a larger "garage" type compressor with a 50 litre tank where I used to run the hose up from outside the back door through a bedroom window to a water trap/regulator, it was better than you think, only needed to run it once to get the tank at 120psi and it'd last me all night, having the hose go through a gap in the window in winter was a bit of a bind though
  15. Technically I guess it isn't new for 2022, it was originally new for 2021 so done to avoid any confusion but I have no doubt it will reach us
  16. This is almost from the horses mouth so to speak about a widespread increase, many of you will have seen it already within Hannants emails but for those who don't receive it the message is get what you can whilst you are able too as all prices are on the up, not just Airfix
  17. A very valid and pertinent question for sure and Greg has put everything in his reply that I was thinking, but I'll throw in what I feel, I do have a job yes, but very poorly paid and have a mortgage, bills like we all do and there are limits to what I'd pay for kits, £100 is pushing it whatever it is but is the whole hobby being pushed upwards in detail/expectations regardless of price? Giorgio has also made very valid points on you don't have to buy the ZM kits and that there are still plenty of cheap equivalent subject kits but I fear that the expectation's and comments of buyers/builders has influenced many manufacturers? The fascinating thought is if ZM carries on or folds may well answer that Is it the case like in many aspects of life where it would appear on the face of it the "louder" minority is listened to because they want the extra detail or interiors? Is it the fashion now to have "super" kits as a normal where manufacturers are risking being left behind if they don't do some mega kit with the associated cost? Is it even brand snobbery going on? We all know Airfix has never been a premium brand and provided they have a premium product there's no reason why they can't move up, just as Skoda did but they still had the reputation (which wasn't deserved either) around their neck. Maybe Airfix has come of age in this particular example. As a aside speaking of Airfix I wonder how the reaction would be if they had the text "Designed and made in the UK"? Wonder how much of an increase it would be if this happened. Anyway, a very interesting and important thread has been brought up
  18. I'm getting increasingly frustrated at Airfix re-doing all the kits that I bought first time around to use as suitable alternative to keeping gold bullion, ie I have a Matchbox Victor, 48th original Airfix Buccaneer, original Valiant, 48th Javelin and now I'm concerned Airfix will redo a 48th scale Jaguar or re-release a TSR2 or Nimrod, I mean, it's just not on, I've even got a Whirlwind dammit For me the items released seem to show a company healthy enough with a wide range of subjects and scales catered for, nothing for me but I'm notorious for buying maybe 1 kit a year so hardly surprising but the K2Y van maybe my weak spot this year. It's good Airfix creates this level of anticipation and interest and not only on forums but YouTube too, appears to me way more than any other manufacturer - in the UK at least, even Revell can't compete with this level of exposure and personally I think it's great, something to look forward to in a miserable January. As for prices, meh, everything is going up, it's the way of the world, foreign lands that used to make T-Shirts for 20p (just a figure of speech, nothing back up to that) are long gone as quite rightly they want a slice of the action - a better standard of life. How do we even know that other manufactures aren't on the cusp of hiking their prices either? Airfix have to try and anticipate prices for the coming months and years for everything involved with plastic kit manufacture and adjust accordingly and we all know at the moment your best bet is a crystal ball to how the world will be in 6 months let alone in a year so it's hardly surprising for me I could argue too that modern kits are way more involved and sophisticated and this reflects in putting the things together, more time to do it equals out better value? I bought a Thunder 1/35 Scammel Pioneer 2 years ago, the price horrified me at first - £64.99 but then saw the parts inside and that horrified me even more It'll take me months to build it and I only went in to get a Airfix Classics Scammell but in terms of time taken it's much better value for my time. The point of pocket money kits mentioned earlier is valid too, £10 a week is 20 times what I got, hell, I even baulked at paying £10 for a round of 4 drinks at one time so there isn't any real difference, now just as then if you can afford to buy one straight off, good, if you have to save up or budget to get it then that's fine too, I've done it both when I was at school and now so nothing has changed. At the bottom line humans like complaining more than anything else (probably! ) so that must mean Airifx must be doing the right subjects as all the moaning is about prices because there isn't anything else to moan about!
  19. Throw in airshows too, seeing the best of what the 80's had to offer absolutely got my urge to do a kit even more, to the point of hassling my mum to buy a 24th Land Rover at Mildenhall, not because I liked it but because it was the only kit the trader had left that my mum would pay for! Even in a mid size town as my own Ipswich the choice of kits/paints/sundries is pretty woeful, railway shop with paints/knives, a Games Workshop shop and a Hobbycraft a few miles away is about it, not the most easily reached hobby locally and almost certainly repeated across the country but that is how retail is now so modelling is not alone but then again the internet has brought us things that could never have been produced because lack of exposure. Anyway, I digress, 24th Spitfire, not my thing but it should get the ching in Hornby's tills a bit louder and some other delicious stuff will be released in future for me to buy and probably not build
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    Hornby news

    The easy answer is to do the manufacturing here, but then the easy comeback to that is it'll cost more.... From my perspective (just a simple modeller who buys kits of the things I like the look of, enjoys sticking the things together the best I can with maybe a few extra bits to add detail, paint the best I can and then admire my handwork - maybe the majority of modellers?) I am in the position financially to able to pay a little more to enable more jobs and money to stay within this country, hell, as an example I like the Cromwell and whether it has the wrong amount of wheel nuts be damned, I don't care, it looks like a Cromwell and if I didn't have other subjects I like more I may well have bought the Airfix one
  21. Was going to take it easy to Telford from the East so was planning on plenty of time to go through the M6 as the toll is nearer £7 on a weekday before 7pm and I'm tight but there was an accident on the A14, similar scenario, nearly an hour to get around a mile to find it was a car going into the back of another, this tipped us into rush hour (if there is any now) and the gantry signs said 20 minute delay on some junction on the M6 so toll it was. It is a nice road with few lorries and for the most part a nice surface but boy is it expensive.... I don't do many long motorway/dual carriageway journey's now but I've found it pays to just relax and go with the flow rather than try to make time up Might be a bit out of your way though
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    Virgin Media

    Like postal providers there are good areas and bad, I've never had any problems with Virgin for the 7 years I've been with them, quite speedy and on the lower tier, I'm happy with it anyway, no Game of Thrones fan here lol, service has only dropped a handful of times and for only for minutes at a time, tv has been fine - still on original Tivo box and phone has never dropped. I did ring up once to set up caller display and was very easy, had to set up a security question which by now I have no idea what the question is, hope I still know the answer! The only gripe I have is value for money, I have no smartphone and have no interest in the other services they offer connected with internet on the move, mobile offers etc all I want is tv, phone and internet (tbh just internet and phone, lowest tv tier isn't much different to freeview but the price difference between no tv or with tv is ridiculous)
  23. Or what will be good sellers, one, or more like my main job in a supermarket is merchandising and the times I get the response to something discontinued or whatever is: "But you sell loads" What I think then is ,"How do you know they sell well, you think that because you like it you then assume everyone else does" in actual fact it's usually the other way round! Of course I can't say that, or even roll my eyes
  24. Damn, had bought and built the Henschel, Sea Harrier, Skyhawk, Fury, Lysander, Dauphin (twice!) Buccaneer, Privateer, Tempest, that is just what I can make out too, plus drooling over the catalogue often just as I was coming up to a teenager, ah, good times that I bet nearly all of us would love to go back to! Great stuff there, I'd be displaying them all on a shelf or a cabinet as the biggest reason for me buying the ones I made was purely the box art, love the Matchbox artistry
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