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  1. Looking at the MiG-19S I am sure the upcoming P and PM will be very nice too. Polish markings for them are already available in 1/72 and 1/48 scales: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/HD72040
  2. Hi Dennis, The MiG-19S was a day fighter version, the P was a radar equipped, cannon armed bird with a different, wider and longer nose, the PF also having the same radar nose like the P, but was equipped with 4 "Alcali" AAMs only. MiG-19S: MiG-19P: MiG-19PM: Greetings Diego
  3. The choice of these markings is strange, as Poland never used the MiG-19S, only the radar equipped MiG-19P and MiG-19PM versions Syria also never used the Chinese F-6C...
  4. Within schedule I just gave the "go ahead" for the print. Both MiG-15 bis and An-2 will be ready at the end of this month and available for sale on January 2nd.
  5. Fortunately, Xtradecals managed to include the correct markings for #734, as the original project had some flaws (as you can still see on the instructions) being a mix of 1980s and 1990s markings...now you have the correct "late" FACh Hunter markings available for the very first time Anyway, for the two seater, you will still need Ali's beautiful conversion....with two cannons....AFAIK already planned...and be sure you will not be disappointed. Other FACh Hunters in desert and grey schemes will be covered on the HDL sheet, so at the end there will be a complete panorama of these beautiful birds in FACh service. Greetings Diego
  6. Xtradecals new Hunter F.4 /FR.71A sheet released: http://www.hyperscale.com/2019/reviews/decals/x48213reviewbg_1.htm with a. o. correct markings for FACh FR.71A #734 as seen during the last service years 1994-95 However, it seems that it was too late to update the instruction sheet, so please read the comments concerning #734 in Brett's review.
  7. Both An-2 and MiG-15 sheets are scheduled for December.
  8. Many thanks for your votes and your comments. Of course, further votes are always welcome... Looking at the results, we decided to give priority to the Grey Guardians set: HD48030 & HD72060 : F-4C/D Phantom II "Grey Guardians" - F-4C 114th TFTS, Oregon ANG, 1986, "Mad Decision II" with eagle tail art and MiG-kill marking from Vietnam - Hill One scheme - F-4D 194th FIS, California ANG, 1987, with king size griffin tail art - Hill Two scheme - F-4D 136th TFS, New York ANG, 1990, "Rhinoceros? Imposseros!" with rhino nose art - Hill Two scheme - F-4D 170th TFS, Illinois ANG, 1989, with exotic nose art and sharkteeth on SUU-23 gunpod - Hill Two scheme - F-4C 58th TFTW, 1977, in experimental splintered Ferris scheme with false canopy under the fuselage These sheets are now scheduled to be released early in 2020 and will be followed by the other ones from the list. Greetings Diego
  9. Another fantastic build! I am sure, if put against against a photo backdrop your T-33 would simply look like the real thing...
  10. Simply fantastic! The best rendering of a Cuban Sea Fury I have ever seen
  11. Great to see your next IIAF project starting. These F-5As are really attractive with their big TFB-3 Shahrokhi badge! The Print Scale instructions don't show it, but the black walkways on the wing are of course applied, as well as small roundels on the left-upper and right-under wing positions only. As a small footnote it is worth mentioning that 3-417, together with several other aircraft (5 NMF and eight camouflaged F-5As as well as one F-5B and a supporting C-130) visited Sharjah (UAE) in March/April 1967. There the IIAF "Silver Tigers" successfully performed a series of public demonstrations. Curiously, for this international event the aircraft had their roundels and title IIAF deleted ( the tail flag, TFB-3 badge and serials remained unchanged) I can't wait to see the progress on the "Silver Tiger"
  12. Hi Jakub, IIRC you have most of the photos on your site. Of course, the book "Hawker Hunter and the Thumrait Tuggies" by David Griffin is a good reference too .... ...as well as the brand new work "The armed forces of the Gulf states - vol.2: Oman"(Helion- Middle East at war) by Cliff Lord finally available since few days...there you should find the details about the missions flown during the Dhofar campain, etc. Greetings Diego
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