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  1. Diego

    Photo Phantom Phun!

    Indeed, eight slatted RF-4Es for the HAF and eight slatted RF-4Es for the THK , all with rounded noses. Greetings Diego
  2. Diego

    Photo Phantom Phun!

    - Another thing not mentionned here is that the RF-4C had the "straight" ("navy style") underwing pylons, the RF-4E having curved ( "air force") pylons, like the F-4E. - Indeed , Spain operated different RF-4Cs, some with curved noses and some with rounded ones. - The first spanish batch was painted in SEA colors, later, former ANG birds wore Europe One and Hill Grey schemes. The Ejercito del Aire RF-4C fleet was later repainted in a light grey/medium grey air scheme and received israeli made refuelling probes. RF-4C 12-54 wearing the special "night and day" black/gold scheme has a squared nose. BTW: Hi-Decal's RF-4C/E sheet has been recently reprinted and is fully available again. Greetings Diego
  3. Diego

    A Cuban Sea Fury.

    Tim, Great to see you have the rudder stripes. As on the available shots of the camouflaged FAR Sea Furys there aren't visible codes on the fuselage, I would suggest you to use only small black markings "FAR" and "541" on the tail. Yellow markings were only applied during a certain period of time to the Sea Fury at "Museo Playa Girón" and, unfortunately, THD simply recreated the museum example that, as you have cetainly seen, has been repainted many times with highly inaccurate markings... The poor T-33 at the museum was also left in NMF, the codes changing from 703 to 701 (that was lost before the Bay of Pigs invasion)...and there are shots of 703 wearing the same camo as the Furies during the Girón battle. It seems that RLM82 could be indeed a very good choice As the underside of the planes seems more shiny than the light spots on the uppersurfaces, this seems to confirm that the matt grass green mottles were applied on the uppersurfaces only leaving the undersides in semi-gloss RAF green. Greetings Diego
  4. Diego

    A Cuban Sea Fury.

    The few operational FAR (Fuerza Aérea Revolucionaria) Sea Furies, as well as the last surviving T-33As, have been dispersed and camouflaged in dark green with grass green mottling after the first bombing attacks effected by the invading FAL (Fuerza Aérea de Liberación) B-26s on April 15th, 1961, two days before the actual Bay of Pigs invasion (April 17th) , and took part in the combats in this scheme. It is very probable that the mottling has been applied on the uppersurfaces of the aircraft only, the undersurfaces remaining in the original dark green color. (The T-33As, originally in NMF, were repainted in dark green/grass green on the uppersurfaces with light blue undersides). On April 17th, Enrique Carreras, flying Sea Fury "FAR 541", sunk the Brigada 2506 transport ship "USS Houston" using rockets. On April 19th, Carreras shot down a FAL B-26 flying the Sea Fury, and, later the same day, he was credited with another B-26, this time shot down when flying a T-33A. National markings were not applied - only the Cuban flag on the rudder, and "FAR" and small serials on the tail. Greetings Diego
  5. Diego

    F-4C/D - Europe1 scheme

    F-4D 66-0271 Kansas ANG - double MiG killer (2 x Bailey & Feinstein) - (not my photo) A double MiG killer from Vietnam, this Phantom received special markings and the name "SCAT" during the visit of Brig. Gen Robin Olds in 1986 that flew 66-0271 on this occasion: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/HD48025 https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/HD72055 F-4D 65-0801 Texas ANG: another MiG killer from the a.m. sheet (1 x Ritchie & Petit) - (not my photo) and F-4D 66-7751, Florida AF Reserve, wearing the very attractive "Flipper" scheme following the Europe One wrap-around pattern, but replacing the greens with mid grey and pale grey - (not my photo) Note the dark green triple ejector rack (TER) on the inboard pylon : All there F-4Ds are "standard" aircraft, i.e. without the "Herpes"nose antennae mods. Greetings Diego
  6. Hi Folks, Just to make the things a bit more precise, the upcoming sheets will include markings for the following Hunters: FGA.9 - Iraq - double Vautour killer, with kill markings ('67), F.6 - Jordan - Mirage killer, with kill marking ('66), F.6 with recce nose - Jordan - double Mirage killer ('67), FGA.9 - Oman with dark grey uppersurface camo ('79), FR.10 - Oman with dark grey/grey camo and mission markings from Dhofar conflict ('79), FGA.9 - Somalia in desert camo, armed with Soviet R3S Atoll missiles ('83), FGA.9 - Chile in desert scheme ('75), FGA.9 - Chile in Ghost grey camo ('75), T.7 - Chile in desert scheme ('82) Most of these schemes were never covered previously in decal form, or, if covered, then -unfortunately- with many errors. We have also concentrated on schemes not covered by Xtradecals in their "Hunters in international service" sheets. Greetings Diego Hi-Decal
  7. Diego

    Israeli F-86 Sabre colors?

    Speaking about "Israeli" Sabres: 10 years later, IAI Bedek serviced Iranian Air Force (IIAF) F-86F Sabres, applying a very attractive Asia Minor ( sand-brown-green) camo. Greetings Diego
  8. Simply gorgeous Colors, camo and weathering spot on! Can't wait to see it in company of your F-84G... and a TT T-33A (I will send you all necessary data sa soon as these will be ready) Greetings Diego
  9. Simple gorgeous...as always Please don't forget the lower area of the rear fuselage, as well as part of the fuselage under the wings was painted with a matt aluminum protection paint. Greetings Diego
  10. Would an IIAF T-33 target tug with orange uppersurfaces be interesting ? Just asking as I'm working on a sheet for the Iranian T-birds right now ... followed by IIAF F/RF-5As. Anyway, please don't hesitate to ask in case you would have questions re IIAF etc. Greetings Diego
  11. Algerian Su-7 were dielivered in NMF. The "Nile" camouflage has been applied after their arrival to Egypt. The switching between olive/black green - grey green and sand was not unusual. Severeal Egyptian MiG-21MFs and MiG-17Fs could be seen in the very same camo with sand color applied in meandering bands between olive green and grey green fields. The colors were not of high quality and faded quickly under the desert sun. Beautiful work on your Fitter, Jurek - congratulations! You got the faded black green color spot on! Greetings Diego
  12. Hello Reini, great work on the Sabre!!!! Just read on your Alijet tread that you are using bombs from the Academy Sabre. As the IIAF F-86F were fighter bombers, they were equipped with an additional pylon used for bombs, napalm and unguided rocket pods during their late career ( i.e. when camouflaged). If you have the Academy kit, you could use the bomb pylons on the Iranian bird as they were practically always installed. There is even a film showing a simulated napalm attack performed by Iranian Sabres during the U.S.-Iranian Delawar maneuver in front of foreign delegations. Here a similarly equipped USAF bird: https://modelingmadness.com/scott/korean/f86ff.jpg Greetings Diego
  13. What can be said Reini... Honestly speaking, this model doesn't look like a Phantom - This is simply a small, shrunken Phantom Phantastic work on this one! Can't wait to see a family shot of your whole IIAF collection !!! Sincere congratulations for this work of art. Greetings Diego
  14. Diego

    Angolan Su-27 / Su-30, colors ?

    Approx. FS colors for this scheme are: - cream FS33523 / FS33793, ( approx H85, but more yellow) - grass green FS24187 (semi gloss), ( approx. H6) - olive green FS 34087, ( approx H304) - light blue FS35550 undersides. Decals for the only one Su-27P delivered to Angola (red C110) and the lone Su-27UB (red I100) are available from Hi-Decal in both 1/72nd and 1/48th scales, a.o. here: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/HD48022B https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/HD72050B Greetings Diego