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  1. The RDAF Photo flight used 4 (R)F-84G KA-A / B/ C/ D. KA-C was the only one (fully) camouflaged, KA-D had only a replacement wing coming from another camouflaged Thunderjet. Of course, there were camouflaged standard F-84Gs in other RDAF units. Another interesting fact: As you can see on KA-D, the big unit crest was applied under the cockpit on the left side of the aircraft in 1957. These is unfortunately no direct photographic reference, but the crest was surely also applied on the camouflaged KA-D ( Alf Blume album contains shots of other camouflaged Thunderjets wearing their squadron crests following the directive issued in 1957 ). Externally, the camera window is only a small opening that can be quickly made and painted over and Tamiya gives you also the option of wingtips without tanks.
  2. I just found some shots of KA-C on a Danish modelling forum, one of them showing the bird without tip-tanks: http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a398/MichaelJensen/F-84GKA-Ceftermavelanding15-08-5502.jpg http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a398/MichaelJensen/F-84GKA-Ceftermavelanding15-08-5503.jpg here both KA-C (camouflaged) and KA-D ( with replacement camouflaged right wing) in flight http://i15.photobucket.com/albums/a398/MichaelJensen/F-84GKA-CKA-DogKA-B.jpg
  3. Re. T-33, the best ( and most expensive ) 1/48 T-33 are the ones from Great Wall Hobbies ( GWH) , but IMHO the Academy ( Hobbycraft ) T-33 tanks are also good. The older Hobbycraft kits can also be found for few Bucks/Euros .... There is also an aftermarket Fletcher tank with camera window available from Modeldecal in resin, based on the Hobbycraft offering - therefore you can purchase one Hobbycraft T-33 for the tanks as well as two Modeldecal tanks and make 2 RF-84Gs In 1/72 scale Modeldecal has used the Hasegawa offering as pattern for the resin tank. Re refuelling probes, AFAIK only some USAF F-84Gs had this system installed ( mostly birds belonging to SAC units )
  4. Well it's simple - KP-F doesn't belong to the reconaissance flight and is a pretty standard "vanillia" F-84G... The photo shows an already heavy faded bird, the PRU blue having also a faded look... On Alf Blume photos, you will also see later RF-84F Thunderflashes, wearing exactly the same colors. BTW, interesting to see that the codes KA-C, KA-D etc. were also later used by RDAF RF-84Fs (In fact, a logical choice) Re RF-84Gs, the Fletcher tanks were always installed in pairs, as otherwise, flying with two different tip-tanks would cause stability problems. The "recce" tank could then be installed either on the left or the right wing ....or on both, if enough were available ( eg. Yugoslav air force) The RF-84Gs had also a small camera window under the fuselage. It would be therefore possible that the guns were simply left without ammo ( removing the guns could again modifiy the centre of gravity ) Surely, they were covered with tape for security reasons...( insects, birds, etc )
  5. Several North Korean mi-4 still in service have recently got a nice grass green/dark green/ brown camo similar to other North Korean helicopters and An-2s ... but also stub wings with rocket lauchers and guided antitank missiles...giving them the look of (very poor man's) Mi-24s...
  6. Indeed, most RDAF Thunderjet wore the NMF scheme durig their service life, but the camouflaged birds were not so rare as it could appear at the first look. There were even, as Phantom 726 already said, two camouflage schemes, with interchanged green and grey colors. The colors were "NATO standard", and therefore very similar to RAF paints. Regarding the (R)F-84Gs from RDAF photo flight there should be said that KA-C was one of the birds having the camo scheme with interchanged colors, like KP-F on the photo above. KA-D - the other option in HDL sheet, was NMF, but had a camouflaged replacepment wing from another machine - also an interesting color combination. Both aircraft used T-33 Fletcher tanks, one of them housing a camera, a relatively common modification used by several other air forces ( ex. France, Norway, Holland, Yugoslavia...) before the introduction of the dedicated Thunderflash. Diego
  7. Looks very nice on the sprues We have separate clamshell cargo doors, main and canopy side doors as well as a full engine. The ventral gondola is also present on the main sprue, so a standard Mi-4A version ( not only the early Mi-4T early basic versionas strangely proposed by Trumpeter ) could be build. The gondola seems to be of the "shorter" type, used in most late production Mi-4A Hounds, with cool camouflages, the early Mi-4A series using a longer gondola. Unfortunately, the small front glazing of the belly gondola as well as the typical bulged cabin windows of the main Mi-4A version are missing in this release. Instead, there is a separate, flat rounded window for the door ( used on all versions ) on the main transparent sprue, but the flat windows used on the early transport machines are on a separate sprue. Therefore I suppose that Trumpeter plans to add a separate transparent sprue with the bulged windows as well as with the gondola transparencies on a future release. Maybe they also plan an Mi-4MA Hound-B ASW version with the typical big radar dish under the nose...? Also there will be a sheet with many colorful options available soon: Upcoming Mi-4 Hound decals 48037 from Hi-Decal Greetings Diego
  8. We have remodeled the planned Mi-4 sheet a little bit, taking into account some truly great discoveries made during our recent research work. Therefore, the sheet would contain following options: HD48037 Mi-4A Hound-A 314 - Poland, ca. 1975 - in 3 tone ( ochre-green-grey) camo 761 - GDR (Navy), ca. 1971 - green / light blue with big "ship number" 569 - GDR, ca. 1976 - in 2 tone (dark green-brown) camo 02 - Cuba, ca. 1970s - in 3 tone (dark green-grass green-sand) camo 27 - Cuba, ca. 1972 - in 3 tone (dark green-black-sand) camo H-206 - Indonesia, ca. 1966 - yellow & dark green rescue scheme HA-5017 - Indonesia (Army), ca.1969 - light green overall HR-1 - Finland, ca. 1970 - dark green / light blue HR-3 - Finland, ca. 1978 - olive green overall 245 - Afghanistan, Winter 1979/80 - dark green / light blue Greetings Diego Hi-Decal
  9. The Ejercito del Aire colors are officially quoted as FS 36375 ( i.e. Light ghost Grey) for the uppersurfaces and FS 35463 ( i.e. Light Grey ). FS 36495 would be then a good match for the radome pale grey. The first Spanish RF-4Cs flew in the then standard S.E.A. camouflage. Later deliveries coming from ANG units included RF-4Cs camouflaged in the Euro One lizard camo as well as Hill Two grey schemes. The entire surviving fleet was then repainted in the a. m. lighter two grey scheme, unique for the Ejercito del Aire. I am afraid that the SAM book is simply mixing different schemes. Anyway, the colors used by Francisco are a good match.... Greetings Diego
  10. Well, the Hunter is still "on the worktable" as there were some details that had to be further resarched and cleared. We will of course post some images when the sheet will go to be printed, hopefully in August/September. We would like to avoid the situation that happened with our 1/72nd scale Mi-4 sheet, when the owner of a polish company packaging classic Czech kits, let say " heavily based" his "decal design" for his Mi-4 boxings(s) on our research and artwork, copying most of the offered schemes and decals down to the smallest detail. Then he sold "his" artwork to the new ( Hungarian, then again Czech ) owners of the Mi-4 molds... (Exactly the same procedure was followed with our Su-7 and Mi-8 sheets ...but it should be also said that this polish company packaged and sold the Avia S-199 as Me-109G simply adding german markings ) Therefore, we will update and partially change the contents of our upcoming 48037 sheet, adding several schemes that have never previously been available to the modeller, specially that the Trumpeter release will also be the first one in this scale.
  11. Good to see this classic Soviet helo finally released in 1/48th scale ! It's only a little bit strange that Trumpeter has chosen ( hopefully as boxart theme only ) "yellow 03", one of few Mi-4 without the typical ventral gondola of the military versions... Let's hope the gondola (s) will be included in the box. Anyway, some operators, like India for example, used the Mi-4 without these gondolas...and there were the radar-equipped Mi-4MAs with small gondolas and radar dishes under the noses, so maybe there are plans to release several Hound boxings.
  12. And what about such a sheet... HD48037 Mi-4 Hound 245 - Afghanistan Winter 1979/80 611 - Poland ca. 1975 761 - GDR (Navy) ca. 1971 569 - GDR ca. 1976 28 - Hungary ( Uprising ) October 1956 HR-1 - Finnland ca. 1970 Z1017 - India December 1971 H-206 -Indonesia ca. 1966 HA-5017 - Indonesia (Army) ca.1969 .....for the announced Trumpeter release???
  13. We have reissued our popular MiG-15bis sheets HD48009 and HD72022, now including markings for black 1990, a "post -Suez" Egyptian AF Fagot with a big "black dragon" insignia on the nose: ... and are just reprinting our popular sheet HD72052 for four colorful Iranian AF F-5E/F Tiger II / Azaraksh:
  14. Having in mind the nice, new Airfix kit of the DH Vampire in 1/48th scale as well as the available, Special Hobby, Dragon etc. kits in 1/72nd scale, we plan to release a sheet covering DH Vampires serving with several Mid Eastern countries, that has never been available in decal form: * HD48038 & HD72048 : DH Vampire FB.9 and FB.52 - Iraqi Air Force in sand/brown camouflage 1959, - Egyptian Air force in aluminium overall finish 1956 ( very active during the Suez, war, credited with the downing of a IDF/AF F-51 Mustang on 31 October 1956), - Jordanian Air Force in locally applied dark green / dark sea grey camouflage, 1962, - Lebanese Air Force, aluminium overall with red tail, wingtips and nose, 1965, - Saudi Arabian Air Force in aluminum overall finish, 1960, Greetings Diego
  15. Dobry dén David, Some shots of 3-HP were published many years ago in the French magazine AIR FAN. There is a grat book "Tonerre sur la France" by Jean -Jacques Petit that contains all what is known about French F-84s. BTW, the 3-HP is illustrated on the cover, but with already overpainted stars and bars. (see below) Re. FS-373 -as I worked on this project, I planned to include a bird from the 340 Mira ( not good documented at that time) and asked for help my freinds from IPMS Greece....and they came with a "just discovered" shot of FS-373 taking off using RATO bottles....I guess, this foto was surely later published by IPMS Greece but I worked with the original shot, recreating the scheme. Greetings Diego
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