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  1. Work on new sheets is progressing: F-4E Phantom II "Pharaoh's Ghosts" is going to the printer next week. Interestingly Egypt was the sole operator of the mighty Phantom never previously covered in decal form. The definitive sheet will include following options for four Egyptian AF Phantoms wearing different schemes: HD48033 & HD72063 : F-4E Phantom II "Pharaoh's ghosts" - "7813" in disruptive "Compass Ghost Grey" camouflage, 1980, - "7827" in "South East Asia" camouflage with orange & black quick ID panels, 1983, - "7818" in "Egypt One" scheme, seen in 1988, - "7817" in "Hill Two" scheme with orange & black quick ID panels, 1990. Before being sold to Egypt, this Phantom was credited with the downing of a Vietnamese MiG-21 in August 1972, when serving with the USAF 58th TFS. Images of the sheet and profiles will be posted soon. Greetings Diego
  2. There are more "strange" errors - the codes of the East German "9" as well as of the Polish "346" should definitively be RED, for example...
  3. Regarding Peruvian Hunters : During the first service years, the FAP Hunters had their codes (6xx) applied on the fuselage only. The wing roundel was applied on the upper surface of the left wing only, the under surfaces being completely "clean", i.e. no roundel, no code. This can be clearly seen on photos and videos showing the performances of the acrobatic group "cuatro ases", flying Hunters in standard paint scheme. Later (after change of codes, from 6xx to 1xx, in 1962, or possibly a bit earlier) the individual codes were also applied on the upper surface of the right wing (only). Greetings Diego
  4. Fantastic progress BTW- with the nose transparencies masked, your Beagle looks very interesting, as if there would be a solid radar nose, like on Vautours or B-57s, for example. The Il-28U has a similar, smaller nose, but with the stepped instructor cockpit looks less "aggressive", a bit like an airliner.
  5. Diego

    F-84 Photo recon mod

    # 571 has indeed an experimental scheme, with black codes - the drawings on the instruction sheet are based on several photos published in Yugoslav aviation magazines and books during the late 1980s. This aircraft had standard tanks. # 525 has T-33 tanks installed. As the tanks were fully interchangeable, the "photo-tank" could be installed on the left or the right wing, as desired and needed. Unfortunately, I don't know how many others Yugoslav recce -Thunderjets flew with the Fletcher tanks, but, in any case, there were not many. Anyway, #525 has one of the standard camouflage patterns applied, with white codes. It is worth mentioning that Yugoslavia used another unique modification, the IF-86D Sabre Dog, modified for the recce role with the installation of cameras under the forward fuselage.
  6. Well, now that the new Airfix 1/48th scale Hunter F.4 has hit the shelves, it is very probable that your wish... HD48029 & HD72059 : Hawker Hunter F.4 / FGA.9 / FR.10 / T.66 - F.51 (F.4,) Royal Danish AF, standard RAF camouflage with colorful unit insignia, 1963 - F.51 (F.4), Royal Danish AF, in overall olive green scheme, 1974 - F.52 (F.4), Peruvian AF, standard RAF camouflage with colorful unit insignia, 1962 - FGA.71 (FGA.9), Chilean AF, in desert camouflage, 1981 - FGA.71 (FGA.9), Chilean AF , in ghost grey camouflage, 1975 - T.72 (T.66), Chilean AF , in tree tone desert camouflage, 1981 - FGA.76 ( FGA.9), Somali AF, in desert scheme and Soviet K-13 (AA-2 Atoll) AAMs, 1983 - FGA 73 (FGA.9), Omani AF, with experimental scalloped edge grey disruptive camouflage,1979 - FGA.73 converted to FR.10, Omani AF, with grey camouflage and combat mission markings. 1989 ...will soon become true
  7. SOAF Hunters were (mostly) former Jordanian AF birds and were delivered in the standard grex/green camo with silver undersurfaces. Two former Kuwaiti two seaters flew in KAF desert camo during a short period, before being repainted in the standard SOAF grey camo. After some interesting camouflage tests in 1979 (one two seater painted in a wrap-around desert camo and a single seater with a non standard, scalloped edge two tone grey scheme) their got a 2 tone grey scheme that followed the original RAF pattern. Big roundels were used on the first "RAF" scheme, but after 1979 only Omani shields in red, later in blue , were applied on the tails. During the 1980s Omani Hunters were equipped with Sidewinder rails. Interestingly, many shots show them with only the smaller tanks (as found on Airfix F.6 boxing) installed under their wings. Therefore you can use the Airfix boxing, adding the necessary details typical for the FGA.9. The only question is what exact aircraft are you planning to do, as some were recce FR.10s, or were modified, like #825, with a "hybrid" recce nose with side looking cameras only... HI-DECAL will shortly release a decal sheet covering a.o. SOAF Hunters, one in the very attractive 1979 experimental scalloped edge scheme as well as another bird in standardized scheme, but wearing combat missions from the Dhofar campaign. greetings Diego
  8. Another masterpiece! Fantastic rendering of the desert camouflage Simply lo-ve-ly! Two of the Egyptian beagles given to Nigeria have been repainted in a pattern using the same colors, but adding a third (grey green) paint. One of them with blue undersurfaces, the other one with a wrap around camo pattern.
  9. Indeed the ESCI F-5A is the best one in 1/72nd scale and has been available already several years ago as Revell boxing. A new Italeri edition is therefore very needed and welcome! The T-33A - surely the very good Platz offering - will be also finally widely available worldwide as Italeri boxing. Great!
  10. Diego

    F-84 Photo recon mod

    Here some details of Danish and Yugoslav RF-84Gs: Note that the RDAF birds have 2 Fletcher tip tanks installed, the left one modified with a camera nose, as well as a camera under the fuselage. The Yugoslav birds have standard tip tanks and under-fuselage camera only. It is also worth noting that the second Danish Thunderjet "KA-D" in NMF has a camouflaged replacement right wing:
  11. Looks fantastic !!! The sand color is spot on Can't wait to see the green camo applied...
  12. Are these Fujimi or Hasegawa repops? Hobby 2000 till now offered Hasegawa kits with new marking options...
  13. It's indeed a very good and interesting idea...but we need a "modern" kit of the series-standard KA-52....the same in case of the Mi-28... Greetings Diego
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