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  1. Once again - Great work! Re canopy frames: as the Iranian birds were modified to target tugs and painted in Italy, it is very probable (also for practical purposes, i.e. frequent replacements) that the main canopy frame was left in "aluminium", like on the target towing RT-33s of the Aeronautica Militare. Anyway, this shot of another IIAF T-33 target tug coded 2-337 (striped back to overall aluminium and reserialled - the previous, original code being unfortunately unknown), taken at Mehrabad in the mid 1970s, shows the windshield painted in black, the exact position of the single underwing pylon (painted in red) of the Del Mar LD-4R system, as well as the black/orange tip tanks....with exactly the same orange color as yours... Greetings Diego
  2. Simple awesome! The orange is simply gorgeous...not too red, but with a light red shadow...spot on
  3. Can't wait to see the start...it will be surely another gem BTW - the FAR Sea Furies were painted the same way as their T-33s : "dark green" overall with "grass green" splotches on the upper surfaces (but without light blue). The "dark green" on the Sea Furies is in fact the "cuban olive", as already used on their F-47 Thunderbolts, i.e FS 34079 with a olive green nuance... Greetings Diego
  4. The F-4E/F-4ETM/RF-4ETM set HD48028 in 1/48th scale is now available again. The set includes 2 decal sheets with a.o. full Turkish stenciling for 2 aircraft. Greetings Diego
  5. Having in mind the upcoming release by Airfix of a beautiful new Hunter F.4 kit , the planned Hi-Decal Hunter sheets have been adapted to this release and will look like this: HD48029 & HD72059 Hawker Hunter F.4 / FGA.9 / FR.10 / T.66 E-411- F.51 (F.4) Royal Danish AF 1963, standard (green/grey over silver) camouflage with colorful unit insignia, E-410 - F.51 (F.4) Royal Danish AF 1974, in overall olive green scheme, 140 - F.52 (F.4) Peruvian AF 1962, standard (green/grey over silver) camouflage with colorful unit insignia, J-702 - FGA.71 (FGA.9) Chilean AF 1978, in desert (brown/sand yellow over light blue) camouflage, J-703 - FGA.71 (FGA.9) Chilean AF 1975, in ghost grey/dark ghost grey camouflage, J-718 - T.72 (T.66) Chilean AF 1978, in tree tone desert (green/brown/sand over light blue) camouflage, J-738 - FR.71A (FR.10) Chilean AF 1978, in desert (brown/sand over light blue) camouflage, 828 - FGA.73A (FGA.9) Omani AF 1979, with experimental (dark grey/extra dark grey) disruptive camouflage, 825 - F.73 (FR.10) Omani AF 1989, with dark grey/ extra dark grey camouflage and combat mission markings, CC-707 - FGA.76 (FGA.9) Somali AF 1983, in desert (brown/sand over light blue) scheme and Soviet K-13 (AA-2 Atoll) AAMs. Greetings Diego
  6. Diego

    Hunter T7/T8M

    The upcoming Xtradecals 1/48th scale Hunter F.4 sheet includes markings for FACh J 735. The markings have now been revised and will include correct low viz insignia with correct proportions and codes (in pale grey) as used in 1994-95 period. With a minor work you will be now able to convert the codes from 735 to 736 and use them to make one of the last two seaters serving in the FACh.
  7. Il-28s in Soviet and foreign service: - Only the Soviet build Il-28R (recce version) carried the tip tanks. You could recognize immediately a recce Beagle at her tip tanks. - The "vanilla" Il-28 bomber versions were not plumbed to carry the tip tanks so never carried them. - Some ELINT versions (Il-28 RTR) carried electronic pods on their wingtip that had a similar form to the tip tanks. Il-28 & H-5 in Chinese service: The above comments apply of course also to the Soviet build Il-28s in Chinese service., as China received several hundred Il-28s and Il-28Rs from the USSR before their relations' break. Later, China also build a modified copy of the Il-28 under the designation H-5. These aircraft could be recognized by their rear turret taken from Tu-16, also build in China (a weight saving and commonality measure) The H-5 wings' structure was also modified and these parts were build using some different construction and assembly methods than their Soviet ancestors. This process was apparently more complicated than the Soviet one, but made their wings lighter and stronger. Again, the Chinese H-5 bombers didn't carry tip tanks, and the Chinese recce version HZ-5 carried additional fuel tanks only on pylons under their wings. Paint: Like many Soviet aircraft from the 1950s-60s, the Il-28s were painted with a clear lacquer with aluminium powder added. An interesting fact concerning the Il-28 is that the airframe had the maintenance stencils already stamped on the different panels during the production process and later filled with paint. Greetings Diego
  8. Hi Clive, Well, "it happened", but in a slightly different configuration: Chinese produced H-5 with "Tu-16 turret", without wing tip tanks, but with 2 Yu-2s (RAT-52) under the wings, in NMF (but overall anti-corrosion white could be also possible). Here we have something highly interesting, a PLA Navy HD-5 83001 with pylons, exposed in Qindao, with all the a.m. features... ...and, by pure coincidence , Bobcat even included decals for several of her sister ships (83002, 83006, 82015, 80106) so you can use the decals from the kit...now, you only need to have the Tu-16 turret. https://cdn.jetphotos.com/full/6/83848_1546391969.jpg Of course, you can equip this H-5 with two Yu-2, the Chinese, modernized version of the RAT-52: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/98/Yu-2_Torpedo.jpg ...that was operational between the early 1970s and the mid 1980s. Bobcat Il-28 model is generally very exact, so I am pretty sure that the designers have done their homework correctly, even if they have mixed up various Il-28T prototypes. For "blue 22", the only one with external torpedo racks, you will need a new nose, as seen on the pics above - but the other proposed operational Soviet versions could be build "from the box"... of course without externally mounted weapons or tip tanks. As all Il-28 kits (Airfix, Tamiya, Bilek, Italeri, Trumpeter) included the tip tanks, I suppose that most people were convinced that these were simply "interchangeable", like on the Northrop F-5A or Lockheed F-104 for example (fuel tanks or Sidewinders) ...but, as you said it, the kit instructions got it (nearly) right. No tanks on Chinese birds (...only a new tail turret). I think that, later, the decals designers wanted to make things even simpler: As the kit is labelled as "Il-28T", their task was to include as many as possible Soviet and Chinese "torpedo carriers" on the sheet - therefore someone created a color profile drawing of the perfect Il-28T by putting all features of the different versions together on one airframe...et voilà! BTW: 1/72nd scale modeller can now build an accurate HD-5, as Trumpeter released the H-5 (with the "Tu-16" turret), and nice Yu-2 (RAT-52s) are enclosed in Trumpeter's new Q-5 Fantan boxings. Greetings Diego
  9. Hi Antti, ...this is simply gorgeous - a fantastic work. Would it be possible for you to start an "in progress" tread for your Il-28R, as I am 100% sure that many will follow the building process with open mouths ( like myself ) ? Greetings Diego
  10. Hello Antti, Indeed, the camouflaged turret is a standard one - this is just that makes the photo interesting Photos of (early) operational Il-28s in Chinese service (and especially the camouflaged ones) are very rare indeed... Your confirmation of the wing placement is a very welcome information as it confirms that the kit dimensions are very good, if you want to make a standard serial bomber/torpedo/elint/nuclear aircraft. To make a correct recce bird, you will unfortunately need new nacelles, and the conversion work you are just doing is simply fabulous! More news: Eduard is preparing a mask set as well as two etched metal sets for the Beagle....and there is a chance that a producer of high quality resin conversions present on this forum could also be interested in making the target towing equipment for Finnish Beagles Greetings Diego
  11. Indeed, Soviet build "standard" Il-28 hadn't the wings plumbed for the wingtip tanks, as these were used only in the recce Il-28Rs ( and these had the bigger wheels with wider engine nacelles... Serial Soviet Il-28 weren't equipped with the wingtip tanks (only some of the different T prototypes over the years) .There were 4-5 test Il-28T configurations, but at the end only the one looking like the standard bomber saw service ( without tip tanks, standard underbelly radome and smaller RAT rocket propelled torpedoes installed only in the standard sized bomb bay). China may of course build some local developments, but, unfortunately till now there aren't any photos available. Sadly, I was only able to find references for few of the Chinese serials provided - and I am really not happy with the results: 83002 is definitively a STANDARD bomber H-5 with the Tu-16 style turret ( so it could be assumed that 82015, 83006 and 80106 will be similar)...then we have the green/blue camouflaged "white 1615" - this is indeed a STANDARD bomber Il-28...not a maritime bird with tip tanks and torpedoes. 1615 has been illustrated many years ago as profile in a Taiwanese publication "Aircraft of the Chinese civil War", and there is also an identical sister-ship 1618 that was also represented many times by different artists as profile in different publications, and also by Trumpeter in 1/72 scale ....always as STANDARD bomber. Now, for the first time, this same bird is represented as torpedo launch platform with tip tanks and external armament ...belonging to a reconnaissance regiment (?)...oh wonder! There is a "simple" logic: - We know that China obtained "standard" bombers from the USSR. - We don't know, if there were (any) Soviet made serial Il-28Ts delivered to China but, if yes, they didn't had wingtip tanks nor external weapons ( exactly like the Indonesian ones). - We know that there were recce Il-28Rs delivered to China (with bigger nacelles and wingtip tanks) but would it make any sense to convert these aircraft into torpedo bombers? Maybe by adding underwing pylons like depicted in the kit? It would be really groundbreaking to get a single picture of such a modification, if such was ever made, of course... - If China later developed a special, own torpedo variant, then -logically- the locally build, new H-5s (the ones with the Tu-16 turret) would be used as base. We know for example that some Chinese (recce) HZ-5s had underwing fuel tanks instead of wingtip tanks. Anyway, the Chinese H-5s were slightly faster and had a longer range than their Soviet ancestors, due to different production solutions developed in the Harbin factory.. IMHO, in case of the Chinese birds some artistic licence has been taken Many museum birds in China were repainted in fantasy camouflages for display and maybe also reserialled - but here we have at least a H-5 with an underwing pylon (!!!) - the question is: is this a H-5 torpedo bomber or simply a HZ-5 reconnaissance variant ? http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-JY5pIWiAVQY/Tyq29wPRbxI/AAAAAAAAA14/3xBHgfCvzgc/s1600/3-20080325125322560.jpg Here is a genuine Chinese Il-28, yellow 0195, in green/blue camo, again a standard bomber, seen in Taiwan after a successful defection - note the damage under the nose (a landing accident?- collapsed nosewheel? ) ...I am pretty sure that this photo was used as basis for all the Beagle profiles with "pointy" nose that appeared during decades in many publications: http://www.easternorbat.com/assets/images/PLAAF_IL-28_defection_01.png http://taiwanairpower.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2007/01/il28b.jpg In Quingdao Museum, there is a genuine Navy Il-28 in aluminium finish coded 80602 and another bird with wing-tip tanks, unfortunately without visible serial - and this is a standard recce bird, not a torpedo aircraft. However, here are some interesting shots of operational camouflaged BOMBER PLAAF Il-28s: (look also at the close-up of the Il-28 turret on the third photo - the H-5 had a different turret, borrowed from the Tu-16) In case of the Soviet birds the codes proposed in the box represent some of the prototypes, and some "serial" Ts, but ,in this case, these should be build without the external "add-ons" Here, "red 4" the first Il-28T prototype with wingtip tanks and longer bomb bay: ...then "blue 22" (one of the kits options), the second prototype with new nose glazing (note the round panel on the nose !!!!!) and without tip tanks. This was the test-bed for external racks for conventional torpedoes and RAT-52s. The test results were unfortunately disappointing, the aircraft being slow, unstable and difficult to fly: ...finally, a production standard, operational Il-28T "red 16" (one of the kit options) , with RAT-52 carried internally only: Greetings Diego Hi-Decal
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