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  1. Hi Jordi, In this case, the answer is simple, but could be a bit surprizing: This is not a recce Il-28R, but an ELINT version Il-28 RTR, with electronic equipment installed in wingtip pods similar to the tip tanks used by the R to carry fuel. Therefore, this version didn't have the larger wheels nor bulged nacelles, as there were no weight increase compared to the bombers...but anyway, your observation was spot on. [BTW, the official description of the pic is not quite correct, as the IL-28 RT ( another ELINT variant) has no "tip tank pods" but two identical belly radomes, one of them above the bomb bay doors. See the Hungarian "red 19" on the HD48036 decal set for more details. ] Greetings Diego
  2. Hi Antti, Thank you very much for sharing these treasures! Such high quality color pics of interiors of Il-28s are extremely rare! Most museum examples have their cockpits in a bad state....if any. Greetings Diego
  3. Well, of course this could be done later. Many thanks for this suggestion On the new T-33 sheet there are indeed few stencils included, as - some aftermarket stencils sets are currently available, - only the UBAF and IIAF birds have "full" stencilling. - the 2 IRIAF T-33 got only minimal stencilling after repainting (included) - The Cuban T-33 was quickly repainted in camo scheme and has no stencils at all. This means, you will be able to build 3 aircraft from this set completely - for the two others the specific stencils that might not be included on a kit decal are provided - the other ones could be used from the GWH , Academy or Platz (Tanmodel), Sword and Hasegawa offerings. Greetings Diego
  4. As, promised, the first pics of the new T-33 decal sheet: - T-33A "2-161", Imperial Iranian Air Force (IIAF), Training Detachment at TFB.1 Mehrabad, 1963 - target tug scheme wth orange uppersurfaces and NMF underside; - T-33A "2-8002", Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF),85th AWTS, TFB.8 Baba'ie, 1987 - pale grey uppersurfaces and light grey underside; - T-33A "2-8005", Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF),85th AWTS, TFB.8 Baba'ie, 1995 - light blue and dark blue uppersurfaces and light grey underside; - T-33A "UB-531", Union of Burma Air Force (UBAF), N°502 Air Base HQ, Mingaladon AB/Yangon Int'l, 1971 - NMF with nose and entire rear fuselage in day-glo orange; - T-33A "703", Cuban Fuerza Aérea Revolucionaria, 1961 - camouflaged in dark green and grass green after the FAL bombing attacks of April 15th, 703 was one of only tree operational Cuban T-33s during the Bay of Pigs invasion and was credited with the downing of two FAL B-26 Invaders on April 17th.
  5. Hi Larry, Indeed, the tip tanks may not be included in the "bomber" release, so this would be the boxing to use. Of course, there is a possibility that the "R" will be released separately, with tip tanks and camera bay, somewhere in a distant future... Also, there is the "detail" of the more bulged weels and respective, lightly different nacelles, of the R , but I suppose that the nacelles and the undercarriage will be exactly the same in all releases... Greetings Diego
  6. Looks simply amazing Dzieki wielkie / Many thanks for sharing !!! It seems, that, from the box, you will be able to build the Il-28T with external torpedoes, as there is nothing to equip the bomb bay. Strange, as the Ts had their armament installed internally in their bomb bay... On the other side, as the Ts had a longer bomb bay needed to accommodate the torpedoes, it would be necessary for Bobcat to make a different fuselage. With a closed bomb bay, nobody will notice this small difference. On the same sprue, you get the tip tanks used on the R/RTR recce variants too, that will be surely missing in a "bomber" boxing. You also get two underbelly radomes, one standard and one, bigger, for the maritime version. This will allow you to build a "vanillia" IL-28 bomber or an Il-28 R/RTR recce variant from this box too. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, there are no bombs or recce equipment for the bomb bay. But I suppose that an additional sprue with the bomb load would be added in a future boxing... greetings Diego
  7. I guess you will have most the parts to do the regular bomber already in this box ( there is simply no other alternative, as the torpedoes are add-ons. OK - maybe the bomb load could be added later, if any) - and you also will get the tip tanks used on the recce variants (R/RTR) too...that will not be included in the bomber boxing
  8. Hi Antti, Great to know these very interesting details concerning the Finnish Beagles Unfortunately, we hadn't any pics of the "Ilmavoimien Cadillac" markings, what is a pity. We have done markings for the Il-28 "Nikita-Hruschew-One", as indeed, the Rs have not only tip tanks but also slightly different nacelles, as you wisely commented. I am pretty sure that the Bobcat kit is in reality the "vanilla" Beagle bomber, even if described as Il-28T Torpedo carrier. The "T" - had longer bomb bays to accommodate the torpedoes and rocket-torpedoes, and tip tanks. The kit has a standard bomb bay, but this will not be a problem unless you will want to display it with open doors. The closed doors option will need some simple regraving on the underfuselage to have a correct result. By adding the included tip tanks, you will also be able to make an "R" from the kit, but, unfortunately, with standard nacelles...and a standard bomb bay. Personally, I will be very surprised if the target towing equipment would be included on the kit, but now there will surely be room for aftermarket companies to do it as resin add-on (anyway, we have included some scale drawings on the instruction sheet of HD48035) Now, let's hope the new Il-28 kit - the very first injected Beagle in this scale - will prove very popular, as his price is more than acceptable for a model of this size Greetings Diego Hi-Decal
  9. Hello Alex, It was me ...the only thing I would still need to do them are data about the precise markings of the ALRI Beagles ( an Il-28T would be the ideal candidate) Greetings Diego
  10. Here the link to the Bobcat Il-28 discussion on Rumourmonger with more data: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234980747-148-ilyushin-il-28t-beagle-by-bobcat-hobby-model-kits-released-new-hi-decal/
  11. HD72062 and HD 48032 T-33A Shooting Stars will be released next week. Pics very soon
  12. As the Bobcat Model Beagle will be available very soon, I guess it would be useful to revive this very interesting IL-28 tread...
  13. Sure, we plan more sheets for the Beagle, the AURI/ALRI being one of our priorities, but we would be very grateful for details about the correct markings applied to the navy's Il-28s. Albanian, Afghan, Algerian, Iraqi and Yemeni Beagles could be also included on this sheet. Greetings Diego
  14. If you look at a. o. the different tail turret pieces - some of them without tail gun slots : as well as at the separate part for the underbelly radar (not installed in most Us), there is a possibility that a Mascot would be released later ....and, anyway, the kit opens many possibilities for the aftermarket conversions...
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